Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Healing 101: Do You See A Connection?

On of my favorite channels on YouTube is 'My Husband Is Japanese'. Rachel is a delightful redhead with a knack for 'saying the right thing at the right time' to keep you interested in the Japanese culture. She is very engaging, positive, and looks about as un-Japanese as you can get. Inside her heart, though, is pride and happiness at having discovered the love of her life, husband of three years, Jun. He is equally happy, although in a more, shy, polite, reserved Japanese way on camera. Together they make a wonderful source of information on the internet that has brought me great joy.

As a doc, when I saw Rachel had some heart problems, I had to listen. I will provide the link, and also explain a little more about the medical aspect at the end:

(Here is the direct link: http://youtu.be/Xr-mhroDmcg)

Pericarditis can be viral or autoimmune. The pericardium is a sac that holds the heart and protects it. There are two layers, and since it is alive, it creates pericardial fluid to cushion the heart. When it becomes inflamed, two things can happen--the most common is to create so much fluid around the heart that the chambers cannot fill (this is serious and a colleague of mine had a death on the table when a small amount of anxiolytic was given prior to induction of anesthesia, resulting in total cardiovascular collapse). Another kind of pericarditis is 'restrictive'--it actually shrtinks like shrink wrap around the heart, and it can't fill. It needs surgical removal of the pericardium to cure it. A pericardium is not necessary, and most cardiac surgeons do not close it after working on the heart.

I want you to think about the energies and the chakras and the emotions you are picking up from Rachel. Think like a Reiki Master on this. Go with you intuition.

And also take a smile at the feeling of being in your twenties on a cardiac unit where everyone is on drips and coding around you. I 'get that' one all too well....

Done thinking?

Now watch this:

(Here is the direct link: http://youtu.be/tD-roXeRnCc)

Do you see the connection between her spirit and her heart, and her physical body?

They sound like Twin Flames, who are apart, or at least, Soul Mates with a 'mission' who have found each other once again.

I wish them both well, and hope that Rachel and Jun do not mind for their being shared here as a wonderful teaching example for the budding energy healers in all of us.

I hope you will be reunited again, for always, very soon. Three years is a long time to be apart once you have found your 'other'...

Thank you, internet Warriors, for sharing your Light on camera. Whether you realize it or not, your story is helping create World Peace, Tolerance, and Understanding for us all.


Reiki Doc

__/||__  Gassho

P.S. to Rachel and Jun, this is blog post number 1233. My 'one' is Japanese. I am white, like Rachel. We are still in the early stages, and he has not asked me 'out'. I am so glad I found you! (His favorite number is 33). I'll keep you posted...and thanks for al the help in being able to understand him. Aloha!