Sunday, October 27, 2013

What Muhammad Ali Means To Me

Cassius Clay. That's what everyone called him on the television set. I was just a tot. I loved Dad so much that when it was boxing night, I would take off my shirt just like him, and sit next to him on the couch. Mom would give me a tiny juice glass half-filled with beer. I never drank it, but I was totally honored to be just like Dad.

Over the years, I never gave it much thought, boxing. It was something Dad and Uncle did to keep in shape in the back yard. I would try on the gloves. I would watch them. And I would always be around when it was time to watch boxing on the TV. Boxing made everybody happy, and it was a way of life.

I remember when he changed his name to Muhammad Ali. I wondered 'why?' Apparently he had 'found religion' and 'his religion made him change his name'. It seemed like a big fuss to me, but I didn't think about it. I was never sucked in to the hype.

As the years wore on and I studied medicine, I realized what horrible things happen in the ring.

I understood the delicate nature of the brain. What knockouts mean. And that all of those punches, cut eyes, and simply the stamina to be in the ring, meant so much more in the physical than meets the eye. And the mental?

One day I was in New York at a conference. I was staying at the Marquis hotel in the Broadway district. The Carnegie Deli was right down the street. Back then, I loved their corned beef sandwiches. So I went. There was a buzz about the place. It wasn't like before. And after a while, an entourage came out the door to the stairs that was in front of me and to my left. Guess who came out? Muhammad Ali!

He faced the crowd with calm and seemed to be enjoying it. I went up to him and when it was my turn, to get an autograph, I also shared that he was my grandfather's favorite person of all time, and I was lucky to meet him now. I got an autograph and posed for a picture. I could tell Ali thought I was beautiful. He held me tight in the picture and pressed his face next to mine. He was delighted when I gave him a hug and a kiss. You know even before the autographs, for about five minutes, he did magic tricks, slight of hand, for the crowd, much to our glad surprise!

It was remarkable his giving of himself and wanting to make sure that moment of contact with him was special for everyone there.

Out of all of these 'Top Boxers Of All Time', Ali is the first. And this list is not alphabetical! He has Top Billing in the sheet of stamps. Why is this? Simply put:

He is the greatest boxer of all time.

Let me explain. He was born at a time when opportunity for young black men from Kentucky was basically to be this in our society--a black punching bag. Do the work, don't complain, don't expect anything more than mere survival.

Don't dare to dream or lift yourself up out of your Life Circumstances!

Ali said, 'I'm not going to take any of that!' He chose to be the best of the best. He knew that boxing was his way out of his circumstances--he was good at it, and had the determination to invest the time and discipline in himself to make the most of his talent.

Boxing involves the Heart Chakra. The arms and the chest. You can't step into the ring and fight with your mind. It has to be YOU, all of you, unmistakably you against the other in the ring for all to see. There is nothing to hide, nowhere to hide, everything shows!

Even your Vibration. And everyone knows the Strongest Vibration Wins.

Ali is a humanist and a master at manifestation. His heart is is greatest gift to all of humanity. We experience it, each of us, without a doubt, whenever we see or hear or recall or meet or even think of him.

Boxing is brutal. I can't bear to watch it, now that I know what is going on with the physical body in the ring. I always thought it was wretched for them to advertise and sell a Big Meet. And sell beer.  It is one of the worst institutions in all of Duality--'me versus you'-- 3D reality.

And yet it takes this one special star to bring his gift of hope to others, and to share his heart with all of humanity, rising into our consciousness like a floating butterfly. There is no sting like a bee but rather a dazzling sense of electicity about it that goes beyond the legend itself...

You don't have to be poor. You don't have to be a nobody. You don't have to take other people's crap. You call the shots. You make the moves. You set your course and follow it. 

You know, most Olympic gold medalists stop after winning the gold. They might seek to win again, and might possibly get it...but after the endorsements run out, they coach. Or they marry Kris Kardashian and get plastic surgery...

For Ali winning the gold was just the start of the biggest career anyone in boxing has ever had!

And he never had to sell a kitchen appliance.

Even though much of the experience in 3D--the Lesson of Duality--it pretty shocking overall, there are some lessons of Spirit that are legend. Muhammad Ali is one who overcame all obstacles and inspires us to this day in how he accepts his Parkinson's that boxing gave him. He showed us that we can do anything if we set our minds and hearts on it.

I love you very much, and thank you for your Service to the Light. Even more than that, you showed me I can be both strong AND beautiful!

YOU Can Do Anything!!!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

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