Tuesday, August 11, 2015

3D Reality -- Gaia News Brief 11 August 2015

A Look With New Eyes That See  (at the County Fair)


This time, a few days ago when I went, I loved all of the people, from vendors to guests--for I saw them for who they are...different shapes and colors, all encasing the SAME spark of God energy in their soul, the SAME spark that is inside you and me.

With this attitude, people seemed 'nicer'--and although my giant stuffed unicorn I was holding bumped into a LOT of people, they were very nice about that 'startle' from me too.

I saw the 'attraction' was 3D 'to the Extreme'--which people were drawn to experience.   The adventurers who have come to Gaia have sought out even more adventure! I told myself.

And it's true.

In Gaia, surface Gaia, with the Veil, and with 'linear time'--you can play games of chance!  You don't know if you are going to win or not!

People can make it hard to win, almost impossible, and you won't know it's a dirty trick either.

Unfortunately all of it is fueled by your hard-earned money...but that's not the focus of today.

At the fair, just like outside it because of duality, you can 'set your eye on the prize and try to 'win'.

You can make memories with your loved ones, the people you enjoy, and enjoy a day without work.

You don't have to SEE the 'dirty side' of things, like this 'junk closet' between the rides. You can, just for a day, look for the color, the lights, and enjoy the sounds and flavors of the event.

Even the movement of the rides takes the 3D experience to the limit--with drops and spins to thrill you--pushing the physics of gravity and potential energy and rotation to their limit.

The Fair wasn't 'bad'.  I was taught, 'the Fair is bad and is run by a bunch of crooks who want to take your money'.

The Fair is the Fair.

It is what it is.

It was my parent's 3D eyes that 'taught me'.

With my 5D eyes, I see so much more...

The Gifts

Another sign that 5D is here for  me--and it might not be apparent yet to you--are the gifts.

Yesterday I went to the PO Box, and inside were loving gifts made for me, to help me through my struggles, by people I have made many a bracelet for in the past.

These people are my family.  From before I was born. We are not related genetically--in 3D.

But in the Higher Dimensions we have known and loved each other, and reincarnated together, for a very long time.

I also was thrilled, as a teacher, to see that my 'students' so to speak, have learned and listened and themselves woken up.  The bracelets I was given have an energy to them, a healing energy all of their own, and yet the same  as mine to them or them to me--an embodiment of love, made by the hands and the hearts.

Thank you.

We are talking incarnate archangels here.

More will be explained on this at another time.

Except perhaps this:  when I went on a walk at the hospital between cases, my 'searching for networks' turned up this:


A Jubilee

Someone I know, whose Life Contract quite obviously focused on 'abundance'--experienced extreme LACK during all of our friendship together as Light Workers.

This person, has a Twin 'out there' like me.

This person, unlike me, let her Twin know what she wanted--without hesitation or hints--she wanted financial security.

Her Twin 'went away' for a while, and was 'busy working'.

A relocation was involved.

And now, there is more abundance then I can possibly imagine, and she never needs to work again.

The FIRST Jubilee has begun...more to follow...I am sure...as the Galactics intervene.

I am thrilled for her!

(it was a trust with her letting him guide her to a better situation, not anything like some channels predict, or a big check from nowhere. It was 'within' the context of her Life.)

When you find out good fortune has happened to another, be GLAD for them!

Yours is only 'around the corner'...and your turn will arrive too.


We get reposted in many Twitter newspapers. I never really mention it. Sometimes it's something I wrote, sometimes it's an article I posted up from someone else.

I always am very happy when this happens, and I thank the person who included it in their article.

We have been in about five different publications, off and on.

And one of them, I know, is following me on FB--our page actually, I must give credit to  Ross too.

Here is an example:

Now Ross wants to write...


Carla posted this up, in remembrance of those who have passed.  Many of you posted names of dear Ones, both animal and human, to receive our blessing, the special one we promised.

This I have delivered.

I have all of them here with me.

(I see a HUGE crowd around him about five steps behind, and it stretches out for miles and miles to my mind's eye--ed)

Now let them bless you.

Allow it.

Permit yourself to feel the LOVE from everyone 'across the Veil', and imagine their open arms as waiting for you.

All will seem just as in Life as you saw them, when you feel their embrace to you in this blessing.

Some will lick, some will wag, some will purr, and others will speak to you as gently and as lovingly as they can...

Can you feel it?

Can you sense the JOY of being reunited again?

Can you feel it in your souls, this very LOVE of which I bring forth, I bring back to you?

It is stronger than it ever was when they were incarnate.  This is because they have completed their journeys, and they understand you.

They understand everything.

Your hopes, your dreams, your failures, your accomplishments, your struggle against all odds to make it back Home to where they lovingly wait for you.

They want you to know just how much you mean to them.

They are not asleep.


I know you!

They know you!

And our Love is Immeasurable.  It is without limit.

It is Home.

Will you let the energy of our Blessing, our 'care package of Loving Intent' if you will, into your hearts?

Will you accept this gift from me and from the many many many who both felt and appreciated the blessing you arranged for them, with this photograph that was posted on Doctors With Reiki on Facebook a few days ago?

They want you to enjoy it.

With all the love that they can muster--tails wagging, happy barking of recognition, cats purring and stroking your legs like they want to eat, and tears of joy and smiles from everyone who ever knew you while they were incarnate, saying things like 'we are so very proud of you' and 'thank you for remembering me in your heart'.


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family