Monday, October 14, 2013

My Oh My!

Yesterday I saw this:

Crystalline Light Needles penetrate into Gaia hiddens at this moment. This occurs Gaia-wide.
All unilluminateds will be pierced and revealed.
Secondary purpose of the Needle Light is to unveil all energetic soft points and upgrade (strengthen).
Tertiary purpose is to stimulate both Hue- and humanity to next levels.
Quaternary purpose is dissolution of lower D cultural, societal, and governmental paradigms, inner and outer.
Current Cosmic energetics and Gaia consciousness levels have initiated this.
Then this morning while I did my daily Reiki healing, I saw this: 
Today's Reiki Healing was sent across distance to you. We have a four inch diameter core of white Light which passes through our head and is in front of the spine and connects to Gaia. I saw Spirit work on this on each of us today. It is double in width, and the edges started to crystallize like quartz crystals and work their way in. Now we are solid like fiber optic through this column of Light in our bodies, and also our Lights interconnect with each other. Master Sensei Usui worked very hard to accomplish this, and although he did not say a word, the look in his eye says it all. He is pleased. Gassho.
The time was between six thirty and six fifty Pacific Daylight Time.
Please note the crystals formed from the outside and and then went solid into one giant core crystal.

Then I saw this at work between my GI case and my pain case:
Life is simultaneously accelerating and slowing down, for as you move into greater alignment with your own Holy Christ Self, you are attuned to your crystalline core which resonates joyously with the new crystalline grid that hums and thrums and sings its joyous tones into the atmosphere and out into the Universe. The realms of grace wash over the planet and every particle of life is permeated with this glorious substance, this fiery love from Creator’s heart. Love IS the greatest force in the Universe and it opens up all hearts to beat as one as all inhabitants awaken to the remembrance of their own magnificence.

It is fascinating coincidence, is it not?

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc