Monday, August 3, 2015

Gaia News Brief 3 August 2015


Yesterday I brought up a difficult subject--the effect morbid obesity has on straining the resources of the ability of medical teams to care for these patients.

Morbid obesity isn't anyone's fault.

It is a fact and even Disneyland has changed the rides to accommodate the change in people's girth.

There are outside factors at stake--possibly our food supply, possibly that kids can't just stay out unsupervised and play, possibly some advanced technology that is directed at us by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart...

The point of the matter is that to be turned into 'easy to manage' and 'subservient consumers' there has been a global assault on the integrity of the third chakra--the yellow one--by the solar plexus.

This is why obesity, diabetes, and digestive problems are so prevalent in modern times.

I want you to know I am obese myself--a good forty pounds over my ideal weight--and I am struggling with this issue along with you; anesthesia requires long hours motionless at the 'helm', compounded by no time to eat. When food is available, I 'tank up' because I have no idea when I will be allowed to eat.  I don't go to the gym on a regular basis. I don't get fresh air and sunshine too, except a few times a my garden.


Healthcare changes are having a local competitor hospital 'change' it's way of doing business:  the OR is packed to the limit.

Due to a new exclusive contract with an HMO, only the one facility is permitted for surgery, due to a 'given rate' of cost.

The anesthesiologists are now working routinely until eleven p.m. every night in their rooms; the nurses and technologists too.

It's like taking call every night--and people are burning out.

This is a 'for profit' hospital. All of the equipment is old, in poor condition, and it is to their advantage to delay surgery...until the main lineup is through.

Consequently, the surgeons, who have insurance contracts with the HMO's to get their patients--are on the hook to get the procedures done 'in a timely manner'.  The insurance companies send nasty letters if there is a twelve hour delay in care that creates a need for an overnight stay in the hospital...and they let the surgeon know they are at risk of losing their contract with the organization.

Most acute care general surgeons are zombie-like due to chronic lack of sleep.

They are having to work through the wee hours of the night to accommodate their sick patients into the busy OR schedules.

It is like being in a natural disaster, or war conditions--the amount of work that is expected from these surgeons who do emergency appendectomies,, gallbladder surgery, and opening up obstructed bowel.

Their skills are magnificent--I've never worried about a patient even under these conditions.

What I do worry about is that a surgeon is going to drop from exhaustion and overwork during a case or at the wheel of their car.

Many have fallen asleep at the wheel and had accidents.

I think you should know that the 'money game' has gotten to the point where we need an intervention.

I ask you to add this to your list of intentions for Spirit to help.

Perhaps we need to get proactive about this too.

How Many Hits

Ever read the book 'House of God'?

It is a chilling reading that is read by all medical students early in their training to give them a 'feel' for hospital life.

A teacher I had who trained at Mass General said while she was talking with her patients at that hospital, RATS would be climbing up and down the curtains that gave a little privacy to the bay in the  hospital ward.

RATS.  In the 1980's.   RATS!

Anyhow, people in training, when they get a new admission (patient) would call them 'a hit'...

It feels like that.

When I get a new case, or in the past, a new patient to take care of on my service--it's a 'hit' to your energy system.  You don't know what type of complexity and urgency this patient's disease is going to take, and how much their energy is going to interact with yours (bedside manner is somewhat affected by the personality of the patient--a mellow patient takes much less energy to help than a distraught, anxious one.)..

Over the years, I have grown robust in my ability to care for anyone who walks in the door.  I have a career of experience, and it helps to have seen so much.

I alos have established a way of working with people (my bedside manner) that is effective and streamlined, just enough to be professional, friendly, and establish trust in the doctor-patient relationship, while being distant enough not to get sucked into the drama if there is some present.

Our Healers in conventional medicine are literally 'at the front lines'...being mandated by regulations (our paperwork has tripled in the last month due to inspections at our OR--both for anesthesia and for nursing.)...In a short case the length of paperwork (documentation on the computer) really slows down the flow of cases through the day.

Medicine is not well--it is not really healthy--it is just as bad for the soul of everyone involved as Big Agra is for our farm animals and farm workers who are exposed to pesticides as a matter of course.

The Healing Environment is toxic to those who work in it.

This needs to change in order for healing of the yellow chakra--globally--to begin.

Not On My Shift

As managed care takes over, we must be wary for the Big Box Hospital approach to having physician employees work traditional shifts.

The doctor-patient relationship is affected because at the end of the shift, the doctor wants to go home.

The care is transferred to another--for example, when I was the nocturnist in ICU, I would watch over all of the surgery patients.

No one would sign out to me.  It was a terse, brief, targeted sign out with the focus on getting out of the hospital, not on what was really happening with the patient.  Sure--this lab test or this transfusion or that wean from the ventilator...but not the heart.

There was no connection and no knowledge of the nuances of the daily care for these patients in the 'handoff' to me.

So fortunately, when I had time, I would read the charts on my handful of patients.

Then they wanted to have cost savings. They wanted the nocturnist to care for cardiac ICU and medical ICU patients too, tripling the work and making it outside of my training, which is surgery, ALL FOR THE SAME PAY!

I quit.

Our Sneaky Cafeteria

The french fry machine 'broke'.  The ice cream freezer 'is broken'.  The selection of potato chips is really 'healthy'...

The portion sizes of desserts is shrinking.

Yet the soda stays. So much soda pop is sold at the fountain and in bottles!

We physicians have asked for healthful, organic, fresh options...because there is concern about the low fiber, high calorie, sodium laden food served by the hospital to us all.

To no avail.

My plea to the chef resulted--with the discovery of a cost savings to the hospital--the introduction of vegetarian meal options in the Doctor's Dining Room.

Now instead of two meats there are often one meat and one meatless entree available in the steam trays.  There are also more protein sources included with the salad bar too.

I won't eat the whole pieces of fruit they serve because they are conventionally grown, and taste terrible.

When are they going to figure it out.

Even the water we drink is some Frankenstein horrible tasting 'treatment' by a 'cooler' that is fed from the pipes and filtered that is made by Nestle.  It tastes like a dirty paper cup. We used to have bottled water in the coolers--but for cost savings--they switched to this for the employees.

The water for the patients actually tastes better. I go to the nurse's water and ice machines when possible for myself instead.

When I'm on call I bring in my water from home.

Why You Are Planted

Take a look around where you are.  A big part of being a healer is being able to critically assess what is going on in your part of the world.

This is why you are 'sent' to live in this particular location.

You are 'sent' to raise the vibration.

Sometimes this is in the lowest vibration part of the world of all.

To shine 'light' into the darkness.

It isn't easy to do this. As we are sensitive to energy, and we FEEL the 'hits' on our energy core, the drain from being in this environment.

When you are encountering resistance and energy drain, this is where meditation and personal healing comes FIRST.

It is like brushing your teeth.

It must be done daily to help support you in a difficult, challenging environment and set of life circumstances.

Only this will help empower the 'hemorrhaging' yellow chakra in a way that is ego-free, and pure Light.

After the self-empowerment, in the day, this enables us to carry on, and go out into the world, and help others.  This might not be as 'traditional caregiving' but perhaps, the courage to be the one person who doesn't gossip in the group, or the one to help the unwanted animal who needs a rescue...does this make sense?


Medicine is a mockery of what it is truly capable of becoming.

Carla is going to usher in the New Era of healing--more by her contact energy and presence--than her classes or words that she writes.

Carla endures.

The other day people in the break room were talking about a couple's 'alternative medicine' (it sounded like a homeopath).  A worker's mom had been sick for three years, doctors could do nothing for her. Then this 'healer' with the 'stuff you drink' got her back to normal in two weeks!

Carla didn't say a word.

Because as people awaken, they want the joy of 'discovery' all to themselves.

Carla is an internationally known healer who is respected for her healing work.

A prophet isn't respected or recognized in their home town.

Neither are you.

It's the sign of a good job when people 'rediscover holistic everything' in your presence.

They couldn't have done it without you laying the groundwork there for them.

It's impossible.

So...I'll pat you on the back (and Carla too!)...and thank you for your service for our cause to liberate medicine and all the people and all the animals on Gaia from the clutches of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart...

For true Freedom and Consciousness to bloom in the souls of all creatures on surface Gaia...

(he snaps his fingers--ed)

Now Carla must go get ready for her day at work.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins