Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Disinformation 101: WTF Japan?

In these times of change, your ability to 'sort out the truth from the lie' (or 'discernment') is going to be tested.

The meter of Truth will not be your mind, it will be your Heart.

Here is an example of someone who loves Japan, and is a part of it, who follows her 'inner guidance' to 'call it like it is' on the internet trend called WTF Japan?

I am going to have Rachel, from, My Husband Is Japanese, explain the whole thing:

(here is the direct link: http://youtu.be/pb9DzCwkCQo)

What Rachel 'intuits' but does not 'know' is that movements like this are a common means to discredit something important in society. For example, Reiki is a respected source of healing in Japan. Or perhaps, Japan has important scientific discovery about to be released. Either way, there is something Very Right in Japan, and Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart (in government, etc, the 1%) do not wish for us to follow it.

They have a simple recipe where they present half the truth, that is amusing and believable, and build on it. Did you know there are trolls on the internet who are PAID to look for websites with the Light and to discredit them? 

All it takes is half the truth for it to work out.

As a rule of thumb, when working with 'the government' and 'others who do not have our best interest at heart', remember that Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction.

Thank you Rachel for being the voice of reason, no doubt because of your Midwest sense of Values which is a really cool thing when you come like me from the West Coast. You guys are amazing at figuring out 'what's what' really quickly, and being practical geniuses too. (My heart surgeon was from the Midwest, I worked with him for over ten years every day.)

Now let's apply it. The following was forwarded to me on my facebook page. It was titled 'True or Fake?'. Let me know what you think:


I don't know.

It is CLOSE to what I expect. And the timing is right. But is it only 'half true' information? I don't like the pauses from Michael Jackson's voice, although I totally channel him and recognize his emotions through the phone (I feel and heart when I do mediumship).  (Here is the original link to his most important message he channelled: http://reikidoc.blogspot.com/2012/08/mediumship-with-michael-jackson.html)

It the speaker on video part of Anonymous? I wouldn't put it past Reagan to come up with a plot to 'control the youth' with hip hop. There is something called Neurolinguistic programming. It is possible to control the masses. And the MK Ultra--that is a horrible, terrible thing, along with Monarch Mind Control Programming that was developed by Mengele.

I don't know. The lighting would be better in a 'legit' resistance tape, I think. And the wiretapping would be more 'seamless'. It is hard to say. But after the 21 September, the rest should go 'viral' and we will 'know'.

Until then, hey Rachel? Any thoughts?

Thanks again for being a good sport Rachel and Jun,

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc