Friday, October 11, 2013

Healers? Do What You Already Know How To Do!

There will be in the near future a need for healers from all healing practices. This will be to support those who are going through the changes that come with the Ascension Process, or 'Awakening' to their True Self who have not done the necessary Preparation. The incoming Higher Vibrations, which are new, will require some understanding and adjustment.

Here is an example from an x-ray tech in Minnesota, with a pertinent question for us today:

your the best kiddo, love your posts, perfect balance of light, laughter and to the pointedness(i made that up, he he). i understand that this event is knocking at our door, i follow your blogs, cobras blogs, the GFP, PFC website,cobras FB, and communicate regularly with mike from PFC on his FB page, plus i follow benjamin fulford and many others. i like to say i know everything there is to know about this planetary situation from a 3d point of view. i live in backwoods northern minnesota and work as a xray tech at the largest hospital in the area, about 160 beds. i work evenings so almost exclusively with the E.R. and your kinda folks, surgery. from what i can gather, i am the only person who understands what is happening north of the twin cities. that's o.k., i understand when this happens, alot of folks who kinda get it, will step into there rolls at my side. there are different thinking people with different awareness, some understand the cabal to some extent, other understand metaphysics, while others understand E.T.'s, many up here understand mother earth or gaia, i have even bumped into folks who understand the "we are one" statement. i just don't think they understand how closely related all these subjects are, how it's all rolled together and connected. i don't believe it will be difficult to tie everything together for them AFTER the event. anywho, my trick question for you is on the medical side, is there anything i can do to prepare my hospital for the event, literature i can gather, websites you recommend i study, a point of contact for higher ups after the event. i understand the PFC website is the main hub for intel. but what do i say to higher ups at the hospital post event. i am well trusted at the hospital with the E.R. and surgery staff, i bring alot of light and laughter to the staff and patients. closer staff that i work directly with certainly know my beliefs, some in a very kind way, tell me i'm nuts, some understand, listen, then go back to their games. but if i started talking this knowing in the wrong place, they might have me "take an eval" so to speak, but the good news is we just had a new psych room built in the E.R., it's quite cozy, minus the metal rolling door and the camera. i have been planting seeds for quite some time now and believe when the time comes, they will look to me with trust to assist them in their understanding, and i can certainly explain our planetary situation till the cows come home. but what do i tell the doctors, nurses and administration post event. it would be nice to be able to hand them a packet or folder along with my brain and heart when the time comes. well i stop there for now, i appreciate your time, love and light, tommy

Here is my answer to him:

Dearest One,

I have taken what you ask to heart. It have been three days now of intense reflection within on how to answer it best. Here are my recommendations and an example for you and other healers who are interested in assisting at the time of The Event to follow:

  • Take a look around: try looking at your place of work with a new eye--who would best be able to direct others to helpful online resources? Would it be Information Technology? Administration? Who are the most trusted individuals in the organization who people easily 'connect'? What resources are available to make any communication 'happen'?
  • Survey yourself: What are your clinical strengths and weaknesses. What do you 'add' above and beyond the clinical that is an advantage to 'patient care'? For example, my anesthesia technique and bedside manner are excellent for patients who tend to be more 'afraid' than most.
  • Reflect on this Information: You are going to need a way to 'examine your heart', be that through afternoon walks alone, meditation, yoga--anything 'introspective' will allow you to 'connect with Source' to find Inner Guidance and 'what resonates' with you at 'what are next steps' in your 'mission' to serve others who are in distress and need of Healing.
  • Reach out to like-minded others: You may be in a situation where no one is like-minded as you. This is okay. Try to forge relationships and  strengthen them with 'those who you think might be more open and trustworthy', 'those whom together you work well' and 'those who you feel might be excellent partners in this project'. In your mind you are making a list of those who will be able and capable to assist.
  • Do mental 'dry runs' to maintain your state of  'readiness' for The Event: Have a plan. What would you do next? Who would you call? Go over it in your mind, often, and be sure to get it right.
  • Get the supplies ready, just in case: Reiki healers? Are your reiki tables in good working order? Acupuncture? Are your needles in good supply? Chiropractors--are there any smaller jobs you can train others in advance to help you be more effective/easy to 'spread thin' in your care? How can you streamline it? Energy distance healers--are you ready to respond at a moment's notice when there is a 'flare up' on Gaia and SEND SEND SEND healing energy Stat?
  • Get good Intel: The more you educate yourself on what is happening, the more confident and helpful you will be to others who are in distress at the sudden challenges of becoming Fully Conscious without Advance Preparation.
  • Take excellent care of yourself. Nurture yourself.: There might be a desire to give of one's all in the early times of The Event. We are in this for the Long Haul. Establish ways to 'refuel' to allow your energy and healing work to be on a higher workload than before, but still not 'burn out'. Actively practice them!

Here is how I envision the Healers Network in action around the time of The Event--for one worker, such as me in this story:

A Reiki student is applying for a new job. She is a server and does not make much money. Her health insurance is 'not good'. She needs a medical clearance. Would I help her fill out the form?

My immediate reply was 'of course'. Upon seeing the form, I immediately understood why my clearance was requested--would she pose any kind of health risk to others? There was a PPD (tuberculosis test) needed.

Immediately I thought of the nurse at work who gives these tests to us. I knew she couldn't test my friend. But I called and asked what options there were for her to low-cost test?

I got the administrative assistant. She said to leave a voice mail, but since the solutions for the test themselves expire, there was a possibility to get some for free.

I left voicemail. She called back. I was 'nudged' to go to the office in person to ask. I did. I explained this was 'a delicate situation' because 'my friend was very poor'.

The nurse was most kind, and asked, 'How would you like me to give you one so you can test her for free?'

I was overwhelmed at this 'win-win'! She gave me one syringe, one alcohol wipe, gloves, gauze, a band aid, and a blank form to submit with the application.

Immediately I drove back and administered the test.

It is due for being 'read' by me today or tomorrow.

Net result for my friend? Fifteen dollars saved (two hours of work) and two days faster results on the testing since she was able to cancel her appointment with the Free Clinic.

Are you getting an idea for how this works?

No one is better equipped than you, and more able, to help those in their immediate location around the time of The Event. Be sure to stay connected to this blog and Facebook and Twitter to be given the latest information and links to important Intel.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc