Monday, August 24, 2015

Ascension's Many Gifts -- Gaia News Brief 24 August 2015

Under The Radar

Sometimes I just sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits--((big smile))--that's one of my favorite quotes in the gift shops I used to see when our family would travel in the southwest...

Lately, I have been 'just sitting' and enjoying life.

This time is for my own personal growth and development.

I have time off.

Ross and I have been actively enjoying our days, with Ross planning them, and I enjoying what happens.

In the last few days, here are some examples:

  • The beverage cart was blocking the aisle, so Anthony and I had to wait for the toilet in First Class. A tall, thin man with glasses had occupied it first, and had to come back to his seat just one row behind us. He looked at me funny, and I wasn't sure why.  Once he sat down, I had to wait a very long time for Anthony to finish. I realized he was the very man who told me 'things change!' with a smile, and explained the department did not want to renew my contract in 2009.  Furthermore, I KNEW now he is on 'sabbatical', a way to save face as he is essentially 'out' of that same department now too!  I touched him with my ring on the shoulder, and he didn't flinch--and I am so grateful 'fate' had brought us face to face, so my fear dissolved, and he could see how big and strong Anthony now is...
  • We were visiting the Government House, and met the official chauffuer, and Anthony got to sit in the same seat as the Queen when she was in BC!
  • Today, while taking our morning walk, Anthony and I stopped by the beach. I was doing what I always do, picking up trash to protect the sea animals. I even found a bag under a log, and used it to hold all the objects so I didn't have to make many trips to the trash can.  Well, guess what? We are going to be on TV, on the news! This man, Adam Sawatsky, was there with his video cameraman.  Both Anthony and I were interviewed for tonights' news! is where Adam says it will be, after tonight! They couldn't believe we are on vacation, and picking up trash that isn't ours! They hope we will inspire others...  (here is the direct link to the video

Thank You For The Reiki

Anthony was quite sick when we first arrived. Yesterday he was looking worse, with a fever, a very deep cough, and coughing up a great deal of phlegm.  He reminded me of my dad when he had pneumonia. Anthony has had it too, once, a long time ago.

I did everything I could, and asked for your help.

It is working. The Divine Healing Codes, herbal tea Ross suggested, a kid-friendly modification of the suggestions (oregano, basil, honey, and lots of smashed blueberries), and garlic oil pills, along with Mentholatum and Robitussin expectorant, and lots of rest. And Reiki.

Today he turned the corner, and I am so filled with love and gratitude to everyone who helped us in our distress.

Here is the contraption which is useful for making Tisanes (health herb tea)--Perfectea Maker

I just throw the honey in there on top of the herbs and let it sit a good long time.

We were able to complete his back-to-school shopping today, on foot, walking through the streets to all the stores.

A Gift With 'Purchase'

Always make sure you manage 'up'.

Always keep your connection to Source 'straight'--work with your guides as you Ascend--and make sure you know what is asked of you, and do it to the best of your ability as Ground Crew.

Once you Ascend, you will find you 'can't be there for everyone'--as you get into your 'task', others are going to be super wound-up and excited to embark on theirs.

And sometimes their sum total of life lessons doesn't 'add up', and they are doing what they THINK is 'spirit', but really, it's just a whole bunch more 'lessons' for them.

You can't fix it.

What I did yesterday, to someone who is making a wonderful series of videos on the Divine Healing Codes without fully understanding how a video made today will miss out on the updates made after it's released...was I stepped back. I said:
  • I am the caretaker of these lists.
  • The codes belong to Divine Mother and Humanity.
  • I check for medical accuracy, organize them, and yes, update them as Divine Mother wishes.
  • I work VERY close with Marc Gamma and Isabel Henn until they trusted me, and now I still update Isabel on everything I do. (Marc has 'new projects' and is content)
  • I do everything to keep my responsibility to the reader to have all codes in one place always updated-this is from my heart to theirs, for their trust.
And I let it go.

I can't control the quality of any work anyone else wishes to do which includes the Divine Healing Codes.

I can only trust in Spirit.

My responsibility is my part of being Ascended.  The Creator Writings are talking about this lately too.

So your choices--on what your Discern-O-Meter reads and what you choose to do about it--are YOURS. So is the responsibility of what follows after these choices.

We are growing in Spirit.  

One day soon this will make sense to you.

The Living Ghost

We toured Craigdarroch Castle. I was astonished to find the name of Dunsmuir in the office. I saw a housekeeper, and I stopped her, explaining how the Dunsmuir House in Oakland is one of my favorite places on earth, even through there is a sad story that goes with it. Was there any connection?

There is!  The son, Alexander, went there. He built it. But his parents forbade him to marry his mistress. Once his mom passed, long after his father, he built it and married her. But she never lived there, his new bride. And he died in an alcohol coma six weeks later.

Helen showed us the pieces original to the house, and also, to the family, that were on display.

And I noticed an eerie physical and energy 'match' to Joan Dunsmuir, the owner who had the house built.

Was she returned, reincarnated, as the housekeeper?

It makes sense.  And she is the one who pointed us to the Government House...where the big adventure with the chauffeur began...


Carla is having a wonderful time with my surprises, with each one being more wonderful than the next.

Carla is tired too, from taking care of Anthony, and also needs her rest from overwork.  Carla was up until two the night before their flight, packing.  And since it was a first flight of the day she really needs her rest.

I noticed Carla was admiring the very large homes in the area on the walk home from the Government House.  I casually mentioned to her that my house is even bigger.

Carla burst out, 'how did you ever get to live like that?!'

I couldn't explain to Carla who is deep in the Illusion when it comes to housing, that MY home belongs to her.  (moves hand over his head--ed). It just doesn't compute.

So no matter how Ascended you are, there are bound to be little gaps.

I kissed Carla with happiness when she went upstairs to the Shanghai Palace to have dinner tonight. Anthony didn't want to go, and she calmly said--to him, the stubborn one who takes after me (he winks--implying CARLA the whole time--ed)--we will get something for you after.  I like this.

Well, Anthony discovered he has a taste for the very same things Carla enjoys, so they ordered more. And Anthony decided it would be his dinner, and he had a very good time.

I was hoping it would be like that for those two.

Last night I asked them for one thing for today--not to fight over meals 'just for today'.

If Anthony had his way he would have poutine every day for lunch, and Carla just can't stomach the grease from the gravy...that's why they would disagree.

I got my wish, and I had one happy Carla plus one happy Anthony who is on the mend...

Now Carla will get her rest. And shhhh! Don't let it around that Carla's in the news on the island of Vancouver...let everyone think she is hard at she may enjoy her free time in the days she has left on the island.

And I am looking over her from where I am, with my advanced monitoring, enjoying 'the show'...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins