Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ascension And The Adjustments After

Mom always said I would be a late bloomer.

Up until now, I was always the green bud on the right--mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I thought I had faced all of my challenges. No only that, I worked hard to help others in everything I do.

This is my motto through everything: Be Love.

That is the sticker I have in the back window of my car. I would never stick one on a bumper! : )

And then one day some time ago, according to Blessed Mother, I Ascended. She was very excited and clapping her hands and jumping up and down when she shared with me this news. My boy had made the 'jump' at the same time, too, but I didn't tell him what She told me about his Ascension....

I knew there would be more Lessons and Growth, but I had no concept of how enriching they would be.

My Soul Category is basically 'Geisha'. I am made for a high-power partner--spiritually. But instead of working in this capacity in this lifetime, I did just about everything else, with a focus on being independent!

And I got used to it!

I have a Task. It was given to me in medical school. Blessed Mother had told me, 'your Task is to show the dying how close they are to God.'

I thought that was it, that my Task was my Purpose. This was until about six months ago when I got an Assignment. This was from Her Son. He asks me to be the 'New Normal' (to help everyone understand what is happening while they are making their Ascension too). I have been working on this Assignment  with my all ever since. I figured this Assignment was another way of saying what my Purpose was.

About two months ago, Blessed Mother shared what my Purpose is. 'Your Purpose is to heal your heart (for others to watch as it heals.)'

It Resonates as Truth.

Two weeks ago, I went to my local metaphysical store. I needed Laramite. Spirit had guided me there, and I was both drawn to the crystals and concerned about the prices. Apparently the mine in Costa Rica is closed. Forever. There was a very large piece, not polished, that pendulum indicated was for me.

'I'm having Twin Soul problems, and I need this', I confided to the storekeeper, 'why is it so expensive when the little chips are so much less in price?' I knew it was the Dolphin Stone and connected to Atlantis, I knew what it could do. She'd also seen it. And she smiled with pure compassion when I told her why I needed it. 

She explained the story, and offered to drop the price twenty percent. And she prescribed a movie, Cafe De Flore. She says it is perfect for situations like mine.

In this time, my personal life has done a one-hundred eighty degree turn!

The Laramite is clearly working. But now this is taking me to new areas of my soul!

I recently have been told I am the reincarnation of someone I hadn't 'figured out' yet. There is secondary evidence I have shared with no one, that this is True. Furthermore, I channelled this person--they shared with me their favorite song, and I videoed myself singing it (sorry, can't share it--not yet because I am still anonymous). But I look like Her. I always have, but never made the connection. It explains why I have contact with all the people I have on Spirit side; sometimes it wasn't just for me to see them; I realize and am humbled that THEY wanted to check up on me and see how I was doing too...

This is also the first time in relationship--possible Twin Flame (he says I am)--where I might be in the role of 'the little woman' who 'supports the man in the relationship'. That's new! I am a single mother! That's all I know! LOL. It is beyond my comprehension at this point for partnership of a real and lasting and mutual benefit.

So if you suddenly find your Twin at your front door, in one way or another, I have a secret for you; I learned it from the one I thought up until now was MY Twin Soul...

No matter what the relationship was in the past Life, you still have some say in how This Life Relationship will go. Free Will always is respected in the Universe. Your pace. Your Heart. And YOU. 

I also have asked once directly, and another time, indirectly, for Spiritual Help. And my One has given it. I can feel it across the miles. I know who it is. It is much appreciated, although I might not say so openly the minute it happens. I will eventually, but initially I am 'taking it in to make 'sense' of it.

The amount of Trust this has opened in me is like having a whole new 'addition' to the 'house'--someplace I've never been or known or experienced. 

The same can happen to you. 

It is not scary. But the experience of having 'all the dots connected at once before your eyes' makes you feel a little shy and embarrassed you have not noticed until it was pointed out to you.

You can do it. No matter what, it is only an Adjustment. At your Core, your Essence, you are still You.

I'll keep you posted on further developments, not in 'The Relationship' but in how 'Post Ascension Spiritual Points Of Interest' come up along the way that might come up with it. There isn't anything for sure, it is early, and I don't want to risk anything beyond what is Here and Now.

I have no clue which way this is headed. From what I understand, no matter what, every time Love is experienced, even between old Twins, it is new. And that is a most welcome thing!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

The footage is jumpy, but the chance to see her sing a duet with her voice coach who is a male brings a n entirely new perspective to the song, of 'balance' of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energy and the sharing of Divine Gifts such as Stevie's voice. Here is the direct link:

Time to see my movie!