Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Something To Add: Antibiotic Resistance

If you needed to go to Europe, would you take the plane or walk?

Here is another article that is written by a non-medical author who means well from Natural News:

What Natural News author Elizabeth Renter has to say:
  • Antibiotics are overused
  • Massive overuse in farmed animals is also leading to 'super bugs'
  • There's a LOT of MRSA in the community, more so than hospitals
  • 'Strengthen your immune system'
  • Use lavender, manuka honey, and turmeric (, FYI)

What Reiki Doc has to add:
  • Always remember the 'risk to benefit'. A child who is sick at the preschool might have a 'developing and strong immunity' but the bacterial infecting organism IS going to be a 'Super Bug' because all of the Other Moms have treated THEIR kid with Antibiotics. Remember the pattern of infectious disease in kids is 'normal, normal, normal, and then catastrophic sepsis-respiratory failure'.  I have intubated a three-year old boy who was septic because the parents waited too long. We were in ICU and coding him at the time. He didn't make it. I heard the scream of the mother as she was told in the hallway that her son had passed. I will never forget that scream. As parents, and caretakers, you have a responsibility to keep those under your care safe at all times. No crazy experiments. Even on yourself!
  • Do everything humanly possible to strengthen your AURA first and your immune system will follow--fresh air, clean pure fresh filtered water, positive thoughts, forgiveness and release of hatred, anger and sadness, affirmations a la Louise Hay, organic everything, RAW vegan if possible (remember to supplement Vitamin D, protein, and Vitamin B12. I use RAW meal.)
  • If you opt for lavender, manuka honey, and turmeric, be sure to have an open-minded physician or naturopath following your care at the same time. Have them see you often, and have a time-limit or a set of criteria to stop the natural treatments and go to conventional.
  • If your problem is c. difficuie colitis, ask for a fecal transplant. Let them give it to you down the NG tube. It works and it cheaper than the colonoscopy. It is natural and will cure it right away.
  • The extremes of age (very young and very old) have weakened immune systems. 
  • Pray. Pray for guidance. Ask Archangels Raphael (healing) and Nathanial (likes 'big challenges') for their help.
  • Accept. Some people have life contracts that end or include certain health experiences. Support and love in all situations.
  • Remember, organic farmers still kill pests. They just don't use chemicals. They put plastic on a field and let the sun 'cook' all the 'critters that will eat their plants' in the soil. Sometimes you have to 'kill' something that will harm your 'thing you are taking care of'.
  • Colloidal silver has achieved some amazing results in wound care. Look on the internet. Not sure about internal, but silvadene creme was used in burn units for ages to keep wounds from getting infected.

Always be skeptical, just enough, when reading anything from someone who 'hates doctors' or someone who 'is a doctor'. Always look for the balanced, middle road, and in YOUR personal medical situation, keep the 'Risk to Benefit' ratio of each option in mind before you decide. Once you have decided, know that you can always 'change back' if you are monitoring your progress closely and can tell 'it's not working'. It's only when you don't monitor it, and the 'it's not working' is totally obvious that even though you desire to 'change back' the disease process may have progressed past the point where 'changing back' is going to be effective.  In any infection, viral or bacterial, it is a 'race in time' between the host (immune system, medications, aura, energy system, overall health and vitality) and the infecting organism (reproducing and adapting including antibiotic resistance).  There is no guarantee who will 'win'. Ever.

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc