Friday, August 14, 2015

My Certificate -- 14 August 2105

A Certified Healer

Last night I earned my official certificate as a Healer.

I had signed up for it in 2010, but lapsed in taking classes because Spirit made it darn near impossible with the scheduling for me to go. Plus Anthony wanted his 'mommy home at night'.

If Anne hadn't placed a two year from now deadline for completion for all of her students, I wouldn't have finished at all.

As it is, I have two more sessions as a reader to do at her 'sampling' events, to get my psychic certificate, and then two more to get my mediumship certificate.

I remember a time when being with IMPART (her organization) was the be-all, end-all for my spiritual experiences.  I enjoyed taking classes and being part of the community. I went there 'green'--being a life-long psychic with no explanation or understanding of why I was the way I am.

At the time I signed up with Anne I had been getting visits from my deceased patients and helping 'stuck souls' cross to the Light on my own for fifteen years.  Except for a friend in San Diego who did the soul crossings as part of the group, I could never talk to anyone about any of my experiences, with the exception of my mother.

With my mother, if I saw her deceased father it was okay to talk about it, and she shared with me when she saw him too. (all three of us are psychic, and Anthony is him reincarnated...that was obvious to us both.)

Spirit basically PUSHED me out of the nest.

And made me spread my wings and learn to hold my own as a Healer and Psychic.

Last night, my Consciousness was much higher than it ever would have been had I stayed under Anne's auspices...I also would have spent a lot of money...participating in her activities.

I know, it's her way to support herself. I don't complain.

It felt wonderful to introduce the Divine Healing Codes to the six people I gave healings to.

They understood the gift.

Although I had mentioned them during my introduction, only two people asked me for a flyer besides those who came to me.

One day they will understand them...all the rest...everyone will.

How Do You Do It?

A beautiful Counselor who signed up to me for Healings asked me this.

How do you combine conventional and energy medicine in your work?

I laughed.

I said, 'I just don't talk about it! But I give energy healing every chance I get.'

It was a good question.

Gradually, I HAVE learned to 'talk about it'.

And even more, after having 'Talked About It' enough, I only speak up when it's a ripe opportunity.

Everyone knows I 'see dead people' and 'work with energy'...but what I see now is not only do they want 'proof' with my behavior in the OR, that I am 'normal'--they are exited to be 'discovering it' on their own.

People talk about their naturopaths, about their acupuncture and oriental medicine, people talk about their 'seeing ghosts'...and they don't WANT my opinion.

They want to enjoy the new, all on their own, and are excited about it.

The nurses, and technologists, and physicians all live in their own world between their two ears!

They don't NEED an 'expert'.

And this is good.

I have been giving Reiki and Divine Peace Healing to my workplace for six years now. Every single day.

Now my 'garden' is starting to bloom.  My 'spiritual garden' where I have been tending the energy with love, so the 'soil' will have the right conditions for the 'seeds' to 'sprout'.

The only difference, I see, is that as the vibrations of the workplace get 'higher', more people 'leave' because their energy signature is incompatible with the milieu of energy in the OR.

The first ones were managers who were alcoholics, then the complainers bailed out--the ones who sought more money elsewhere...but another who left came back...her Vibration is higher than ever now--she just needed to 'make sure' she was at the 'right place for her'.

All of this is done without talking about it.

Change brings results. Things happen in the energy first, and then later, in 3D.  There is a lag time that is shortening.

Good Night Wish

Anthony and I are now practicing manifestation without talking about it with those terms.

At night we ask out loud 'what we want for the next day'.

It's chilling, to listen to him. He wants a friend, someone to talk to, at school, and a Good Day where nobody yells at him.  (he is at a very exclusive and expensive day care, mind you.)

I hope with time, that he will be able to manifest the things with ease, to attract the circumstances he wants.

For me, it's chilling too. I want to have time to eat, and time to sleep, as well as good cases and good patients, because I am on backup call.

And guess what?

My first case, at seven thirty--it cancelled! So I have time now to write to you.  The next one starts at nine, but I must be there by eight.

I will go make a breakfast for us now.


I am proud of Carla for her accomplishment. Many people would have given up, in her situation.

The ego would have said, loud and clear, 'I don't need to humiliate myself by going back' and just move on.

There is nothing wrong with that, as it is correct in the energies.

Carla gave HOPE to a crowd full of people. I was behind her as she was introduced.

Her teacher, beloved Anne, who was specially chosen for this role in waking Carla--for she is excellent with beginners--first read aloud a disclaimer that all participants had to sign, which said, 'We are not physicians, we do not diagnose and treat, this is for relaxation only'...

Well, when Carla said hello to the group, she burst out with, 'Well, I AM a licensed physician! But tonight I am not going to diagnose and treat...''

And everyone cracked up.

Everyone cracked up at the thought of a lone 'doctor' taking all the classes, and they shared in Carla's joy as she announced 'I am getting my certificate today--it's a happy day!' and her teacher Anne gave her the certificate and a hug.

Some of Anne's old students who 'stick around' and rent space at her facility, introduced themselves as 'A Triple Threat'--psychic, medium, healer.

CARLA, on the other hand, who does all three, introduced herself as 'someone thankful to get the Healer Certificate'.

This endears one to the group.

Always underplay your psychic gifts--in talking about it--and let those you meet have the pleasure of DISCOVERING your talent as they interact with you.

It is highly effective.

One woman had very unbalanced energy as Carla worked on her. She 'picked up' her client had a rough life, and had seen a lot, and was a beautiful smile to hide the tears.

Archangel Michael came through, and promised 'He would be her Protector'.

He actually had Carla go to the other arm, to trace His Divine Healing Code (the aura sealing for protection one)--and Carla saw a bruise on that arm.

When Carla mentioned Michael to the client at the end, the woman was delighted! She had been trying to contact Michael, for some time now, and was thrilled He had listened and furthermore is going to work with her on her spiritual journey!

This is the kind of 'discovery' I am talking about!

Allow spirit, and your gifts, to do what they were made to do. You need not announce them. Soon, everyone will discover 'a thing or two' about you, as Lightworkers, our beloved, beloved Ground Crew who is working fantastically in your assigned 'roles' in the 'waking everyone up'.

Give it time...

Be patient...

But know I can see the whole thing and I give you a big two thumbs up!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins