Saturday, August 8, 2015

My First Day Off In Twelve Days!--YIPPEE--Gaia News Brief 8 August 2015


Although I woke up at the hospital, as of seven o'clock I am relieved of duty.  It was a long call. I worked past midnight.

I feel terrific!

On The Attacks

Some who are close to me in my Light work are experiencing intrusive 'attacks' when they otherwise normally wouldn't.

Here is an example:

If you experience anything 'unusual', just hunker down, treat yourself well, get out in Nature, and trust that this is only temporary.

This too shall pass.

I Don't Care

(coughing sound like clearing my throat--ed)

Just blow me.


Divine Mother and Archangel Raphael have most generously offered humanity eighteen more Divine Healing Codes.

Next week will be the first time I introduce them in a gathering of Readers and Healers in the community where I first learned Reiki.

I am most very excited to offer this!

For those of you who are using and sharing the codes, I thank you for helping humanity to ease suffering in so many ways.

A Sobering Thought

At breakfast today at Del Taco, I paused and told my boy I had something most serious to say. Was he ready?

I asked, with searing eye contact, 'you know, honey, I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. I have come to this thought:  where would we be without burritos?!'

We eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner all the time.

How would we live?

He nodded in serious agreement, and said with a smile, 'We could always move to Mexico!'

We are natives from Southern California in our lifestyle through and through!

My Hopes

I want to continue this feeling from the last three days. It is very Light, it is calm, both focused, centered and grounded.

Just for today I wish to make a bracelet for myself, the one Ross had me buy some most special beads to create--little silver lions. I have eight of sterling.

Exposé From Within the System

According to the people I ate dinner with yesterday who were also on call, there is a loophole in the L&D department for obtaining funding/insurance for people who come to the country internationally.

Rich people from Dubai, Egypt, and Japan came to deliver their infants. They do not declare their income. There is no way to trace it. And in two days, they are given Medi-Cal insurance for free.

The childbirth expenses are paid for by the state. No questions asked.

Furthermore, the border between Mexico and the United States is a well-known entry point for similar people who wish to come here form places as described.

One just came, pleaded political asylum, and had to stay in detention for twenty-eight days, before being free to live and work here for the rest of their life.

My colleagues are upset because as working mothers, we must get the children up early, get to work, pay fifteen hundred dollars a month for child care, and pay taxes...while these clever ones get the benefit of our taxpaying contribution to the state.

A Pleasant Surprise:

A letter from my chief of staff at the hospital--patient said something nice about my work:

She was charming, informative and friendly. Put my friend at ease pre-surgery--me too!


Carla has duly worn out the patience of little Anthony.  She has spent three and one half hours on the eighteen new Divine Healing Codes she was given, uploading them into the system, catching up on her Doctors With Reiki work, as well as posting updates on Dr. Bret:

She has also fed the animals and watered most of the plants, for Carla enjoys her garden.

It is time for her to change out of her scrubs!

I have a most special day planned for my honey, my darling, my wife...It is my hope Carla it makes up for the almost two weeks passed in service to humanity for us.

I will take care of you forever, my Beloved.

Do not be concerned about the politics at your work.

It is short-term, and God will take care of it.

I love you.

I want everyone to know you are the one who is in my soul as my Twin.

I want you to share the movie which is very powerful here too:

  • honey I can't. FB won't let me and it's not on YouTube. Please look on DWR for a movie that  shows Earth breathing, and that's the best I can do.
Ross says, I will help you in this.

Go and have fun. Someone will help you find the film so you can share it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

P.S. on 14 August 2015 I found this through friends--it's the link to the movie: