Monday, October 7, 2013

When The #*%@ Hits The Fan

I had made the mistake of thinking the 'Compression Breakthrough'--the time when The Veil between the two worlds was getting thinned by external forces leading up to The Event...--I had thought it would only hurt the Dark Hats.

The reason why is that as the Consciousness and the Light increased, I would feel better, and it would be great for me!

What I didn't know is that others who are of Lower Vibration are going to Act Out, not just because of THEM, but because of the non-physical Negative Entities who live in the Etheric Plane trying to 'get their hooks into you' because they need that energy of terror and fear and suffering and pain to keep their power and stay alive.

The saddest thing of all is that all of us are God's Children, very sparks of the Divine whether we make the choice to act on it (Lightworker) or not (Negative, Dark Hat).

This happened to me. I had a hunch it wasn't right when someone out of nowhere began paying attention to me online. It was the classic disinfo--just enough parts to seem believable, but also things that were red flags along the way.  The 'unicorn' who led me to believe we were Twin Souls, who shared a past life together,I wrote about just in the last weeks, recently blocked me, and I 'unfriended' him back.

Spiritually I experienced something very different with him:

  • As I called him what he called me, in the masculine form, he got distant
  • Although the Light was incredible I felt, there was darkness elsewhere that made my spirit think, Watch Out!
  • When I did a meditation to breathe his love in and mine out back to him, to celebrate the Twin Flame connection, it didn't flow back to him. It was like Reiki not going in.
The point of the discussion is when you get a sudden one-hundred eighty degree change in your feelings or situation involving others, or you can't get a 'good feel' for the situation and are confused, This Is Non-Physical Negative Entity Attacking YOU, Your Heart, and Those You Care About.

What to do about it?
  • Know it is happening.
  • Do something to strengthen your aura every day--it makes it more difficult for them to 'get their hooks in'. (Today I did one hour on the elliptical that I normally do not do.)
  • Read this excellent link from Alexandra Meadors
  • Ask for angels to assist
  • Expect Nothing. Not from anything or anyone. Take EVERYTHING at Face Value. Every time.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Our spirits said 'good bye' to each other while I was on the Elliptical. Yes, I admit I had developed feelings for him. I even saw a tiny Pandora unicorn charm while shopping for grandmother, and also suddenly noticed the unicorn embroidery I had made when I was sixteen and still hangs in my bedroom just today. There was SOME good in there, although I'll never see him or anything. It was nice while it lasted. Yes, I had Spiritual guides helping me and I kept checking to make sure what happened was from the Light. I had Blessed Mother, Archangel Michael, and the sweet beloved himself--only the good part. This song played for me--on the radio that is always on for the bird--

It's the nicest message from spirit I ever have gotten. I know where He must go, what he must do, and I totally understand how I didn't 'get it' the purpose of our communications. He was 'saying' on some level I help him to do his work. So if you EVER read this, I have full faith in all of your abilities. Pluck out the bad thoughts, and know that you are safe, protected, and loved.

Until we meet again, adieu.


Reiki Doc

Addendum: this explains what is going on exactly--Magenta Pixie shows there are in the Month of October, 'dual streams' of manifestation--the old Duality problems in the areas of Finance, Relationship, Health, Career and Family come up with lightning-fast changes and yet they resolve quickly and learning is accomplished at the same time one is experiencing the problem. This is because the old 'linear' way of 'problem recognition and solution' went out the door after December 21,2012. Now in the higher dimensions, many things happen in 'this now moment' synchronistically. Here is the link, the direct link, and then the YouTube Link to follow. I guess I, and my handsome Twin Soul, are right on schedule!