Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Emergence From A LONG Nap -- Gaia News Brief 22 December 2015

Ross' Request

Yesterday something highly unusual happened.

I offered my services of both healing 'realms' to a patient, who is a 'musician'--but actually a Sound Healer.

I even asked the nurse, Laura, who was there at the bedside in preop, to show him her bracelet I had made for her. She never takes it off. It helps her back pain and headaches. I showed him mine too.

Lately, my HS has a way of talking without my realizing it--I am Fully Conscious, mind you, so she is fully inside me--I am 'One'--but I heard this voice coming out of my mouth saying, 'with anesthesia the aura weakens. The patient is vulnerable to things coming inside; there are plenty of 'things' out there that want to attach.  That's why I am here--to keep them safe from all that.'

The mother looked at me with awe, and the patient visibly relaxed. His wife is a Reiki healer, and I offered Reiki services, even an attunement, to Reiki during the case.

Once in the O.R., and the patient under, I had to work VERY fast. My surgeon is a speed demon!

What Ross wants everyone to know, is that I detected a root chakra imbalance that was chronic, and long-standing.

It's what I did that surprised both the Galactics and me.

I reached up and snapped my fingers and commanded St. Germain to get his butt over here and fix this guy--intensively work with him to help with his issues.

I assigned St. Germain to work on something with someone I knew who was suffering for a long time and not going to get better WITHOUT St. Germain's help!!!

St. Germain and Ross were tickled and delighted to no end, and laughing with joy!

I was my 'old self' again, really and truly my 'old self', who I am back home...the one who nags Ross to be helpful around the house....everything.

He made that one top priority for me to share with you.

I also wrote a note to the patient, and put it in an envelope, sealed.

It said:  I gave you Karuna Reiki healing, a Reiki One attunement , attuned you to Galactic Reiki and Agarthan Reiki and all the other symbols on YouTube (77picklehead) will work.  I invited St. Germain to work with you. You can find my work online here, and here, and here, and here!

I handed the envelope to the wife, who said SHE had already asked St. Germain to protect him that morning too!

It felt SO good to be talking crystals and stuff openly in the hospital!

Then I saw 'this', right after I looked at the musician's website:  https://thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com/2015/12/21/your-song-2/

The Truth Comes Out

A certain surgical group has the office extension that ends in 666.

I've had my intuition help me notice signs in the physical layout of the hospital (the art is highly suspicious for 'the builders')...

Someone mentioned that this surgeon is 'agnostic' and 'doesn't care'.

I smiled inwardly, and decided to press forward. I asked the employee of the group, 'is this number an accident? Or is it on purpose?' (my favorite heart surgeon in San Diego has 7777 as HIS extension. He is the incarnation of Alexander the Great.)

The worker said, 'It is an accident'.

It isn't.

Energies attract.

Their newest colleague surgeon, and the worker, discussed their love of Star Wars.  Both dressed up as Dark Side characters to the showing.  They ADORE Kylo Ren.

I still love them.

I love everybody.

As the energies increase, they are going to 'sense' it. The worker had a migraine all day.

The Dark have had their time.

It's time for our team to take the lead...sorry!

It is time for nurturing, warmth, love and compassion to beat out fear and anger and hate.

Where I Am

I am learning to ENJOY my Life Experiences.

They might not be what I want, exactly, but I am detaching enough to realize I am BIGGER than what presents itself, and therefore, I can enjoy it.

Yesterday I called the Homeowners Insurance and made a claim for the cracks.  I wasn't sure where to begin, but I wanted to share my concern, and ask for an evaluation if my home is inhabitable.

It felt good.

I realize increasingly I can't live with myself to 'patch and paint' and sell it to a new buyer.

I'm gonna make sure it's okay.  If it isn't, I have a plan for that too.

I made a bracelet last night for myself that is truly Galactic. In its design I surprised myself. It looks unlike anything I have ever made.

It's all clear quartz, with one exception, and very large beads, which is unlike me LOL.  I couldn't get enough Light, I wanted to play with Light, and that is what I put into my bracelet.

It wanted to be on the right arm.  I can 'feel' when they 'match', the energies...

I also was absolutely THRILLED by some thoughtfulness of my colleagues.

The transsexual I made a bracelet for because I think she's awesome at her work at the hospital--was thrilled to get it in interoffice mail and mailed me a 'joy' charm back with a thank you note.

Another, the cancer patient nurse,, who I designed a very 'natural' bracelet,  gave a gift card I have yet to open to Anthony and me.

And my anesthesia tech, one of two, the one who writes thank you notes--gave me a small tin of holiday goodies...out of love and gratitude for my giving each him and the other tech who was moved and verbally thanked me--fifty dollar gift certificates to Nordstrom before I left for my trip.

Ross had promised me in NY he would pay for our second dinner at the View restaurant, which is prix fixe and super expensive (the first night we ate there too, exhausted).  Yesterday there was a schedule switch, and I got one cash case--just enough to cover for the dinner, the taxi ride to Battery Park, and the MTA cards to ride the subway home.

Yesterday morning, I was thrilled in my meditations to be actually HOME with Ross in our home where we live but can't remember.  He made dinner for us. With candles and wine. He said, 'I can eat!'...I remember that feeling of excitement that it IS real, and the veil is not 'here' for a moment...I can enjoy who I am, outside the veil, for the first time!

The Perfect Crime

Someone--a reader--confided to me in private that he used to work for a builder in construction.

The concrete foundations were rushed. They were not set. And the homebuilder said, 'no one will know about this for fifteen to twenty years.'

The homes are built of the absolute cheapest materials, with the poorest craftsmanship...

Then the 'builders' create an 'Association' to give the illusion of security, and leave altogether!

The homeowner is faced with a double dilemma:  without making payments to the Association the Association can take over the house --and yet, when something external like window screens are stolen, the Association won't do anything.

My mom had this problem, and asked the Association--'what do you do, then, for the owners?'

They cover the roof, and the 'outside' for the houses which are connected.

Our Association won't return a phone call. Our management company person assigned to our neighborhood is that mean.


She's at it again. This time with a message from Jeshua.

I don't bat an eye.

Apparently the sound MP3 didn't attach either.

Oh well!

It's not worth mention, really, or my time.

Yesterday was the first day in all HISTORY a soul recognized me. The musician was in the right 'bandwidth' to 'figure it out' without my disclosing it. His conscious mind doesn't quite grasp it yet. But he kept saying, 'I am blessed to be here with you, I am blessed to have you taking care of me...I am BLESSED!'.

Indeed!  (big loving, warm smile...)

And it felt nice to be treated, on a soul level, according to my station that I am accustomed to back Home.

I felt like me again.

And today, I saw this!  https://gaiaportal.wordpress.com/2015/12/22/dramas-unfold-as-dreamers-are-rewarded/

And this!:  https://thesilverplatinumflame.wordpress.com/2015/12/22/divine-mother-my-journal-december-21-2015-happy-solstice-and-a-merry-christmas/

And this:  https://multidimensionalocean.wordpress.com/2015/12/21/salusa-to-me-by-multidimensional-ocean-22nd-december-2015/

And this... <3 :  http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com/2015/12/walking-terra-christa-rev-christine.html  Sure enough, there are the rationalizations and logical explanations leading up to the DONATE button...so I ignore all of it but the part that warms my heart, the name, Terra Christa...I like it. I like this name very much...and it's the first time I've heard it.

Today is another day. I've signed up so I might as well show up. LOL. The holidays are here, and I haven't bought a single gift. Literally. I've given money--or gift cards--to help people out.

I paid my sitter double what she asked.  She confronted me and said, 'I told my boyfriend you paid extra'. She figured she would take this month's out of it.

I told her it's for you. Merry Christmas. It's for all three of your family. Keep it.

She started to cry.

Her mother's favorite holiday was Christmas. (I didn't know).  This year has been very rough, as she is using some of her mom's decorations for the first time since her mom passed. She loves them and misses her mom at the same time.

I also rewarded the lady who watches our pets when we are gone. She is incredible.

Ross told me where to go, and what to get for our stockings--he has one too--and to make it totally a surprise for Anthony...not to say a peep.

He's such a good dad, and I love him so...Ross...


There you have it.

When Carla is happy, all the world sings.

That's why I love her dearly.

Last night Carla and Anthony, both exhausted after a long work day, went out to dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen.

They began laughing harder than ever!

Anthony realized--being the adorable MAD magazine reader he is--that on purpose you could 'buy' the exact worst gift for someone, and it was hysterical to them both.  For example, a fifty-dollar gift card to Mc Donald's for a health conscious family member. Or perhaps, for ice cream. The possibilities are endless! (Ross giggles--and tries to hide it, he thinks it's funny too--ed).

Carla and Anthony enjoyed bonding after work.

Carla had her wine, a merlot, a Diamond Collection (the words leapt right off the page for her, for I had picked it)...Anthony his small child-size chocolate milk.

And they were free!  It is moments like this which are timeless, within the Illusion and I treasure them so much. 

I am always watching. I NEVER leave Carla's side, not for an instant, although it appears to be such.

And I want to congratulate you on your holiday spirit, for your rising above the car crashes and other things to get you riled up that are on the news. Acknowledge, and hand it over to us.

(I see St. Germain waving and smiling--he wants to say something--ed)

SG:  Carla put me to work!  (he grabs his sides and starts laughing so hard he is bending over and his whole body is shaking. Then he stands up and snaps his fingers just like I did for him.--ed)  Hahahahahahahahahaha!  ...... I LOVE to be needed! (big warm smile...ed)

C:  he wants me to say a bit about 'gofundme' type accounts. This is NOT,  N-O-T, working with the Universe to manifest. It is begging. Heavenly Father doesn't want us to beg.  He says, 'If you have to, then do' but 'there are better ways' in order to co-create with him. For example, when Ross said he would pay for the dinner, I said okay, and let it go. He arranged for the money in less than one week. Sometimes they need to work with the timelines and line things up. 

SG:  Carla trusted enough to let us do our job for her, to help her. Think high, and accept what comes to pass. It's not on your terms and your conditions. It's on a little of both. I ask you to give us a little leeway when it comes to working with things. I know you are hungry, and have high expectations in order to find relief from your suffering. But that's not working with the Universe. In order to attract, you find the wish (your 'order' at the restaurant, if you will) and remember it takes time for us 'in the kitchen' to prepare it for you.  Carla was delighted in her heart of hearts to find a street name that is very close to her own name, while she and Anthony did their annual 'light decorations for the holiday' driving through the neighborhood. I tell you--EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY and you are going to find out!  (he waves goodbye...)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
And Special Guest St. Germain