Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Out With The Old--And In With The New!

I am starting to experience the energy of the airport metaphysically in the current time. You know that bustle of people having someplace to go, saying goodbye and joyfully saying hello all right next to each other in the crowd as you go to your gate on the way to your destination? There is electricity in the air! I totally adore it.

What I am starting to experience, in my own life, in my readers, and in general in the world around me, is not unlike at the end of an exam in class--how the teacher patiently says, 'there are five minutes left, please double check your answers and make sure you are ready to turn it in'. It's not time to stop working, but it is getting very close! I am pretty fast at everything when it comes to learning. My father was an instructor, and I was totally confident with the whole test-taking experience. I'd finish shortly after the half, and while I was double-checking, and triple-checking, I'd stop and look around the room. I did it quickly, to make sure no one thought I was cheating (why would I copy their answers when I always aced the tests?!). The faces intrigued me. The tongue sticking out to the side as someone furiously erased on their paper. The lips moving as they read the question over again. The brow furrowing with wrinkles and the eyes looking up as they struggled to recall what they had studied.  This was drama at its finest, real life, and way better than some actor reciting their lines on some show on TV! My competition was there--they'd finish up early too. So I'd pray. Please God, I don't want for you to give me the answers--just make it so I can accurately recall and share what I actually HAVE learned. Please let this show clearly what knowledge I have gained; help me to freely access it.

Is there a test with the 3D-5D split we are rapidly approaching?

Not on your life.

But is the 'deadline' for 3D zooming up on the horizon?

My answer is 'yes'.

Will 'life go on' after the changes?

My answer is 'without a doubt!' and 'YES!' In fact, it's going to be even better!

So what type of 'movement' am I experiencing in my own day-to-day situation?

  • Very deep healing on a soul level. I 'reconnected' yesterday with someone I knew 2000 years ago. The souls are talking, as well as these incarnations. Tears flowed up from pain I carried and was too unsure who to talk about it with. For example, in the afternoon, my soul eyes looked at his, in another dimension, and I shared the horrors I had experienced in my incarnations. I knew He could make it stop--this insanity that affects society, not just me, but countless others! The brutality against women. For this I wanted it to stop! Then last night, as I went to sleep, although I had offered forgiveness, I realized I needed to be forgiven too. In my most important incarnation, my husband's body was not buried at the risk of my own life too. As a Jewish slave, I knew what that meant. And I saw that my beloved's corpse, all that was left of him, was taken to the outskirts of town and was eaten by the birds. I knew. I watched. And I carried terrible guilt to this day because I did not carry out my duty as a widow to see to it he had a proper burial...
  • Finally getting the time I need to 'catch up' on important tasks around the house. I've been asking Spirit for 'more time' and I've had the last three days off! Archangel Nathaniel popped in, and asks me to share about his services--he's the one who does the Impossible!  My home was a terrible mess off and on for eight years. I had cleaning service in the early times of motherhood, but stopped when my son was two because of a terrible accident, a flood, the cleaners made in my home. There was thousands of dollars in damage. Mentally, I felt as a woman, it was my 'duty' to 'bless my home' and with the Fly Lady I had my baby wings and her book/system...Then I got overwhelmed. You can't have 'routines' when your schedule is as erratic as mine is when I work. Although the start time is roughly 'be there at seven' the days can be short or long, and that's not including the superimposed late-night shifts where I come home the next day and sleep.There is clarity and forward movement, as well as a close friend stepping up to the plate to help set this in motion. She says to 'throw money at it' and 'the problem will go away'. She is right. My home is turning into my just a few short weeks!
  • All family relationships, even some of the more drama-prone ones, are on an even keel with the extended family.
  • The readers on Facebook and the Twitter followers are showing me how beautiful they are as souls; I see it, I rejoice in their awakening and enthusiasm to assist others around them with theirs!
  • I haven't felt the need to do a mass 'healing' in a public place or build a vortex in about three weeks. This is highly unusual for me. I think that part is 'done' or at least, 'five minutes to done' LOL!
  • I feel loved and supported in everything I do.
  • I used to be all fired-up to teach others at my work, and to get all the MD-intuitives who are famous to 'notice me' and 'collaborate'.  Now I am like Judith Orloff, MD (who never answered my emails or letters)--meh? That's fine with me. Dr. Oz? Go do your thing! (I never contacted him after Judith's snub--too chicken!). The two Reiki Master ER docs in Chicago area a reader told me about, who have NO Facebook pages or way to anonymously contact them? Oh well! And even this fabulous healer, who may have 'stolen my thunder'? Whatever! There's enough OR's and OR staff to teach even if lots of healers go about doing this: (Hands of Life, Surgical Doula Training and Certification, Julie Motz,

As a matter of fact, instead, I just saw THIS on  Reiki Fur Babies post:
  • Spirit said the past is over. The future is not here yet. Your desires are in and for the present. Increase the boundaries of yourself- do more- learn more- express more. Grow, improve, accomplish, expand. The energy within is seeking more than a mate, a profession, a religion, a pleasure, power or meaning. Its is seeking out more of YOU, and flushing out more of you. Open up- affirmations for love: You know that you deserve love and accept it now. You give out love and it is returned to you multiplied. You must rejoice in the love you encounter every day. you never have to go looking for love when it is where you come from. Self love is the most important lesson we never seem to remember. Trust yourself first. You will always tell yourself the truth either when you are awake or in sleep. be the love of your life and you will attract others to the love that is surrounding you.

Boy, that is music to my ears! After all these centuries of 'starving' for the most fundamental 'vibration' of the Universe, it's time to be 'full-up'!

What areas are you seeking Closure? Archangel Nathaniel says, 'no job is too Big or too Small'. Why not invite him to help you 'make huge miraculous changes!' and be on the lookout for very subtle, small 'opportunities'? That's how he likes to work.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc