Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Giving Back -- Gaia News Brief 12 August 2015

Growing Up

I was the oldest of two sisters.  We grew up in North Long Beach, California, in a very blue collar part of town.

Yesterday, I made sure to spend time with my family, on my day off.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to see the movie, Vacation, but my nephew wanted to see it, and the whole day began because he missed my son and wanted to spend time with us.

Add my sister, my niece and my mom, and it was an 'outing'...

My weight hit one hundred seventy five pounds last week. It's back to the one hundred seventy range where it has been ever since I had something inside me 'clicked':  I am making healthier choices for me, as a necessity.

Yesterday with three restaurant meals I was able to pull this off...I will increase my exercise too.

It's time.

I had changed my ways to accommodate my boy's emotional health. Now I am easing back again, gently and slowly, without saying a word, to what is right for me.

Mom was so very delighted to be out with her family.  She bought lunch for us all. We went to the California Pizza Kitchen and she told us the story of how it began, how everyone told the two teachers who borrowed one thousand dollars to start the business that it would fail...and see?

Later she bought gelato for us at the movie theater. Yes, they have gelato, I'm not sure why, but they do.  I said yes because mom--how often can I have her buy us ice cream?--it gave her so much joy.

When Anthony didn't like his any more, after about four bites, he gave it to me.

But on second thought, I didn't eat it. It was the tiniest cup, and I only ate mine.

As the movie started, I sat next to my sister, and asked, 'Didn't I sit next to you for the first Vacation movie?'--that was a very warm moment indeed.

We remembered Dad had eaten all the tub of popcorn before that movie started too, as he did for all of the family movies...good thing they have refills!

Mom broke into tears when she saw Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo.  She said, 'They are my age and look at them! I want to LIVE!'  They were happy tears, but it was poignant for her, to see the effects of time on actors who are in the same generation as her...

Intuition, Part A

My niece had a confession at the lunch table--she had finals during the same week she was supposed to come with us on a trip in December and 'nanny' Anthony.

I had known it before she even offered to come, and had asked, 'Are you sure you don't have finals then?'

I find it INCREASINGLY difficult to show emotions for things I already knew--by intuition.  

It's so obvious to me, and even though it's a big deal for the person who it ISN'T obvious, I just can't get all 'worked up' over things like I did when I didn't have the intuition.

I just don't have the emotional energy to go through all that any more.

Intuition, Part B

For some reason, Spirit wanted me to 'pull out the stops' for my youngest --another--sister's birthday. So after the movie, we went from one mall to another, and met up with her and her boyfriend to celebrate at a trendy Mexican place for people who like to drink.

I was prepared to pay a fortune for this meal.

I had a gift card for Sephora, one for Chipotle, and a Merlin bracelet in my purse along with a card.

For some reason, they said, she needed this NOW.

I trust.

And they didn't drink, I was very happy about that.  Her boyfriend is a very nice man, and I think the best match for her out of anyone she has ever dated.

A funny thing happened.

He is half-Cuban.

He started sharing at the end of the meal how his mother remembers how 'they' (the government) came and took an inventory of all of the items in their house when Castro took over.

Her father (his grandfather) was very high up in the Coca Cola organization. So they were able to escape by a job offer to Venezuela...and had to leave everything behind.

Spirit told me to send healing to all of his timelines to get back to those times, as well as for every person present in the crowded restaurant and bar, and the restaurant itself.

It was a little difficult to do and follow the story.

I initiated the healing, and asked Ross and his teams to do the rest. 

You would not BELIEVE the amount of energy which flowed through me at that time. Again, this one took about five minutes, like at the Fair.

My sister had a wonderful time. Fortunately for me, they did not drink. At a place where the guacamole costs ten dollars, you have to be careful, and everybody drinking water only really helped.


I had a spicy cabbage salad with shrimp. But my boy had two chiles on his plate. One was dried--I ate it. And another was green and roasted, but thinner than a jalapeño. It wasn't a serrano. I don't know what it was.

I ate it, and afterwards the burn was very long and strong. I had to suck ice, and I tolerate spicy foods well.

It was just at the edge of pleasure, almost pain.

But after it subsided, my whole body felt really good for having 'gone through it''s hard to explain.

Her boyfriend was eating habanero chile sauce on his taco. Anthony dared him to eat a spoon.

He did.

His father taught him if you eat something hot, don't let it touch your lips. Most of the time you can handle the heat, but not on the lips.

Mine had been on fire for about thirty minutes.

I guess there is always room to learn. <3


My wife and my lady has a big day ahead of her today.

I will go.

See you tonight....when I will help her blog for the next day.

Thank you for the warm feedback on my last two blog posts.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla