Friday, October 25, 2013

A Prayer From The Heart--October 25, 2013

Dear Angels in Heaven:
Help me to Feel The Love in the Universe Today.
Help me to Be That Love Present Here on Earth.
Help me to Bring The Touch of Compassion To All I Meet.
Help me to Maintain this Spirit of Light against All Challenge.
Help me to Always Grow Stronger in Faith, Hope and Love.
Love Is The Highest Power There Is.
Bathe Me In The Energy of this Love Until my day ends.
Fill my Heart With Love to the point of Overflowing.
Let Love Guide me in Everything I Do: today, tomorrow, and every day that I live.

  Aloha and Mahalos, Namaste, Reiki Doc   


  1. May I put this into my Book of Shadows please?

  2. Can you put these inspirational prayers
    Into a book. I am sure the book would be a best seller.

    1. thank you. : ))) This is the only one that came through from Spirit. It will be very inexpensive book to print!

  3. Replies
    1. As long as full credit is given to me, since I wrote it, of course! Thank you : )))

  4. Would you consider putting this in a box on the top of your blog page? <3

    1. Great Idea! I shall do it! thank you, mahalo.

  5. Thank you this is lovely.. i have been looking for prayers, i have just started using divine mother and father creator, please hear me now as i say a few words, then i start my prayer.. this will help guide me further as i continue connections to source... Be well Angel... :)