Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ross' Gift -- Gaia News Brief 31 July 2015

Ross and Me

Yesterday was another long day at work. A 'quick case' turned into a very long complex one mid afternoon.

I am under a lot of scrutiny--my whole department is--so I read the Pistis Sophia over and over more, and use my personal electronic devices less--because of this during the long, stable, under-stimulating maintenance portions of the case to keep my alertness UP.

Ross, is always watching me, with his advanced technology.

He's like the cameraman up in the Goodyear Blimp and I'm on the fifty yard line, if you know what I mean...

So Ross says, 'Stop reading the book! Put it away!' and shortly after, 'Go to the bathroom! NOW!'

I hold it forever, and was thinking to go (he knows that too, he monitors everything)--so I did, and asked the nurse to cover for me while I 'just ran' across the hall to the break room.

As I went to walk into the bathroom, I was astonished to see a huge soda in a hand being put in front of my face, and someone asking me, 'Do you want this?' and 'I think it's ice tea'.

I said, 'Sure!' for I was dehydrated. I had soup at lunch, and only eight ounces of water an hour after that.  Except for my coffee that had been 'it' for all day.

It was Diet Coke with melted ice, and I drank it all at once.

Thank you Ross for arranging for it. This was at five p.m.

The case went on two more hours.

Harry and Me

Harry is my cockatoo. I've had him since 1997 when he was eight. In October (if I do the math right) he will be twenty-six.

I noticed a change in him about one week ago.  He doesn't jump around the cage like he used to. He thinks about it.

This is a bird that used to do laps inside the cage, wall, floor, wall, ceiling, like it was nothing.

Yesterday was the first time in ages I invited him to come out of the cage.

He used to make a point to climb up and run and decide whether or not he wanted my arm--and I would have to act like I was walking away for him to decide to climb on my hand.

Last night he stepped up the way I always hoped he would do.

I held him on my lap, and we watched baseball. It's been very difficult for our relationship since Anthony came into the picture.  Harry LOVES Anthony, and Anthony is afraid of the beak, although he loves Harry very much.

If all three of us were together, Harry would try to sneak over to Anthony.

Harry is a floor bird and is very good on his feet. He likes to hop down off the perch we keep out for him.

Last night was wonderful.

I got to scratch Harry and he relaxed and so did I. In many ways he is like a dog, except with feathers, he is so affectionate.

We just sat and enjoyed each other for forty-five minutes.

I realized this morning that we are growing old together, both of us.

I'm not the same person I was eighteen years ago too. I notice the stairs when I climb them, especially climbing down. I hold the rail now. I used to fly both up and down the stairs of my home.

I want to hold Harry more in the time we have left.  It's good for both of us.

My Bellwether

My right big toe has arthritis. The joint movement is limited. It's from dancing on pointe in ballet, and it's catching up with me.

In 5D we have perfect health with no pain and no glasses and no aging or dying as we know it.

So as I Ascend, that toe is an indicator of what dimension I am in, just like the little red thermometer on the Butterball brand turkey that says when it is cooked all the way, and pops out.

Last night I noticed for the first time, I had no pain.

My range of motion wasn't all the way back, but it was moving in the right direction where it hadn't for a long time.

And I could do a ballet jump, too. You need your toes to push off for jumps.

It felt a little discomfort for the jump, but no pain like before--I would never have attempted a jump on it in the last six months, when it was it's worst.

I think it's a good sign.


Carla is wary.

I was extra nice to her last night. I encouraged her to relax, and to pamper herself when she got home after a long day at work.

Carla knows I can see the future as well as both the past and the present, from where I am 'in my blimp'.

Come to think of it, that is a very good analogy, Carla. I very much like it.

Anyway, Carla thought, 'I wonder is he is getting me to relax because he knows about my day at work tomorrow?'

And I didn't say a thing!

(taps his head near the temple twice with his index finger--ed) Carla is getting smart.  She is seeing a pattern where I boost her up before she is going to be 'spent' on some task or some project or some lesson--all of which are not welcome by her at this time.

Carla would like a rest!  And Carla has the sagacity and wherewithal to suspect it before taking her next step.

I like seeing Carla with Harry.  It has been a good match for both of them, for many years.  Harry is very high vibration, and it is like a magnet, a lifeline if you will, I sent to Carla in her second year of residency, right before things got 'a whole lot worse'.

Have you ever had a lifeline that was thrown out to you in your life? A special pet, like Carla?  A sudden windfall?  An amazing vacation that helped you turn everything around and help you come back with a whole new mind set?

This is like the coke I sent to Carla (Mean Joe Green! --lol--he makes a joke about the commercial--ed)

All of us up here can 'modify' the life experience somewhat within the context of the Life Script to help those undergoing the Life Tests and Life Lessons to connect with it.

When someone is in danger of 'going off course'--many of us in the Higher Realms who are watching and guiding those of you below--as a routine will allow for the individual to experience something that will help them navigate what lies ahead.

Some of you will attest to it.

I want to explain it, and to ask you to look for the pattern in your own Life Experience--for the 'coke' or for the 'special pet', or the 'life changing vacation'--that helped you to overcome, to 'lessen the blow' and to help you 'surpass' that which was expected of you in your own Life Script you designed for yourself for your Life Lessons 'curriculum'.

It's true.

I won't work on command. Neither will my colleagues.

But I thrive on 'hints' and gentle requests for 'what would be nice'.  It makes our job easier.  For that which is NOT in the life script, and requested, is generally a 'go'.

Always ask in the general, not specific, never a brand or a color--and when you request, make it:  'For THIS or SOMETHING BETTER'.

Then step back and watch the results.

I want you to take note of Carla's toe.  Isn't that something? (mysterious smile, and crosses his arms and stands very tall--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins