Saturday, October 12, 2013

Love Takes No Hostages

I watched the movie Caffe De Flore one week ago. It was an 'assignment' from a psychic friend to help me 'sort out' my Twin Flame situation.

Basically, the hero of the movie leaves one Twin Flame for another Twin Flame. It's brutal on the First Twin, and I strongly identified with her as she went through the grieving process only a Twin Flame can experience.

In the movie, the man, who has married his high school sweetheart because her goth ways ignited his DJ career and persona, starts to grow dissatisfied with his life. She is content and a good mother to their two daughters.

Here are some images that portray how he was starting to feel:

Then he saw 'her', Twin Flame number two. And he started to do this:

He chose 'her' over his wife.

'She' represents sexual freedom. He worships her body. I couldn't help but notice how thin and smooth and soft she was. She never had any children with that body. He fought with her, she did cocaine, his daughter's lives were living hell, the ex-wife was damn near suicidal, his parents chastised him for his 'irresponsible behavior' at a family gathering, but he followed his genitals and sexual pleasure 'love', married her, then the ex-wife 'came around' and it was one great big happy French ending!

So here's the rub--

Who can feel sexy and make time for her man when life is like this?

Who made her life this way?

Why does her choice to be responsible to the children build resentment in him?

Why doesn't he help her instead of demand for 'his wife to give him sex'?

Wouldn't SHE want to screw around on the side too to get away from this life? It's not pleasant unless you have the love and support of your man.

An interesting thing is happening. Here are two quotes from a gossip magazine I found in the call room:

  • Pals say the hunky singer (Tim McGraw), who once revealed that his secret to a long and happy marriage is to "just shut up", finally had enough of being compliant. "He is done dealing with Faith's controlling ways," the source continues, "He's made it clear that he doesn't know if he will ever put his ring back on."
  • "Simon (Cowell) tells Lauren time and again that he will take care of her and of their child, no questions asked,"says a source, "He'll make sure Lauren has everything she could want--a home, money, luxury, attention. But he also made it very clear he isn't going to give up his friends for her. And that includes his female friends." --He considers fatherhood and domestic partnership two completely separate things.

How sad that marriage and love have come to this.

Love, True Love and Sexuality, is a gift from Heaven.

Your Lover allows you to 'see' the 'face of God' that they only have for you, and they see the 'face of God' that you only have for them. It helps you to get to know one another, as souls, and to Learn and Grow.

I am not in relationship because I have things to do--Spirit things. It is not forever although it is the only way and not my choice exactly but just the way it has to be done*.

But what about you who DO have the option to discover Relationship?

The ones who should be asking, 'should I stay or should I go?'

Well, the answer is the same as pretty much for everything--
  • know yourself
  • meditate
  • raise your Vibration
  • do the Four Agreements (#1--Be Impeccable With Your Word, #2--Don't Take Anything Personally, #3--Don't Make Assumptions, #4--Always Do Your Best) by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • put yourself in your current partner's shoes, and mind the law of Karma
Then act on it.

As far as I'm concerned, websites like 'Give Her The D' and 'Don't Give Her The D' only perpetuate the misery of our current state of partnership, family, marriage...

To be honest, I love being a single mother. I have freedom and enjoy more of life and have less headaches from having to 'explain everything' to another adult. There's less meals to make, travel is cheaper, and I never have to worry about my baby daddy going out to cheat! He can have anyone he likes because I am not emotionally involved with him. It does make it very hard for me to find someone though, to have a kid to raise that's from somebody else. Guys are that way--it's baggage and it bothers them a great deal.

Sex and emotions are not separate. I know society tries to tell us that they are, but this is not the case. There is no one without the other.

I know one day things are going to make 'sense'. But until then, do the best you can to get by.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

* -- Sensei Usui has explained this to me, I agree with this plan.