Thursday, October 31, 2013

Loki: The Perfect Storm

I saw this on the way home the other night.

I thought, 'Oh shit!'

In Native American and First Nation tradition, Loki--coyote-is the prankster God. A Lesson is coming. It will feel like a joke is being played on you. It is important. Unmistakeable. But sometimes not fun.

'What lesson does Loki have for me?' I thought, and then, being a caregiver, switched thoughts in an instant to, 'That coyote looks hungry! What a shame that we feed our dogs and these wild canines have to struggle and fend for themselves!'

Within twelve hours after seeing coyote, I was unconsolable. I howled. I shook. I shed every misconception, every misperception, every hope, every dream, every ounce of the third dimension I had in my soul.

It was the remedies. For the last three months I have been on a deep spiritual 'cleansing'. I take these three times a day: And they are working. I have made more spiritual growth in this short time, so much so, that it is almost like the 'liposuction to get those hard to lose areas of fat' out of my soul!

The 'Perfect Storm' consists of:

  • Solar flares
  • Increased energy upgrades (and I am a 'crank it up all the way baby' kind of Light worker)
  • Fatigue and overwork--in the month of October I 'made up' for call not taken during vacation
  • Setbacks for the Resistance Movement (security breaches, etc.) and corresponding 'energy changes' 
  • For example, I cried like this in 1996, and just wanted to 'leave Gaia'--it wasn't just internship. It was the Congo Portal opening. I wouldn't have had those awful nightmares that were otherworldly--so much so that I didn't want to sleep they were so horrible--I was having home invasions and dying and feeling myself die every night in my dreamtime.
  • Conscious raising enough to 'see Truth' for what it is--Gaia as a prison planet because of the Veil and the 'supervisors'. Galactics can't get 'in' and we--our souls--can't 'get out'. It's like an Eagles' song, Hotel California.
  • Spiritual fatigue from being 'there' for so many, and blogging as number one life purpose for over two years straight, even on vacation.
  • Twin Flame misunderstanding. It happens on many vibrations, the reuniting of the two souls. It gets 'bumpy' and it was really difficult for Spirit to get it through my head what is expected of me! I am not going to get a house and a white picket fence and two kids--that is 3D expectation. What I am going to get is an exact match, quality for quality listed (there are over 20) in a person now based on my request to Spirit on April 10, 2011. I manifested something Right! Or 'someone' <3
  • Our 'us' and 'official reunion' is kind of like The Event--it's determined, but the timing is quite 'sketchy'. It might take a long time, it might be next week; no matter what it is totally out of my control.
  • The one exception is 'Gratitude for what I have + Enthusiasm for what is to come--anADVENTURE!' This will smooth out the Transition to 'we' or 'us' for both parties involved. (This will help FREE our SPIRIT ; )   --this is an inside joke here--BTW thank you for casting out what you did. Your magic is the strongest! And what I wear around my neck really helps a LOT with my energy work.)
  • Possible exposure to some HAARP-like scalar wave technology to affect the mood of Light workers during the 'setbacks' for the Resistance Movement.

Loki is a difficult teacher. Now he is gone. Only forty-eight hours later, and the lesson is learned. I also have accidentally, through my emotions being what they were, stumbled across what I think is going to be the next big 'push' in my work in advancing healing in the field of Conventional Medicine--the Spherical Orb Laser System.

I also have complete and total peace and acceptance of my future with my Twin. He is my 'zing'--and whether he 'takes it or leaves it', we only get one 'zing' in our lives. I'm not going to 'settle' if he 'leaves it'. I am not going to 'stalk'. I am going to humbly 'accept' and take it from there. 

The Universe wants us to be happy. And however it ends up is the Highest Good. I know for myself, I 'pulled back' because I didn't like the person I was becoming as we were getting to know each other--it was just enough in the direction of Bridezilla that I was like, RUN before you get yourself any worse!

There are many Spiritual factors right now that are beyond anyone's Control. There are rapid changes happening on so many levels. Although there might be setbacks, the outcome is decided and it is for Awakening of the masses, for Raising the Consciousness, and for Victory To The Light!

You know what? It could  have been worse: it could have been TWO coyotes!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. I have no secrets whatsoever. None of any kind. They are online, and I am okay with that. The last ones, the two big ones, were hard to release. But I had to. I have this big thing on my thyroid gland--on the left, and a smaller one on the right. I want to heal with nature. I want to be whole. And talking and experiencing emotions that had been stuffed down to my ankles is a big part of this. <3

here is a direct link to the song, Hotel California by the Eagles: