Sunday, October 13, 2013

Give Your Guardian Angel A Raise!

You have the ability to 'manage upwards' in the ways of The Light and of Heaven.

You do.

When you think about deceased loved ones, a little 'sparkly' energy goes all the way up, straight to them! The more you think about them, in a nice way, the more energy they have to do their activities up in Heaven.

Conversely, when you miss them and are sad, the weight of these denser energies typically 'drags their vibration down' and makes them uncomfortable. Not that they blame you or anything, it just IS and our connections of Love last Forever, and it's always a 'two way street', even with loved ones on The Other Side. You know your loved One would get upset if you were always sad over them in their past life with you. The same is true when One Transitions beyond...they want you to be happy, just like when they were alive. <3

I stumbled across this while thinking about my Guardian Angel. His name is Laetari (which means 'Joy') and he's done a fantastic job of guiding me through this life. I was like, 'If I went someplace and had really good service, I would be sure to let the manager know.'  I know how much special request cases and letters on my behalf help me in my work, too. So I began a never-ending campaign to God, as I know goes something like this:

  • God? you know, Laetari is REALLY AWESOME! Please give him a RAISE.
  • God? when you can, please send Laetari on a really nice, all-expense-paid VACATION! he has earned it in his excellent work taking care of me!
  • God? Thank you for Laetari, He is so nice, especially when I am crying and there is no one to comfort me. He always makes me feel better. I can tell by the warmth that spreads through my chest and gets me to stop being sad.
  • God? I think I have the BEST Guardian Angel EVER!!! Would you please put a special request for him in my NEXT lifetime, just in case? I couldn't imagine being without him.
  • God? I KNOW you can hear me!!! Thank you for Laetari! Thank you for Laetari! Thank you for Laetari!
You get my drift...

And the secret is, the more you help your Guardian Angel, the MORE your Guardian Angel can help you. 

It's a Win-Win, any way you look at it.

So go be on the campaign for YOUR Guardian Angel. And if you meditate a lot, and really wish to know, your Guardian Angel might tell you their name too. They come in males and females, and they never leave your side...well--I suppose if they are on vacation they work something out--perhaps like a nanny cam or baby monitor. ; )

Love and Light,
Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc