Wednesday, October 16, 2013

HD Wormhole Clear

Last night I got a Friend Request on my personal Facebook page. I'd never heard of the guy, and something about his energy told me to 'watch out'.

You see, a lot of 'Dark Hats' follow my work as Reiki Doc, not as many as 'White Hats' like you, but I know them and I feel them. Many do not know they are 'under the influence' of the Dark Hats. The Dark hats are WAY sneaky...I can tell by the stats and what websites are looking at my page. Some of them 'pop up' to a harmless screen that says, 'know your stats' and 'top blogs'. But I can't see any more clicks further into what that page is about. It is the names on some of those pages that tip me off--would you think 'Vampire Stats' would be something on the up-and-up if you clicked and you couldn't see your post at all in the referral site? Most pages from the Light, I do see my article in their referring link...anyhow this article is fun and exciting, and this subject in this paragraph is 'done'.

Using discernment, I saw there were only two photos on this person, from 2010, and one map where they were from.

I clicked on it on my cell phone. (I was at my favorite restaurant, and there was a delay for my food)

Here it is:,-119.306607&sspn=14.114059,14.633789&hnear=Africa&t=m&z=4

Oh! Oh my!  I thought. There is a country right in the middle where that dot was. Es no bueno!

Since my food wasn't there, I was on first call anyway, I decided to send Light to that big country in the middle that starts with the letter C and has a nasty Vortex in it.

I started with Reiki
Then I added Divine Peace Healing
No angels were in sight. Usually I feel them behind me. But it felt 'right' and I felt safe.

The Light I was sending turned to a strobe light.
The Violet Ray. The Platinum Ray. 
My consciousness was neutral, watchful, wary.

Then they started to come out. I almost gasped!
Have you ever seen a jerusalem cricket?
They are scary--and I don't mind insects!

Here is a 'test bug' picture. It's a pill bug. If this bothers you, scroll down really fast ok, because the next are even uglier and what I really saw...

It was a consciousness like this, but six feet long and three feet tall, walking from left to right.

I kept seeing them, more and more, all ugly...and they didn't notice me at all!

The size and the perspective 'wasn't quite right' like in these sculptures here in Anza Borrego...

They were really bizarre-shaped, but all about this same colors I'm showing...

And the energy they had was like the horror you get when you see one of these and know it could kill you.

I kept sending the Light, and as the 'bugs' came out, the Angels came. They were very quiet and careful. They were making evaluations of each one. The 'bugs' that wanted to be 'rehabilitated' were collected in brown bag things and gently, but efficiently, taken away somewhere to the right and to the back.

There were more 'in the hole' and I was asked to call to them. I don't recall if any 'stragglers' came, they came in waves and were all 'looking around' as they first came up. I don't recall how many 'waves', but at the end when no more came out, the angels said, 'stand back'--and there was this weird freakish flashes of lights and explosions of Spirit deep in the hole that I'd never seen in my life.

All of a sudden, it was quiet, and this light started to come up from the bottom of the hole, a big cylinder pit way bigger than a human. It was like sparkling sand, sort of beige and black colors, and it grew brighter and brighter until it became a sandy gold. It started to spin, and great arms of energy-light like the arms of a galaxy started to sweep out over miles and miles and miles.

Only then did I really 'feel' the angels and guides again. A great cheer went up through them like, on the 'deck' of their 'ship'. 

And I felt the comforting presence of one I know, and 'see' sometimes, an incarnate Pleiadian like me (I am half-Pleiadian, a hybrid). He had words of encouragement and 'did you know what you did?'

I realized from my history, from my never having worked with those 'bugs' and with my cloak of Roach DNA they did not suspect what I was doing. Somehow I had given an 'all clear' sign, and they came out to investigate.

They never knew what hit them.

The ones in the flashing pit were being sent back to the Galactic Central Sun.

The service was really slow at that restaurant. But my RAW vegan 'clam chowder' arrived, and I had closed the work on that part of the world, which is like a twenty-hour flight away from me. I gave all the energy through intention by distance.

I just thought it was cool, and that I would share. It's not 'me' but 'my purpose' simply 'doing it's thing'. All because of a Facebook Friend request that said, 'watch out'...all it takes is one thing connected to 'them' to heal a Timeline...or that thing, whatever it was.

Do you think it had something to do with the HD Wormhole?

I have no idea.

Only a real sense of joy that in some small way I was able to help the Resistance Movement.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc