Monday, October 21, 2013

Something To Add: The Truth Of Death

There is an article that just came out by The Creator Writings about death:

It's true.

I am a medium. I've seen 'ghosts' my whole life. And I talk with them.

One of my favorite ghosts these days is the father of a Japanese chef I know. He showed me a perfect heart on the granite wall across from the counter where I was eating alone the last time I sat there. He is very supportive and kind, and has a genuine interest in my heart. He's a 'friend'. I only see him when I am where his son works.

If you are interested in more stories of 'what happens after death', I invite you to read my book, Messages From My Patients. I published it online one chapter a day on this blog as a service to humanity. There are over eighty chapters. The point of the book is that most of my patients who die, seek me out with a 'message'. I carefully recorded each one in a journal over many years. There are some relatives in the book as well, but I changed their names and sex to something different so my family wouldn't get upset if they read them.

Here is Chapter 1--it is about the first time I learned how to 'pronounce somebody dead':

I hope this book give you comfort and peace, especially in times of loss.

Please excuse the times I accidentally assigned the same number to two different chapters. You'll figure it out.

And just in case you are wondering what happens to the body as it dies? I wrote about that too:

I also shared what happened, both to my father and myself as a medium, during his 'Transition' with Our Lady into Heaven:

With great love for you and all whose lives are touched by the death of a loved one,

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc