Thursday, December 10, 2015

Focus On You -- Gaia News Brief 10 December 2015

This woman is giving herself Reiki on her feet. 

Self care is important. Energy self-care is right up there with meditation for your wellness.

Even more, it is the meditation which is going to help you grow, and to lead you up and out of the third dimension, and back to home.

Eventually you will reach a point where everything is from Source, and you know it, and you feel it, and deep down in your soul, you will know everything in your 'waking life 's Illusion, and everything is going to be okay.

This is the building block for life in the Higher Realms.

What I wish to talk about briefly, as there is no limit on this subject, is the topic of VASTNESS.

Everything that is from Home and Source is limitless, endless, in total peace and harmony, and JOYFUL.

This is your 'vitamin'.

You need a little 'taste' of this every day, while you are awake, to strengthen you on the road ahead.

It is not easy being incarnate. There is much that carries over from our past lives. There is a lot of 'sorting things out' as our memories return.  No past life is 'unthinkable', for all of it is a 'lesson' and everyone at one time or another takes their coursework in one of the 'darker lives'.

That being said, there is no need to dwell on it. Acknowledge these memories from the past--good, bad or indifferent--and let them go.

Know that YOU are YOU, who you are here today, and as your Higher Self becomes more known to you, it will be seamless working together and you will not give it much time for thought. It will feel NORMAL and RIGHT.

Wherever you 'go' when you are asleep, is your Higher Self at meetings and other things you may or may not recall. Sleep time is when the consciousness returns back for guidance and planning for the next day's events.  That place we go every night IS Home! Believe it or not! LOL

As the Higher Self incorporates--as an aside, I have Full Consciousness but still suffer from the Veil a little, as these plans and lessons appear to still be just that--lessons!--there is an increased sense of Purpose, and Patience with one's trials.

Many of you who read these words once have known us, Ross and me, as your teachers and guides. It is our vibration which is both familiar and comforting to you. This is why you enjoy the connection (we do too!).  And this is why as your teachers, it is our solemn duty from our souls to yours, to keep you focused on your growth and your development as a soul.

Why incarnate again when this time you may master the lessons? 


I give myself Reiki too. (no that is not a picture of me--I have a beard and the couch would be a lot more messy if it was me! --he laughs--ed)

All of us do.

Every single one of us. It is like how you brush your teeth when you are incarnate--and don't even stop to think about it. It's just something that needs to be done. It's like shaving, for those who shave their beards--though I couldn't possibly know why! (he smiles--ed)--something every morning that is routine.

Every day, at the same time, all of us where I am, meditate.

Yesterday I had a small gift for Carla. It was a Lemurian Citrine crystal point.

Carla went and meditated with it, in her favorite chair, at her  favorite place.

It brought Carla memories of our life together in India, where she was happy with me. She saw, in her mind's eye, like a movie, from one scene to the next. She saw how she once almost lost me to illness, and how she kept her watch over me, and helped me to heal. She saw the house, the neighbors, the friends and she was filled with the love and happiness and PEACE which was with her in that life.

We had our teachers, our learning, and together we enjoyed ourselves very much.

In Berkeley, in her late teens, Carla discovered her love for Indian food, and also, had a wall decoration of hand-painted elephants on cloth along with Indian designs from her friend Khaver who went there the summer after freshman year. It was her TREASURE! At the time, she didn't make the connection as to why she loved Mother India so she knows! This is the meaning of Full Consciousness. Nothing is hidden, but it can take time to awaken and sort things out.

As Carla meditated, her energies got so high up that SaLuSa presented himself to her, face to face. Carla was both delighted and honored.

SaLuSa himself shared that at our meeting, mine and Carla's, when we first meet, he will be present as the chaperone--a trusted one who knows both of our hearts, to make sure once we reacquaint we are off to the best possible start as a couple.

Frankly, Carla is still blown away by the experience of being in the Now moment with both of us, but SaLuSa, who has always been rather 'fuzzy'--was crystal clear in both form and energy signature and intent.

See all the way you can go, once you meditate? It helps to have a crystal you resonate with from time to time, but it is not a necessity, It is an option. And even a stone you have found on your travels, for you, might do the very same energy 'boost' assistance as the fancy orb or sphere or crystal point.  Size doesn't matter, when it comes to spirit. Just go with what 'feels right' and you will be blessed.

Aloha and Mahalos

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple