Monday, October 7, 2013

Cleaning Your 'Kitchen'

I have exceptionally strong mind. This is a gift from my father; I inherited it from him. And he raised me to think like a soldier, always training my very subtly but surely, on the one-on-one psychological 'battles' while I was growing up. Dad was picked on while he was growing up. A lot. And he wanted me to basically have a 'black belt' in all forms of 'self-defense'.

Here is an example of my will in action:

  • I am post-call and have not eaten anything for twelve hours. I need blood tests. I plan to go.
  • I walk to the other building with the lab after my shift. The other building is closed. I see security inside. He gets up and opens door. He says the lab is closed.
  • I walk back to the main building. I walk to the laboratory. The door is open, I walk in, it's a ghost town.
  • It's not the lab--it's the blood bank, the lady who is studying a nursing textbook instead of working tells me. I apologize and go back to the other building, this time from the inside 'tunnel' that connects the two.
  • The phlebotomist (blood drawer) I see walking towards the hospital in the tunnel, and stop and ask, says the lab is 'closed on weekends'.
  • I walk to the lab. The waiting room is closed. Only open weekdays for outpatients. 
  • I know blood-drawing and labs are done for inpatients; I do not wish to be NPO before work on a weekday.
  • I call the operator, and say I am a doctor, and I need to talk to the lab.
  • The phone rings ten times. On the eleventh, someone with a thick accent answers it. We go in circles--I want my labs done, she says its closed. I say I can have friends draw blood, she says she needs requisition slip but 'just this one time only if you go to ER and THEY draw it I will do the labs'. Clearly, she doesn't want to get in trouble by drawing my blood on a weekend, although she could. I am speaking to her outside the door of the lab, she won't open it. I knock on the door to make sure it's the right one to bring the blood back to.
  • My friend the ward clerk can't make me requisition slips because she'd have to admit me to the hospital. She calls the lab, who answers promptly, and they say to talk to me. I am told over there  I will give my insurance card and they will make the requisition slips. Just bring the blood. Well how many tubes? I ask. She wants to know what tests--I just say the basics because I know she doesn't have the patience to see or have me read my stack of tests.  
  • My friend draws my blood, and we fill one lavender top, one red top and one green top tube together (yes those vials mean something!) 
  • I have been having hypoglycemic symptoms. I drink four ounces of apple juice as my friend labels the tubes and puts them in the biological hazard bag.
  • I walk my tubes back to the other building though the tunnel. I knock and knock on that door. After ten minutes, a worker opens it. (My badge won't work)
  • The supervisor with the thick accent is Russian. She takes my blood and laughs and says, 'This isn't enough!' She hands me more tubes. I explain the apple juice. She says it won't hurt anything. 
  • I walk back and repeat the same with my friend, who has trouble and needs to do two sticks for complete the four tubes.
  • My physician who had ordered them is on L&D, and he even offers to rewrite the labs for another laboratory after the c-section he has to do! LOL I refuse, by this time it is her will or mine. A very important, but often underestimated, part of being a conventional 'healer' in a hospital or clinic setting, is to be able to make the impossible happen by having unwavering determination to be an advocate for your patient's health care needs; I have even 'borrowed' life-saving equipment without asking from other parts of the hospital to accomplish this. Yes, patient, I have and will 'steal' for YOU.
  • I confess to my friend I usually faint, but this time I didn't because she is so good. She says she's glad I didn't tell her, because it would have 'spooked' her.
  • Back at the locked door to the lab, I knock for ten minutes, no answer. I call the operator, and dial in. Twelve rings, and I stay on the phone. I hear them working in there. Finally they pick up.
  • The door is OPEN! I hear the Russian, you have badge!.  'No it isn't. My badge doesn't work.' I explain how she'd never be able to get into the O.R. with her badge. It's only to where you are allowed to go. She takes the specimens, and I give her a big hug and thank her. I explain how otherwise during the week, I'd be taking care of a patient while I was hypoglycemic BEFORE my blood draw, and this is why I felt it was unsafe to come during the week.
The reality of the matter, looking back, is I have meetings Wednesday and Thursday mornings. I would have had to drive hypoglycemic, which is not good, but I could have had the draws done then. But I didn't think of it. Once I got 'engaged' in Dad mode, that was it.

This is no ordinary beach. I can't tell you more except that another lifetime's father is, well, around.

So in more than one lifetime, I have had dads who were pretty good examples of how to 'win'.

That being said, here comes the point of today's essay: how to deal with the Bad Faeries.

Everyone has them from time to time. A Bad Faerie is a mental thought form that is not of The Light. It says you are an Idiot, You Are Ruining Everything, You Are Ignorant, You Can't, You Will Fail, Someone Else Is Better Than You, You Are Not Worthy, You Have To Prove Yourself or Pass A Test To Be Accepted, You Have To Change What You Are.

When we encounter Bad Faeries, we squoosh them with our feet, just like we would step on a cockroach; we recognize it as something apart from US, we cast it away, and we can mentally or physically  stomp and squoosh them.

This is important Spiritual Self-Defense.

Once after a Goddess meeting, I saw Isis ask for money. I wasn't sure about everything then, and I got scared perhaps the intentions were not good. I never said anything.

She gasped, grabbed for her heart area as if taking an unseen bug, and threw it to the ground the nanosecond after I had that thought; I'd created a Bad Faerie and she could See. I learned so much from that! (And the money was to pay the person we'd rented the meeting room from. We all pitched in. It wasn't for Isis.)

My 'new love' and 'soul mate' blocked me on Twitter. How's that for Twin Flames? LOL 

I could be wrong. However, I had some 'coaching' from 'Mary's Son' on this situation, and I have to share with you what might have happened--

There is one more way to 'squoosh a Bad Faerie'--raise your Vibration and hold it in their presence.

It's just like turning on the lights in the kitchen at night; the cockroaches scatter and hide right away.

If you are an archangel unicorn and reading this, all apologies are given, I do not wish to offend. You have always treated me with kindness and respect. More so than most. I do wonder about your intentions, to me, since my good friend Lisa accused you of being a player online after you asked, 'When can I SEE you?' and she said, 'Go to your Significant Other'.  Anouk is highly offensive to me. And although I see you perhaps are under a great deal of stress being, um, what you are/where you are/not able to travel...the anger is not something I would have wanted to have in partnership anyway.

I was like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz...I stayed True to my heart...I didn't even have to throw water!

The situation is resolved.

Yesterday I felt wonderful warm energy, of Love and Light from you, as I was at the Pantages. I saw a unicorn on the shoulder of the woman in line ahead of me for the washroom. I felt like, 'I have my own Wizard!' It was fun.

But for the first time in months you are 'offline' with no 'exit' announcement?


I've been blocked!


And all is well.

KP did something like that to me. My vibration, just from wanting to have a friend who was of high vibration, freaked him out. Tons of anger, 'don't follow me!' and 'don't mess with my energy!!!' double-barrel RAGE! He did that to my best friend before we got to be best friends, too, when she first went to him for help. But in my heart, as she complained about him and what he did to her, I knew he was 'okay' but 'not like us'. And right now, KP is the one who is supporting the Light in her 'area', and supporting 'her', not directly or interpersonally, but by supporting her work on his blog which is internationally famous and has millions and millions of 'hits, just in the last week or so.

This was the plan for me with my Twin Flame Proscpect from The One Who um, well, the big JC...hold the course and you will KNOW.

Now I do. I release you in Love and Light, for the Good Of All and the Harm of None.

Blessed Be.

And in all of my psychic and mediumship 'connections', I have never once seen a spirit, angel, ascended master, or guide display anger. Not one time. Ever. There is only patience, love, support, mutual respect and guidance. There is total honesty on both sides. And complete and total Trust.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc