Monday, September 30, 2013

The Crystal Ball

There is a pattern that is emerging, and I want to share about it.

You are feeling the heartfelt joy of a situation, you are in it for a short time and then JOLT! Right back into 3D.

For example, I had a nice visit with mother. She is doing great. We enjoyed our time together, but our relationship isn't the most close of her relationships with her three daughters. Mom had anger management concerns, as far as I was concerned, so I did not 'fully engage' although I loved her very much.

I brought her a beautiful handmade quilt I had won in an auction at the fundraiser. Mother is all about quilts, and this was a good one. I told her it was her 'got well' present after her many hospitalizations.

Mom, feeling moved, gave me the family treasure, the crystal ball. It is real and about six inches diameter and very heavy.  I was thrilled!

But then she brought up my Uncle.

The one who had taken my grandmother's money and although he was her caretaker, stopped feeding her. She said he missed me and she calls and he is not well.

JOLT. Back into 3D, with pain.

It shook me all the rest of the visit.

But on the way home, in the car, I realized:

  • I like being in my own vibration of 5D--peace and harmony
  • She wants to believe the lie 
  • I have freedom to choose my own truth--the one that resonates in my heart about Uncle, and I don't owe anybody anything.
I was talking to an Arcturian at my favorite place to eat, and then JOLT. Then I talked to some others I didn't really enjoy, and then got called back to the hospital. Double JOLT. 

Nursing had done something funky with the drips--very un cardiac--SUPER DUPER SOMEONE:S GONNA CODE ON ME JOLT. 

But things worked out.

The pattern is a lot like learning to ride a bicycle--you get cruising along and then WHAM! There's the ground.

The flip-side of the pattern is you have to get the 3D part 'right'. If you are skimming over something hoping the wonder of 5D will magically take it away (my house disorganization!), you can't go on like that. You have to do what you have to do.

So hop back on 'that bike' and pedal really fast!

Enjoy the ride!

Aloha and Mahalos,


Reiki Doc