Sunday, August 16, 2015

Obstinence -- Gaia News Brief 17 August 2015

On Business

Lady Gaia Sophia today met with Ashtar and the Admiral of the New Jerusalem.  She was delighted to see Ashtar, as it had been some time, and she made sure to let him know how much she appreciated his visit.

She was directed to go UP to a very high Dimension.

Upon Her arrival, she was met with very small beings of Light, somewhat a cross between cherubs and Minions--who blew blasts of diamond particle Light at her, much to her delight!  She enjoyed the energy of this region very much, and wondered why she was there?

A very tall, thin extraterrestrial looking man with unusual eyes, brow, and nose with a very small mouth was waiting for her.

'Do you know who I am?' he asked, with interest?

She didn't.

He asked Her the same question, again and again. No, he was not Angel or Archangel. No he was not Divine Father or Divine Mother. No he was not from the Pleiades. No, he was not from Sirius. No, he was not from Andromeda. No, he was not from Arcturus. No, he was not from Polaris...

'Do you know who I am?' he asked again and again, much to Her dismay.

'Have we met?' She asked.

The answer was 'yes'.

She went over all the possibilities. One thing was for sure, she confided--He wasn't in her Star Family otherwise he would be more welcoming to her.  She also told him he was handsome in an exotic way--which he needed explanation of what 'exotic' meant.

'Are you from Orion?' and a funny resonance that was not exactly pleasant struck her in her gut.

'Are you...(fill in the name with initials RP)?'  Again, the funny resonance.

He wanted to 'make sure' about his 'future' on Surface Gaia.

Lady Gaia was resolute. She first began very diplomatically, 'Your happiness is most important to me, and I feel you could be much happier Somewhere Else'.

He countered her.  He wanted to stay.

She asked him, 'Do you not have another place to go?'

He said he didn't.

She challenged him, stating that he did not appear to be in the least bit apologetic for what his people have done to her, and she was not convinced he would be a 'good fit' with the new on Surface Gaia..

Then she accentuated her Divine Feminine energy, raising it up just enough in his presence to make him visibly uncomfortable. She explained that THIS is what it will be like in the new, and it would not be agreeable to him.

He wavered.

At this instant, she offered him a coupon. Actually, a series of coupons for 'galactic deals'--such as Buy One Get One Free, and Fifty percent off...and Free Gift With Purchase--to be redeemed at another planet where she knew, thanks to Ashtar's Consciousness she was able to tap into--this being would be able to learn and grow without harming anything or anyone on the new planet! It was secure!

And happily, the man left.

Many diplomatic and formal meetings are done with Lady Gaia Sophia with the witness of her Team but without any input from them. She has never been prepared for any such encounter. Apparently, the group of delegates from Orion do not accept Ashtar's statements of what Lady Gaia wants.  They want to hear it directly from her. And often, they try to coerce her into 'giving' just enough to give them a chance to keep on doing the same things they have done to her with Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

She doesn't cave.  She is pleasant and firm. And she states clearly with no room for misinterpretation ever, what her wishes are.

The Test

Meetings like this often are accompanied by a 'test' of some sort to follow.

For me, I was feeding snake, who will not eat. I had bought pine chips to 'fragrance' the single mouse and two rats to see if Cecil would be interested.

He was not.

I had tried the mouse first, as Ross suggested.

I put it back in the carrier.

Next I took the grey rat, which my guides said, 'I wouldn't if I was you.'

I did. The snake didn't want it. I took the snake out, and the screamer rat turned into a jumper. It tried to hide as I went to pick it up by the tail with the very long forceps (tweezers).

I finally got it, and when it was time for placing it into the carrier with the other rat, the harlequin one, grey rat jumped away, and started walking on my floor.

It went under the sofa, running back and forth, from one side to the next.

I knew that anger would only make the frightened rat worse.  I tried kindness, and put boxes and cages open for it to crawl in.

It wouldn't buy it.

I broke down, in tears, begging Ross for help.

Ross was silent. After all, this was a test.

I was able to block off the edges of the sofa, with boxes, cages, and a huge exercise mat. I had seen the rat try to climb up the back of the sofa, and it couldn't.

So I got dressed. All this happened in my pajamas.  I ran upstairs and got my cell phone, and called my neighbor. I told her it was an emergency--Anthony wouldn't set foot in the home if I let it loose, because he hates rats!

I left the front door unlocked, and she came right over.

I told her I hadn't a clue how to get it--I had no game plan.

She said to get the vacuum cleaner with the long tube and suck it up.

It worked--sort of--we got the tail.

With teamwork I got the broom to pin it to the wall, then handed her the broom. Then I got my kobudo stick from martial art. I used it to pin the rat further to the wall. Next, she turned the broom to use the stick to kill it.

But was it dead?  I moved my stick to the head, and gave the final crushing blow.

We pulled the vacuum back slowly, and the rat got sucked up, motionless.

It was dead.

We worked together to fish it out of the hose.

I'm switching to frozen food for the snake.  Or live food only during business hours of the pet store.  And I'm buying a new feeder box so nothing can hide under the flaps.


Anthony comes home from his father completely frustrated and starved.

He had only had breakfast. And he only gets to eat when he cooks it and cleans after himself. Today, he made eggs for himself and his father, and a Nutella 'hot dog bun'.

It is a pattern I see, and I don't appreciate.

Most parents would accommodate the schedule of the child in both homes.

Not with us.

He was near tears, even after I fed him the cutlets nana used to make for us--I had them ready when he came home in the afternoon.

This time, I got him to talk. And I did 'active listening'. He felt better.

He still can't tell when he is hungry or not anymore after being at his dad's.  His dad starves him.  He might be thinking it's to help him lose weight, but it's actually making him hang on to it more by slowing his metabolism.  For a kid with borderline metabolic syndrome, this is the worst thing to possibly do.

I can't get through to Jared, no matter how hard I try. The new girlfriend has been living with him for almost a year--it's no better.  Jared will get obstinate if I try to correct him.

Sometimes past life issues are not easy to work out.

I have to go. Anthony needs me right now.  I had wanted to write all of this before I forgot.


I am always watching Carla and my son.


There are many tests for both of them.

They are doing well.

Life is not a walk in the park. It is not a picnic. It isn't for anybody. Not for me, not for any of us, not for you.

There are great moments of bliss, followed by tough lessons.

It is worth it.

That is all I have to say to you at this time.

No matter how tough it is for you to put one foot ahead of the next, and take each step, I want you to remember and keep saying to yourselves, it is WORTH IT.


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins