Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Light Box Today

I was in tears off and on throughout the day. Finally I decided to take a nap. What else could I do?

As I was drifting off to sleep, the Agarthans came and took me to my Lightbox. This is the specially designed healing chamber I have entered once before. My entire vibration was weak, and I was thankful to go in. It's like a cross between a mummy sleeping bag and sort of a lumpy, crystal (but not shiny crystal) coffin. There is a lid. The coffin look had freaked me out the first time. This time, I knew I would be better off IN and would be doing something to heal. I slid inside, and from the inside, it looks like a tanning bed or one of those lights you sit in front of so you don't get SADD in Winter. It's not warm. Just bright.

As they were closing the lid, they threw in a teddy bear!

The last time it was just me.

I started to cry even more…only Spirit would know that I didn't have a teddy bear while I was growing up. Just a doll, one, and it was hard plastic. My sister got the teddy bear when her godmother opened a bank account and gave it to her. There was never anything soft and cuddly for me, my whole life, until I became a mother. It was so nice to get some 'transitional object' that was just for me.

As I held it to my chest and settled in for my healing session, it POPPED into somebody I knew. And who I liked a lot. I laughed! 'What are you doing in here?' I asked. 'Isn't it going to mess things up?'

'They can be made for two. I won't take up much room. I had them program it.'

I marveled at the change from bear to person just like that! We were told rules--embracing is okay, kissing or anything more will 'mess the settings up'. All sorts of energy vibrations started to pulse through my body, just like when I get downloads from Source. Right before I fell asleep, I thought, 'Make it strong and make sure I get enough.'

That is the last I recall. I woke up to a phone call some time later. But the achy crying from my soul is gone.

This only happens when I have a day off from work. It doesn't happen at night. Only when I am in the house alone, in the afternoon. Don't be surprised if next time you take a nap, Spirit might offer you a Lightbox too.

The only other physical thing I am noticing with all these solar flares is a major backsliding from my RAW vegan. Chips. Sweets. Milk (I always have it here for my son, the milk, but not the chips and sweets.) I don't want anything green. Sometimes when we get Reiki attunements or similar energy 'upgrades' the physical body seeks to 'ground' itself. It wants root vegetables, starch, sugar, as ways to 'hold on' to the Higher Frequencies in the Vibration.

I took a walk and also got some sunshine too.

Ascension isn't a one time deal. It goes in 'jumps' or 'stages'. So don't expect to wake up one day and have it all be 'over'. Perhaps for those with The Event, the new ones, yes. But for us, the pioneers and the way showers? We get to do it all a little 'ahead of the pack'.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc