Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Redemption, Reiki and Light

If I accomplish one thing through my work in healing arts as Reiki Doc, it is that Reiki is so much more than a massage-like energy treatment where you lie on a Reiki table for a fifty-minute 'hour' and pay.

Although this healing paradigm is pleasant and the source of income for many of my gentle, kind, and loving Reiki healers who follow this blog, this 'Reiki' is kind of stuck...

It's not growing, it's not going anywhere, and I bet my last Japanese yen Usui never wanted it to be frozen in time, like the Amish,  as when he began teaching it over one hundred years ago.

Reiki is dynamic.

Reiki is Energy!

Reiki is balanced healing energy that has no side effects and costs nothing for the healer to 'give'!!!

How's THAT for a treatment for human kind and all plants and animals and crystals and faeries and Unicorns and mermaids and guides and spirits and orbs and angels whose energy comprises Gaia's inhabitants??? And as healing for Gaia herself????




I hope I got you thinking! Try to look beyond using Reiki as a means to leave your unfulfilling work and fill your bank account.

Look more!

Look deep down into your soul, and find your Purpose. Then ask, how can Reiki help me motivate, activate, and fulfill my task of being Here Now?

How can Reiki open me up to the Higher Realms, and 'connect' with Source to help myself and others?

Reiki is your invitation to the Higher Realms, to Heaven On Earth, and to the ways of the Universe!


What are you going to do about my Reiki challenge that I make to you right now?
Is the one-hundred fifty dollars for the entry level course worth it? (I'm not going to teach, but this is the going rate in the area around Los Angeles here).

Are you going to meditate and 'connect' with your inner guidance to find what to 'do next'?

Bravo! You CAN do it!

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Reiki is super fun!

And you meet nice people, too. Reiki friends are incredible!