Monday, August 31, 2015

New Perspectives -- Gaia News Brief 31 August 2015

Finding Words

I feel different.

I am back from a trip, a vacation, with my boy, and my perspective is, well, for lack of a better word...different.

Some things that used to affect me emotionally now, do not, and I am detached in a higher dimensional way.

This funny kind of detachment I had once observed in my friend who lives in Hawaii, Hope Johnson. I used to wonder how things didn't seem to upset her or 'get to her'...Hope actively works her own spiritual life.

As a matter of fact, her detachment used to annoy me, and I wanted her to 'be more like me'--when I first encountered it. There was a lot of self-talk on my part, like, 'how COULD she?!' (be like that).

So here we are back at home, and here are some of the items that have me, as an outside observer of myself--which I do ALWAYS and always have--and sort of scratching my head:

  • The loss of Dr. Wayne Dyer didn't leave a blip on me, emotionally. There is NO reaction. I don't know if he is connected to me or not, I enjoyed his books and they helped me. But I am not sad in any way. It just IS. I am thankful for his work. When Elvis died--even though I wasn't particularly fond of him as a child--everyone FELT IT in their gut. I couldn't miss it, I felt it too. So with Dr. Wayne, my reaction is more like, 'wow, way to go!' and joyfulness for his being done with his assignment and having done such a good job.
  • Sea Shepard posted a 'horrors continue' image and call to action with Taiji and Faroe carnage on it.  I felt love for the dolphins and pilot whales, but also a sense NOT to share both the images and the 'us versus them' mentality of Paul Watson. I did this because his type of thinking only perpetuates the condition.  LOVE, sent to the area, and to the cetaceans, and mostly to the people will have an effect. I admire and support the work of Paul Watson, but for this time, today, I just had to say 'no'.
  • Anthony read me the riot act last night. He says his whole life is affected because I am on the computer all the time, and he has to entertain himself and not act bored.  I didn't take it personal. I reframed it for him three ways--it's my 'thing' just like your 'thing' with your shamanic activity in Victoria was 'yours' and I didn't question it.   I said, 'this is what I would like to do just in case medicine has a sudden change like it did for me five years ago in my career. With this I get sleep and better hours, your know?'  And also I said, simply, 'You have many toys and can develop your own interests.'  I could see he wanted to enjoy his own 'pity party' and didn't get sucked in; I saw things from a different perspective, and I let go of the outcome of our conversation with love.
  • I find myself giving more 'weight' to my own intuition and guidance, and 'less weight' to things I find online. Even this morning, after several 'missed episodes' of a source I used to enjoy, Magenta Pixie, I started to listen to one--and had to stop in the middle. The notion of babies being born, females, on this years Lion's Gate, with merkabas intact just sounded 'off'. I can't put my finger on it, but I saw LOTS of these babies being born when I worked OB, both boys and girls.  I think another, deeper reason to turn it off is that it means waiting another generation to Go Home--as these children grow up.  I'm just too tired of this journey to hunker down and have to wait this long in 3D for that.
  • I am becoming a boundary setter with no apologies or lengthy explanations.  Through this detachment, I have been able to direct others with their requests of my personal time very much like my teacher Anne does. This is something new for me, being able to work with people enough to realize how some requests are not going to help me be able to be there for the majority of the readers who count on me. So I explained I am not a counselor, nor do I do personal counseling over the internet.  I am not an online psychic.  I send you love, and wish you well, please let me know how you do...and I mean it.  This is a very good sign of healing and Ascension progress in a 'codependent trained' adult child of an alcoholic/addictive personality parent--a condition I have struggled with my whole life, and am making headway in being able to enjoy my own life.


What is new is a commitment to making our mornings count, with more time for the family. I will sign off earlier, to make breakfast, and pack lunches, and not be in a rush. Soon I must go.

Another new thing is my own health, with my physical body, and seeking more movement daily.  I feel better and sleep better with it.

The last thing is to just relax about the stuff I must do while I am in 3D--the cleaning, the bills, the laundry, the chores and the appointments.  I find the less energy I expend in my emotional response to it, the less it will impact my daily life. I will do what needs to get done, and not give it any more of my energy.


This is from Carla's last dinner with Anthony in old Victoria. It is a view of the harbor. It is from the SAME exact place where Carla met with the cruelty of the lobsters, and was aghast at how low in vibration our son is.

Carla went back.

Carla found a love in her heart for the waiter, who explained with great interest about the lobster promotion, and how they 'cook it fresh' right there.  Carla SAW and SENSED he 'meant well' and had no IDEA of the cruelty he was promoting in his work. 

Carla let it go.

Carla let it go as the 'delicacy' he wanted to share with her.

And when Carla placed her order, she politely demurred, 'I am sort of allergic to lobster'...

In saying THIS Carla won the contest of 'interaction' by bringing the lower consciousness person on HER side in a non-confrontational way, with 'no skin off her back', so to speak.

Our boy, our son, the one who I gave to her through spirit as she was 'quite advanced maternal age' at the time of his conception--ALSO got a healthy dose of 'non-resistance' from Carla's part on the meat.

Carla ordered the smallest steak they had in the 'special' where you get one side dish and a salad to go with it.

Carla shared her salad with Anthony, who 'didn't like it'.  Carla ate her mushrooms and vegetables with delight!

Carla picked at her meat, while appearing to enjoy it.

When Anthony cut his meat (he's not the best at it), and pieces went flying under the table, Carla offered him big slices of her own.

The bulk of the steak was eaten by the seagulls when Carla fed them the next day.

But ANTHONY was happy that his mom didn't oppose him in his ways, in his desire for meat--for beef.

Instead, Carla recalled a time when she was in junior high, and enjoyed the roast so much that she kept going back for seconds and ended up eating everything that was left behind from her family--after they had their fill.  Carla remembered the hunger in her growth spurt, and was glad it was behind her.

It is the NON VERBAL and NON CONFRONTATION interaction with detachment that is the key for all Lightworkers to advance in their assignments.

This is how I get a 'win-win'.

It is getting late and Carla must go. I wanted to 'benchmark' this aspect of progress for you.

And I don't like the new Magenta Pixie much either. There is so much 'nuance' to the whole Ascension thing. Always know it is a 'snapshot' from ANY person who makes or posts anything 'from the Light'. Once you get 'good' at it, you can see by the whole package what is working for them, where they are coming from, or 'how they are working their program' in an Ascension sort of way.

Dr. Wayne Dyer is right here with me. I will allow him a few words, for his followers, who miss him:
Hello everyone! I am FINE! I am HAPPY to be on my new adventure.  (he holds Ross' right hand up with his left, as a sign of mutual combined victory--ed)  I have my HAIR! (he laughs--ed) If I really want it. But no matter what I will always look the same for you, when you try to reach me, to connect.

I have no boundaries now! I am fully accessible and I am FREE--there is no money to pay or book to buy to work with me now.

I like it better this way.

So, come to me, as you would an old friend.  One who is on the other side, but a friend just the same. Just ask for Wayne, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and everyone will route you my way.  I can handle it.

My love for you is even more than I ever thought could be possible in my incarnate state.

I really ENJOY it, being where I am now.

Your life down where you are is NOT vacation! It is no picnic. But it will be worth it when you arise and awaken, whether it is through Transition like me, or incarnate like you are in the process.


EVEN WHAT SUCKS!  (Ross laughs at this openness and honesty, with appreciation for Wayne's personality and Light--ed)

I have to go and I want everyone to know--be more like me--be more loving--hold less grudges--and honor yourselves every single day with some movement and exercise and also loving meditation with yourself.

It is a long haul, while you are down there, so pace yourselves!

All my love, Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
with a little help from our friend who has just transitioned, Dr. Wayne himself

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Emergence -- Gaia News Brief 29 August 2015

End Of The Vacation

Everything happens with Divine Timing.  And so it is with my vacation, as it draws to a close.

I needed it. I needed the comfort and relaxation of my favorite place--at least one of them!  Victoria is somewhere my boy and I have a common history, from our past lives in addition to our having come back here before the school year begins for the last five years in a row.

There are always lessons.

There is always clearing of negativity, this time, with the entire Commonwealth. I was placed in just the right place, at just the right time, with just the right circumstances, to do this healing.

I also, on this trip, made great progress with reconnecting to my First Nations soul heritage.

This doesn't come easy. First you must establish trust, and show you are both trustworthy, honest, and sincere.

I have around my neck a small bead of silver--there is a design on it I need a magnifying glass to see--but it is a gift from someone who is of the Metis tribe.  We met her by 'accident'--we thought her houseboat was a gift shop on our very first visit. Anthony and Pauline 'clicked' and have ever since.

I think perhaps there is a soul connection between those two. At five, when we both were seeing but not yet talking about the indian chief apparition in our hotel room--Anthony revealed he had been the son of my best friend in that life, when I was Chief's daughter.  He came back to me because he liked me.

We spent a wonderful day yesterday together, us three, Pauline, Anthony, and I--on Salt Spring Island, and then to Crofton and Duncan and back to Victoria.  As we traveled through different areas--both by ferry and road--I experienced this incredible sense of being shown these areas to nurture and strengthen my very soul for its hard journey.

The sunset you see in the above photo is from Clover point, off the straight the Juan de Fuca...we shared it together while Anthony was skipping stones with joy and delight off the shore.

Ross has explained to me gently, his wishes for our last meal tonight. He wants me to act as if it is our last time in Victoria. He says, 'life is unpredictable'. He is right.

So for everyone here who has shown us hospitality and kindness, I thank you, and look forward to enjoying the last few hours I have in this town left.

Emergence from the Illusion

I had a funny 'feeling' about our plans for today to go whale watching. Anthony had wanted to go, but something didn't feel right. It was MORE than knowing it was choppy, and with the wind it's very hard to see a blow spout from the whale.

Somehow, on YouTube, we saw a documentary about the Tsunami of 2004, on Boxing Day.  It was very well done, including actual footage of five different places the tidal wave his--Bandeh Aceh, Sri Lanka, Phuket, and another resort area north of there, and an island PhiPhi...

What I learned is that there are some who are intuitive--one son had 'bad dreams' and a terrible premonition 'something awful was going to happen' for seven nights. He ended up losing his sister.

Others experienced denial, or intrigue with nature, in total and complete misunderstanding of the deadly wave as the water drained so very far out to sea.

There was footage of the disaster itself, the surge of water along with all the heavy debris.

Then there was the recovery of those lost, the stench, the grieving, and the healing both from the physical and the purpose for life.

We saw people washed out to sea with a shattered hip, a broken clavicle, or intact, who never thought they would live, but were recovered on fishing boats.

We saw others who went scuba diving, and although underneath the surface the water was 'like a whirlpool'--they were unscathed.

Many--about one third of the loss of life--were children. Some mothers felt guilty because there were more than one child with them and they could only save one.

Why the morbidity of this subject?

Because a Tsunami of Love has been flooding the planet. It will reach a tipping point, and a shift, sometime in our lives.  It will be for the better, and at total and complete Divine Timing, I am sure.

Depending on one's own spiritual development, this energy is going to affect no two people the same.

People who have worked hard on their growth, will experience it like 'flying first class'--with ease and comfort.  I have read this somewhere, but Ross hasn't explained it to me like this, I could be misinterpreting things.

But what I DO know is there is going to be the fascination and denial, the interaction with the great force of spirit, and the aftermath where people are going to possibly go separate ways.

In the Tsunami documentary, I experienced more appreciation and respect for the Angels and what they do to 'process' this great number of souls, over two hundred fifty thousand, who transitioned in one day.  The logistics boggle the mind.

And so we are in excellent hands for whatever happens with Ascension, the grand Awakening of everyone on Surface Gaia--for who goes to 3D, and who goes to 5D, no matter how it 'comes down' is going to be a miracle of miracles, and done with the greatest love and caring, that only Heaven can give.

P.S. there was a sailing advisory this afternoon--a Ferry was cancelled and also every whale watching cruise this afternoon. We were at Fisherman's Wharf and saw the captains sent home.

Emergence From Foie Gras

I had a realization that the lifestyle I lead with my son is not that much different from how certain beings are force fed and kept confined to keep them 'marketable'.

We live our lives in a survival mode, eating in a hurry, because otherwise we won't eat.

I never exercise or get enough rest, because there are too many things to do, and I am exhausted.

I spoke about the way I LOVE waking up with the sun, going to sleep early, and having a full night's sleep while I am on here--with Ross--and I asked him to guide me how to make a more pleasant existence for us where I can be more in tune with the needs of our bodies while we are in them.

Anthony is awesome and never complains. I thank Ross with all my heart and soul for helping me to leave obstetrics, where the anesthesia is any time of day or night, and often, through the night without rest.  It is one HUGE improvement over the quality of my life--at an expense of compensation--but helping so very much with our well-being and our time together at home for Anthony and me.

I don't know what the future holds for us. I enjoy working with patients, and I am very good at what I do.  It's the lack of free time, and the lack of spontaneity or ability to make plans, which is of concern.

I know that as Ascension begins, we will reach the ability to work less, and to enjoy life more.

So this 'emergence' from our experience in 'duality' is most welcome, and I look forward to using all Divine Assistance to help me find my way from 'here' to 'where I want to be'.

I trust in the process, and am willing to participate as much as I can to 'get it correct'.


Carla is having fun on her vacation. Both of us know it isn't going to last forever.

The same goes for us as a couple--with me where I am and Carla being incarnate.

I explained to her that the actual experience of being incarnate at this moment in history is a very special treat, that you can't experience anywhere else in the cosmos, and it is something to be enjoyed like a special roadstop meal you can only get (for example. Lee's chicken in Duncan...BC).  It's something you wouldn't expect to be that good by looking at it from the road, but going on experience (this time Pauline's local insight), not only were they able to enjoy a family meal for less than what Pauline spent for the three of them on breakfast at the hotel--they were able to have 'bragging rights' to share about it with the locals who didn't know about it here at the hotel who served them breakfast today!

So everything happens for the better.

(rubs hands together--ed)  As for me, how am I doing with my revelation to Carla about our 'relationship' and my infidelity when I was incarnate with her?

I am feeling MUCH better. It has been hanging over my head for about six months, and I have been holding back, trying to find the right moment to risk everything we had in our new relationship, and to be honest with her about why she is 'delicate' in certain parts of her heart, now, without even knowing I am the reason why in the first place this came to be.

Now we have moved on and I am feeling the freedom and the happiness that comes with taking a risk on the stability of one's relationship, and 'making right' once and for all between our hearts.

If there is someone in your life with whom you have 'great distance', for example, not talking or speaking or contacting one another for many years, I want you to think about the people who were dying, or at the brink of destruction during the Tsunami on Boxing Day in 2004 in the South Pacific and Indian oceans--and how the love in their hearts, the prayers, and the endless looking at the lists and the hospitals and the morgues to locate their lost family...I want you to 'keep it straight' and 'get things right' while you still have the ability, once and for all, before the Tidal Wave 'hits', and everyone awakens.

You will have a soft conscious no matter what.

Try to make it a little easier on yourselves for what is coming next.

Do like I did, and take your worst nightmare, and share it with those who deserve to have the very best part of you in the relationship with them.

It will pass. I tell you, when there is love in your heart, life can be so amazing! And the afterlife?  Everything is a miracle filled with love and joy and music of the stars!

I echo this delight in my relationship with Carla every day.  I just don't talk about it much.

I love you and everyone on surface Gaia who is incarnate. I love you for your powerful dedication to the Light...for everything you do...and for your kindness you show to my wife who is asking me daily now, 'Ross, when can I go Home? when can I be with you, honey?'

The people in the middle of the Tsunami in Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka wished that wish too.

Some of them came to me, up here, where I am. And others found the strength to build a new life.  Whenever there is great distress, there is always the wish to seek Home, with the comfort and security and safety one knows.

But there is also a 'home away from home', and Victoria has become somewhat of that to our family--incarnate (smiles-ed) our Carla and Anthony on earth.

So never forget the comfort and hospitality of all we are doing in the Higher Realms to 'make things right' and hospitable for you, in your Earth Walk... (see the SaLuSa posted from yesterday for more)..and do your best to learn your lessons, and to be LOVE 'walking around on two feet'--until your are finished with your assignment, your journey, and your experience with Life.

Try to make Peace at every opportunity, no matter how humbling or humiliating you may feel at the prospect of asking for forgiveness and love, like I with my Carla here, over my past.

It is most definitely worth it.

So why today, find the one in your heart who needs forgiveness--to be given or asked to give--and make a plan for how to 'make things right'.

I and my teams will help you.

You can found on us to help you find the Divine Timing and the Right Situation to turn up just for you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Hearts

Friday, August 28, 2015

Appreciating Your Path -- Gaia News Brief 28 August 2015

Who Are You?

This is the question that gets answered as you reach Full Consciousness. Who are you? Why are you incarnate at this time? What are your Life Lessons? What are your spiritual gifts? Are you a healer? A 'leader'--which is different from the current society definition of 'leader'...Who is your family, for your soul?  What is your shared story, as well?

There are MANY channelers and bloggers out there telling you about the planetary transits and energy build-ups and 'top end' information.

But who of the Ground Crew has pointed out anything other than Ascension Symptoms--which are really just a form of a Reiki Cleanse--where the body adapts to the Higher Energy Frequencies of the Higher Realms?

Here is my short list of things I have discovered, which point the way as 'road signs'--to help you assimilate what you have 'uncovered' in your Path to Awakening, and Ascension:

  • you are immortal. For some reason, your memories are blocked from your many lives lived over and over again. As you awaken, these memories--which shape who you ARE--are going to come up gently, will full loving support of your 'team' (angels, guides, deceased loved ones).
  • you will know a past memory is real by the emotions it brings up, by the detail, and by the connection or explanation of how you are the way you are.  For example, when I first tasted the food of India, in my twenties, it was 'love at first sight'--so familiar, so comforting. It wasn't until thirty years later I learned I had LIVED in India with Ross, traveling through and studying, in that incarnation and really wanted to stay.
  • you have the Higher Gifts. One of these is Telepathy. You will find people 'pick up' on your thoughts, in a nice way, for example, yesterday Anthony asked, 'mom? Did you call my name? That's why I came over here to you.'  (I had thought it).
  • you will have overwhelming Compassion and connection through your heart to All That Is, all Life, and feel the energy connection you have in common with others, other living beings, including animals, rocks, and plants.
  • You have the power to manifest your life experience--you are skilled at working with the energy of the Universe (the Law of Attraction) to bring abundance, grace, and ease into your daily life.
  • You have Patience with those who are not Awake, or are Newly Awakened.  You will have a sense like a big brother or sister to them, and have great satisfaction in helping them grow.
  • Your Discernment will be stronger than ever, and you will 'resonate' with that which is True.  You will also not be able to have false information hold your interest, and be able to read such works.
  • You have Trust in What Is. That everything is as it is meant to be, in perfect balance, for the highest spiritual development of all.
  • Forgiveness comes much easier to you. You are able to 'look beyond' the limitation of 3D, and to seek what is eternal--Love, Joy, and Light--in every situation. You will find this much faster than before, and you are less likely to hold grudges than you were in the past.
  • You feel your connection to Source and your guides every moment. You communicate with them too.  It's a two-way street. Sometimes they send you signs or gifts. Sometimes you might give them a piece of your mind. It's a relationship--just like any here on Earth, except they are very patient, loving, and understanding at all times to you.

The Kindness of Jenny Butchart

Last Monday, Ross told Anthony for us to go to the Butchart Gardens on Thursday. Today I am thankful for it was raining today! But I am also thankful because he knew he had to 'come clean' with me--our Free Will and my Ascension--required us to work through his infidelity in our immediate past life.  

I think it was planned for earlier, the disclosure of his past and how it affected me.

At the Butchart, I see Jenny, as I am a medium. I have for years.

Yesterday, at her house for tea with my boy, she took me under her wing.

We have a lot in common. No only was she taken from everything and everyone she knew to go to the lime quarry/cement company of her husband...she experienced sadness like I had, too.

She told me it 'goes with the territory', and as the wife of a powerful man, these things happen. It's a 'when' not an 'if'...and it hurt her too.

She felt like she was 'less', just like I do. Less pretty. Less desirable. Less loved.

She felt more like the giant hole in the earth, where the quarry had taken the lime, than like her old self.

So when she felt bad about herself, she planted flowers. Flowers are very healing to those who have suffered great hardship of the heart.

In time, her husband fully supported her efforts.

She said she had opportunity to have a liaison with a gardener or worker, but she chose not to do this.  It would have only made matters worse.

In the end, the gardens are a testament to her husband's love for her, which was true--men being what they are--and it stands to honor her dreams to this day.

People from all over the world come to see it. And they delight in taking photos and making happy memories as a family too.

Out Of The Mouths of Babes

Anthony asked me to watch an episode of Bar Rescue with him last night. That one had the wife who worked hard, and the woman who would get drunk and go in the back office with her husband 'working' on their payroll too.

John Taffer called the owner--the man in the back room--a whore, and threw a drink at him.

The man came to his senses.

There was tension between the wife and Nikki 'Pinky'--and the man fired Nikki to keep his wife. She told him, 'it's either her or me, you decide'.

He also gave his wife as an equal, full power as a manager. 

And the bar did well. They healed.

I'm glad I saw it. Her feelings and how they resolved helped me to grow.

The Rain

The area has been experiencing a drought.  Early this morning a gentle rain arrive. For this I am most thankful, and the people here are thankful too.

This has been an adventure.  As it draws to a close I am thankful for all, and especially, for the rest.


This is Carla's Heaven on Earth. There is no other place in the world that is more healing and helpful to her, Jenny Butchart included.

Carla and Anthony had a private tour on the boat ride just down the hill. They were the first, and two of the other people with tickets didn't show up.

I had arranged it.

Carla achieves a peace and relaxation on that boat which is hard to achieve in her everyday life.

Carla has made great progress in her Ascension.

Carla is leaving a trail for you to follow. It is more like breadcrumbs than bricks though, and I want you to work with it while the time is ripe for learning when it comes to you.

It won't be like this forever, for all people. 

It happens only when the energies are right, and all of us are helping the Veil to lift...for those who are prepared.

We are going through this experience all of us together, me and you.

Carla--the piece of her that is not yet her Higher Self--is the part of her that went AWOL and got very upset with my cheating when I did what I did in our past life.

There was Karma to repay, and I have repaid this.

Carla and I are off to a fresh start.

I cannot emphasize for you this enough--those who have hurt you in the past, and dealt you a death blow to your heart, your soul--are to be FORGIVEN.

But only when the time is right.

Without it, none of you are going to be able to Ascend. The energy of unforgiveness is too dense.

There is a window that is 'closing' at an infinitesimal rate, to allow people to Ascend.

I want you to get through it. All of your team wants you to find your way UP and OUT of 3D.

Carla brought up a good point yesterday with me--she asked, 'If all of this is Illusion, then why does the Karma apply?'

So, in other words,  if all there is is love, and everything else is Illusion, if all there is are lessons with no 'right or wrong', then why is there so much Karma everywhere to be balanced and repaid?

What gives?

I want you to think of that for a while.

Think of it long and hard and good...for that is the last mystery of the Illusion. <3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
In Love

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

On Self-Responsibility As We Ascend -- Gaia News Brief 26 August 2015

Back And Forth

This is the Coho ferry. It shuttles vehicles and their drivers back and forth from Port Angeles to Victoria, every single day.

No matter how the current, how the weather, it comes on time, with a familiar and welcome blast of the horn.

As you may imagine, for the captains of the boat, some crossings are more work than others...and so it is with the growth that comes with Ascension.  Some days are like a non-stop 'Reiki Cleanse' and others are a lot of joy to experience...but always there are many of them...and moving it or not.

On Value

Two days ago, Spirit arranged for me to be in this:

I wanted to go for the walk, I was told what shirt to wear...I even was guided to find the big black bag as Anthony threw rocks and I picked up drinking straws and worse from that part of the beach.

The next day, the Council wrote this:

Just because something as wonderful as this happens, doesn't mean that you are done with soul growth.

This is where the personal responsibility comes to the fore of your Ascension and your Awakening.


Just like with a Reiki Cleanse, some things 'come up' and are really unpleasant to experience.

This morning, I didn't want to wake up. I've been wanting to stay on Spirit Side, with Ross, all week. I don't want to experience my Life Experience. I want to go home. All yesterday I was terribly homesick for Ross all day.

I woke up to Ross showing me a golden tablet, and telling me to write in my Life Script--for the next chapter.

Anyone who hasn't been incarnate for a while would jump at the opportunity.

Not me.

I picked up the pen, I started to write, and I realized no matter what I picked there would be a 'downside' to it, a life lesson, that could be painful.  I refused to write.  I recall all my many things incarnate I had hoped to experience, and worked hard to achieve...and the pain that went with them.

I started in spirit, banging my head on the wall from side to side, and self-cutting to show how much these choices hurt my soul as I am incarnate.  I showed Ross and anyone else who was watching, how it was like at the doctors as a child, 'would you like this vitamin?' then you get a SHOT! after you say 'yes'.

The day got worse from there.

I am going to keep it between us, but Ross, in our last incarnation together, 'made some mistakes'.  There were the groupies, more or less, and he succumbed. As my consciousness keeps going up, all the things that are best forgotten, they come up too. I caught a venereal disease as a married woman, who was celibate when Ross was not home.

It was ugly.

This is where the self-responsibility comes into play, the strong mind, the will, and the willingness to face the challenges that come with Ascension.

I fought with Ross all day.  In my heart.

Even though it was most painful, I have a new respect for my soul. There is a REASON why my soul has freaked out over other things in the Ascension Process. My soul had a very good reason to react the way it did.  I wasn't imagining it.

I also fully accept that painful as it is, this too is part of the Illusion.

It isn't real.

So I had to face how to process the memory, and heal, and make the most good out of it.

At one point I said, 'Ross, I want you to take this pain, and use it to save souls.'  He didn't like it, as it was my trying to gloss over what happened, without really accepting what happened between us, and making a new start.

Finally, I realized, deep down, out of our three incarnations together (not including this one), in two I was very happy, and he was devoted to me to the very end.  Two out of three 'ain't bad' as the old Meat Loaf rock song goes.

What are you going to do? Live in the past, of an Illusion? Or live in the Now, where Ross loves me very much, and is devoted to me, and gave me a miracle of a boy?

At some point you have to use your MIND as well as your Heart to focus the power of co-creation to something you welcome with ease.

I also--after having had every vacation I have ever taken since I woke up--turn into some 'assignment' for our 'team'--and all this growth--have put in a request for a breather from my lessons.

My whole 'beef' the day before was 'Ross, I want to enjoy the mystery of being Twin Souls--I want to focus on this, and study it, and enjoy all the pleasure it has to give.'--so WHY should I be stuck here incarnate on this mission?

Perhaps this day was sent to get me to focus on my Mission, to make Ross in some way 'distasteful' to me enough for me to 'stick to the program'?

I don't know.  This veil is thick in this area of my life. I don't mind sharing (I got Ross' permission first before the dirty laundry that I shared) if it helps you to find your way Home.

The good news is, I had a wonderful day with Anthony. We walked very far, all day, and also played catch.

(somehow, I think the gentleman who knew cricket and came and played with us was somehow Ross in disguise--Ross can do that--because he helped us find the ball that was lost and I would have given up.)

So, as you Ascend, at some point, the pieces will start to pull together. Some experiences are better than others.

There is a lot of 'give and take' between you, your past incarnations, your loved ones...and a lot of forgiveness in some circumstances too.

I know of some Twins where one pushed the other off a cliff and killed them in a  past incarnation.  As these Twins assimilate, and Ascend, this will come back into their Consciousness, and resolve.

Me, being who I am--Cancerian by nature, through and through--I like to hold on to things and mull over it.

Our feelings and our choice of how to respond are LIFE--the only true freedom and gift we have--anywhere in all of Creation.

So today, I will remember the kindness of Robert at the Tea Room, and not how he didn't give us the clotted cream on our three-tiered plate when everyone else got it, and I was too nervous to ask.

I will remember the sunset Ross had Anthony stop, to get me to look at, my favorite, instead of the never-ending distress due to Anthony's love of steak and wanting to eat at places that make me sick in my soul over the cruelty that goes into the fare that is served up. (When the waitress said the lobsters are flown in live from Halifax and 'cooked fresh' here I almost threw up).

We have to accept that as with Anthony, his Consciousness is NOT at the same level as my own, and with no guilt, he eats the meat, and says, 'what is the difference between a fish and a cow? They are both dead!'  No argument of the horror of the line of the intelligent beasts who see the one get killed in line ahead of them, that goes INTO the meat--will be comprehended beyond a 'why don't they do surgery to take the meat out mom?' as a passing thought. HIS lessons are where I was ten years ago; each soul must do their 'time' with the growth of their Consciousness, and there is nothing that can rush it.

That is all for tonight. <3


All is not what it seems.

I, incarnate, was not the man you think.

I was human.

I made mistakes.

And Carla, though her pain, loved me in spite of them.

I drove her to her limit, every time.

I got her sick.

And there wasn't any cure for that in our day.

It was something new.

Carla never complained about it to me, but I knew by the look in her eye, that Carla knew everything, and that Carla was sick, the same as I was, in that way.

I am sorry.

I am sorry for what I did.  For my mistake.

And I am not going to go around paying for it one life after the next--as it was terrible, and awful--and a big fat lie, as just about everything is for everyone who ever is Incarnate due to the Veil.

My love for Carla speaks for itself, for all time.

This is not to escape what I have heaped upon myself, in that incarnation.

There are no mistakes, only lessons, even in this, and both Carla and I are spiritually adept enough to experience it.

What can I say about Carla's reaction to my invitation to write her own 'script', which was totally misinterpreted due to her trauma, from being incarnate?

Give it time.

Carla is not there yet.

One day, she will be past the painful memories enough to partake in accepting full responsibility for what she accepts into her Life Experience.

Until this time, I am letting her have a 'breather' and recover from the last part, and it is truly the last, of the lifetime that sent her reeling in agony from one life to the next, without me, refusing to speak to me for centuries at a time, wishing to destroy herself for all time.

Carla had good reason.

Carla had very, very sound reasons for wanting to put me out of her life--her eternal life--forever.

Through the help of many assistants, Ashtar being one of them--for both of us--and Archangels from our soul family--we are able to mend our Twin Souls to the point of moving past, moving on, moving beyond--the 'unthinkable' for one who is IN the Illusion...and to co create our future together, one on one, together for a long time, which is eternity.

Everything happens for the best.

And one day, all this shall be struck from Carla's memory--it is at her request--and only the joy of rediscovering our love shall be in her heart, and in my own.

I also sent a river otter to go frolic through the baseball practice!  It startled her as it came out from the bushes, and Anthony followed it as it went down to the sea, trying to eat a Canadian goose and narrowly missing it, and jumping into the harbor 'where it usually is'...(he smiles warmly--ed)

(he gives me a hug/wraps his arm around my shoulders and draws me close--ed)

I taught Carla what NOT to do, in our immediate past incarnation together.

And I am going to make good on my promise, to help her UP, one last time, to her freedom from the Matrix, the Illusion, and what is FAKE.

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

I want you to remember this.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
who are very much in love

Monday, August 24, 2015

Ascension's Many Gifts -- Gaia News Brief 24 August 2015

Under The Radar

Sometimes I just sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits--((big smile))--that's one of my favorite quotes in the gift shops I used to see when our family would travel in the southwest...

Lately, I have been 'just sitting' and enjoying life.

This time is for my own personal growth and development.

I have time off.

Ross and I have been actively enjoying our days, with Ross planning them, and I enjoying what happens.

In the last few days, here are some examples:

  • The beverage cart was blocking the aisle, so Anthony and I had to wait for the toilet in First Class. A tall, thin man with glasses had occupied it first, and had to come back to his seat just one row behind us. He looked at me funny, and I wasn't sure why.  Once he sat down, I had to wait a very long time for Anthony to finish. I realized he was the very man who told me 'things change!' with a smile, and explained the department did not want to renew my contract in 2009.  Furthermore, I KNEW now he is on 'sabbatical', a way to save face as he is essentially 'out' of that same department now too!  I touched him with my ring on the shoulder, and he didn't flinch--and I am so grateful 'fate' had brought us face to face, so my fear dissolved, and he could see how big and strong Anthony now is...
  • We were visiting the Government House, and met the official chauffuer, and Anthony got to sit in the same seat as the Queen when she was in BC!
  • Today, while taking our morning walk, Anthony and I stopped by the beach. I was doing what I always do, picking up trash to protect the sea animals. I even found a bag under a log, and used it to hold all the objects so I didn't have to make many trips to the trash can.  Well, guess what? We are going to be on TV, on the news! This man, Adam Sawatsky, was there with his video cameraman.  Both Anthony and I were interviewed for tonights' news! is where Adam says it will be, after tonight! They couldn't believe we are on vacation, and picking up trash that isn't ours! They hope we will inspire others...  (here is the direct link to the video

Thank You For The Reiki

Anthony was quite sick when we first arrived. Yesterday he was looking worse, with a fever, a very deep cough, and coughing up a great deal of phlegm.  He reminded me of my dad when he had pneumonia. Anthony has had it too, once, a long time ago.

I did everything I could, and asked for your help.

It is working. The Divine Healing Codes, herbal tea Ross suggested, a kid-friendly modification of the suggestions (oregano, basil, honey, and lots of smashed blueberries), and garlic oil pills, along with Mentholatum and Robitussin expectorant, and lots of rest. And Reiki.

Today he turned the corner, and I am so filled with love and gratitude to everyone who helped us in our distress.

Here is the contraption which is useful for making Tisanes (health herb tea)--Perfectea Maker

I just throw the honey in there on top of the herbs and let it sit a good long time.

We were able to complete his back-to-school shopping today, on foot, walking through the streets to all the stores.

A Gift With 'Purchase'

Always make sure you manage 'up'.

Always keep your connection to Source 'straight'--work with your guides as you Ascend--and make sure you know what is asked of you, and do it to the best of your ability as Ground Crew.

Once you Ascend, you will find you 'can't be there for everyone'--as you get into your 'task', others are going to be super wound-up and excited to embark on theirs.

And sometimes their sum total of life lessons doesn't 'add up', and they are doing what they THINK is 'spirit', but really, it's just a whole bunch more 'lessons' for them.

You can't fix it.

What I did yesterday, to someone who is making a wonderful series of videos on the Divine Healing Codes without fully understanding how a video made today will miss out on the updates made after it's released...was I stepped back. I said:
  • I am the caretaker of these lists.
  • The codes belong to Divine Mother and Humanity.
  • I check for medical accuracy, organize them, and yes, update them as Divine Mother wishes.
  • I work VERY close with Marc Gamma and Isabel Henn until they trusted me, and now I still update Isabel on everything I do. (Marc has 'new projects' and is content)
  • I do everything to keep my responsibility to the reader to have all codes in one place always updated-this is from my heart to theirs, for their trust.
And I let it go.

I can't control the quality of any work anyone else wishes to do which includes the Divine Healing Codes.

I can only trust in Spirit.

My responsibility is my part of being Ascended.  The Creator Writings are talking about this lately too.

So your choices--on what your Discern-O-Meter reads and what you choose to do about it--are YOURS. So is the responsibility of what follows after these choices.

We are growing in Spirit.  

One day soon this will make sense to you.

The Living Ghost

We toured Craigdarroch Castle. I was astonished to find the name of Dunsmuir in the office. I saw a housekeeper, and I stopped her, explaining how the Dunsmuir House in Oakland is one of my favorite places on earth, even through there is a sad story that goes with it. Was there any connection?

There is!  The son, Alexander, went there. He built it. But his parents forbade him to marry his mistress. Once his mom passed, long after his father, he built it and married her. But she never lived there, his new bride. And he died in an alcohol coma six weeks later.

Helen showed us the pieces original to the house, and also, to the family, that were on display.

And I noticed an eerie physical and energy 'match' to Joan Dunsmuir, the owner who had the house built.

Was she returned, reincarnated, as the housekeeper?

It makes sense.  And she is the one who pointed us to the Government House...where the big adventure with the chauffeur began...


Carla is having a wonderful time with my surprises, with each one being more wonderful than the next.

Carla is tired too, from taking care of Anthony, and also needs her rest from overwork.  Carla was up until two the night before their flight, packing.  And since it was a first flight of the day she really needs her rest.

I noticed Carla was admiring the very large homes in the area on the walk home from the Government House.  I casually mentioned to her that my house is even bigger.

Carla burst out, 'how did you ever get to live like that?!'

I couldn't explain to Carla who is deep in the Illusion when it comes to housing, that MY home belongs to her.  (moves hand over his head--ed). It just doesn't compute.

So no matter how Ascended you are, there are bound to be little gaps.

I kissed Carla with happiness when she went upstairs to the Shanghai Palace to have dinner tonight. Anthony didn't want to go, and she calmly said--to him, the stubborn one who takes after me (he winks--implying CARLA the whole time--ed)--we will get something for you after.  I like this.

Well, Anthony discovered he has a taste for the very same things Carla enjoys, so they ordered more. And Anthony decided it would be his dinner, and he had a very good time.

I was hoping it would be like that for those two.

Last night I asked them for one thing for today--not to fight over meals 'just for today'.

If Anthony had his way he would have poutine every day for lunch, and Carla just can't stomach the grease from the gravy...that's why they would disagree.

I got my wish, and I had one happy Carla plus one happy Anthony who is on the mend...

Now Carla will get her rest. And shhhh! Don't let it around that Carla's in the news on the island of Vancouver...let everyone think she is hard at she may enjoy her free time in the days she has left on the island.

And I am looking over her from where I am, with my advanced monitoring, enjoying 'the show'...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Friday, August 21, 2015

Seeing A Soul's True Form -- Gaia News Brief 21 August 2015

Seeing Ross

Yesterday on the way to work, I asked him to let me see himself in his true form, and in the form I will take when I am Ascended, the one that is the most natural to assume.

Ross transformed himself into a cream colored sphere of light, slightly larger than a basketball, and floated in my minds eye.

It felt like him.

But it looked entirely different.

And he changed back to how I see him, a tall thin human, with a gorgeous smile and beard and long brown hair, looking very Galactic!

I laughed with delight.

Conspiratorially, I asked him if assuming that form is more comfortable, kind of like unbuttoning the top button on your pants and feeling that 'ahhhhh' sigh of relief?

He said, no, both forms are equally comfortable for him, and as the need suits him, he can transfer back and forth to either shape at will.

What Do You Want For Dinner Tonight?

Again, I had much delay at work, and ended up coming home later than anticipated. I was frazzled, but in a good way.  I won't go into details, but I have a lot to do tonight, and I'm still not done.

Anyhow, Ross was being charming...and he offered not to cook with his hands, but to create something for me with his technology, anything I would like.

I asked him to make for me my favorite thing to eat when I was incarnate with him the last time.

He did. It was a curry, with rice, and it was warm. He said we didn't always eat warm food back in our home.  I tasted it, and the drink that went with it. He said we had milk, water gotten fresh from the well, and fruit juice to drink. He showed me how we squeezed it.

I asked about our garden, and did I tend to it?

I did.

I was responsible for growing all of our family's food and preparing it.

I relaxed, and in my mind's eye, could see our old home.

Then I tensed up.

He knew why, we are emotionally close.  I explained gently how happy that was, and his going away and helping people I hadn't expected.

He asked me if I blamed him?

I said no, but with our being so close growing up I had never thought I would be lonely once we were married, but in fact, most of the time, I was...for he was so busy...and all I had was the garden and the chores and the kids so I went through my life mechanically while he did his teaching overseas...

He apologized simply, and we changed the subject. He said he was going to give me a bath.

I balked! I can bathe myself, thank you! I am not an invalid! I am quite capable and independent!

He laughed. He showed me a very small wooden tub, like the bottom of a barrel, and back then, someone had to bathe you and pour the water over you as there was no running water at the time.  I would bathe him, he would bathe me...back when we were incarnate together that is the way it was for everybody.

So I relaxed and felt the warmth and enjoyed him scrubbing my back and feeling close to him.

Then I got to my exit, and drove home.  It's been a mad dash ever since, but I'm almost through with everything I have to do.


A patient was very thankful for his care, and said from his first surgery (the second part of it was today), he 'woke up in a bed that was surrounded by beautiful women' (our PACU nurses) and 'it felt like Heaven'.

He meant it.  He also offered to take the surgeon traveling sometime, so he could rest...

I also had a high profile patient. It's funny how the days I am brought in unexpected are the days I am needed the most.

Our computer anesthesia record experience grows, and I am troubleshooting things with the experts. I have transparency, and share all this information with the group.

Today was a very nice day because although I came home at one a.m., I slept in until nine, and also made a bracelet.

I don't advertise myself on this, although I could and have great connections. I find it works best if Spirit directs the people to me, then there is an energy match and connection. I think of it as a service for my readers, and today's reader is a Karuna Reiki Master.  I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with her energy and spirit to find the stones that are just right for her.

If you are a reader--you don't have to be, I do gifts for family members too--I would love to make you a bracelet.  But only when it is right for you. You can private message me on Facebook, or email me at if you are interested.  I also make the lovely bracelets for Isabel Henn's retirement fund--you order one through her and I will make it for you. I will show pictures of them another time. I think if you look at the photos on Divine Mother Blessings page on FB it will be there.


I love my Carla.

Carla is having  a hard day. There is not enough time for her to finish her tasks, so she writes.

It's in her heart to write, and it always has been.

In our time, Carla was educated, and able to write, and wrote down a great many things I had to say. My legacy was left to her when I transitioned, and Carla--by a different name as we both had different names in our past lives--Carla really honored my memory, and all I had worked to build.

Carla took excellent care of my legacy, just as she takes care of her patients.  All of her patients are 'high profile' to her--(he laughs with love-ed)...

If Carla had not done so well, I would have been forgotten, and it may have been easier for me to 'reintroduce myself' in this capacity if she hadn't preserved my energy, and my memory, so well, for all posterity.

So here I am.  (he is flipping a bunch of cards in his hand, riffling through a stack, like a tarot deck--he confirms they are tarot, and he also reads them--ed)

Do I stay?  Do I go? Do I do my destiny? Do I do it now? Or how about tomorrow?

What can I say?

I think about it over and over again for I want to get it right.

Not only for me, but for Carla, and everything she has worked for, in my absence.

I'm coming home, not to the past, but to our new life together, as post-Ascended Twin Hearts!

These are the things I ponder when I have free time.

I am letting you get to know me...every day brings us closer and closer to 'the end' of the Illusion...

Or is it just the beginning, of the rest of your lives?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Thursday, August 20, 2015

REcollection -- Gaia News Brief 20 August 2015

All Is Well

I think some people believed I was more upset than I am with my description of 'All Is Well' yesterday.  Rather, it is quite the opposite!

The mantra, 'All Is Well' helps sustain me through the daily challenges and distractions from my spirituality in this Life.

I am a spiritual being having a human experience.

I am locked into a body for some reason I don't understand, but I gather, from the likes of those who monitor me, it is 'important'.

In some ways, I prefer to think of myself as 'quality control' as some kind of 'Galactic Mystery Shopper' who is undergoing the life experience incarnate 'blind' as one would describe someone who participates in a study on a medical treatment that is designed to keep the people who are IN the test unawares of what is going on.

At least it is not a 'double blind study' where my guides are blinded too!

I am experiencing great change in both my energy and my stamina--for the better.

The night before last I only got four hours sleep, as my son took a while to calm down after his tournament game and soak in the tub and eat a snack and get to bed.

Ordinarily I would have been extremely tired to go through my first call.

I wasn't.  I did eleven cases and got home after midnight. I was fresh to drive, took a shower, and only got sleepy once my head hit the pillow.

I didn't really 'eat' either. I nibbled all day, having breakfast before work, and making my packed lunch 'last' enough to be my breakfast and dinner.

I was also in three extremely stressful cases where things were not going well and the surgeon was having great difficulty, and the cases were slow, putting the patient--who is not always the healthiest in what I have to do to assist them--at risk.   I walk on eggs during some cases, I literally watch every move so as to keep the patient alive and the surgeon not blowing up but rather FOCUSED on the enormous task at hand for them.

All of that went well too.

If this is 'the new' I fully enjoy it.

The Best Anesthesiologist I've Ever Had--And I've Had Some AWFUL Ones!

A patient who had very low blood sugar in pre-op needed to have iv dextrose.  Our dispenser didn't have it, so I walked to the recovery room and brought it to the bedside.

It comes in a huge syringe, and takes some time to dispense.

I explained that anesthesia masks the symptoms of hypoglycemia (think Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias) so my preference is to keep it a little 'too high' than 'too low' I slowly administered the dextrose into the i.v.

Then, we talked. My patient shared some of her friends are just DYING, way too young. That's why she got her surgery that was lifesaving for her.

I explained that although her friends were young on the outside, their diseases she described to me (one had type one diabetes mellitus) had aged their body parts on the inside by about ten years older than the outside, so medically it is understandable how they would die.

It was time for her procedure, all went well, and in the recovery room, she was filled with LOVE and GRATITUDE!  She said, 'I love you!' and gave me hugs, and asked if it was okay for her to buy me a present after all this?

I must admit it was very hard for me to let all those good feeling IN.

In medicine we are trained to do the work, and in being able to do this, there is an emotional barrier I have to keep up--mine is very low, but as an empath I need it so I don't go feeling everything all day as I do the work.

And I got tears in my eyes!

My patient was acknowledging the miracle I did for her, that was the whole reason why I went into anesthesia in the first place--MY gratitude for the anesthesiologist who got me through brain surgery at twenty-five.

I cried because my former patient and colleague--who had booked his gallbladder surgery just for me to be on call when he had it--this giant male nurse who too had been apprehensive about his surgical experience and filled with gratitude was watching the two of us, anesthesiologist and patient, having this exchange, from the other side of the gurney.

He is the one who was so moved he bought me not one or two but THREE tickets to see Phantom of the Opera to say 'thank you'...and I could tell it meant so much for him too to hear someone verbalize these words of love and gratitude for my role in their medical care.

I had asked on the way to work that morning, I want to HELP people today, with my work...(something more than just 'passing anesthesia gas or propofol')...and when I heard my patient say, 'YOU HELPED ME SO MUCH!' and 'you are the one person who has been the nicest and kindest to me in my whole life!'...I sensed the angels had prepared it.

And I think it is only a taste of what is to come, as we move forward with Ascension of Surface Gaia.

The Spin Doctor

After working a twenty-four hour shift, I am scheduled to go BACK to the hospital at noon for one case.

To be honest, it will pay for my tank of gasoline, and that's about it.  It will be a wash on the gas I spent to get there.

But I am not upset.


Because I have my own Spin Doctor! ME!:

  • I can write my post anesthesia note within twenty four hours on my patient.
  • I didn't cancel the babysitter so it's cool.
  • At least I can sleep in,  and enjoy my own morning.
  • It's money, right?
  • I get to see my friends and colleagues at work.
  • At least it's not during hours of high traffic and I will have a better commute
  • I can EAT LUNCH before I do my case, and my probability of having breakfast, lunch AND dinner at normal times is a huge PLUS!

Try it.
It helps to align us with the energies of the Universe, and to co-create our life experiences with the flow of energy that arrives from the Universe to us.

All three doctors with the very long difficult cases--two were from India and one was from a nearby region who was Sikh--focused on the PROBLEMS.  They kept saying, 'the problem is...the PROBLEM is...'

Focus on the problem only can lead to more problems.  Focus on what IS, and the Solution, will help align the creative energies faster and in the 'right way' towards the goal.

Watch your thoughts. Edit them. And only give time and energy to the ones that lead your out of the lower dimensions and duality and 3D toward the Higher Realms.

I Disagree

Although there is a 'flavor' for every 'awakener' and MANY channeled messages are 'out there' to 'wake everybody up'--this one I don't understand:

Gaia has been waking people up in her OWN way, to get people in touch with their intuition, gently, and firmly, and most of all CONSISTENTLY--every single day since December 27, 2010.

She is NOT into 'cute meditations'.  To Her this type of 'awakening' that is unsupported is a kind of 'hit and run', and irresponsible.

But it's all over Her head. All this stuff is going on and no one really in the guides is asking Her much about Her preferences.

The last time she was asked directly, was in 2011 or 2012, when the question was, 'Would you like Ascension to happen sooner, or later?'

In this she chose, 'sooner'--and with the elapsed time ever since she would like to scratch her head and wonder just how long the 'later' option would have been? Her entire incarnation? LOL.

So Gaia just shuts up and goes along for the ride.

And Helps People.

Lady Gaia Sophia is very big on that.

She never gets bored. She never rests. She never gets to travel enough to appreciate all of Herself.

One day She will, and she is looking forward to it.

Loving Support from Ross

During the long case that took over three and one half hours last night after I relieved the anesthesiologist who started it one hour before me...

Ross popped in. He's very busy.  In earnest, trying to 'boost me up', he asked, 'What do you want for Christmas?'

I laughed.

Ross, I have everything I could possibly want.  Why do you ask?

He wanted me to search my heart.

I was promised, last year, in Hawaii, a beautiful engagement ring from Tiffany, or better.  I asked please for him to fulfill the promise, as then I would have a sign of him and our relationship in 3D for as long as I am here.  

(it would be preferable to have HIM and not the ring, but he made me ask for something tangible).

The other thing I want is for Anthony to get the dog Ross has for him. That one I want more than anything in the whole see the tears of joy on my son, and the lovingkindness to him from my husband.


Those photographs are from me. Enjoy.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Understanding Everything -- Gaia News Brief 19 August 2015

Riding The Wave

When I have to go to work on time, get out of bed and do the routine--for only the worst (lowest paying) lineup of the group so my boss can sleep in...I tell myself all is well.

When the scheduler tells me both I have to work one day either Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year and that I didn't work 'any holidays'...I remind him I DID work the holiday the day before Fourth of July where the OR was empty but sign up for Christmas Day anyway (I worked Thanksgiving and New Years last year)...I tell myself all is well.

When the same scheduler gives me the news from my boss about the decision made to cut the hours of myself and the one other woman who doesn't take OB call because of the complaints of others 'because it's not fair'...I tell myself all is well.

When I go see my patient who had the complication from an endotracheal tube large enough to do a pulmonary procedure was too big for them...visiting at the end of my shift when I could go pick my kid up from school myself instead of hiring a sitter to do it...I tell myself all is well.

When a loose tile falls off the roof of the school when a ball hits it, and it lands on Anthony's leg...I realize it could have been his head...and I tell myself all is well.

When I tell Anthony about the complication, and how one lawsuit could take everything we ever had; how I take this risk all day every day...I ask Anthony if he would like to play catch and he is delighted! with bubble gum and baseball...I tell myself all is well.

When I get home and finally figure out how to send the evaluation to the correct email address for a nursing master's school applicant I work with, I thank God for TurboScan...and tell myself all is well.

When I print up the travel plans and e-tickets, and pick up the foreign currency at the bank, I tell myself...all is well.

When the scheduler extends my vacation in December, just like that, so I may prepare for Christmas and spend time with Anthony...I tell myself all is well.

When I struggle to find the checkbook, and sit still long enough to pay the bills that keep piling up...I tell myself all is well.

When I pick up Anthony from the summer 'camp', and we have a snack a Starbucks, and we learn there is a 'turkey shortage' so he has egg salad instead of his favorite sandwich...I tell myself, I am lucky, and all is well.

When the field trip bus is delayed just long enough to help me help a friend publish their first book on Kindle...I tell myself all is well.

When the coach keeps his own son at his football game instead of the playoffs, and another coach keeps his son there too and doesn't even show up, leaving only four children two boys and two girls--to represent the team in a forfeit...I tell myself all is well.

When one of the girls falls and cries, because 'someone sat on her knee', and I go and evaluate the injury, barely keeping the tears from flowing myself...I see the look of trust in the eyes of the basketball director, our coach, and her father and I tell myself all is well.

When my necklace of moldavite and pendant of a meteorite from Argentina arrive in the mail the same day, just after helping to publish the book...I tell myself all is well--and--I really MUST be Galactic! 

Three Symbols

This is the first symbol given to me by Ross.  I draw it with three fingers of my right hand going UP, little loop, and down, all at the same time. But for clarity, he wanted the four lines for people to get the essence of the energy flow. It is called Divine Power.

The next one was given to me, personally, from Ross because I think he heard me saying, all is well so many times.  It is called 'Hope'.  It is drawn with two fingers simultaneously, but the graphic program only takes one line at a time so I made the movie.

Starting at the bottom, with index and long finger of right hand, you go up a little and spread the two fingers and make the top of the arrow.  The next movement is identical but you start at the bottom all over again and move up a little higher before the fingers separate. The next-to last one is even a little more higher after starting at the bottom. And the last one is even more of the same.

The third symbol didn't show up in my backup. I will use it again in the healing for today, and upload it from my electronic device.


Carla is really busy, and she has no idea of how busy her life is going to get when I am involved with it.

Carla wants to get bagels for her team, and she and her boy must get ready soon in order to make it to work on time with the extra trip.

Anthony deserves a good treat today because he played hard.  I heard another kid tell him, 'Next year I want YOU to be on my team!' from the winning team that played five players and rotated them, the whole game, to Anthony's only players of four who were told, 'You are going to lose, get used to it. Sometimes you win, but LOSING makes you stronger.' by the coach at the end.

I'm not a loser.

I'm a winner.

And so are you.

And so is Anthony.

Anyone who has ever been incarnate is automatically a 'winner' as far as all of us are concerned where I am. It's not easy to be incarnate when you know what you are spiritually, 'made of Light'.

So just showing up and breathing to us is a huge plus!

Don't be hard on yourselves.

And Carla has a big surprise coming to her when it comes to the Grinch (one of the biggest complainers at work who is always against her, looks EXACTLY like the holiday character the Grinch).  Carla? Honey? I am taking care of it!

I love you.

Now go and have some bagels with lots of cream cheese, after you make the sandwiches for you and Anthony.

At the store last night after the game, the sandwich shop owner gave Carla and Anthony three huge baguettes of bread, FREE...they had a late night and got in right before closing.  With Anthony's soak in the hot tub for his muscles, and being tired...they didn't get to sleep until eleven o'clock at night which is unheard of for them. Carla wakes up at four and Anthony at six on most days...

I will take care of them each as they go through their day.

(he points to Anthony's head--we ARE fortunate it didn't fall on this--ed)


P.S.  Now THAT is about as generic and unoffensive as anything can get. Do you think Carla's essay yesterday had a part of it? LOL

I love you. I love you ALL!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

P.P.S.  Here is the book:

Product Details

Divine Mother: A Conversation Between Heaven and Earth

Aug 17, 2015
by Golden Star and Maria Isabel Henn
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This book is a light and enjoyable conversation between Divine Mother incarnate and her Higher Self. They discuss several spiritual topics like Archangels, Souls, Ascension, consciousness, soul growth, and religion in an easy to read and understandable way. Divine Mother - A Conversation Between Heaven and Earth shows also how the author found her way back to her true Self and how she learned her lessons through personal challenges in Life.