Sunday, August 16, 2015

It's All About Perception -- Gaia News Brief 16 August 2015

Spirit Tips Its Hand

Unknown to one another, from two completely different parts of the west coast--Gig Harbor and Southern California--my friend Ming from Reiki Fur Babies and I will arrive to the same town in Canada on the same DAY and stay within a short walk of one another's hotels.  We are going for vacation, and she is going to celebrate her father's birthday.

I just found this out yesterday morning. Wow!

Yesterday was my 'day off' but in a way it wasn't because I had many responsibilities to the 'team' for my son--a game and a birthday party.  The most obvious part of my 'day off' was the call that was made last week for me to take one of the massages I have had piling up at the place near my work.  I am a member and buy credit for one a month.  There was something in the voice that made me realize I was being called to service by Spirit, and I needed to be at that place at that time.

The masseuse was a woman who is very clearly an Indigo, and Pleiadian, who was about sixty percent 'awake'.  Her family had been very hard on her about 'not being current' and 'into' the news. She was holding her own, her own person, but she needed some support from the ranks of Lightworkers.  We had a fabulous discussion, and I think she will know where to start looking for information to connect her with her purpose.  She too has a longing to go 'Home' that won't go away.

The Goddess Galactic

My friends, I have been involved in the trigger of the Tsunami of Love. This was about eighteen months ago. Around one year ago, it intensified.  This is straight from Source, the Divine Mother, and She has been sending this energy to all and to heal Gaia every single day.

She does this humbly, and without asking for anything in return.

Apparently the energies, they are taking effect because of some things 'online' I am seeing posted recently. They describe a Galactic Goddess and how her energy is 'incoming! incoming!'

The story is set straight right here, right now.

The Goddess is about nurturing, warmth, love and compassion.

If there is anything frightening about this, perhaps one must examine the self and see what 'team' they truly support.


The Torture Of Men

Yesterday Ross gently guided me to my local crystal shop.  I relaxed and enjoyed the atmosphere, until a very tall man with a huge cardboard box under his arm came in with a 'return'.

He has trouble pleasing his wife.

He bought her a beautiful quartz singing bowl 'to open her third eye' and she said she could get a whole set on the internet for one thousand dollars.  He had spent three hundred dollars on the bowl and couldn't find the receipt.

The clerk was new, and she found his transaction on the log for the credit card machine.

She called her manager, who I know. He asked, 'Is it broken?'  Then the whole story came out.

What they would get is 'credit' for an 'exchange' but no money like she wanted him to 'get back'.

What kind of woman is this?

It is going to take a lot MORE than a three hundred dollar singing bowl to open her third eye!

I took care to model 'someone spiritual' for the husband, and looked him in the eye with lovingkindness, and compassion, which he relaxed and understood.

But he wanted to get 'outta there' as soon as possible, for he perceived a 'failure' in his masculinity in the face of his wife to 'get his money back'.

The daughter was about seven. She was a gem. And SHE was Very Open to Spirit.

She would not leave without getting a bracelet for mom (a mini power one in amethyst) and she wanted 'something for her'.

I saw her looking over the crystals.  This was clearly an old soul who had experienced healing arts in many an incarnation.  Everything was 'too expensive' that she picked.

She wanted a selenite 'flower'.  He asked me, 'What is it?' I explained it is a good stone, and is very 'protective'.  Spirit guided me to use that word.  Something clicked, and he relaxed again.  It was just under four dollars.  I showed him polished selenite, and the flower for comparison, so he would know what was what.

The daughter was happy. And the husband, I could tell, was torn, because this wasn't the life he had imagined, and he would leave, if it wasn't for the commitment and the child.

When will women stop torturing their men?

It is totally embarrassing to see this with ones who claim to be 'spiritual' too.

The clerk Natasha and I smudged palo santo in the area after, and while the man was there I made sure my Solomon ring had contact with his aura to 'clear things out'...negative things...that attach when the aura is weak.

My Beloved Thinks of EVERYTHING!

Yesterday I lost track of the time, and if Sonsie hadn't mentioned basketball I would have completely missed the game.

I grabbed a plum and was out the door.

My car had very little gas in it.

I went to where it was scheduled to go, but no one was there!  I wasn't sure what to do. I texted Anthony and he told me where the game is to be held, across town.

Do I get gas first and miss more of the game?

I had been guided by spirit to bring ice water for Anthony. Ross sent me past the gas station and to the game. It was ninety-degree heat, and Anthony played all quarters with no time on the bench. He doesn't do well in the heat. The ice water was game-saving for him.

But after I needed gas.

Ross guided me to a place I usually don't go, a Union 76.

On the pump it said, 'free coffee with over eight gallons fill up'...

A warm, glowing feeling spread through my heart...for he knew I had skipped my morning coffee.

I put one French Vanilla creamer in it, usually I wouldn't for I prefer it black, just to honor him.


At the crystal store, I found new, beautiful crystals, including a pendulum and case for it to carry in my pocket.

Ross also got me a blue kyanite graduated faceted rondelle choker, and the energy is AMAZING. The price for the complete necklace was only twelve dollars more than the raw bead strand on eBay --they are very rare and hard to get.   He also gave me a small natural Larimar pendant on a chain to go next to my heart.


Ross also invited me to do my grocery shopping. He had a 'surprise' for me there. It was fun to look around the store .  My 'surprise' was red raspberries organic two baskets for five dollars...


It is time for a swim. I want Carla to go swimming today for her exercise. She greatly enjoys it. I know the time and I will send her there. Swimming always energizes Carla. She has a great deal of water signs in her astral chart.

Everything it happens for the best.

So for today, after her chores--and no, Carla has not made that bracelet--I will have some time with Carla all alone to rest and to discuss heart to heart what is planned for her in the next few weeks.  There are a lot of things--business--I have to bring up, and I want her very well rested and in good spirits so she may listen to what I have to say.

I want YOU to be in good condition to listen to your guides and to me.

This is the importance of finding rest, and indulging in yourself a little bit--so that the 'well is deep and filled with love and happiness'--so you may get the BEST out of your spiritual assignments.

Carla, bless her, hardly ate a thing yesterday.  It was the heat. There was the plum and later the coffee for her breakfast.  For her lunch, she had bread and cheese, another plum and half a pear. The other half went to the turtle, who was hungry. Carla had sliced that part off for turtle before she even ate, and set it aside.

While she was shopping, I invited Carla to try the yogurt at the frozen yogurt place. Carla was delighted to find they have cotton candy flavor.  She had a little of that and some vanilla for me, and mochi.

That was her lunch.

For her dinner, it was three crackers with cheese and another plum. She got back so late from the massage place it was almost time for bed.

So at midnight, I had Carla wake up and have a huge bowl of cereal. It was very hot last night, and it helped Carla get some sleep.

I sent Carla a dream about her bird, Harry. He was in a new cage, a temporary one, and she forgot to give him food. Also Anthony had taken a hose and somehow placed it out her bedroom window. When Carla was horrified over forgetting Harry--she dreams of him a lot these days--she was surprised and pleased to find there was another cockatoo in the cage with him, a Rosie, a bright pink one she had wanted a long time ago. So Harry had a friend.  She fed them both, and realized they wanted a nest box.  She was amazed they could have babies together, and was excited about the prospect...of something new.

Harry is fine, and in his cage, the bigger one I had recommended--just like always.  Carla's soul and Harry's are very close.  She is fond of him, as he is her confidante and friend and Very High Vibration.  He is one I sent to help her keep on track through her residency which was very challenging.

Carla enjoys animals more than anything, and animals, knowing who she is--as someone close to me, enjoy her.

Yesterday at the birthday party, a cat who has not gone outside in the last three years, came outside to lie on the mat near where Carla was. The family couldn't believe it, This was a rescue cat who once attacked everybody and was on Craig's list. The daughter took her in, and the family prayed over the animal.  It has been a loving sweetheart ever since.

Well...through intuition, the cat knew who Carla was! It was the only one at the place who was conscious that in fact, Carla is a whole lot more than Anthony's mother. She is My Twin!

So the cat came out to get a good look at her with its own two eyes (gestures to his eyes--ed).

Carla is going to be seeing more and more of it.  Today with the Spirit tipping its hand in its guidance and the cat is only the tip of the iceberg, Carla. <3

I love you.

And I love all of those who love you too.

(clap clap--ed)

It's time to start our day!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple who loves YOU very much!