Sunday, December 13, 2015

Create Joy -- Gaia News Brief 13 December 2015

Spiritual Discomfort

Get used to it.

This is a normal part of spiritual living. Sometimes, in order to grow, we must learn our lessons that are not pleasant in any way.

It makes us stronger.

The important thing to know, is that it is only temporary, and will resolve once the new way of thought, the open heart, or the love and gratitude are adequate to fulfill the lesson.

God wants us to ACT.

We don't live in a vacuum. Our actions touch many people's lives.

And our actions are based on our feelings and thoughts.

So choose your thoughts well.

Feel your feelings, acknowledge them, and move on.

Spiritual Silence

There are many reasons for this form of Spiritual Discomfort. This is one of the most painful ones I know, for I live a life connected to spirit, and I seek guidance from The Other Side in everything I do.

I never stop praying.

Once in a while, it's like there is Silence, and I don't like it.

But I accept it.

Ross is busy. Or perhaps, it's my lesson and I'm being assessed for my reaction to it. Perhaps it's just a breather for me, a chance to work on my other skills?

I never know.

But this too, is temporary. It will pass, and be replaced by joyful experiences of connection, and feeling loved by my deceased loved ones, angels, and guides.  I will feel their loving support, which I KNOW is always with me, whether I feel it or not.

Create Joy

This, like the energy of love and gratitude, is the most important resource we have at our disposal.

As Creator beings, we have an important choice in our ability to create.

Why not create joy?

On Twelve Twelve

Without my realizing it, an important portal has opened in the last two days. I sense an incredible love flowing from my heart to the collective of humanity. Something is up, and since not many are talking about it, I 'sense' it is truly happening.

Many of the 'portals' that are widely discussed on the internet aren't from the 'best' sources; many such 'sources' have been compromised by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.  So I take them with a grain of salt.

Sang Nguyen felt it, the flood of energy, with this portal. It shook his body. Twice.

The energies out there are strong!

Just the way I like them!

My Cards I Keep Closest To My Chest

There was a request for me to 'explain myself' and my link to the Divine Healing Codes.

I declined.


It would only lower my vibration to engage in such discussion. The mind wants to understand, the 'logic' and the 'connection' and the 'reason'.

I want 5D in everything I do. To explain would be 3D, a step back.

As long as they work, and Divine Mother keeps them coming, in my opinion, it's all good.

Other things, I know, and I keep to myself. Sharing wouldn't help make it happen any faster, and I am told by my team to keep it to myself. I AM quite excited at the possibility that is ahead. I have let go of any attachment to the outcome, and I am in a constant state of readiness for what comes next, however it may arrive.


Carla and I await our happy ending, our hearts anticipate the love and tenderness of when we reunite in the physical.

There is no question in our minds that this will happen!

The only concern, if it would be a concern, is 'when'.

Everything is in position, and events are in place for 'when the time is right', and 'for the best and highest good'...

Things that are not in our control, we don't waste our energy on them.

We only focus on us, and the joy which awaits!

When things are beyond your control, why not focus on what you like, the good, in the situation? It will only magnify, and enhance the probability of more of the same to arrive?

Carla's trust in me, and her gift to me today...are my present I enjoy and appreciate with so much love and gratitude my heart could literally explode! I enjoy it over and over again. Carla, tell them what you gave me...

C:  I gave him all of humanity, together, as one, Ascended, and in perfect harmony and peace. It looked like a lace cookie of energy, and I gave it from my heart. As Gaia, it is the ONLY gift I have to offer! LOL.

(he smiles warmly, with love--ed)

There you have it! (clap clap--ed)

Now it is time for Carla to go to her lecture! That's right! On a Sunday! (he laughs--ed).

This is one of the many things Carla is not telling you about. (he smiles with love to you-ed)

When there is need to know, Carla is going to share EVERYTHING with you, okay? And you will not be left out for the 'good things' but only when the time is optimum for it, and it's for the Highest Good of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple