Saturday, December 19, 2015

Windows Of Perception -- Gaia News Brief 19 December 2015

I am writing from a bar in Manhattan, in the Theater District, which overlooks Times Square. For the record, a 'Square' in New York is when Broadway crosses an Avenue, with Times Square being where Broadway Avenue crosses Seventh Avenue.

These lights above the bar are pretty incredible. They look like orbs, but on closer look, each bubble of glass is hung by a string, and there is some movement to the whole light structure with a breeze.

The light itself comes from the ceiling, and both illuminates and reflects off the smaller bulbs of glass.

Sometimes by observation, we are able to discern more and more of how things are put together. This goes for the physical, as well as the unseen, or metaphysical,  or simply the energies of the area in view.

The energies in Times Square are palpable. There are layers upon layers of it, to what meets the eye. 

The crowds below and the buildings are subject to larger than life screens proclaiming 'electronic joy for purchase'--a Broadway show, clothing, a phone carrier, a movie, American Idol,  advertisements of all kinds. 

People think nothing of it.

There are the buildings themselves, which have energies of their own. The ones which amuse me the most are the tiny little skyscrapers built on one small plot where perhaps a small building once used to stand. 

Then there is the past...I can feel this as well.

What have I to say about all of this?

That the energy is unsustainable. It is unnatural. It is disconcerting to my energy body, although some people thrive on the 'excitement' and the 'energy' because they are totally immersed in the realm of the third dimension.

So windows such as this invite us to look within, and to make a personal observation--does the energy that is presented to me in this place resonate with my own? Or does it not?

If it does not, then, what action are we going to take to 'do something about it'?

Life is fluid--the energy of life, although eternal--is always in flux. Much as we would like to have something 'last forever'--this is simply not possible.  Either way, the good times, the bad times, time is always moving. 

And when time STOPS completely, our lessons will  continue, for all eternity.

A human being, has a soul--also those incarnate who are with us from the Higher Realms in order to assist. Each soul has its own perceptions, something no one could duplicate in any way, even if they attempted to do this.

So I write this to alert you to the possibility and high probability that every interaction with another human heart and soul, is an opportunity to explore the window into your perceptions, and their own, finding what is similar, and what is not.

This is a starting place to realize opportunity which may not be noticeable in an  area such as time square--that time is ripe for self-knowledge, compassion, and self-growth.

Our server here is most kind. She allows me to take from the buffet some dessert for Anthony even though he is having the sliders.  She has a heart, and exhibits the energy of compassion for a single mom who is traveling with her child, and needing a place to stay until the shuttle arrives at the hotel.

I see her. I feel her energy. I sense her recognition of herself in us. And I give thanks for all, for a place to relax and charge our phones and computers (we are sitting by a plug)...

This visit to Manhattan for my work gave me an excellent opportunity to witness first hand how 'the other half lives'--those who reach most to MY soul, are the workers in the hotel, who are struggling with hard times. You can see the worry on their faces and the gratitude to have work.

Yesterday while walking to the AMC 25 to see the new Star Wars, a man collided with me, and spilled a whole tray of starbucks coffees.  They were cold. I apologized and walked away, not knowing what to do.

I have heard of pick pockets who do such things, and took off fast.

He called to me, 'Miss!'. He followed me. He said he was late for work, his pants were ruined, and that he didn't have the money to buy more of these 'for them'.

I asked, challenged is more the word--'WHO is THEM?'

I knew in my heart he wanted twenty dollars, and there was no way I was going to take out my wallet.  He just said, 'I don't know!...just...THEM!'

I said, 'it was an accident, and my jacket is ruined too. As long as no one is burned are hurt we are okay.'

He said, 'I've only had the job for three months...'

At this point, I looked him in the eye, and said in my most commanding voice, 'If you want new ones I will pay for them AT STARBUCKS because I only have the money on my phone'...At the place, the clerk flirted with him, just like Bon Qui Qui and D'won, and I showed him, 'I only have twenty-four dollars'.

He ordered them and I was on my way.

I didn't want to have the Karma on ME for any of it.  I find increasingly more and more, I do things to avoid the karma debt.  As the energies increase, I see more and more how important this part of our interaction is in the grand scheme of things.

I also was deeply cognizant of the 'victory signs' everywhere in NYC from 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart'. I saw it. I felt it. And they are WAY more than 'master builders'. They are experts at working with the unseen, the mystical, and the ancient ways.

I find it ironic how the bulk of New Yorkers here, as well as the tourists, are totally in the dark about these signs posted prominently everywhere around them, as a signal to those who are 'in the know'.

These are the things I discuss in my innermost meditations--how did this come to be? Will there be an end to it? Will it ever happen again?

I want a life free of all unpleasant 'energies' to use the term lightly. I know as people awaken, the hold on them by those 'elite' in 'Ways of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart' shall weaken.

It is only a matter of staying the course and holding our vibrations as high as we possibly can, 24/7, 365, year after year, until we are free of 'the builders' and their matrix.

Do I love New York? Yes. I love the city, and it's people in all the boroughs and New Jersey too.

Do I see the disparity? The homeless and the very rich and those who struggle to survive working three jobs like they do in Hawaii? Yes. Do I like it that there is not enough, that some people are forced to live and work in terrible conditions? No. I do not like it.

It is my hope for abundance and prosperity, both of the soul, and of the sustenance, to increasingly appear for us all.

With Ross and I, and my move, frankly, I struggle. I find I want someone to make the decision for me, to guide me, to show me the way. Do do the manifesting work for me. Deep down in my heart, I want it done, simply, quickly, completely, with a guarantee that 'all will be right'...

As a compromise I ask for Grace and Ease, for Clear and Complete Understanding, and for Patience and Trust...


I am going here with Carla to another place and time. I am very far ahead of her, in some ways.

And in others, it is Carla herself who is very far ahead of me.  For one who once stuck her head in the sand just as much as everybody, it is Carla who has taken the role of Giraffe, looking out, and calling it like it appears to her, helping to awaken those whose energy is just similar enough to resonate with Carla and her healing work.

In time, pretty much everyone will arrive at the same conclusion about 'the builders' and their errant ways 'in life', and in 'the afterlife'...

But for now, it is one foot in front of the other, step by step, until the energies are right for the awakening.

It will happen faster than I can say, 'boo!'...are you listening?

Until then, do your best to always hold your vibration and your karma that you give--as high as you possibly can and leaving the smallest imprint possible when it comes to conflict.

Everything has a way of working out.

Carla must soon get ready for her flight.

I will be watching her and little Anthony as they fly by alternate means from our aircraft...(he laughs...ed).

Carla is a really good pilot, in her other existence. I kid you not. Only she doesn't remember any of it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple