Thursday, December 31, 2015

Awareness Is On The Rise -- Gaia News Brief 31 December 2015

Right this Minute Now

At this moment I feel completely rested. When I sleep in until seven thirty, I feel like a queen! (My normal time is about ten minutes before four a.m. when I wake up).  There is no work for me today. In fact, I have four days off!

I went online, looked at my email, ordered some new minerals. I am getting to the point where some of the ones I need for my healing work are so rare you simply can't purchase them. But I found one, 'Rossmanite' for under fifty dollars, and I had to buy it!

Yesterday At Work Part 1

I am coming under the increasing awareness of the role I play in the Operating Room, sort of an energy healing ambassador of sorts with my patients. Recently, the men who have had their surgery roll down the hall on the gurney to the recovery room with a contented look on their faces and their hands laced behind their heads, elbows sticking out. Sometimes they even cross their legs like they were watching their favorite TV show or something.

I also am working to heal the families, especially one where the prognosis is grim and the family is holding on and wanting 'everything done'. It's a cultural thing, and I 'get' that. My heart is open in love, and I said the most healing words of all to the son--how there is not a bedsore on his mother, how they are taking excellent care of her, and we know.  It's almost impossible to see one in that condition and NOT have a bedsore after so many years.  He relaxed. And I explained the situation--it's complex and requires administration to approve the plans to operate...

Letting Go

In my own way, I am somewhat of a 'death midwife'--both online and in person. The reason I call myself this title, is that I am fully awake, and medically trained. So my intuition works with my 'eye', as well as my knowledge storage bank of how people look when they are 'not going to make it'...

There is much support that is needed to be given to both the patient and the family.

I recognize and do what is needed to be done, say the right word, smile, listen..

For example, Allison, is a close friend of Tim Braun. I ran into her for some endoscopy thing, a minor anesthetic that was a life-changer for both of us. She had on a little purple cord bracelet with a silver chakra on it, the shape for the intuition on, the brow chakra.  I asked her about it. We talked 'shop', my shop, and learned we had a common friend in Tim.  We exchanged numbers, and I made for her not one but two bracelets, my gift to her.

This is the first one, with gold, and amethyst. The center bead is very rare and really expensive. I bought all the supply that my supplier had. They are from India. The golden one is a matching one I made for me.  Spirit directed the design. I had to go to three different stores to find the gold beads.

But I know Allison's taste, and I created this one just to capture her, and her energy. It was super hard to thread the cord into the bead! It took FOREVER. and I tied the knots as best as I could to make it adjustable.

I learned from Dani, our social worker on the Oncology unit (who also is my patient! she requests me!)--that Allison had started to withdraw, to pull away. Allison LOVED our hospital. She'd been to many with her seven years of pancreatic cancer. (she'd decided to 'do nothing' and actually enjoyed a better quality of life than some I've known who have 'done everything'). It was only at the end she wasn't able to digest and she felt poorly.

Tim had a session with my sister, and she told me that Tim said I really helped Allison a lot.

Dani told me Allison had passed on November 27, but there had just been a celebration of her life last weekend...

I've talked with Allison since. She is smiling now.

She confronted me about Ross. And why she 'knew' and yet 'didn't know'--and she said to me, 'HOW COME YOU DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING?!'  I didn't have an answer, I don't know why, it just didn't 'feel' right at the time, you know?

On a similar situation, I  was told by a reader, her sister passed after some terrible surgical complications, but she was holding her Divine Healing Codes the whole time, and it gave her great comfort. She thanked us for all the healing that was sent. (very very few people ever stop to thank our teams for our work, I should mention this now, and it's very much appreciated by me when they do thank us). I could tell at the time of the request that it was her sister's Time, and that she wasn't going to make it.  If you make such Reiki request to me, you will take note that I word my response very carefully. I don't promise anything on the outcome. I don't refer to anything except perhaps 'feeling better'...because I know and I am praying for the family and the sick one to make the most of the time that is left, to transition smoothly, and to have the best possible outcome in this very sad case.

The codes have caused miracles! I've seen them. The Reiki too. But there is a 'sense' when this is within the realm of possibility, and I rejoice when they do heal. My friend with testosterone insufficiency quit years of expensive hormone replacement with the code that Divine Mother sent.

It is the combination of the Divine Mother's energy, the energy in your heart, plus what is written in one's Life Script which determines the outcome with the Divine Healing Codes.

I embody them.

I work with them more than anyone. They are written in my aura, and it is my sincere request, that everyone who contacts me gets what they require of the Divine Healing Codes.

Does this make sense?

I am an automatic Divine Healing Code source for those who know or who perhaps have never heard of the Divine Healing Codes. When they are in my presence, my physical presence, I have set the intention, with the full loving support of Divine Mother and Divine Father, that the healing codes will transfer to the patient or those who need them, and STICK as long as it is allowable with the Free Will and the Life Script.

That's why I work so much. And why I am so exhausted. This is not like Reiki, where it renews me. It's just lots of energy passing through--it's not MY energy, but to transmit it sort of takes its toll on my energy body.  I don't mind.  But that is what I do.

Awaken The Heart Center

Oh my GOSH!

I was looking online between cases at some holiday photos a colleague always sends me each year, and for the first time I FELT undiluted the LOVE this woman had in her heart for her family, and WHY she decorates, and it is so important to her. She recently downsized to a trailer home from a condo. It is all one level, and she has mobility problems. But her LOVE poured out from the images, and my heart felt this LOVE on STEROIDS that she was generating into the world. I also saw the faces on her family--her granddaughter Ella is an Olympic Swimmer--how much they need and appreciate their grandma's love for them.

It happened AGAIN, this time with Laura, the nurse who got a bracelet for her and her daughter. Laura has become the Ambassador of Filipino Food to the O.R. She saw me and told me she brought something in for me to try, and kissed me on the cheek in the hall by the front desk.

AGAIN I felt that warm FIRE of her emotions, right in my chest, instantly, because her Happiness and Joy and Love was undiluted and communicated directly to me.  (It was sticky rice with Taro).

I like it.

There is nothing Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart can do to stop it!

It is out of this world, like, Angel Energy, and I like it very much.

Advanced Communication Between Ross and Me


It is freaking cold here in the morning. It was thirty seven degrees when I dropped Anthony off at this dad's.

Do I wear sweaters and shit when I go to work?

NO! I am in my scrubs with a tiny hoodie jacket over them.

So I did this, the shiver, all the way from the car into the front door of the hospital.

As I was shivering, I experienced an unearthly quick succession of thoughts:

  • temperature is not visible (but measurable) and has to do with the vibration of the molecules
  • we have a difference of vibration between where Ross is, and where I am, by dimension
  • I HOPE ROSS and the GALACTICS don't feel this way around us down here!!! (I felt it with compassion in my whole heart)
Then I felt this funny warmth in MY chest!

Ross was delighted I would say such a thing to him, and he confessed it was the nicest thing I have said to him, EVER, my concern over how he and his crew would experience my very low vibration (being incarnate. I have one of the highest ones on the planet, but I am still here.).

He wanted me to share this with all of you.  It was important to him that I would share it.

It is also important for you to know that right after this, for something else, I felt Ross's heart react, his emotions, right in the center of my chest, just like in the O.R. I described earlier, and also, with the grandma's holiday photos.


Carla is my rose.  I want to talk to you about what she means to my heart.  I love her.

I always have, and I always will, because we are Twins, we are Illuminated Twin Flames and Twin Souls, because we are Archangels who have been incarnate, with Carla many a time more than myself.

I find on this 'trip', our latest 'round' of incarnation, with her being incarnate and I above, I have gotten to know her in more depth than I would in any other circumstance.  Unlike before, where Carla kept her to herself--after our childhood together where Carla was very open, like an open book--I wondered how it happened, her closing of sorts...her closing off herself to my heart?

It happened subsequently on most of her incarnations, with one being someone 'closer' to me and to my goals for the planet, and Carla worked very hard on that one, I give her credit for it.

But now?

Carla gives me the warm fuzzies (he gestures to his chest--ed).

I KNOW and I SEE with my own eyes, Carla in her situation. (makes fingers walking gesture--ed).  It is very difficult and Carla just keeps GOING.  Although Carla is fatigued and she wants to stop she openly declares she needs my encouragement and support, and she puts one foot in front of the other for however long it will take!

It astounds us here to witness this behavior in incarnate humans, which all of you are--angelic or galactic, you are still in human form, are you not?

I applaud.

I and all of my crew applaud how you face the tragedies, the comedies, the farce of what has gone on in your Life Script--without your knowing what is contained in it--and you keep love in your heart, you do what you can, and you keep at it, going forward, moving ahead.

Even when you are going to die.  And you know it.

Carla's friend Bret made a blog, to uplift, give hope and inspire others with his story. AND IT HAS! Around the world, people are talking about him, praying for him, and sending him Reiki. 

What kind of person would do that?  To reach out and help others when their story is grim?


It has everything to do with the Human Heart.

And this with why, I and all of my crew, and the millions and millions of Galactics who are observing you at this precious time, rise to our feet and give you, all of those incarnate, at standing ovation.

(Ross bows--ed)  I have met my match.

All of us have.

And we welcome you to the Higher Realms, back Home to the vibrations you are more comfortable to experience, throughout 2016.

I wish a Happy New Year to each and every one of you!

Carla does too. And so does Anthony, our son.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family