Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Gift From Blessed Mother To You

I am sure sleepy! Please forgive me for any typographical errors--I was up late last night at work. Although I have a meeting today for a computer-anesthesia record--traffic is such that I still have to go to work at the usual time. 

This message is important enough for it to be shared with you before instead of after my meeting.

It is Blessed Mother's request that I type it out.

You see, through Isobel Henn and many other fine channelers, Our Lady has a chance to touch the hearts and souls of all the world.

In contrast, Blossom Goodchild shares HER personal messages from Spirit, and her interaction back, in weekly posts and lectures.

There is a difference in the tone between the two kinds of messages. The first is more 'intimate yet formal, and someone generic' and the second is 'tailored to one's individualized spirit'.

Today, at Our Lady's request which she made strongly yesterday while I was between cases at work, is for you to have access to My personal message she sent me through this heartbreak over my Twin Flame, or at least, the one who claimed I was his, and actually, energetically, felt like it in every interaction with me.

You have access to all of the Messages From Our Lady which were meant for the world.

As the Vibrations across Gaia increase, soon you will be able to communicate with Ascended Masters directly yourself. Two of my students have started to 'have contact' with her already...

October 7, 2013
5:00 a.m.
fresh out of the shower, just dried off (sky clad)

Something more wonderful than anything you have ever imagined or experienced is going to happen, to your heart, your love center, your core. 


me: I see it would not have been easy, G--- and me--all the miles--I excelled at the challenge.

BM: (kneels and looks me in the eye)--there is more with him. It is not finished. Although you have played the cards that have been dealt you, and played them well, there is a whole new shuffle of the deck.
Everything happens for the best. 
Everything happens for the best.
For your heart and your emotion
For hope
For all of the things you have wanted and desired but never had a moment ti experience--God will supply it. Your heart beats furiously for the Light.
God notices it.
God will reward.
God rewards those who have made exceptional progress in this Life.
Even she thanks you for all your work you have done on our behalf.
(all of a sudden my body feels waves of the energy and movement of kisses and lovemaking)
That is a little bit of Heaven that I sent to you today.

Aloha and mahalo nui loa (I see Kamehameha, my Spiritual Father and Reiki Master guide)

October 7, 2013
9:20 a.m.
fully dressed and doing chores before this one came through

My Jewel,

There is a little message that I have for you from me today: hold the course.
Your strength in this relationship is a sign of fortitude to the light of the masses, the throngs of people who are yearning to be free...
(taps my bracelets--they are Royal Hawaiian Gold Heirloom bracelets. I wear three.)
  • Kuuipo -- Love Yourself
  • (My son's name) -- Patience in Times of Stress
  • Hokupai'ea (my Hawaiian name) -- You Have Your Family To Support You.
There is a message that God is with you, child.
You are awake and wondering 'what is going on?' (with my heart)
My beauty? God protects.
God protects.
There are no tricks in Heaven.
There are no surprises.
Everything open and honest is as commonplace as the sky!

I love you.
God will marry you.
Hold my hand.

--Mom-Incess (this is her special name she calls herself only with me--it is short for 'Mom-Princess')

October 7, 2013
I was so busy I did not write the time, but it was the third message of the day

God will have a relationship for you that is from Jesus, from Heaven, and from God.

me: I see--my power is the carrot, the wanting romance, not in the partnership
(Blessed Mother waves her hands and shakes her head really strongly--NO NO NO!)
BM: There is beauty in the awakening to new Life.
(I 'pick up' a strong 'message' to 'unfollow' G---)
me: I will unfollow G--- (as requested)

(at 7:30 p.m. I wrote this down)
BM: My darling? Read back two (messages).

I have to get ready for work.
I love you very much, and want all of you to develop your OWN connection to your Higher Self, to Source, and to your Spiritual Awakening.
I do not want you needing someone else to comfort you and guide, someone whom you have to pay. Here's why--for every Lisa--there are thousands who will take your money and laugh all the way to the bank. Here's Lisa Friedeborg Lloyd's message on the integrity of Spiritual Work with the Tarot: Why I Won't Use The Tarot Cards To Help You Cheat

In the fifth dimension, all of us are going to awaken to our higher skills. We might be able to 'swap' readings with our friends but we do not have to use money any longer for anything. It is all for the love and appreciate for our gifts that we so richly share them with one another! There are no more 'to fleece you' in your time of Spiritual Need and Seeking Guidance. It will come right through, from the Etheric Plane itself.

Aloha nui loa,
and lots of Light I share with you today,

Reiki Doc

I love names of roses, and the beautiful white one above is named this