Saturday, August 15, 2015

Expanding Consciousness -- Gaia News Brief 15 August 2015

Settling In To The New

When there is peace in your heart, life is enjoyable and pleasant.

Yesterday I manifested a beautiful day, and even a cancelled case to give a late start.  I also canceled the last case of the day in the GI lineup for a good reason, and the team working there was delighted to have one less case to work.

In the main OR, I had about a three-hour break, same as the day before.

I did paperwork and also exercised.

During my last case I even got a job offer to do plastics near where I used to work part-time!  That was a real treat, to be offered work on my days off.

A patient with a cancer who had self-imposed other disease that was end-stage--had absolutely no judgement on my part, and only compassion for the lesson and the situation. The care itself I gave was the same.

I find myself 'connecting' more with my patients, and putting them at ease. I get more feedback through the channels of communication from our hospital, about my 'professionalism', too. The patients really like it.

I once was very shy, and this is my nature.

It's been a lot of spiritual work, and personal growth, for me to arrive at this level of competency as a physician, to work beyond the 'nuts and bolts' and really master the art of Healing on a personal level, making each patient feel safe, special, and cared-for as we treat their illness.

How I do this is I look past the appearance and the disease state of the patient, and communicate directly with the heart, my heart to theirs, and they 'sense' this...

I also accept 'what is' and don't make a big deal about it.  This behavior role models for the patient that the 'disease is NOT them', they are MORE than 'a disease' and that something can be done about it.

There is ACCEPTANCE of the responsibility as an anesthesiologist of being a team player in our group--it is what it is--and not fighting that I would like to go home or do some other things.

For example, yesterday I moved up from call four to call two, which took an extra three hours for me in the hospital at night.  This is because the person who has been covering the cardiac anesthesia service in the absence of another who had surgery, has been working REALLY HARD, and when they asked for the favor I said 'of course' and made the switch.

The other, with the shingles, was at work as my call three, last night. And he thanked me again for my taking his first call last Friday. He showed me the pictures, and explained how it felt like electric shocks in the affected area. "It also was a wake up call--how I at age thirty-eight am so stressed and weakened in my immune system I could come down with it."

I also asked him if he caught it at the hospital?  (There was an ICU patient in need of a spinal tap, and  another anesthesiologist who works lots of OB and has never had chicken pox, was asked to go into the ICU room--which was full of the virus--and do the procedure, and refused.)  Fortunately, he had never actually done that procedure. He had been asked first, then asked the OB anesthesiologist, who had refused...

I really relied on my Higher Self to make that decision to take call for him when he asked.  I wasn't sure if he was sick or faking it. I had to spend a night without my son, because of my assignment. I'm glad I made the sacrifice, and trusted in my HS's guidance. I used a pendulum--I'm very fond of them for making the big decisions in my life.  It helps.

Do Over

Increasingly I am becoming aware of my son's reincarnation of my beloved Nannu Filippo is amazingly accurate in its detail.

His father is the reincarnation of Nannu Bennie, his father from his old life.  My Nannu was an orphan--his mother (me) died of tuberculosis when he was two, leaving his older brother and him. The father left for America to make a new life, and settled into Chicago. The only thing that he did for his sons was to sponsor them to immigrate here from Sicily.

There is much love and tension between Anthony and Jared. I support Anthony as best as I can.

And the separation between Jared and I very much echoes the original separation through my Transition as Nannu's mother, for Anthony.

Nannu, as a child, was often hungry and spent many hours alone in the woods as his maternal grandparents didn't do much for him.  Angels would appear out of nowhere as old people and offer food. Then they would disappear in the blink of an eye, before he could thank them...

With the custody, and my work schedule, Anthony has MANY homes. Sometimes he feels like he doesn't belong except here at my own.

Nannu had diabetes at the end of his life. And here, in this life, the yellow chakra is still getting a workout.

The only thing I did consciously--for both Nannu's soul and Anthony--is to make sure Anthony could swim. My grandfather never learned, and was always embarrassed about it.

Physically, they are both imposing, tall, solid physical beings--somethings a soul likes to keep the same...

I see it.  I see it so clear now.  It's the consciousness awakening, opening up, that is letting me see the Big Picture and I am enjoying it very much.

On Time

I tried on Ross' 'hat' (his belief system as a Galactic) on the way home last night.  It's a lot of observation and detachment, simply watching what is flowing by with the others and their life stories, and appreciating it.

I pressed him further, and asked Ross about TIME. How does it work where he is?

He showed me an EKG trace--the PR interval, the QRS, and the ST segment.  Just a single 'blip'. (typically one follows the other in a straight line on the paper).

He showed me the heart, the electricity paths to signal the heartbeat.  It starts at the sinus node in the right atrium, travels to the AV node, then the Purkinje system, through the ventricles, and then back to the sinus node!

Then he showed me the EKG trace for a single heartbeat--wrapping upon itself so the 'end' was connected to the 'beginning', like a circle.

I asked about arrhythmias?

He showed me that each heartbeat is a re-creation of the one before, and an arrhythmia is just what is happening one heartbeat at a time, as far as the heart is concerned. It's when that pattern 'sticks' then there is need to change it. But it's still the electricity traveling around and through the heart.  It's our RECORDING of the EKG trace that is linear, but it really doesn't have to be.

This is fascinating because in echocardiography, we record 'loops' of a single heartbeat, and will watch the movement of the heart, and the motion of the blood and the valves, as a 'loop'.

I asked Ross about conversations--and how THOSE fit into 'nonlinear time'.  I have to apologize because he showed me the answer and I totally forgot how to explain it. The best I can recall is that it's like little 'bubbles' of interaction, and in each moment/millisecond we are free to adjust the conversation, but it too isn't in a 'line' energetically.

I wish I could explain it better, but I can't. As I ask him more I will share with you. There is so much to look forward to understanding!


(he stretches and yawns like he has all the time in the world--ed)

Now, what am I going to talk about today?  You know I really do not plan them, they sort of just 'come out'...

Ah! I am going to talk about vacation, and why it is good for you.

Do you ever find yourself in a rut?  Not just with the energy but with your day to day?

There is nothing better than an illness to really 'shake away the old patterns' and help you SEE what factors leading up to it or life changes might benefit (like Carla's work friend who got the shingles on his face.)

Next to this, there is Vacation.

Vacation is a learning experience for us all.

We go where we wish, where we can afford, and we cut some slack.  We try new things, we take on a whole new 'persona' when we are in a different environment, do we not?

Some like roughing it in Nature. Other's like to soothe themselves in the finest hotel.

Think of it as 'mental health time'---to get outside the routine of your ordinary life, and take a look around--kind of like what Ferris Bueller advised in that film.

This is very good for us, and also for breaking down the system in which we are enmeshed.

With the rising Consciousness, Carla is having a 'vacation' all her own, that is going from one dimension to the next higher one, as also is her borrowing my Hat. (you are welcome and free to borrow it too).

Carla is getting so much MORE from her everyday life experiences, and is making the CONNECTIONS that is important for her growth in spirit.

She is also growing all the time, closer to me, in our relationship.  Yesterday she said something that made me melt...with joy and love. She said, 'Ross?' when I asked her what she would like of Me for that time...she said, 'Ross, I would just like to enjoy your company, and to enjoy YOU.'

She made no demands, and allowed her growing appreciation of who I am and what I have done for her to show.

She didn't request anything.

But she did interrogate me the way she always does, 'Is your tummy happy? Are you well-rested? Are you clean? Do your clothes fit--do you need anything new?...'

Carla does this to me EVERY DAY.  Almost more than she says, 'I love you'. For to her, my well-being is of the most importance to her as a soul. She has to touch and check and SEE with her own two eyes that I am okay!

And last time she did this, I kidded her.  I am known for my ability to give a hard time to those I love...I am a rabbi, and we are taught to ask many questions which are insightful and open the conversation UP!

I asked, of her, 'Carla, you really should use more of our heart to heart connection so you will FEEL these things in your heart, and know, wouldn't you agree?'

And Carla blushed! She KNEW without a doubt that I was correct, and if there was anything wrong with me, as Twins, she would be the first to know.

Carla enjoys feeling 'needed'. That's why she worries about me so.  There is something in her heart of hearts that wants to protect me, to nurture me, and to just look and watch me work.

She has always been this way, in many of our lifetimes...

This is why I chose Her for this work--(waves his hands at all the online stuff Doctors With Reiki --ed)--for her love to take care of you, in my absence, which isn't really 'absent' except it appears to be so because of the Veil.

Carla is very loving. And so am I.

Guess what?  All of you have BOTH of us on your side! To love and support you. (he gestures to all of your guides and deceased loved ones and Ascended Masters and angels and faeries and unicorns...and Galactics...--ed)

It's getting to be a little CROWDED in here? (he really smiles and laughs at his 'joke'--ed)


Today is Saturday and Carla has the day off. It's been ninety minutes of her working on the computer.

Now it's time to start our day.  I want her to make the bracelet that I promised for August 8.  She still hasn't made it.

The day is going to be a scorcher, and the sun is already starting to warm the room where Carla works...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple and Twins...