Thursday, December 31, 2015

Awareness Is On The Rise -- Gaia News Brief 31 December 2015

Right this Minute Now

At this moment I feel completely rested. When I sleep in until seven thirty, I feel like a queen! (My normal time is about ten minutes before four a.m. when I wake up).  There is no work for me today. In fact, I have four days off!

I went online, looked at my email, ordered some new minerals. I am getting to the point where some of the ones I need for my healing work are so rare you simply can't purchase them. But I found one, 'Rossmanite' for under fifty dollars, and I had to buy it!

Yesterday At Work Part 1

I am coming under the increasing awareness of the role I play in the Operating Room, sort of an energy healing ambassador of sorts with my patients. Recently, the men who have had their surgery roll down the hall on the gurney to the recovery room with a contented look on their faces and their hands laced behind their heads, elbows sticking out. Sometimes they even cross their legs like they were watching their favorite TV show or something.

I also am working to heal the families, especially one where the prognosis is grim and the family is holding on and wanting 'everything done'. It's a cultural thing, and I 'get' that. My heart is open in love, and I said the most healing words of all to the son--how there is not a bedsore on his mother, how they are taking excellent care of her, and we know.  It's almost impossible to see one in that condition and NOT have a bedsore after so many years.  He relaxed. And I explained the situation--it's complex and requires administration to approve the plans to operate...

Letting Go

In my own way, I am somewhat of a 'death midwife'--both online and in person. The reason I call myself this title, is that I am fully awake, and medically trained. So my intuition works with my 'eye', as well as my knowledge storage bank of how people look when they are 'not going to make it'...

There is much support that is needed to be given to both the patient and the family.

I recognize and do what is needed to be done, say the right word, smile, listen..

For example, Allison, is a close friend of Tim Braun. I ran into her for some endoscopy thing, a minor anesthetic that was a life-changer for both of us. She had on a little purple cord bracelet with a silver chakra on it, the shape for the intuition on, the brow chakra.  I asked her about it. We talked 'shop', my shop, and learned we had a common friend in Tim.  We exchanged numbers, and I made for her not one but two bracelets, my gift to her.

This is the first one, with gold, and amethyst. The center bead is very rare and really expensive. I bought all the supply that my supplier had. They are from India. The golden one is a matching one I made for me.  Spirit directed the design. I had to go to three different stores to find the gold beads.

But I know Allison's taste, and I created this one just to capture her, and her energy. It was super hard to thread the cord into the bead! It took FOREVER. and I tied the knots as best as I could to make it adjustable.

I learned from Dani, our social worker on the Oncology unit (who also is my patient! she requests me!)--that Allison had started to withdraw, to pull away. Allison LOVED our hospital. She'd been to many with her seven years of pancreatic cancer. (she'd decided to 'do nothing' and actually enjoyed a better quality of life than some I've known who have 'done everything'). It was only at the end she wasn't able to digest and she felt poorly.

Tim had a session with my sister, and she told me that Tim said I really helped Allison a lot.

Dani told me Allison had passed on November 27, but there had just been a celebration of her life last weekend...

I've talked with Allison since. She is smiling now.

She confronted me about Ross. And why she 'knew' and yet 'didn't know'--and she said to me, 'HOW COME YOU DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING?!'  I didn't have an answer, I don't know why, it just didn't 'feel' right at the time, you know?

On a similar situation, I  was told by a reader, her sister passed after some terrible surgical complications, but she was holding her Divine Healing Codes the whole time, and it gave her great comfort. She thanked us for all the healing that was sent. (very very few people ever stop to thank our teams for our work, I should mention this now, and it's very much appreciated by me when they do thank us). I could tell at the time of the request that it was her sister's Time, and that she wasn't going to make it.  If you make such Reiki request to me, you will take note that I word my response very carefully. I don't promise anything on the outcome. I don't refer to anything except perhaps 'feeling better'...because I know and I am praying for the family and the sick one to make the most of the time that is left, to transition smoothly, and to have the best possible outcome in this very sad case.

The codes have caused miracles! I've seen them. The Reiki too. But there is a 'sense' when this is within the realm of possibility, and I rejoice when they do heal. My friend with testosterone insufficiency quit years of expensive hormone replacement with the code that Divine Mother sent.

It is the combination of the Divine Mother's energy, the energy in your heart, plus what is written in one's Life Script which determines the outcome with the Divine Healing Codes.

I embody them.

I work with them more than anyone. They are written in my aura, and it is my sincere request, that everyone who contacts me gets what they require of the Divine Healing Codes.

Does this make sense?

I am an automatic Divine Healing Code source for those who know or who perhaps have never heard of the Divine Healing Codes. When they are in my presence, my physical presence, I have set the intention, with the full loving support of Divine Mother and Divine Father, that the healing codes will transfer to the patient or those who need them, and STICK as long as it is allowable with the Free Will and the Life Script.

That's why I work so much. And why I am so exhausted. This is not like Reiki, where it renews me. It's just lots of energy passing through--it's not MY energy, but to transmit it sort of takes its toll on my energy body.  I don't mind.  But that is what I do.

Awaken The Heart Center

Oh my GOSH!

I was looking online between cases at some holiday photos a colleague always sends me each year, and for the first time I FELT undiluted the LOVE this woman had in her heart for her family, and WHY she decorates, and it is so important to her. She recently downsized to a trailer home from a condo. It is all one level, and she has mobility problems. But her LOVE poured out from the images, and my heart felt this LOVE on STEROIDS that she was generating into the world. I also saw the faces on her family--her granddaughter Ella is an Olympic Swimmer--how much they need and appreciate their grandma's love for them.

It happened AGAIN, this time with Laura, the nurse who got a bracelet for her and her daughter. Laura has become the Ambassador of Filipino Food to the O.R. She saw me and told me she brought something in for me to try, and kissed me on the cheek in the hall by the front desk.

AGAIN I felt that warm FIRE of her emotions, right in my chest, instantly, because her Happiness and Joy and Love was undiluted and communicated directly to me.  (It was sticky rice with Taro).

I like it.

There is nothing Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart can do to stop it!

It is out of this world, like, Angel Energy, and I like it very much.

Advanced Communication Between Ross and Me


It is freaking cold here in the morning. It was thirty seven degrees when I dropped Anthony off at this dad's.

Do I wear sweaters and shit when I go to work?

NO! I am in my scrubs with a tiny hoodie jacket over them.

So I did this, the shiver, all the way from the car into the front door of the hospital.

As I was shivering, I experienced an unearthly quick succession of thoughts:

  • temperature is not visible (but measurable) and has to do with the vibration of the molecules
  • we have a difference of vibration between where Ross is, and where I am, by dimension
  • I HOPE ROSS and the GALACTICS don't feel this way around us down here!!! (I felt it with compassion in my whole heart)
Then I felt this funny warmth in MY chest!

Ross was delighted I would say such a thing to him, and he confessed it was the nicest thing I have said to him, EVER, my concern over how he and his crew would experience my very low vibration (being incarnate. I have one of the highest ones on the planet, but I am still here.).

He wanted me to share this with all of you.  It was important to him that I would share it.

It is also important for you to know that right after this, for something else, I felt Ross's heart react, his emotions, right in the center of my chest, just like in the O.R. I described earlier, and also, with the grandma's holiday photos.


Carla is my rose.  I want to talk to you about what she means to my heart.  I love her.

I always have, and I always will, because we are Twins, we are Illuminated Twin Flames and Twin Souls, because we are Archangels who have been incarnate, with Carla many a time more than myself.

I find on this 'trip', our latest 'round' of incarnation, with her being incarnate and I above, I have gotten to know her in more depth than I would in any other circumstance.  Unlike before, where Carla kept her to herself--after our childhood together where Carla was very open, like an open book--I wondered how it happened, her closing of sorts...her closing off herself to my heart?

It happened subsequently on most of her incarnations, with one being someone 'closer' to me and to my goals for the planet, and Carla worked very hard on that one, I give her credit for it.

But now?

Carla gives me the warm fuzzies (he gestures to his chest--ed).

I KNOW and I SEE with my own eyes, Carla in her situation. (makes fingers walking gesture--ed).  It is very difficult and Carla just keeps GOING.  Although Carla is fatigued and she wants to stop she openly declares she needs my encouragement and support, and she puts one foot in front of the other for however long it will take!

It astounds us here to witness this behavior in incarnate humans, which all of you are--angelic or galactic, you are still in human form, are you not?

I applaud.

I and all of my crew applaud how you face the tragedies, the comedies, the farce of what has gone on in your Life Script--without your knowing what is contained in it--and you keep love in your heart, you do what you can, and you keep at it, going forward, moving ahead.

Even when you are going to die.  And you know it.

Carla's friend Bret made a blog, to uplift, give hope and inspire others with his story. AND IT HAS! Around the world, people are talking about him, praying for him, and sending him Reiki. 

What kind of person would do that?  To reach out and help others when their story is grim?


It has everything to do with the Human Heart.

And this with why, I and all of my crew, and the millions and millions of Galactics who are observing you at this precious time, rise to our feet and give you, all of those incarnate, at standing ovation.

(Ross bows--ed)  I have met my match.

All of us have.

And we welcome you to the Higher Realms, back Home to the vibrations you are more comfortable to experience, throughout 2016.

I wish a Happy New Year to each and every one of you!

Carla does too. And so does Anthony, our son.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Change -- Gaia News Brief 30 December 2015

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

We've all heard that one.

Today is the first day I heard how my change is influencing others at my work.

'Dr. (me)' a pre-op nurse took me aside by the elbow, 'I'd like to speak to you.'

She had heard from the surgeon who wrote Conquering Cancer, that I am a Reiki Master, and she wants to learn more. 'What IS Reiki?' she asked?  I guided her to Doctors With Reiki, my Facebook page. She was very interested. She shared how she went to Agape church in L.A. somewhere, and her experience. She FELT something. And she wants to know why she's drawn to Rose Quartz, and showed me her bracelet.

Ladies and gentleman, this woman is waking up.

She is starting to get these experiences and wanting to know what to do about it.

And I am there for her. This makes four who would like to learn Reiki 1 at my work. Although I haven't taught in two years, I just may consider it.

This isn't the only change.

There''s more. There is change going on as we speak, and I welcome it because I want the other person's happiness more than my own. Someone I know and love has a chance to go Home. For the first time I am like, 'Next time they offer it to you, TAKE it! Save yourself, and don't worry or think about us!'.

That's HUGE as in HUUUUUUGE change on my part, within.

Yet another change is talking to someone at my work, kind of like the cubicle to cubicle 'shhhh!' talk. There is great disparity in our anesthesia group. Everyone is nice to your face, but many are all about number one.  There is no plan for the future of the group, no direction, only very old school to staff the cases and get the work done. But, as the doc summarized it, 'sometimes the bad you know is better than the one you don't'.

I told this doctor that the only thing that's really happened in the last six years here, is that I finally stopped thinking this treatment had something to do with me, that there was something wrong with me. I realized it's not me, it's THEM, and it's not my fault any of it. It is, and I can decide what to do about it, but it would be happening to anyone in my position.

I have the Gayatri Mantra in my head, 24/7 now.  It helps when things aren't going well at work. I had someone almost die (blood pressure systolic was 40--I kid you not) and I worked hard through the whole case to keep the patient perfusing vital organs.

I almost got exposed to a prion disease, like a Mad Cow, but fortunately, the protocol book for the hospital is really thick, and just caused a cancellation. I've done it once, a brain biopsy on one of those 'catchy' diseases that are very slow. There is a protein that they can't destroy with heat used in normal cleaning. So...everything must be disposed after use. Everything goes straight to the incinerator. All the surgical instruments of steel. All of my equipment. They put paper all over the walls of the operating room. Then they take it off and everything sits in contact with bleach for three hours after.

I spoke about the decision to proceed with the surgeon, and what impact would that have on care. I recommended since the prognosis is poor, to have discussion with the family about palliation, and perhaps to get the ethics committee involved.

We also had a case cancellation due to surgical integrity. The scrub tech found that the instrument had not been taken apart properly before cleaning, it was a 'loaner' set, not our own--so these things happen--but a huge blood clot was inside from another patient. The tech told the nurse, who told administration/management. We delayed for two hours, and got rid of all the set up (instruments, drapes) while the dirty instrument was cleaned properly and sterilized again.

This meant I had no compensation while I was at work from noon until four. I wanted to go home. But a colleague wouldn't do the case and let me go home. I accepted this, called my sitter and Anthony. I met the patient. Guess what? A college had done all of the orders and the pre-op evaluation--and had never ONCE seen the patient! They hadn't met. This is possible with computerized medical records--except for the history and examination. With the computer, you can 'guess, sign the draft, and update it later. It was awkward at the beside for a moment there...

So I went home!

Here's another change--Anthony had plans. He wanted to eat here, go with me to the post office (the parcel drop bin was broken, I have to go back tomorrow when it's open in the main area), then to exercise! I did just enough, and to be honest, it felt REALLY good to be in exercise clothes and at the gym dribbling a basketball. I made the first five shots in a row!

Here's the last change--wait, let's make it the next to last!--I saw a bunch of 5's, and I also had some unusual connections to Australia, and to Budapest, of all places recently. I couldn't understand why I was working so hard on the day before Christmas Eve. I was in desperate need of sleep, and had to skip my plans. Well...guess what? Alexandra was working again. This is the real deal

Well, THAT explains things! And the message from Adama <3

The last change, is within myself, on some very deep levels. Ross and I did a gazing session with one another, for the deepest soul healing between us as a Twin pair. I recalled the truth. How I was treated by the crowds, and the neighbors. Remember how a prophet isn't respected in his hometown? Think about the wife who is left behind while he travels to the other towns that will listen to him.


It won't happen again. But it was a total nightmare in every way, with no husband to protect me.

I think the foundation, and MY foundation of my soul, have been shifting and unstable for a long time. Now it is shored up.

My house still has the cracks in it. And we had a 4.6 earthquake not far from where I live. The house shook! Side to side!  But guess what? There were no new cracks. It didn't fall! The gas line didn't leak. My mom and Anthony said, 'what if it put everything into the right place again?!'  It's happened once already with an earthquake at Easter in 2013 or 2014...a door that stuck got fixed!  So the plan is still--see if home passes inspection, determine long range plans, talk with those who are in the know, the experts, and make a decision.

Then go for it!


I taught here. At this place in this photo. That was a long time ago, a very long time ago.

Now for today it is Carla who teaches us.


Divine Father.

Divine Mother.

And You.

All of us are equal, all five of us--we are souls, and we each have powerful lessons.  It is like playing 'classroom' when someone takes a turn at being the teacher, then the student.

What I have learned is how important it is to Carla that people know I am her partner and friend. Carla was stopped in the hall by a man who fixes the equipment in the hospital. He was very fond of her, and has since married someone who looks like Carla very much, and is Italian. Although he would have liked it to have Carla show an interest in him, back at the time he was interested in her, alas it was not meant to be (he puts his hands up and shrugs as if you both know it wasn't an 'accident'--Ross didn't want it--lol ed)

He asked Carla about her 'top secret spy guy' and how the relationship was going. Carla was honest and said, 'it's all about the timing' and gestured with her hands like it's really complex. Her friend asked, 'Is he the ONE?' and Carla at once both blushed and smiled, and said, 'I'm good!'

I saw her. In her heart.

Carla is very tired of dodging and hedging and trying to show she has a commitment to my heart (you should have seen Gianna notice her wedding band--as if it was new!--Carla has worn this as a sign between us for most of the year. The actual ring was inherited by Carla, as her mom got it from her Nana Angelina in 1967, and Nicki wore it most of Carla's childhood.  It is a beautiful gold band, some of you have seen it. So--when people ask, Carla says the story. But for those who are in the know, it is between me and her, and Carla and I are very happy.

Well how to explain this?

For the first time in her heart today, I saw Carla's anguish in how difficult an inter dimensional relationship is to explain. Some of you have disincarnate twins, Ming from Reiki Fur Babies with her Phillip being the most prominent, along with Isabel and her two twins (read the book in order to find out--the one available through kindle and is written by Golden Star )...

It's coming.

The time for change is set.

It's also time for Carla to get her life back on track, and spend more time doing things that give her pleasure...from her artwork, to her bracelet-making, to teaching, to embroidery, to reading just for hiking, to enjoying her family, to spending time with me (he touches his chest and smiles-ed)--it's arrival is imminent!

I want you to look at your life, and understand the change that is taking place right under your nose! And how your future world is going to transform, in 2016.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Major Shifts -- Gaia News Brief 29 December 2015

Now: Making Difficult Decisions With Confidence

Sunday night we were supposed to take Anthony to my mom for two night sleepover, to spend time with his cousins. He was absorbed in the Seahawks game, so I packed the foods he likes, his clothing, and electronic accessories in the car. It was a labor of love, for he knows it is vacation, and he really enjoys spending time with family, especially since I was too tired to spend Christmas Eve with our gathering.

In the car halfway there I noticed his stuffy nose, and glassy eyes. His voice was congested.
Anthony was sick! He wasn't on Friday when I had seen him last.

Immediately I called my mother, who is immune suppressed due to an organ transplant.

She shared my concern.

I called backup.

We all three confirmed a change in plans.

I turned around and headed back.

Anthony screamed and howled all the way home, devastated. His cousin, who has Lyme disease, was devastated too.

It's just not worth the risk of putting my mom in the hospital with a pneumonia, again.

Yesterday at work, I had the chills, and I was coming down with it too.

I made the right call.

Update on my Home

The damage accelerates. A gas line is at risk to be affected next.  I placed an emergency evaluation request to the association, for my insurance company tells me it is they who  own the structure.

What has happened is that I realize I must go through the proper channels; this home is needing the call on whether it is habitable at the moment, or not.

This protocol increases the odds of insurance covering loss of use. For paying both the repairs and my rent.

What began as overwhelm over the holidays for a move--to flee for safety while the heavy work schedule of the holidays is upon me, and I couldn't do it all at once--to now I can see the hand of Creator gently guiding us and leaving no possibility of mistake.

Either way, the rental will be long term, for to fix the causes, sell, wait for escrow to close, and to buy and close and fix a new house--even at top speed--will take at least six months.  The peace of mind is going to be worth it.

I hope insurance pays.

Mutual Silence

This has rocked my world. I sang it aloud before I went to sleep last night, the only comfort I have had spiritually in a long time, that all is well, I am eternal, and no matter what happens, with me and Ross--or when--I am loved and cared for by the Universe.

They are messing with me.

The Universe has been messing with me and my attachments for a LONG time.

The home is one of them.

It needed to be addressed.

But yesterday I drew the line.

It all came together.

The exclusion of women in this brahmin to brahmin history of passing down the Gayatri Mantra.

How everyone, from Yoganandya Parmahansa (I am a terrible speller but I am reading his books on the Second Coming--I'm almost done with part one)--talk about 'letting go of all attachments including to wife and children'.  Y.P. was quoting what his teacher told him.

Instantly I saw in my mind the spiritual 'warriors' sitting on their collective 'bottoms'  while some WOMAN was cooking and cleaning and making sure the bills were paid and the kids were tended to for all of their needs--kind of like a Martha and Mary where Mary sat at Christ's feet and Martha threw the party--and I SAW RED and the inequality of the whole thing!

So what did I do?

I didn't snap my fingers.

I WENT with my soul right to the teacher of Y.P., and kicked him in the shins. Hard.

J.C., Y.P. were shocked at my outburst!  How could I do this to a venerated teacher?

Because he had an opportunity to right the wrongs against woman and instead he poisoned the minds of BOTH J.C. and Y.P.!!!

Then I went, all smiles above the table, and kicked both J.C. and Y.P. in the shins under the table, and let them know I had enough of this, and want it fixed STAT...

Gaia is a feminine planet!!!

So I went to Divine Creator of All That Is...I said my peace. 

Creator agreed with me, and said that in the New, everything will be more balanced between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, just like it is in Heaven.  FAMILY IS IMPORTANT! Just like it is between Divine Father and Divine Mother themselves, NOW.

(I realized if family wasn't important, our Star Families would not be on their way here to help us, nor would Adama go without rest for so long, toiling tirelessly to help surface Gaia be free.)

One of the lessons, how to be vast, and to focus on Divine Bliss, I learned from Y.P.--IS helping me to cope with the house situation.

It works. He's not all bad.

I'm so very glad I learned of the Gayatri Mantra through Evita Ochel--and that Deva Primal sings it--and that her father BROKE the SILENCE for women, and sang it to her this sacred song.


Twelve hours yesterday. Straight. At least my surgeon, a woman, was kind enough to let me to grab a bowl of chili from the Doctor's Lounge between cases for my lunch.

Healings are going on at an incredible rate in my interactions with staff, surgeons, and patients.

I let it all go into 'automatic mode'--I facilitate, and allow the healing to take place, 

I no longer direct it.

There's too much transfer of energy going on, and I trust in my guides to make sure it happens correctly for everyone involved.

Yesterday I was with Anthony--who was sick and I packed tissues and cough drops and throat lozenges--on the ride to the sitter. On the ride home from the sitter. And just long enough to have one tamale each at the table together before bed.

I sent him up to bed, took care of the animals, and contacted my Association.  The house is on a slope, it's moving, and the heavy rains of El NiƱo may come any day.

Now it is time to dress, pack everything, and leave for work again. 

As my surgeon yesterday said, 'at least now the days are getting longer'.

I'm so thankful this is true.

Clearance and Need To Know

The plan for Ross was aborted while I was in New York. An energy shift was not adequate to support his coming here just yet.

I have witnessed with my third eye one more dry run, and although it was short, it was favorable.

This happened two days ago.

Today I was given permission to share it with you.

Here are some articles that may be of interest:


Carla is an obedient wife.

At the time I was incarnate I knew it.

I know it now that I am disincarnate too.

In my life Carla knows I disrespected her--and no, Carla did not go all Bon Qui Qui on me, and go calling for 'Sa-cu-ri-TAY'.  (he shakes his finger pointing up from side to side as if to say 'no'-ed)

Carla is not doing it now, either.

Carla can SEE.

Carla has new eyes, to go along with her Full Consciousness.

And Carla can see right through the soul of anyone who has ever interacted with her, on anything--on their motives, their willingness to be transparent, their connection to Source--all of it is written in the Vibration!

Carla is learning to READ.

With her intuition, and her empathic 'sense', she has always 'seen' the letters, the impressions of the energy signature, and done her best to interpret them in all that she does.

But THIS time, Carla is not looking at a picture book.

Carla is reading War and Peace, slowly moving her lips to every letter and every word, but she has the book in her hand and is going for it. 

Carla is going for it!

So may you.

As your world opens up, and is on the Horizon, remember you are going to do great things--(raises the finger and moves it again--ed)--but ONLY when the time is right for you to do it.

In your heart of heart when it is your time you will KNOW.

It will get your attention.

It will be anything from Carla going hmmmm and mentioning to Isabel that Ashtar and I were watching sitting in chairs, watching her learn to make the bracelets, and in her words, 'what interest do they have in two women learning a hobby to help pass the time?'   ..... to a very strong urgency and FEELING that something needs to be done, like Carla with her writing in the very beginning. 

Anything in between is possible. And anything you are asked to do will be presented to you again and again until you figure it out.

Now Carla makes the bracelets. Carla has regained her healing skill from times past, and is fluent in it. Carla has a Magistery built without her knowing it--all the work of 'us', but really, 'her'--from Doctors with Reiki, Team Mati (a chance to practice your intuition in teams with friends and where there is no right or wrong), Team Doctors With Reiki, The Lady Gaia Sophia Study Hall, and the refreshing Spa 5D where people are welcome to share their experiences and perceptions of the New.

Carla didn't plan it.

I did.

I plan everything carefully.

Even this (he gives me a much needed, much appreciated hug--ed).

Carla is going to work, and needs to get ready for her day. It is a long one, starting with someone who is very sick. So I will draw this to a close.

Here is an example of her faith:
  • yesterday her DNA project upgrades--in the morning--were sent to all places, Budapest. 
  • Carla trusted and did as asked by her guides.
  • Her first patient yesterday was from Hungary, and so was the spouse...and apparently, the 'politics and life in Hungary is not good'...
So there you have it.

Carla is not given the names of her patients--only the surgeon, start time, and case. For the first case.

The Universe works in mysterious ways!

I am sorry for everything I did while I was incarnate to Carla; as children I always knew she was highly intelligent, and worthy of my heart. I don't know what I did to lose that as I worked on my Purpose. I simply lost sight of what was important in many ways, in my quest to heal the sick and help others find their way.

I am home now.

I will always take out the trash without Carla having to ask.

I will also make Carla dinner when she has a long day, so something is waiting when she comes home--just like she welcomed me so many years ago when I was incarnate with her.

I've learned my lesson.

Everyone has (all of the room full of Ascended Masters nod in agreement--ed).

Just you wait!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Monday, December 28, 2015

Walk In My Shoes : Gaia News Brief 28 December 2015

My soul wishes to speak to yours.

I will do this with photographs which are soul memories for me.

I am fully conscious.

Allow yourself to relax...and to remember...for chances are if you read this work, and follow Ross, it isn't the first time our souls have met as well.


And this one is for my beloved Ross from me <3

There is no right or wrong, only lessons. These images are very powerful. They may trigger old memories for you from your past lives you spent perhaps with us.

Allow them to return you to a state of wholeness...process the work you did in these lifetimes and incarnations, and heal...


This is the one Carla forgot to post. She used to pick a many of these for us. It was our favorite, when the raspberries were ripe.

I had a lot of good times on Earth when I was incarnate.

Remember it. 

With joy.

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Interdimensional Healing -- Gaia News Brief 27 December 2015


Yesterday was a day of deep rest, and not leaving the house. It was very windy, and Ross forbid it, that I go, for my safety. He said a branch from a tree might fall on my head or my car.

I woke up, and had two chicken tamales steamed up for breakfast, and a nice cup of coffee with cream.

I didn't know what to do with myself.

To be honest, I work so hard all the time, I feel out of sorts when I don't have something to do.

I rested three times on the couch, through the day, struggling for 'direction'...guidance from spirit was not there...

  • The first time, Archangel Raphael, Michael, Merlin, and Ross came to me, and assured me of their love and support. I really did rest, and I explained to them how I didn't feel 'right'...I blogged about this one yesterday.
  • The second time, I went to Zadkiel's healing temple. Ross carried me. He cleansed my energy, and I didn't know where to go next. He assured me I would figure it out. BOOM! I was with Metatron. He healed me through all of my chakras, as if he was using a giant bottle brush of energy to clean me out. It went out all the way through my head! He made noises while he did, some kind of magical toning sounds I didn't know were possible, and I felt weak and vulnerable when he was done. He wrapped me in some sort of blanket with lotion /jello substance of an energy kind to help the energy 'set'.  Next I saw Divine Father. He showed me something gold that looked like the letter 'pi' that was very chunky and was spinning on the end of a string. He wanted me to focus on it. He actually showed up between my sessions, so I would really 'see' and 'remember' his message to me.  After that, Chamuel came, and we talked, heart to heart, about life, about our bodies and how we age, how it isn't really fun, but it is okay in the big plan for us.  Gabrielle came, and did some amazing work on me with Light and with very little words, but lots of gestures. Zadkiel came, but I didn't have a chance to take a gift, as I was shown the gold thing from Divine Father again. It was time to go, and I'm not sure how I got back but I did.
  • The third time I had just started making dinner. Last night was leeks braised, and also, a pot of borscht. Adama from Telos wanted to see me. I set the burner on low, and lay on the couch. Ross was with me, and behind me. Adama looked very refreshed, and he stretched and said he had enjoyed a nice rest! (I was very excited, because Adama was not going to sleep until Gaia was saved, and he has been working very hard for thousands of years to save her, night and day.)  He said it was true. He asked me questions about what I would like to see?  I answered from my heart--I'd like to be invited with Ross to his home, to relax and hear stories from them both, over dinner.  I shared how there will be parties about the freedom--but I don't like parties, and I never have, especially when it's official. Ross was visibly disappointed, and Adama saw. So I covered myself, and said, 'If it is duty, I will go, only if I am at Ross' side...and  if you Adama keep your pinkie promise to me that soon after it's done we may go to your house and relax as I wish.'  Then both Ross and Adama exchanged glances and were quite pleased.

I enjoy cooking.  Last night was the first I had cooked in a long time. I found my lid to my favorite pot for the soup--yes, it had gone missing in the cupboard and I've looked for it for a week!

Ross had me set the table for us both, light candles, and he got the big glass of wine, and I got the small one. We had Beaujolais Nouveau.  He suggested I have chips and guacamole for an appetizer, which I did, and boy, was I DELIGHTED to see there was some sour cream in the takeout container from the nachos!  Ross had known I needed it for the borscht and I had totally forgotten!

Then we had the borscht, it was delicious, with cabbage and carrots and beets in a base of powdered onion soup mix. I'd added a little vinegar too to make it sour.

What I did after the surprised me...I looked for a recipe for dessert. I have many cookbooks, all of which I love, and I never get to enjoy them. I looked at my Quebec cookbook, and my maple syrup one, with delight, for this is my heritage. I settled on a SkyBar, the candy bar from Nashua where my family lived. I had some from many years ago, I ordered for dad, as he was on Palliative care. He didn't eat all of them, so mom gave them back to me. I ate only three of the four pieces in the bar...

Then, I --joy of joys!--took out pen and paper, and responded to the Christmas Cards that were sent. I didn't do them all, only about one third of them, but I enjoyed the connection. I used to write and send MANY cards, all by hand, and later, with a family newsletter.  

It felt so much better than the electronic communications I do now!

I never watched a movie. I was tired, and went to sleep.

No one called me in the night. I had the day off. And today too. 

It is important to rest, deeply rest, in all of your Consciousness.  Never be afraid to take the time to slow down when the opportunity presents itself.


There is a task I set in front of you.

It is to open the Light.

It isn't automatic.

First  you have to fumble with the 'wall', and find the switch; the 'wall' being your protections you have built from many generations of being incarnate.

Once you find the switch, you will want to make the choice to flip it, to turn it on.

Then you are to open it, for you are the light, and at first it will seem the tiny pinholes with the light streaming through your 'protection' is all there is. but they can advance, they can be opened, until you are like the stars which are ablaze with splendor!

When you are in quiet meditation, alone, with yourself, that is where you find the switch.

Happy hunting!

I will be with you through the very end...of it all.

And the Light?

It is Unconditional Love!

Just like what Divine Father and Divine Mother have for you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Message From Ross -- Gaia News Brief 26 December 2015

Good morning.

It is I who wish to talk to you about the coming time, 2016 as you know it.

There is very much planned I have in store for you. (he waves his hand as if washing a window, in little circles, up about his eye level, with his hand up over his shoulder to the right -- ed).

There is happiness ahead.  Lots and lots and lots of it.

Even for Carla, who is overworked and underpaid for the quality of the care which she has given to others for her time.

Today I had an astonishment.

Yes, it is I who was astonished at the resounding win I see ahead, just a few leagues, a short distance away. I know everyone is tired and weary, but now is the time to 'kick' for the end of the race, a huge surge of energy that is required to take mother home, and all of us to our 'stations' in 'what is next in this life'.

Carla and mother spoke at length today about what it is like to be incarnate, how much longer it is to be expected, and why things are so, the way they are, at this time.  Is there any movement?

I listened.  (he holds his hand cupped up to his right ear--ed).

I am very good at listening. And just like Carla can 'see' with her heart, I have the ability to 'listen' with my heart as well.

Very good things are only a short league ahead of you.

This is for all of us. You and your loved ones, and now Carla and me, and mother with her twins.

What I am trying to say to you is 'hold on to your hats', 'thank you for your very strong efforts' and 'you are going to be surprised at how fast it arrives!'

(he folds his hands in front of him, and pauses, gently lowering them to his waist--ed)

I pray.

I pray for everything and for everyone, all of them together.  I pray very hard, very much, and often for the Highest Good.

I am missed.  I am missed by my home and my family. Very much. And I miss them.

It is time for an understanding to be reached, for a consensus, about who I am, and why I have been sent to heal the people.  Both in their hearts, and in their bodies.

No one can speak for me. It is only putting words in my mouth, much of what the channeled messages which are ascribed to me from others. It is enough to make Carla sick, and weep, that my words once again, have been altered and transformed to fit the needs of those who 'write' them.

There is no other channel on the internet for me, but my wife, here, now, who does listen and write them.

For this you can be sure.

I have put an awful lot of work, and preparation, into what is about to transpire.  There is much joy ahead, and also much involvement in the co-creation of our common experience.

So--hold onto your hats.

Carla and I wish you the happiest of holidays, and a healthy and prosperity-rich 2016.

Everything will happen for the best.

Even with us.

Now, Carla, write about your day in the O.R., and what you felt...keep it brief and under your own auspice.

I am here for you all.


Job Well Done

I did twelve hours worth of cases. I was with my work family on Christmas day, and realized that there is no other place on earth that is closer to Ross than what I do, healing the sick.

They needed to go, all of the cases, and could not wait.

I brought donuts for the crew.

Work gave me a free turkey 'dinner'--turkey two slices, mashed potato and gravy, green peas and pearl onions, and a delicious yam and apple side dish I have grown to love over the six years I have worked at my hospital.  The cranberry sauce came in small disposable packets like jelly does at a restaurant for the toast. I had two. There was even a slice of apple pie in a plastic tray, from Sara Lee.

I felt more like a 'MOT--member of the tribe'--a Jewish soul...many of my friends who are Jewish worked. We talked of going to Chinese food and the movies on Christmas day. I realized that everyone who worked yesterday, had a beautiful heart, to offer themselves to help the sick. It was poignant.

At the end I was content to be home, alone, eating two tamales I had bought from the Mexican place on Christmas eve.

I experienced much angst last night and again this morning.  I am post-menopause, and I never had the family I wanted to enjoy. Holidays are painful when you share a child, the only one you have.

For this first time, this morning, I felt listened to by spirit. Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Merlin and Ross came to my aid. Ross promised me half a dozen children in our future, if that is my wish. The others reassured me about the house, that my direction would be clear, and not scary, with plenty of time in which to act. (one wall in the laundry room is looking to give way soon--no one is willing to take responsibility to fix it. I will hire a structural engineer to give me a report...I am allowed to relax and stay in my home until the New Year...which is much appreciated by my heart).

As I drove home last night from the hospital, in the dark, I realize that although I can't understand it, God has plans for us, for the Highest Good. And what happened for my 'Christmas'--although it was the worst one for me personally ever in all of my life, the saddest, and the loneliest--I did what God wanted me to do, and in this I can take small comfort that Christmas is over, and I don't have to experience it like that again.

"No man needs sympathy because he has to work, because he has a burden to carry. Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.' --Theodore Roosevelt

"A man must know his destiny...if he does not recognize it, then he is lost. By this I mean, once, twice, or at the very most, three times, fate will reach out and tap a man on the shoulder...if he has the imagination, he will turn around and fate will point out to him what fork in the road he should take, if he has the guts, he will take it." -- George S. Patton, Jr


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ebenezer -- Gaia News Brief 24 December 2015

Bah Humbug LOL

Yesterday I did the anesthetic for fourteen cases. I had ninety minutes of sleep on a gurney, drove home, picked up my son, cooked breakfast, cleaned, took care of two errands, and got ninety minutes more sleep.

I had to miss our family event on a boat.

My Christmas is no more. Due to exhaustion and having to work the same tomorrow, on Christmas Day.

This is one of many Christmas Day or Eve's I have been assigned to work due to my choice of profession.

I remember my first one spent in the call room, in tears, as an intern.

Is this a guilt trip?


It is what it is.

And the likes of many in the public service sector are the same as this, having to work.

It's just another day.

Especially when you co-parent.

Because of our disappointment, I took us out to eat at a local Mexican place.  It was delicious. Our spirits lifted visibly. And I bought some tamales to take with me to work, and to keep in the freezer--for quick holiday meals. I bought two dozen.

Trying to cheer my son up, I shared how I once had the flu on Christmas Eve, and missed the family gathering at my Grandmother's house.  Mom stayed with me, much to my surprise, and we watched A Christmas Carol, the 1938 version, on our small black and white TV set in my room.

It was magical.

That mom would love me so much to help me cheer up at a time like this. I had told her she could go, I wouldn't mind, but she stayed.

Tonight Anthony and I watched the same exact film on Netflix. He LOVED it! And I feel a little joy in my heart.

Ross's Request

I sort of forget, but there were two or three things he asked me to share with you.

The first was I confided in him, I never thought in a million years I would be attracted to a guy with long hair, like he has, but I am.  He cracked up. I told him as long as my hair is longer than his I am cool about it.

Many things about my being in the Veil crack him up--my perceptions.

I will ask him to remind me on the other two.  I forget.

My House

My only option is a civil case. Apparently the association owns the structure and I own what is inside. If the house has fallen down suddenly, it would be covered. But as it is, no damage of this kind has taken place. So I was given the path to take.

If there is a big earthquake, I might meet Ross sooner than I think. Otherwise he says I should be okay for the time being.

He called it a 'once in a lifetime event' to have the dilemma I am in, with the cracks, and to be fixed would require the adjacent homes to be fixed also.

I'm sad, and yet resolute to find some solution to the predicament besides patching and painting and getting someone else to purchase it.


Now it's time for bed. <3


I want my Carla to rest.

I want to wish every one of you the Merriest of Christmases, and a Happy New Year's Eve.

(he claps twice--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple

P.S.  2132 PST late entry

I recollect.

In my work, I see soul healing and energy on the level Ross and his teams work with. It is much advanced beyond Karuna Reiki.

For example, I see 3D souls being exchanged with new walk-in souls.   It happens almost the minute the patient is unconscious. The old soul goes out, with much applause, appreciation, and tenderness and is escorted by angels to take them on to their new assignment, often which is to the new planet Pan.  Then the new ones come in, and let me tell you, they are gung ho and totally wanna be 'rock stars'--angels of high skill and training and experience with much acclaim.  I watch them going in, give them the thumbs up, and wish them luck.

How often does this happen? I'd say twice in the last week.

I also see the new souls coming in to be born, and MANY people are getting pregnant.

I see on a global scale, the mass entry of miracles of Light, the shining angels, who are both excited and pleased to be 'deployed' into the new Gaia surface population.

Part of me smiles, like a mom who smiles at a wedding.

I know.

I know what lies ahead for them.

I also realize how, in comparison, WE must have similar 'reputations' just to be here, to exist in the dark, dense energies, and anchor in the Light.

All Holocausts (these are burnt offerings to the god of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. From the concentration camps to the bengal barbecue in a theme park --look over the fire area for a symbol for their 'team'...) are now reversed and streaming in large quantities of the energy of Heaven.

All magical symbols have been transformed by Divine Mother herself to only work for Heaven and are not to be misused. They are powerless for such misuse.

And the 'other team' has magic wands--for example--that once 'worked' and are now 'drawing blanks' and 'malfunctioning' .  I see it. Their communications are blocked.

I remember it now, and will write before I forget.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Gift To You -- Gaia News Brief 23 December 2015

The PreAmble

Today's Reiki Healing is about nourishment.

Man does not live by bread alone.

So together, we sent out Healing in the form of what the soul needs, what is important to body, mind and soul...whatever that may be.

For me, later in the day, it was a cup of organic herbal tea after a vegan meal for lunch.

It was also having extra time to buy and wrap gifts (more on that later)...

And finally getting someone to listen about the concerns over the safety of my home.

Shopping With Ross

He planned it!

He planned the entire day, I could tell! It was an absolute total surprise!

He told me what mall to go.

For Anthony and I, there are new pajamas to wear on Christmas.  He selected them.

For me, long needed new underwear from Victoria's Secret. I only get the five for twenty-something. It's been years since I've been.

For Ross, he asked for two odd things, both quirky and romantic.

First, he wanted a pair of socks that were ridiculously UGLY.  Then he wanted a similar pair for Anthony.  (I also found on sale the holiday socks for Anthony, and also, a pair like my old 'lucky socks' I wore for all my tests through High School, College and Medical School...even my boards!).

Second, he wanted a fragrance for him.

He told me to buy the smallest bottle. I saw a four sample size set from Calvin Klein.  But it didn't 'feel' right. Why would he want four? I paused, and contemplated what to do next.

Some fragrance lady came out of nowhere to help. The right one is a new release, brand new, and I loved the scent. I tried two, and the one that was newest was the best. I picked with my nose.

It's name?

Eternity Now.

Ross wants me to feel him close to me, and smell it.

I bought a lot of other very small gifts for Anthony, and wrapped them up, each with a bow. I wrapped for a solid hour.

And you know what?

Ross was really 'into' experiencing this Christmas gift thing. To him, the writing names, and wrapping, was really 'neat'.  Something exciting. Something to them up where he is, totally 'fresh' and 'new'.

I started writing just 'to Ross' or 'to Carla' or 'to Anthony' on them. But later, it was both 'to' and 'from' and he REALLY liked that a lot. Those little tags that stick on with the TO and FROM already written.

He even surprised me with a special gift--a luminary 'candle' holder for tea lights, that says, 'Too Sassy' with a little heart on it. <3 It came with free tea lights. I picked the scent Vanilla-Orange <3

I love it.

Update on the House

Today has even more cracks.  The plan is in effect. I just wait to see if the home is a safety risk or not.

Wrapping It Up

I told Anthony all the wrapping stuff was out because 'he needed to wrap his father's presents and I got all the stuff out for him'. LOL ; )

He bought it.

Anyhow, I enjoyed teaching him how to wrap the gifts.

Together we took care of his dad's family.

He confessed although now he knows about Santa, he's okay with it that people give the gifts anyway to each other, and how Christmas with 'Santa'  is for little kids. He's not as bitter, and he is enjoying getting to know people well enough to buy them their gifts.

I was surprised at how much I had squirreled away for people. I only have two to buy for. Actually three. And it's gift card things.

Of note, I gave my sitter a Ross and Carla bracelet--she is grieving her mom this Christmas and I told her it will soothe. It will. Linda Dunn's bracelets are designed by Ross and me. They are unisex. A rhodochrosite is flanked by two sterling silver beads, and the rest is smokey quartz. They are very affordable, and are gentle 'awakeners' to support the wearer's energy as they Ascend.  It smoothes out the 'bumps' from all the cleaning and releasing. I highly recommend it.

I also gave a special one to Brian, who is experiencing great difficulty over the loss of vision in one eye due to a retinal tear. It was Italian marble, that's it, and is very healing for him.

Tomorrow is an early day., I will go.


Our gift to you is a happy life.

We offer Healing 24/7 at Team Doctors With Reiki, a closed group, but anyone may join. An administrator will let you in.  It's free.

We offer two healings a day, Reiki and Divine Peace Healing, to anyone who ever reads these words or follows us online at any of our websites.  This is 365 days a year.  And also free.

For those of you who wish to experience more, we have the Lady Gaia Sophia Study Hall--for people who demonstrate a strong interest in exploring their spirituality in a safe, supportive setting online.  Tuition is ten dollars a month, and to have your application considered it is a one time ten dollar fee to have it processed.

Online, we have our own youtube channel, 77picklehead, with a variety of keys and attunements which are available to all.

Included are both Galactic Reiki and Agarthan Reiki, each one new to surface Gaia.  (The attunement to the first is available through myself and one other incarnate Archangel. The second is available only through me. Both are free, and attunement is by distance, unless I am in the area, so I may do it in person.--ed)

Then there are the Divine Healing Codes, which speak for themselves.

At Doctors With Reiki, every day is Christmas!

We want you to enjoy life in the Higher Realms.

And when Ascension is getting you down?  Try a stop in our refreshing Spa 5D, an online group for loving support and open discussion. Advanced souls may request to join this closed group.

We wish you the best for a powerful 2016!  And every blessing we can possibly give, we continue to sent to support you in your efforts and enrich your daily life.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple

Emergence From A LONG Nap -- Gaia News Brief 22 December 2015

Ross' Request

Yesterday something highly unusual happened.

I offered my services of both healing 'realms' to a patient, who is a 'musician'--but actually a Sound Healer.

I even asked the nurse, Laura, who was there at the bedside in preop, to show him her bracelet I had made for her. She never takes it off. It helps her back pain and headaches. I showed him mine too.

Lately, my HS has a way of talking without my realizing it--I am Fully Conscious, mind you, so she is fully inside me--I am 'One'--but I heard this voice coming out of my mouth saying, 'with anesthesia the aura weakens. The patient is vulnerable to things coming inside; there are plenty of 'things' out there that want to attach.  That's why I am here--to keep them safe from all that.'

The mother looked at me with awe, and the patient visibly relaxed. His wife is a Reiki healer, and I offered Reiki services, even an attunement, to Reiki during the case.

Once in the O.R., and the patient under, I had to work VERY fast. My surgeon is a speed demon!

What Ross wants everyone to know, is that I detected a root chakra imbalance that was chronic, and long-standing.

It's what I did that surprised both the Galactics and me.

I reached up and snapped my fingers and commanded St. Germain to get his butt over here and fix this guy--intensively work with him to help with his issues.

I assigned St. Germain to work on something with someone I knew who was suffering for a long time and not going to get better WITHOUT St. Germain's help!!!

St. Germain and Ross were tickled and delighted to no end, and laughing with joy!

I was my 'old self' again, really and truly my 'old self', who I am back home...the one who nags Ross to be helpful around the house....everything.

He made that one top priority for me to share with you.

I also wrote a note to the patient, and put it in an envelope, sealed.

It said:  I gave you Karuna Reiki healing, a Reiki One attunement , attuned you to Galactic Reiki and Agarthan Reiki and all the other symbols on YouTube (77picklehead) will work.  I invited St. Germain to work with you. You can find my work online here, and here, and here, and here!

I handed the envelope to the wife, who said SHE had already asked St. Germain to protect him that morning too!

It felt SO good to be talking crystals and stuff openly in the hospital!

Then I saw 'this', right after I looked at the musician's website:

The Truth Comes Out

A certain surgical group has the office extension that ends in 666.

I've had my intuition help me notice signs in the physical layout of the hospital (the art is highly suspicious for 'the builders')...

Someone mentioned that this surgeon is 'agnostic' and 'doesn't care'.

I smiled inwardly, and decided to press forward. I asked the employee of the group, 'is this number an accident? Or is it on purpose?' (my favorite heart surgeon in San Diego has 7777 as HIS extension. He is the incarnation of Alexander the Great.)

The worker said, 'It is an accident'.

It isn't.

Energies attract.

Their newest colleague surgeon, and the worker, discussed their love of Star Wars.  Both dressed up as Dark Side characters to the showing.  They ADORE Kylo Ren.

I still love them.

I love everybody.

As the energies increase, they are going to 'sense' it. The worker had a migraine all day.

The Dark have had their time.

It's time for our team to take the lead...sorry!

It is time for nurturing, warmth, love and compassion to beat out fear and anger and hate.

Where I Am

I am learning to ENJOY my Life Experiences.

They might not be what I want, exactly, but I am detaching enough to realize I am BIGGER than what presents itself, and therefore, I can enjoy it.

Yesterday I called the Homeowners Insurance and made a claim for the cracks.  I wasn't sure where to begin, but I wanted to share my concern, and ask for an evaluation if my home is inhabitable.

It felt good.

I realize increasingly I can't live with myself to 'patch and paint' and sell it to a new buyer.

I'm gonna make sure it's okay.  If it isn't, I have a plan for that too.

I made a bracelet last night for myself that is truly Galactic. In its design I surprised myself. It looks unlike anything I have ever made.

It's all clear quartz, with one exception, and very large beads, which is unlike me LOL.  I couldn't get enough Light, I wanted to play with Light, and that is what I put into my bracelet.

It wanted to be on the right arm.  I can 'feel' when they 'match', the energies...

I also was absolutely THRILLED by some thoughtfulness of my colleagues.

The transsexual I made a bracelet for because I think she's awesome at her work at the hospital--was thrilled to get it in interoffice mail and mailed me a 'joy' charm back with a thank you note.

Another, the cancer patient nurse,, who I designed a very 'natural' bracelet,  gave a gift card I have yet to open to Anthony and me.

And my anesthesia tech, one of two, the one who writes thank you notes--gave me a small tin of holiday goodies...out of love and gratitude for my giving each him and the other tech who was moved and verbally thanked me--fifty dollar gift certificates to Nordstrom before I left for my trip.

Ross had promised me in NY he would pay for our second dinner at the View restaurant, which is prix fixe and super expensive (the first night we ate there too, exhausted).  Yesterday there was a schedule switch, and I got one cash case--just enough to cover for the dinner, the taxi ride to Battery Park, and the MTA cards to ride the subway home.

Yesterday morning, I was thrilled in my meditations to be actually HOME with Ross in our home where we live but can't remember.  He made dinner for us. With candles and wine. He said, 'I can eat!'...I remember that feeling of excitement that it IS real, and the veil is not 'here' for a moment...I can enjoy who I am, outside the veil, for the first time!

The Perfect Crime

Someone--a reader--confided to me in private that he used to work for a builder in construction.

The concrete foundations were rushed. They were not set. And the homebuilder said, 'no one will know about this for fifteen to twenty years.'

The homes are built of the absolute cheapest materials, with the poorest craftsmanship...

Then the 'builders' create an 'Association' to give the illusion of security, and leave altogether!

The homeowner is faced with a double dilemma:  without making payments to the Association the Association can take over the house --and yet, when something external like window screens are stolen, the Association won't do anything.

My mom had this problem, and asked the Association--'what do you do, then, for the owners?'

They cover the roof, and the 'outside' for the houses which are connected.

Our Association won't return a phone call. Our management company person assigned to our neighborhood is that mean.


She's at it again. This time with a message from Jeshua.

I don't bat an eye.

Apparently the sound MP3 didn't attach either.

Oh well!

It's not worth mention, really, or my time.

Yesterday was the first day in all HISTORY a soul recognized me. The musician was in the right 'bandwidth' to 'figure it out' without my disclosing it. His conscious mind doesn't quite grasp it yet. But he kept saying, 'I am blessed to be here with you, I am blessed to have you taking care of me...I am BLESSED!'.

Indeed!  (big loving, warm smile...)

And it felt nice to be treated, on a soul level, according to my station that I am accustomed to back Home.

I felt like me again.

And today, I saw this!

And this!:

And this:

And this... <3 :  Sure enough, there are the rationalizations and logical explanations leading up to the DONATE I ignore all of it but the part that warms my heart, the name, Terra Christa...I like it. I like this name very much...and it's the first time I've heard it.

Today is another day. I've signed up so I might as well show up. LOL. The holidays are here, and I haven't bought a single gift. Literally. I've given money--or gift cards--to help people out.

I paid my sitter double what she asked.  She confronted me and said, 'I told my boyfriend you paid extra'. She figured she would take this month's out of it.

I told her it's for you. Merry Christmas. It's for all three of your family. Keep it.

She started to cry.

Her mother's favorite holiday was Christmas. (I didn't know).  This year has been very rough, as she is using some of her mom's decorations for the first time since her mom passed. She loves them and misses her mom at the same time.

I also rewarded the lady who watches our pets when we are gone. She is incredible.

Ross told me where to go, and what to get for our stockings--he has one too--and to make it totally a surprise for Anthony...not to say a peep.

He's such a good dad, and I love him so...Ross...


There you have it.

When Carla is happy, all the world sings.

That's why I love her dearly.

Last night Carla and Anthony, both exhausted after a long work day, went out to dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen.

They began laughing harder than ever!

Anthony realized--being the adorable MAD magazine reader he is--that on purpose you could 'buy' the exact worst gift for someone, and it was hysterical to them both.  For example, a fifty-dollar gift card to Mc Donald's for a health conscious family member. Or perhaps, for ice cream. The possibilities are endless! (Ross giggles--and tries to hide it, he thinks it's funny too--ed).

Carla and Anthony enjoyed bonding after work.

Carla had her wine, a merlot, a Diamond Collection (the words leapt right off the page for her, for I had picked it)...Anthony his small child-size chocolate milk.

And they were free!  It is moments like this which are timeless, within the Illusion and I treasure them so much. 

I am always watching. I NEVER leave Carla's side, not for an instant, although it appears to be such.

And I want to congratulate you on your holiday spirit, for your rising above the car crashes and other things to get you riled up that are on the news. Acknowledge, and hand it over to us.

(I see St. Germain waving and smiling--he wants to say something--ed)

SG:  Carla put me to work!  (he grabs his sides and starts laughing so hard he is bending over and his whole body is shaking. Then he stands up and snaps his fingers just like I did for him.--ed)  Hahahahahahahahahaha!  ...... I LOVE to be needed! (big warm smile...ed)

C:  he wants me to say a bit about 'gofundme' type accounts. This is NOT,  N-O-T, working with the Universe to manifest. It is begging. Heavenly Father doesn't want us to beg.  He says, 'If you have to, then do' but 'there are better ways' in order to co-create with him. For example, when Ross said he would pay for the dinner, I said okay, and let it go. He arranged for the money in less than one week. Sometimes they need to work with the timelines and line things up. 

SG:  Carla trusted enough to let us do our job for her, to help her. Think high, and accept what comes to pass. It's not on your terms and your conditions. It's on a little of both. I ask you to give us a little leeway when it comes to working with things. I know you are hungry, and have high expectations in order to find relief from your suffering. But that's not working with the Universe. In order to attract, you find the wish (your 'order' at the restaurant, if you will) and remember it takes time for us 'in the kitchen' to prepare it for you.  Carla was delighted in her heart of hearts to find a street name that is very close to her own name, while she and Anthony did their annual 'light decorations for the holiday' driving through the neighborhood. I tell you--EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY and you are going to find out!  (he waves goodbye...)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
And Special Guest St. Germain