Friday, December 18, 2015

Standstill or Isa -- Gaia News Briefs 18 December 2015

Standstill or Ice

This is my favorite rune, Isa, least it is because I have gotten it so many times!

Think of it, energetically as 'Winter' in the manifestation department. It's like 'hurry up and WAIT', which isn't much fun, but important things are going on beneath the surface so you may as well just relax and not think to much about the outcome.

This moment right now is a form of standstill for me.

Anthony never adjusts to a change in time zone when we go back east. This whole week, we are three hours ahead, and we are fortunate to make the end of the breakfast buffet at eleven thirty. As a child he is content to just stay in the hotel room, and not explore anything. He adores going with me, but getting him out of the room takes a lot of energy. Even when he is hungry.

Here I am on my last day. It is not fun.

Today, we slept in because he was so freaked out and worried about the move, he didn't sleep all night. THEN, there is homework to be done.

Homework, my friends, isn't like it was when I was in elementary school. Today we 'alternated chapters' reading the whole book out loud.  He doesn't read independently for 'literature'. It is a good book, and I read it three days ago from cover to cover to help him.  Just in case if he asked questions. But the whole day has been me reading, in my pajamas, two chapters, to his one, then helping to 'interpret' the test questions for him.

I can't move.

I am stuck.

I had yogurt and a muffin leftover from yesterday's buffet for breakfast, while he slept. I had half of another muffin and baked potato chips for lunch. And room coffee maker coffee.

What can I do?

Change my attitude.

I can decide, 'this is a memory from his childhood I will look back and cherish'.

I can decide never again to take him back east with me on business.

It is why those of you who care about me, and wish to spend time with me while I am here, can't.  My obligation is to my family, and to my own studies with the conference. As well as to Spirit and all the healing work I have done. Even those of you who would have willingly taken a three hour drive--thank you for your kindness, and your support. 

Today is a big day. Star Wars is out. I sort of wanted to go see Allegiance too. Or at least run around the town a bit on my last free day.

Being a parent means making sacrifices you otherwise wouldn't make.

Yesterday, at the Museum of Natural History, Anthony was patient and kind, and let me look for my minerals on display. This one was my favorite:

It is a Morganite Quan Yin. She is about six inches tall, and incredible.

Double Isa

I had reason to believe my life would make a major change on this trip. I would meet Ross.

I was prepared to bring everything that mattered most, sort of like a refugee. I brought my crystal bible, my most favorite jewelry. My journals.

Ross even prepared me, asking, 'are you ready for what's next?'

I am.

There was one time I got very floaty, and I didn't know what was going to happen.

Sadly, nothing did.

I prepare for what's next.

I chalk it all up to Isa--the nordic rune of Standstill, one year--and let it go.

I don't judge anything, except to acknowledge my disappointment in passing.

One day, I would very much like to be out of this Illusion.

With each passing day I work towards my goal.

Last night, as is my new custom, and it's no longer 'what I want to manifest', I am honest with my heart and give to Ross each of my fears. I have many.  I am usually not the fearful type, but at this point in my life I have many 'concerns', most of which regard housing and my future.

I also asked Ross to please, in some way, explain to me what I have to anticipate for the rest of my life while I am incarnate?  How much longer? Why? What should I do while I am waiting?

This morning, he asked me how I felt?

I didn't remember anything, but I felt calm, and didn't have that concern any more.

He told me he had reviewed my Life Plan with me while I slept. 

I don't know it.  But I do 'sense' my question was answered, and on some level, I am okay with it, what comes next.

The reason I bring this up is because everything is connected. And before any major 'change' there are always 'practices' with energetic/galactic 'trial runs'.

It is frustrating if you choose to indulge in those feelings of frustration.

I am going to simply make the most of the moment 'now', and make myself as ready as possible to accept what 'comes next'.

This is a valuable lesson. Some things take time. Some things hurt. But changes for the better always result from it.

Today I am much happier in my work than I was five years ago. I was totally afraid of private practice my whole academic career. I didn't think I could survive with 'me first' colleagues.

I have and I do.

It's the weirdest thing. I was frustrated with my house, and the mess. I finally cleaned much of it up, and dragged in a bookshelf from the garage to the dining room. I put my cookbooks on it, and also, an organizing system for all my papers and mail.

In doing this, it was like I passed some threshold.

I passed some life test.

And now I am being 'energetically upgraded' to new living situation. Just like that.

It's weird how spirit works.


Carla wants to go Home. She wants it very very much. She wants to be with me, and Carla doesn't understand both WHY she is incarnate at this time, and WHY she can't get out of her current situation.

Carla leveled with me last night--some of you should be doing this also--and asked point blank, 'What do I have to expect during the remaining time where I am incarnate?'...

Carla has no idea about the time, for that matter, it can appear as if none of us do up where I am too.

Carla is patient.

Carla has the capacity to wait, and to not blame anything or anyone. Carla is Japanese in this regard--it simply IS and we do what we can to work our lives around it.

Carla has her dreams.

And in leveling with me, Carla is negotiating with her heart just as much power as she is willing, as is  prudent, for her to engage in them.

How's this for thinking she was going to be 'on a boat', my boat, right here next to me, yesterday? And not telling anyone or anything, not even Anthony about it?

How for her 'tell me what to expect', not blinking, and going on with her tasks and her chores, not to say, packing, as if nothing ever happened?

Carla is not taking it personal. Not me, not her team, not a trick, not to blame:  it just IS.  And what she would have liked to have happened didn't come to pass. She is not okay with it, but Carla is not eating bonbons or chocolate or drowning her sorrows, either.

That trait what Carla is displaying is called 'Spiritual Maturity'.

As a Master, and Ascended One in fact, for Carla has Ascended about 99.999%--Carla is showing us a thing or two about 'how life really works' in the manifestation department.  You put in your request, you let go of the outcome, and you wait. You can always ask just to see how your 'order' is being placed, but you simply don't harp on it.

A wise healer once described, 'the role of the physician is simply to amuse the patient until they heal.'

I am not amusing anyone, nor is Carla. However, it is the innate process which our bodies and souls know how to navigate in the Life Plan, the energies of healing, which are, like the rune Standstill or Isa--something of nature which take their own time.

Is today a total ruin?


Carla has a surprise still ahead of her, once Anthony decides to get dressed, and Carla has taken her bath in which to relax and soothe her troubles, if only for a little bit.

There are many things ahead of us which I cannot say, but I can point ahead and disclose all of them are excellent! Exceptional! Like very fine what Carla saw in the museum yesterday, that warmed her heart.

This is Carla with a meteorite that stands taller than she is by several feet!

One day Carla will be with me, and all of this struggle shall be as if nothing had passed!

The same is true for you. Your hardship won't even be a memory, what you are facing now, and like Anthony, is causing lack of sleep.  Things have a way of working out. Even with us, even with you, even with your family. And when all is said and done, you will be glad you took the trip. Even, if it was not a vacation, not so much as Carla's is now.

Everything will happen in the blink of an eye, all what is set, and you shall be amazed at how much you have learned and grown in your hearts.  Forever and ever. Peace.  That goes to Carla too--(he chuckles--ed)  there is one bathroom and Anthony is making use of the toilet for a little while.

As I said, Carla is very good at waiting. I've made her wait a long time!

And the warm bath shall be all the more sweet when she gets it!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins