Saturday, November 28, 2020

Embrace Your Old-Lady-ness, Ross Advised...


I absolutely adore this photo. The image, the textures, the tones, the contrasts, with the light off in the distance and the lace curtains...the composition and effect is remarkable!

The other day, in strict confidence, I confessed to another soul that I am turning into an old lady! The horror of horrors! My ovaries no longer work...I hate it.

That night, I dreamed and when I was about to wake up, Ross told me to 'embrace my old-lady-ness' because it wouldn't be long like this. I worked hard to reach this goal. No to lose heart but to embrace it.

There is joy in my days. I'm not who I was when I was in my thirties, but that's okay. My health is pretty good all things considered. 

I shared with my sister's mother in law, who is ten years older than I am, and we are so very much alike, about my diverticulitis. She has it too. And she said that it gets even more challenging when you are in the 'sign up for medicare' range...all the health and aging...but she was happy and I was happy to be next to one another at the Thanksgiving table. Her mother Martha is ninety, and so full of life,'s good.

I've been reading more. And learning. People who um, 'witness', to a Jay Hoe Vah, have a lot of stuff going on way up in their hierarchy. Pretty much the hierarchy of all religions are kind of in cahoots. 

The only thing to share is, if you've read Svali, and her talk of 'End Times Programming' (Alex is the name I think), THAT 'playbook' sounds an awful lot like the one those witness people are subscribed to for their version of 'End Times'.

Further, look to ChyNuh and how practitioners of Falun Gong, Uygers (sorry I can't spell), Christians, and others are treated...a huge prison is being built with a crematorium in the middle. A daughter says how she was told her father who she had seen in jail the day before in good health was 'dead of a heart attack'. When she arrived the body was still warm in the freezer. They wouldn't let her examine the body and they also cremated him without her consent. They practice Falun Gong. These people don't drink alcohol and are in good health...there's forced organ donation.

Also, Bid Den wants to take accreditation away from colleges that are Christian if they don't promote the Ell Bee Gee Tee Cue ...

We are just on the edge of genocide against the Christians. I can feel the hatred in my regular FB friends against 'Christians', which is kind of odd because the higher ups in most religions are all in 'cahoots', worshipping essentially JahBuLon and doing whatever they want to do with the people's money.

It isn't here yet.

Our job is to help the Awakening. To be LOVING 24/7, 365, in our greatest capacity, to everyone we meet.

Today, I went to a garage sale. I wanted to turn back because I forgot my mask. But I went to the car and was pleasant about it. 

Inside I found wonderful things. I got us a rug, a persian-type, used but beautiful, for the same price as my tiny new Tibet one I got twenty years ago from a Tibetan monk. Their mom had passed, and mine had earlier this year. I had been crying over the sink yesterday, missing her, and I thought to go to McDonald's and get what she used to buy me when it was just us two, before my sisters--a cheeseburger, fries, and a sprite. It helped. I think mom helped us to find this rug. I'm so glad she did. 

That's what's after old-lady-ness.


Whether it comes sooner and with hardship (end times prophecy) or later with peace, it's still going to arrive. 

It's not here yet.


clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Thursday, November 26, 2020




Today we celebrate the ties between ourselves and loved ones, near and far. We remember those who have passed and give thanks for everything that has transpired in our existence. We celebrate with food and companionship, tradition and delight.

I've been doing much deep thinking over the past few weeks, and have come to the following conclusions:

  • youth does not need to be occupied in the classroom in the most important years of their lives. We will be able to return to more liberty when computers can carry on more of the 'nuts and bolts' of society. Children should be allowed their freedom to explore and learn about the world around them.
  • the family is an excellent teacher for our youth. This is where life skills and trades are handed down generation to generation.
  • information is a weapon--we are deluged with it--and it's not good for the human spirit. Look at the amount of spam and sales-oriented email that clogs up your inbox. It's horrible and a drag on the spirit. It takes hours to keep up.
  • Furthermore, the electronic age with notifications and the expectation for instantaneous responses also is intrusive into our lives and our happiness. This is another aspect of the information war.
  • Family is everything. Society must support the family, and our lifestyles need to change to permit appreciation of the precious ties between us.

Change is coming.

Don't say we didn't try to warn you.

There's no going back. Too much disruption has taken place.

Instead, accept this, and look forward to building and maintaining the relationships and lifestyle which is important to you. Anything can happen. So focus on what YOU want and what works for YOU.  For example, I'm giving away half of a weekend call. I need the time, personally, and even though it's lots of money going to someone else, I know my limits. I need something to look forward to. And also, to keep myself from being worn out.

My relapse of the diverticulitis is better. I'm going to need to change my lifestyle to include both more fiber and more exercise. A lot. And that's okay.

In the meantime, Ross and I would like to share some very exciting news with you:
Although these aren't weighty scientific journals, that they would even be published at all is an encouraging sign. I've been meditating on returning my illnesses to the original blueprint of health. I've heard that some people have reversed major illnesses with such meditation over time, daily meditation of like an hour for a year and a half. These things in the articles are faster, and in my opinion, medically, tap into the frequencies of healing kind of like the Divine Healing Codes. 

How wonderful a future we have ahead, once the dust settles out from all of the conflict in world leadership--not the people in 'positions of power' that we are told, but truly, the ones behind the scenes who control EVERYTHING.

So, Ross and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. We are entirely blessed by your readership. And we courageously encourage you to look to the future of your dreams, while dutifully maintaining and anchoring the frequencies of LOVE wherever you are, at the moment, 24/7, 365....

clap! clap!

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

P.S. There is an episode in South Park where the kids get high by sniffing cat pee. We think it's an oblique reference to the ones who are into AH dreee know chrome. Here's a laugh for you from South Park. Try to keep the humor as the truth comes out about what is hidden in our leaders--the lawyer Lin has a quote about it right now. It's sad truth, but ironic too. Here's the clip from South park--

Monday, November 23, 2020

Mend... Fences, Fishnets, and Souls


Yesterday I saw it. My cashmere robe Ross had bought me for Christmas about seven years ago, was full of holes. He had sent me to a discount shopping place, TJ Maxx. I had found it and wasn't sure because even for there it was expensive. It was a short robe, plain in color, and very soft.

Anthony's weekends away with his father are a mixed sort of thing. They are hard on me emotionally. It's never once gotten easier. The damage has been done. I can contact our son now, discreetly, by text, but the years of not being allowed even to say goodnight because of his father's stubbornness and orneriness have made the damage to my heart.

Ross makes it a point for those weekends to be ones where we work on our relationship. Some weekends I'm 'in the game' and enjoy Ross' company. Sometimes others, like last week, I'm just too far distressed from outside really be present at all.

The robe has made an incredible difference, the warmth next to my skin, the lightness of it, the softness.

Here it was full of holes. 

I knew what to do. Even though the holes were many, I took out the sewing kit, and put on my reading glasses. I was surprised to be able to thread the needle. And I fixed every hole.

Ironically, the one spool of white thread I had bought in the 1980's when I went away to college, was finally out of thread when I finished the project. It's been a lot of holes I've mended over time.

Even though there is a sense of 'nothing is happening' spiritually, geo-politically, socially, with the pandemic, take the time to fix what's broken.  

In Japan, the concept of Wabi-Sabi lets us cherish that which has been 'loved' and 'worn from use'.

I went to move the teakettle on the stove yesterday. I like an old fashioned one. I don't want electricity in my water, if you know what I mean. And I heard a pop of metal, a clank, and it dropped. The handle had come loose. I was able to look under the grate in the stove, find the pieces, and put it together. The color it is is dear to my heart and hard to find again. It's a Le Creuset. 

Mend things.

Fix things.

Try something new.

Last night I cooked venison for us. It's special venison, we've eaten this one at a restaurant before. With a coffee sauce.

I had no clue how to cut it or cook it or make the sauce. But I jumped in, and did it. Some of the 'chops' were a little too thick, but Anthony was patient with me, and I opened the meat to cook it better. I had sliced the ribs apart, and created the chops, but I wasn't sure exactly where to slice. 

For the sauce, and for some reason Ross wants me to mention its recipe, its:

  • sliced mushrooms, brown ones, about one cup
  • one sliced green onion
  • one tablespoon guava jelly 
  • one tablespoon espresso fine ground coffee
  • water about two cups
you just boil it over medium heat, down to about one cup. You can add salt and pepper to taste. 

He wants me to note how there's no butter or cream in the sauce. 

I had very little. I had to cook it because it was thawed out over the weekend. I'm on bowel rest, or as close as I can get to it. I'm feeling better. Anthony was delighted and thrilled because it meant more for him. 

Today I work. I was kind of expecting a day off. But someone in our group was in an automobile accident. He's okay, but needs to take the week off. So everyone else moves up a spot. 

We haven't been able to take any vacation for almost a year now. We are short staffed. Our boss won't let us be vulnerable not to have enough coverage. So about five anesthesiologists a day are in 'limbo', staying home, when there's not a busy O.R.

Ironically, the one with the accident now has time to enjoy his family of three children and his wife, exactly during the week-long Thanksgiving school break. I'm sure he isn't traveling, because of the injury. But if he wanted to, he could, because it's the only vacation time where his schoolchildren and he are both free. 

On the other hand, I work and Anthony is off. I'm glad he's older. 

Thanksgiving isn't fun any more. It really isn't.  Between work, school, and his dad's parents who make 'expectations' on where the boy is, I just can't win.

So mend I will.

Winter is a good time for mending nets, repairing fences, and healing the soul.

Even when it's a winter for the soul. It's not as intense as a dark night, but it's a period of time to endure. It's very important to count your blessings, even the little ones, as you go through these times. It will keep you going. 

And keep away from the MSM. Limit your time on Alternative News sources. Enjoy your time for you.

Ross says that's enough, I said it well, and now to go eat breakfast. I need to get to work by eight, even though there's a nine o'clock case to start for me. Everything is always changing. I am most thankful for the blessing of work this week. I truly am. I need to pay the bills. 

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if we had been in the old house with all the Coronavirus stuff. It wouldn't have been pretty. It's important to work with Spirit, and when there is a strong, persistent nudge, even if you hate to do it and you have to work really hard, follow it. Spirit is looking out for you. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Sunday, November 22, 2020

On Faith


I feel like this. I've felt like it all weekend. A little off. Just on the brink of being overwhelmed and swept away...but I keep going. I keep going.

Someone said on Twitter that knowing the truth, and seeing how it looks like the dark ones are getting away with it, is a form of slow torture. 

Add to that, that I am aware of both the spirit world and the earthly one at the same's not easy. Not easy at all.

With the house, I realized that Ross believes in me, and even if it takes a long time, the house can look beautiful. It just takes someone to believe in you. I did a fraction of what I had hoped to do. But I did it. 

With my health, sadly, the symptoms of the diverticulitis are coming back. Not as strong. I'm due for a colonoscopy to check out the situation in about a week. It's almost as if I need a new lifestyle focused on my health first. At work, it's next to impossible to eat, and very hard even to stay hydrated. I understand the need to rest, and I have. It's going to be an adjustment. Fortunately, unless seeds set you off, it's okay to eat nuts and seeds. The study had changed. I am careful to remind myself to chew carefully.

Spirit wanted me to drain the pool, and to rotate it a little. I did. Anthony helped me.

Spirit wanted him to get a new headset from Costco. I waited until I was ready, and we went. 

Sometimes when you have diverticulitis, when you have to go, you have to go in a big way, and it's a hurry. I was kind of scared I wasn't going to make it home in time. But Ross said, loud and clear, 'I got your back'. I made it just in the nick of time. 

Yesterday, I took down a grid I'd had up for a long time. With my studies, I've realized that it's in God's hands now, the Awakening. I've done everything I can do. And my taking down the grid was a sign of trust in the Divine. 

That's why this new Gaia Portal came out. I realize the enormity of the project, and all the capable hands at the helm to make it happen. It couldn't happen without every single person on our teams, down here and up in the spirit realms. 

Things I watched and read which have helped a lot:

On Friday, I checked my email to, I hardly ever check it. By the way I don't even know how to access the email at Contact Us. It's a project there in and of itself. Anyhow, I found all these 'urgent' and 'time limited' things I had to do for yet another credentialing thing. I get overwhelmed by the paperwork. That's what carried over into the weekend. 

The good news is we did three important things:
  • we cleaned the bunny and her cage
  • I learned it's okay to use the claw clippers on the turtle. She's so old the claws are growing into her feet. I'd taken her to a vet who said not to worry. But that was ten years ago, and it's worse. I'll clip them some more again in a bit, but they are better. (with some pets, there's a part of the nail that can bleed, called the quick, you have to avoid it)
  • I put more bird seed up, and cleaned and refilled the hummingbird feeder
Ross wanted me to share this quote I have on my desk--"If you do the little jobs well, the big ones tend to take care of themselves."--Dale Carnegie

That's the spirit of this blog post. We are under so much psychological, mental, and spiritual stress, as well as the physical stress of social distancing, curfew, and mandatory masks. 

Focus on what you can control.

Do little things.

I was getting down on myself for not being able to even clean up the living room all the way on the weekend...and then I caught myself (a thought popped into my head actually, right? Divine help!)--that I need to be kinder to myself because I just lost my mom and my favorite uncle in the same year. Some things take time...

Spirit is always, always, always there for us.

And as friends, we are here for one another.

Just keep putting one foot forward in front of the other.

If you love truth, learn it. I am back to reading my big book Be Wise As Serpents again. I'd really, really missed the routine. No matter what happens, I am glad to know. The roots of darkness go very, very deep, and they are literally everywhere hidden in plain sight. I pray with all my heart to Ross to help fix it, make it clean again, and to take the insanity of the dark ones off the planet never again to harm or hurt any living thing. I think Ross listens. And I hope there will be good things in the near future. If not, then, for at least, strength to carry on as the squeeze on us gets tighter.

Ross smiles and waves. He's totally calm, and focused. I think we are in good hands.

clap! clap!
Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Saturday, November 21, 2020



One word on a sticker on the lower right hand corner of the rear window of a car next to me--that's all it said, 'Gidget'...and I knew.

I knew in my heart and I felt that my Uncle Ben up in Heaven was looking out for me, wanting to make me smile, and reassuring me that I am loved. I could feel his gratitude for my being the first of the three daughters/nieces to go and visit him, and for bringing and remembering all of his favorites for him.

He was my favorite uncle.

We were very close.

My sister and I, when we were little, used to beg him to not leave our house, and would clamp down on each leg, as tightly as we could, to keep him from going! We would wrap both our arms and legs around him, sitting Indian-style (cross legged) and to walk he would have to lift us with each step.

That's how much we loved him. We wouldn't let go until mom yelled at us.

We would be so very excited the next time he would visit. He'd bring donuts, teach us little gambling games like how to lag pennies, talk about amazing things, make stupid bets and would pay us if we won!

I haven't shared until now, but that first night when I learned of his passing, he came to me.

He showed me an image of him at seventeen, holding me on his lap for the first time, and I was cooing and laughing and smiling at him. He wanted to go back to the beginning, and for me to remember that.

The Vietnam war took him away from us when he was eighteen. Gone was his favorite fan when he would come home from school every day--infant me. The war changed him. He was a gunner in the helicopters and received an air medal. I didn't understand what it meant. Anthony, who enjoys his video games, explained to me gently that it meant he must have killed a lot of people, hundreds in a day, and he was super lucky he didn't have his helicopter go down.

I had always had a hunch it was something like that because he wouldn't talk about it. He had a little book with maybe five black and white pictures in it. And a medal. But I explained to Anthony, no, his chopper when down not once but twice!

Anthony again explained that since he was in the back he had the best chances to live, but the pilots always died when the helicopter went down. Then he explained how the Vietnamese (Viet Cong) would come to inspect the smoke and the the helicopter, so Uncle Ben had to find ways to get cover and hide until he could get back to safety. If he was in enemy territory it would be especially risky, but even in the middle in the neutral zone it would be bad. He'd need to be rescued by his team.

My stomach got a little sick when I heard that.

I remember Uncle Ben telling me that it was so wet and humid there, that what kept him going was dreaming about buying a place in the desert that was dry and going to it. 

He would never experience that dampness again.

Anthony and I wonder how his soul chose Peggy, who is Cambodian. Undoubtedly it was due to the influence of the war, and possibly karma? that he would allow himself to be in her care at the end. 

Either way, he is safe from his past, and he lets me know he's watching. I've heard/sensed him say, 'Anthony is BIG' because he was just a little kid when we stopped contact with Uncle Ben. Anthony is getting a beard now, and he's very excited and proud of it. 

Be loving to all, even those who have passed.

Be thankful you never had to walk a mile in their shoes.

Only LOVE lasts forever.

That is enough for today.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Friday, November 20, 2020

Empowering You in the Plandemic


We are beings of Spirit. We are incarnate within human bodies. But our true Nature, our true Being, shines.

When we walk through our days, mindful of the everlasting presence within ourselves, and how we are One with Divine Creator of All That Is, we accept that our death at some point is eventual, and we trust that we will live beyond the ending of our Human Life Form.

When we complete our lessons with full clarity and mindfulness, and accept the fact that death will rear its ugly face (or in some instances of pain and suffering, be a welcome friend)--we rob those who oppress us of one of their master tools--fear itself. 

We starve them.

We are able to pursue our lives and make a difference no matter what is going on in the world around us. We smile. We encourage. We love. 

Our bodies are so exquisitely made, that we can practice breathing in one nostril and out the other. This affects our flow of energy through our bodies.

Prana, the Life Force, flows in and through us. 

Even in some teachings, we are taught that the soul enters and exits the body through the mouth.

So...what with all the masks?

Perhaps it is something more than oxygen, something unmeasurable that people are reporting making them feel breathless?

What if there is occult meaning, to weaken us, by denying us free access to prana, with the masks?

Who knows? I don't know, and Ross isn't saying....because there is a way to bypass it! 

This is how we empower you. 

Through the work of Kahuna Serge Kahlil King, from Kauai, we can take in our 'mana', the Hawaiian word for 'prana', in through the top of the head. 

Yes, that is right. When you breathe in, pull the energy of the Universe IN through the top of your head. It will trickle down all the way through you. And when you breathe out, breathe out through your perineum--that is where you direct the mana energy flow. 

Practice it until it becomes second nature. This way, you will get all the protection from the mask--if indeed it protects--and all 'compliance' with 'regulations and restrictions', while keeping your Life Force at optimum conditions.

If Earth is a school, we wish you to retain your connection to Source and to remember your spiritual mastery. You wouldn't be here in your shoes if your contribution was not important to the cause. 

Keep focused, keep grounded, and anchor in the energies where you are. 

Keep your mana 'moving' in a healthy way.

Keep looking into things, keep learning, and always, always think for yourself, not just with your mind, but with your mind and heart working together. 

Have a good idea of the ways of the 'enemy', for lack of a better word--for those who seek to oppress us and make us fearful and away from our ability to feed and clothe and shelter ourselves.

If things 'come up' from your past or past lives, feel the feelings, thank them, and then let them go. 

It is all part of the Ascension and Awakening process.

Symbolism will be their downfall.


I am with Carla, who is off today. And all is well. We are off to a little bit of a slow start. There are many things to do, and Carla is sneezing and feeling a little bit under the weather. 

Going to see her Uncle in his burial place was difficult, not only for the emotions, but for the long drive. 

Bit by bit we are 'making it' indeed if not 'faking it till we are making it' inch by inch until we arrive home.

Remember to 'take things into your own hands' while you meditate, and visualize and imagine what it would be like to have everything you need, and to be free of oppression of you. No debt, no taxes, no rules other than the guidelines of Heaven.

Remember your Heavenly Home.

That is enough for today.

clap! clap!

Aloha and mahalos,



Ross and Carla

the Joy

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Let Beauty Flow


This morning right before I woke up, I had a visit with my Uncle Ben. He showed me where he lay in his desert house, during his long illness. It was the bedroom in the back, on the left. He explained to me his vision was poor, he had cataracts and retinal problems from his diabetes. His wife and her family didn't let him get it fixed and get medical care. I also had trouble seeing his legs and it's possible he had some gangrene and amputations towards the end. When it was hard for him to breathe--he had been like that for a few years--they took him to the hospital and that was that. I'm not sure if it was the Covid. He made it sound like it was heart failure. He had infection and his blood sugar was way up when he went to the VA hospital.

I drove to the Riverside Military Cemetery with Anthony yesterday after school. Traffic there is known to be horrendous. We took a back route in. And we were able to have a picnic with Uncle Ben before sunset when the cemetery closed. 

After dropping off Anthony at school, I stopped by not one but two stores to get his favorite treats. The hardest one was the one he wanted most, the Corn Nuts. It was so good to know where he is, and to be free to see him, in spite of his widow and her cruel, evil ways to my grandmothers, my uncle, and the rest of the family. Ross explained to us that she wasn't 'bad', she was 'really mixed up in a bad way' and not to judge her. Spirit told me that her relatives would cannibalize her for her money the way she did my grandmother and uncle. 

Note how it says Free Spirit, Gone but not Forgotten. No 'loving husband'. No 'loving brother, Uncle, son'. It takes a lot of nerve not to write that on a gravestone. 

You can see the food we left him, it's blended into the grass so no one can see. It's military so they set limits on what you can place there. We left the Christmas tree, for the holidays...

We are in a sunset time for our society.

The most recent Ben Fulford -- always to be taken with a grain of salt -- does support my suspicion that perhaps the right and the left are working together to usher in the NWO. Perhaps the right is controlled opposition so that if the right knew what was up, everyone would use their guns and overthrow the government? 

Even if this is true....enjoy the end. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you...the love of friends and family...the taste of the favorite treat, the glory of the sunset.

Last night's bible study was very good. It was John 8:26, and the lesson was that Jesus said, 'I could judge you, but I came to teach you.'

Whatever is going to happen, it's going to happen.

I have always suspected that in accordance with what Fauci and others said early into the pandemic, that the 'next round' (I think it was Bill Gates actually, with a creepy smile and rubbing his hands together like he'd won a prize)--was going to be 'more deadly'. So if you're an anti-masker, for all your reasons, don't fall for the fatal assumption that Covid is Covid. There can be different strains. Watch and see how it goes down...I'm certain they are releasing it into our environment to usher in Agenda 21. I'm pretty sure we both had it. 

Remember, the beauty of Creation never ends. If this is the end of one life experience, there will be another. And if the dark ones get their way, well, Spirit has the upper hand, be it in our lifetime or our children's children's lifetime. And Ross gives us hope with this message.

Today I have work. I hope it's a short day. I will do my best to appreciate the beauty both at home and at work, as well as the beauty of this time of year, and especially the beautiful freedom to share with you, freely, Ross and me, on this method...

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Mountains' movers!

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Mahalo for the Home Run!


Here at Doctors With Reiki, Ross and I are always teaching, many times, providing myself for an example.

I eat Dark Nights of the Soul for breakfast.

There have been too many to count, in this lifetime, and if you add it to other lifetimes, there are a whole, whole, whole lot of them.

When we write, we are the example and want you to make the connection that:

  1. I could or might happen to you, in our opinion it's likely enough to teach it.
  2. It's not going to hurt you to experience it, as long as you roll with it and feel what you need to feel to work your way through the lesson.
  3. The better you are at this skill, the better you are able to support and uplift others who do not have the spiritual training you have to support you.
So, imagine our joy when our dear friend Monica wrote this yesterday on her page:

Our greatest challenges can be a beautiful gift to the SELF.
If we are courageous enough to feel every. Single. Emotion that arises.
If we choose to be conscious of Every. Single. Thought that doesn’t serve us.
We can not only heal but uncover and reveal (so we can shift them) everything that doesn’t serve us.
We can let the old consciousness go and embrace the new consciousness through every emotion that’s felt with an open heart and love to the self.
We create our own reality with the thoughts and belief system we choose to have.
The time of victimhood is over.
The time of being our own savior and sovereign being is NOW.
It’s up to us.
Monica Jones
Ascending on Earth
November 17, 2020

Thank you dear Monica! You said it better than us!

Our destination is a place of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion.

At the moment, especially if you listen to anything on TV, entertainment, radio, or read news outlets, there is encouragement to have fear.

That is why we are going to share with you something from Magenta Pixie--to help you look beyond fear:

Magenta don't you feel a responsibility to all your followers that you are brainwashing with your conspiracy theories? 

My reply; I have said before and will say again, I do not have any 'followers'. Aware and awakened individuals do not need a leader. They gain confirmation of their own inner knowings when they hear another say the same things. There are no leaders or followers within this telepathic union, only brothers and sisters who are equal. Each with a piece of the puzzle to add to the overall picture of truth. They are immune from brainwashing. It is not possible to brainwash another aware individual, even if you tried to do this (which a great many do, for example mainstream media and world governments), it would not work. This is the reason they know the truth, because brainwashing doesn't work on them! As for 'conspiracy theories' this phrase is used so often now it really has no meaning left. It has no power against those who speak truth anymore. It may still hold meaning for those who sleep but to the aware it has lost it"s potency and is meaningless. A term created to discredit those who speak truth that worked for a while. No longer, for there are simply too many aware and awake individuals on the planet now. Critical mass for that awakening makes a theory no longer a theory. Your comment is typical of one that is trying to cause a reaction in another but this does not work with someone who is anchored and rooted in their own empowerment and sovereignty. You will find there are many of those individuals also. A great many. It is time for those who hate, those who attack to step back now. To realise the battle for consciousness itself has been lost and that the light has won. For when you attack us and ridicule us, all we see is your separation from divinity and source. For that we send you love and invite you to also step into the light of knowing. If you cannot or will not do this then we wish you well in whichever path you take. Hating on the truthful, the sovereign and the free is no longer your path and it cannot be so. You are playing out the old game, the old order and for us who stand in sunlight, those times are long since past.
Magenta Pixie 

We are well on our way, and we encourage you to prepare yourselves, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually for whatever comes next.

For the virus, yesterday, remember the words of encouragement from Hope Johnson. She doesn't carry a mask. She won't wear one. Many stores the workers tell her that they wish they could be like her. The stores that tell her to wear one, she leaves, because she doesn't want to be there at a place like that. She knows the Illusion, and she knows her beliefs empower the manifestation of her experiences. So, for her, she chooses wisely. 

Should you wear a mask?

It's a good question. Everyone needs to ask themselves why they are wearing it. If it's for 'protection', for yourself, well, you might wish to add a face shield to protect your eyes, and gloves. Just a cloth mask alone isn't going to do much when the virus can enter through your nose, and eyes (in China I heard it was through the feet too, I would imagine, by changing shoes and pants without protection and those are contaminated?).  It's it's to protect others, that's another reason. From droplets. But if your mask isn't fitted to your face and N-95, the aerosol can leak out or leak through. It might help some. Remember what people wear in biohazard virus study laboratories. That's what really protects. 

I've worked with people who have recovered from Covid. They aren't contagious. It's okay to be near them in the break room without masks while you both eat. It's okay to work with them in the OR and they don't have an N-95 mask on. 

For people who have recovered, their immune system is protecting them.

Hopefully we will get to the point where natural immunity will save us. 

For unnatural ('acquired' cough cough) immunity, that's another story. 

I wear one at work. I have to. I change it up. Most of the time I keep the flimsy surgical one on, it's easier to breathe. I wear it to shop, because I can't shop without it. When I see the elderly lining up at Costco, with fear, it makes me sad. 

My dad used to say, 'a coward dies a thousand deaths, a courageous one dies but one.'

If you are reasonable, and taking reasonable precautions, and you catch it, well, it could happen to anyone. Don't blame yourself. You've gotten over many viruses in the past. Chances are good you will recover from this too.

And if you don't? Well, everyone is going to face their time sooner or later. It just happened to be now. It's very sad, to leave this life. I know. Yet, adventures in Consciousness continue--for all eternity--and the realm of Spirit is wonderful and so much better than the realm of the physical. What we are trying to say is, sometimes things happen that are outside of our control. Even with the best intentions. And that's okay. It's totally okay. Do what makes sense to you, shoot to be reasonable, you don't have to be disruptive--whether you align with the 'safest by all means' end of the spectrum or the 'I don't want to mask' end---God is in control. 

You might want to look up and research the scenario of the Long Dark Winter. It's something the government here in the states turned into a prototype or project. You might want to look up Operation Mockingbird. Or perhaps, Agenda 21. The people behind the scenes know all about these. It helps to know the framework of what is going on. And it helps more to be aware of it, and resolve to be loving 24/7, 265, to everyone you meet, regardless of the circumstances. It makes a difference!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Consciousness Boosting Couple who are there for YOU!

P.S. you might want to look up's pretty neat. <3

Tuesday, November 17, 2020



Recently I experienced and have been recovering from what is called a Dark Night of the Soul.

It was in the line of duty and was completely unavoidable. Sometimes, when our commitment to being 'loving 24/7, 365' we are going to become so depleted that mentally, physically, emotionally, and yes, spiritually, we are going to run on fumes and eventually hit a wall.

It's part of the territory.

Because of my upbringing, I have had lots on my plate to contend with, and fortunately, I am fast to recognize it and take what steps I require to recover and regain my ability to function again.

So, what happened?

I was around a lot of lower vibration, dense energies from people who are chronic negative thinkers...and..well...'a little more'.

Last week I had two first calls, like bookends. Typically I take one first call a week at most. The first call wasn't bad, I came home and slept all night. But the second...I finished after midnight, and then the freeway was closed on the way home. It was single file, bumper to bumper traffic on the detour. It took me two hours to drive home. 

I took care of a colleague by request. This is stressful. Fortunately, the anxiety I'd seen in this patient the last time was better, completely gone, and filled with trust in my care. The experience was excellent and I was told 'you have a beautiful soul' because there was no pain and a positive recollection of everything I did. Being able to deliver care like that is hard. It's hard for me to see someone I know under anesthesia, or get sick.

But then, the next day, was the funeral for the son of a colleague who took his own life. It was surreal. How? The speeches. Some avoided the obvious, only talking of the good. Others focused on the depression, the pain, and their interpretation of it. The cousin is the last straw. She read a poem about 'science and physics' how the energy is never lost, and also, a worse poem about suicide. There was a sister who had a beautiful voice and sang. And a cousin who sang too, a song she had written when her own father (brother of the father of the deceased) died by his own hand when she was young.

Spiritually, there was like, NOTHING. The youth leader was also the 'best friend' of the deceased, and offered to say the Lord's Prayer. Then there were the coaches. One nicknamed the deceased, at a young age, 'the Penguin' after Dodger's third baseman Ron Cey's nickname. These travel team baseball coaches made a fortune from the parents of the deceased. I always worried a little about who the kids are exposed to when they are young. I was super careful who I let coach Anthony. Their life outlook imprints on the kid...

But the RIDE I shared with a different colleague, was with a very high energy person who is loving and kind. But draining. I saw the home and it was nice to see the tour. I felt welcome. What was sad is that this physician is from Iran. Like, really from Iran. And I learned that they wanted to become an Interior designer, but all parents encourage you to become either a doctor or a lawyer. I also learned that you can't have large gatherings in Iran. The police will come and get you if you throw a big wedding. You can get caught. So her wedding was at her parent's house, in their garden, and they had to bribe the police because you always have to for these things, and her groom was the most scared of all because he was American, and it's the groom who goes to jail for big wedding parties. He was her best friend's brother, that's how they met, he saw a photo of her and fell in love. 

So my friend, she makes art by buying wire art for the wall, and adds glass pieces to them, the colorful round ones you buy at the arts and crafts store. They were everywhere, just about on every wall inside and outside. She has a good eye and has lovely decorations in her home. The dining room was like in an Architecture Digest. She showed me artwork from Iran, kind of like paintings, with silver cutout birds and framed with inlay wood and metal silver wood. Very museum quality. I also saw fine, fine Persian rugs made of silk, and learned how if they bend easily like fabric they are the best quality. Stiff ones aren't so nice.

On top of this, Anthony had wanted a new PlayStation. They are very hard to get. I managed to find him one. He was thrilled, delighted. It was a good thing. I give a lot, I give a lot from my heart to those I love and I love just about everyone. 

But that day, I was done. 

I got an invitation to the after party for the funeral, but the distance was far. I needed to rest. I gave my apologies. 

Sunday I had to run lots of errands for Anthony. I needed to rest first and get my energy up. 

Yesterday I was home, even more errands, but I'm better.

Today I'm working for a friend, I need to start getting ready soon, but I feel more like 'me'.

I got news last night that my favorite uncle had died. The one with the land in the desert I had been longing for months to see. The one who gave all the land to my brother in law. I just learned last night that my uncle's second wife, had been very nasty and rude to my brother in law, and he was the one who scared her on purpose about the elder abuse charges we were going to press on her and my Uncle to get her to back off on us. Perhaps he wasn't greedy, and he was saving it for the family, by getting it in his name...

My sister opened a formal letter, addressed to my mom, who passed in August. It was from the second wife's lawyer. My uncle had passed. As next-of-kin she was not included in any inheritance whatsoever. My uncle died 'sometime in the summer'. Nobody said how. He had diabetes for many years, she was living on his pension. She had spent all my grandmother's savings, then they together withheld food and made her sit for hours in the hot desert sun without water in what they called 'The Chair Of Death' trying to hasten her demise from Alzheimers. 

In all of her Alzheimer's, nana referred to Peggy as 'The Devil' in Sicilian. 

Nana was right.

So Uncle Ben was there to welcome Mom, or perhaps mom was there to welcome Uncle Ben, up to Heaven.

It explains why I couldn't see so well when mom passed, and probably why Nana had to run down and take her by the hand to go Home to Heaven. Mom was confused if she was in the right place once she left her body. 

New Gaia Portalcame out.

This was fun to look at all the questions

Where was Ross in all of this?

Right by my side.

He promised he would take care of me.

He did.

When we were buying an extra controller and a controller charging stand, he told me to go to the microwave oven aisle at the electronics store. (I refuse to have a microwave oven in the house, I want Anthony to learn to cook, and slowly, it's working). It took faith to buy what I needed to get. 

Forever isn't forever.

If you know what a Kitchen Aid mixer is, you'll understand what I am saying. It's a heavy duty stand mixer for the home, and most women buy one and it lasts them a lifetime. I got mine in the early 2000's. It's almond color (so dated now!) and it leaks oil when I use it. It reminds me of my ex and makes me sad. I have many attachments. But I didn't want to be wasteful and get a new one.

If you know what a Hobart mixer is, I used one in my job at the Clorox company when I was making prototypes for Lemon Fresh Clorox 2. It's a professional stand mixer, one step above the Kitchen Aid, and it also comes in bakery sizes. I just saw one longingly at a bakery or something. You can make LOTS with that.

Well, Ross wanted me to spend five hundred dollars on a Professional Kitchen Aid stand mixer, for my Christmas present. Anthony got the PS5. And I got that. I was like, 'okay Ross, I trust you.'

In my heart, and I haven't told anyone, I have a project to make for this work, something special to sell, and I have all the pieces to assemble. Except that this would make it better for the project.

Ross knew.

And the next day? Anthony learned that the store has Black Friday special, the mixer was now two hundred dollars.

I returned it for a price adjustment--keeping the same exact box--and got three hundred dollars back!

Ross had us order carry out pizza for lunch. 

I needed a walk on the beach, so we went, and after that, Ross suggested 'The home cooked meal you don't have to cook', Kentucky Fried Chicken. I had dinner plans but I understood he was trying to show me he cared. So I got it.

It was after that I learned of my uncle's passing. As I looked through the photos, he didn't like to be in photos, but the last meal at my grandma's house where everything was 'normal', we had KFC.

I am loved.

I am not a person who thrives on change and excitement. I love the same thing, day after day, it's comforting for me.

Lately, I've been pushed to the edge of my coping with unexpected changes, even where I have plans for lunch and dinner and I'm so thrown about during my day, I can't even carry out those plans.

Today I was supposed to be off. OFF off. 

But the new father and the scheduler wanted to offer me his call. It's a shorter day, I hope. You never know, I'm at the surgery center. 

I got the text after the beach and in the middle of dinner.

I so, so, so very much wanted to stay home. 

But I decided to ask Ross, and Ross said to work.

Lots of times, when I work, I get even 'more' than 'chronic negative thinkers'. I had a mentally ill patient who was like, scary. He wouldn't even sign a consent. But then he like, perked up as if there was an entity in him, and said, in the kind of voice scary entities have, 'I LOVE YOU, you're so SWEET'.  Without skipping a beat, with all of my spiritual firepower, I gently answered back, 'And I LOVE YOU too!'

That one stayed asleep for five hours in recovery after normal anesthesia. And once I was to my car, to go home, She called me back in to make sure he could go to the floor. But I had trouble with the trunk of my car not closing. I had to fight it for ten minutes. After seventeen hours, and wanting to go home more than anything, back I went. 

I know how to do things, I tested for a gag reflex, it was present and we got a good grimace from it. We got him to open his eyes on command. He was okay.

I do spiritual work when I encounter beings like this in my professional services. 

It's ugly. I don't like to see what I see. I understand the work that needs to be done.

Time to get ready now for 'the Office'...

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twin Hearts who are connected as One

Friday, November 13, 2020

I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You


I adore this image!

It's lots of little white bunnies circled in both blue and red, and they are covering one eye.

Ah! The symbolism of the times!

I'm noticing a trend. Now I've seen three people, two are very close to me, who have had a change of heart.

I won't give specifics, but, it's like, they decided they didn't want to be 'like that' any more.

One had something happen in her personal life, and decided to stop putting her strong feelings about politics on her social media with her friends. It looks like it cost her someone dear to her. 

Another, was abused emotionally and neglected. Now when he is with his abusive parent, he finds he is passive aggressive, angry, and wants to put the abuser 'in his place'. But he's only that way around the abuser. He is otherwise kind, open and loving everywhere else. He's not sure he wants to be like that. Long term where is it going to lead? Possibly into turning into what he hates.  So where to go? At the corner of 'civil' and 'friendly and polite' with that person.

I gave the example for myself with my patients. I am friendly and polite, making the best of the situation, but all the while knowing I have a job to do. And to be able to do that job, I can be nice but I'm not going to open myself all the way emotionally to each and every person I work with. I am friendly and polite, but after that is a solid WALL, which is my boundary, which protects myself.

So it's not 'all open' or 'all closed', it's what you feel is appropriate in that particular relationship. 

I believe we are being bombarded from the Higher Realms with the energies of Contrition. This was an old term used in the Catholic Church for something that goes along with Confession (the Sacrament of Reconciliation).  It just means you are sorry for what you did, and you don't have to be like that any more.

My best confession ever was in New Orleans, at the big church there. I didn't realize it, but I was talking to their Archbishop in that little room. I had just been let go from my position as an Associate Professor of Anesthesia at the University. And the chairman of the department was at the same Anesthesia conference as me.

On my knees, I explained to the clergyman what happened. And how I hate the Chairman who caused me pain. I totally hate him. I wish him bad things, I wish him dead, and I can't stop thinking about him. 

I paused and said, 'Father, that's not like me. I don't want to be like that any more. I want to be free from being like that.'

He encouraged me that yes, this was possible, it was understandable that given the circumstances to feel that way, and would I be able to see him as God sees him? With unconditional love?

I said that was too much of a stretch for me, given the stress of being a single parent and the financial burden he put me in. But, I could pick him up and put him in God's hand, and let go, to let God take care of him.

Then I was given absolution, and certain number of Our Fathers and Hail Marys to say, and I was done.

The energy of reconciliation, or 'Ho'Opono'pono' if you understood the secret message of the title--is electrifying for both people involved! The one asking for forgiveness, and the one who is helping them to find their way, and offering the forgiveness. 

If you find yourself faced in a situation, and you wish to 'make things right', you just find the person, and say these four things:
  1. I'm Sorry
  2. Please Forgive Me
  3. Thank You
  4. I Love You
It helps to throw in an 'amend', a physical something to show you truly regret your behavior and you won't do it again. That helps to increase trust in the relationship.

If Ross ever had one mission, it was to eliminate this separation, and to unify our hearts across the globe in loving unity.

Not the 'I'm right, you're wrong' thought police type of 'unity', which is false.

It's the, 'I'm there for you buddy, I totally get it, I've been there too.'

So whether you feel the need yourself, or someone who is feeling the need approaches you, remember it's the energies, it's the awakening, it's the opening of the heart...right on schedule. It's a sign of the times. And it's okay.

Everything is going to be OKAY.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Adjuvants <3 (Ross says, go ahead and look that one up and he smiles)

Thursday, November 12, 2020

A Massive Shift


Ross is going to speak as promised earlier. And I woke up with a story that seems important since there is emphasis on intention and oaths at the focus of the story. Furthermore, here is a new Schumann Resonance and a new Gaia Portal.

One day I was a surgery medical student on rotation with the Chair of our department, Dr. Moosa. He was from Mauritius. He was running his clinic in his office. We would follow around him like an entourage.

Curiously, a Korean businessman was to be seen. He was very kind, and gave Dr. Moosa an expensive tie as a gift. It appeared to be their custom. The man had taken a flight all the way over the Pacific Ocean.

He then said, in perfect English, that he understood that Dr. Moosa was an excellent surgeon, and he would like to have his opinion for his painful condition. I noticed that the man wasn't sitting he was standing as he was talking to Dr. Moosa.

Dr. Moosa was one of the leading pancreatic surgeons of his time. This is a 'foregut' surgeon. He would do gallbladders, stomach surgeries, and once even a hernia repair for a high-ranking official of UCSD. 

The businessman had hemorrhoids. Bad. He wanted relief.

I think he had even given Dr. Moosa a nice pen like a Mont Blanc pen too, along with the tie.

He was desperate.

Dr. Moosa didn't even examine the man.

He told him no, take fiber supplements to keep the stool soft, and not to come back. 

I've never seen anyone so rude. And I've never seen anyone 'take it' like that patient. 

How could someone needing help be turned away?

Couldn't a colorectal surgery colleague have been given? If Dr. Moosa didn't want to do hemorrhoids. It's a tricky surgery. It's super painful. And if you do it wrong, a paper thin layer next to an important muscle, and the muscle gets cut, then the patient is incontinent of stool for life. 

Or, perhaps, if Dr. Moosa suspected the patient had cirrhosis from Hepatitis B, which is often passed in Asia from parent to least it was back then...then hemorrhoids can't be fixed. They are from back -pressure in the liver blood flow due to scarring in the liver.

I don't know.

What it appeared was that Dr. Moosa was enjoying his power and wielding it in front of the medical students to humiliate that patient. 

What happened to his Hippocratic Oath? Was he doing no harm? What about psychological harm? What lesson was he teaching us, his students?

What was his intention? 

Was it okay?

I'm sure he would justify it. At the time, after the patient left, all of us were like, WHAT WERE  YOU DOING TO THAT POOR MAN??? And he wouldn't answer our questions. He just brushed us off.

Remember your oath. Remember all of them. They are important. 

Explore and examine your intentions.

Not just for now, but as the energies change rapidly and things get unpredictable. If there is an internet outage, who are you sent to help, and how will you comfort them? Take your own pulse first, right?

This is why daily meditation is so key. To examine the soul, and also, to offer it respite and relief from the crazy world...

Good morning.

This is official 'Ross-ese' in my 'Official Capacity'.

I would like to address the state of affairs on the planet at this time.

What appears to be a mess, is actually a carefully constructed 'awakening mechanism'...(he shows an image of dominoes all lined up vertically, and he points a finger to the end one as if he is about to make it tip). For anyone who has ever played with dominoes as 'building blocks', you will understand that once I touch it, NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS HAPPENING. 


It is fundamental energies set in play, each motion setting off the next, in a sequence that has been carefully planned and set up by the one who has been playing with them.

The current state of the Earth has to do with the concept of Karma, and what a soul can endure under the very worst and stressful circumstances, just like the pressure and heat when combined can be used to create a diamond out of the carbon in coal. 

It was a beautiful plan, a blessed one, kind of like a gym for 'super athletes' who 'practice extreme sports' or the equivalent in the Spirit Realm. 

Unfortunately, with each soul trying to outdo the other in its performance, and creating more extreme and dangerous ways to test it, which is 'human nature' at its finest if you look at it from a 'certain perspective' can agree and understand that 'everyone is trying to get as much good training for the soul as can be gotten.'

We are at the end of a Creation Cycle, and a New One is on the Wings, on it's way, just barely starting to begin. They overlap, a little. So some of you are on the old timeline, some of the new babies are on the new creation cycle, and some are going to make the jump and some aren't. Everyone, every soul, has a soul choice in which to make on this.

There is going to be a lot going on, a lot of activity.

Things can change suddenly.

Throughout the planet.

Know that Creator is in Charge of everything, all of it, there are no mistakes, only lessons.

And for the cohort of people who have been tricked, and who are going to come to the realization that 'their world is coming to a crashing halt'--do not be concerned, this is their lesson. It is only when people REACH OUT TO YOU that you are invited to offer support. 

Remember your calling.

Remember what you wrote on your pre-birth Life Script.

Everything is going to be okay.

It happened to me. At the worst I was unrecognizable from the trauma I had endured when I was in the physical. Now look at me when I am in Top Form! 

Spirit can do that.

I want you to take each day at a time, promise to be LOVING to anyone and all that you meet, 24/7, 365, in only the ways you can be like this. Remember your Love and we are loving you and sending you loads and heaps of it across the dimensions and will tatter the Veil. 

I encourage you to open your heart, and to enjoy all the treasures an open heart shall bring.

On Earth as it is in Heaven.

I leave you with my Peace.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The couple who is old and ever young in Spirit. <3 Always

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Work It!


Yesterday I read the new John Smallman post. Ross says that we are awakening now. And that our teams are ready to re-orient us back to the Higher Realms. 

Part of me has a sinking feeling that we are all going to die. 

We ARE going to all die, eventually. But by the tone of it I was concerned that perhaps mass extinction is on the horizon, and after having been through Atlantis when it sunk I'm not really looking forward to that. Even though I adore my teams and I look forward very much to reuniting with them. 

I guess you could say as an old soul I have a little Ascension anxiety, yes?

I am also a little annoyed with the 'show'.

I don't like it.

I didn't like sitting in the break room with a bunch of nurses eating my 'dinner' last night while I was on call--it was lentil hummus, some red thing I don't even know what it was but was part of the mediterranean feast, and by the time I got to the hummus hummus I just couldn't eat it any more. I'd had all the grape leaves, that's what I like best those little rolls, for last night's dinner and lunch. There weren't even crackers or pita bread to eat the hummus with. The time crunch heading to work had been so great I had to skip it. 

Over my head was the goddamn CNN, which I hate, and the nurses are all never-trumpers, they were hating on Trump and his followers still, and looking forward to mandatory mask mandates.

Frustrated, I explained to them how I wear the N-95 all day, it's fitted, and even that will let through five percent of anything I'm trying to protect myself from. It will exhaust itself in about eight hours and no longer protect. How is a cloth mask made of the same jersey material as tee shirts and underwear going to protect anyone from anything?

They agreed, and said that only the surgical masks are 'protective' but from what they understand it's to keep the droplets from speaking down. 

Covid isn't droplet transmission. It's aerosol. Very fine particles that can easily pass through any mask besides an N-95, and possible small enough to easily pass through that--if it's virus particles which are 3 microns and the mask protects to 7 microns.

I started thinking about Life on Earth. And what's the whole point of it? If you look at it one way, it's totally senseless.

You live in a fragile body that needs food and medical care. And light and Vitamin D and exercise and rest.

So we learn how to grow things and to care for them. 

Things break. And we need to know how to repair them or find someone trustworthy to repair them and not rip us off. 

These office worker photos always show excitement and success. But how about lazy people who don't pull their weight? And deceptive ones who teach us the lesson in betrayal again and again?

There are hardships only someone who walked a mile in their shoes would understand. 

We were talking about white privilege in the operating room yesterday. I said I had a lot of that growing up in North Long Beach, a very poor and rough neighborhood right next to Compton (I was actually conceived in Compton, my parents had their first apartment there).  I was being sarcastic.

And the guys in the ortho room were like, 'You grew up in Long Beach?'

And I said, 'Yes, in the LBC. In NORTH Long Beach.' which everyone knows is a bad part of town, with the downtown area near LB Polytechnic high school (where my dad went) a little worse. (My new job for extra part time work is right near there, and also, right near where I was born, St. Mary's hospital.)

Then there's the whole social part of life...who you find to associate with. Who settles down to live with you and raise children. And how you do that. 

I've had people recently tell me honestly that they realized how hard it is to be a single parent. Either it was the situation or they heard about how I had some hard times with Anthony.

When I had to get him to counseling once a week and myself too, I was spending two hundred fifty dollars a week for it. And one worker used to help me leave work early, I hadn't told her why until last night. We were talking about the lady urologist whose son just took his own life. We are going to the funeral together. It's incomprehensible the sorrow. 

Sorrow happens too. And suffering in this life.

So here is a basic teaching point available to all of us. 

Is that why we incarnated on earth? To improve our attitude or have it tested?

Sometimes I get the feeling that whoever designed earth--and it very well could have been my HS and perhaps that's why I've been so upset at her for so long, I'm not now, but I was--decided to assign all different kinds of soul 'grade levels', and soul 'assignments' (team light or team dark)--and throw them in the blender.

With this little snow globe, you shake it up, and the effect is beautiful, as it settles down. 

But with souls and hearts?

I know Hope Johnson says that everything is a projection, and it comes to help us reinforce our beliefs--every person, every happening, every memory, shows us how well we love ourselves. It's all fake. It's all perception. But what's REAL is Love. Everything else is Drama.

What I can't understand is that some people are ROTTEN. I'm talking bloodlines of the Illuminati, people who invoke demons, all that stuff.

I'm sick of them doing 'great in those roles' and torturing and eating innocent children and human sacrifices.

So this is where I personally, have a difficult time with Ross, and his saying that nothing is 'bad', there is no 'judgement' and it's all part of being in Duality. 

I couldn't live in an eternity where it is okay for people to drink blood and rape children. 

I can't live in an eternity where it is okay, anywhere.

So, in my full capacity, I officially announce that Earth School for all sentient beings is closed forever. Only good and kindness, nurturing, warmth, love and compassion, are going to be in existence. I don't care if it's boring. I don't care if you don't like it. You can move to another universe and do all that crazy shit if it means so much to you. I don't want to be a part of it. I never condoned any of the things that have been happening here. And between Divine Mother and Myself, there is a giant clean up of low-vibration, negativity that has been removed steadily from this planet for going on ten years now. 

If I misunderstood Ross, and perhaps the people who have been doing horrible things are welcome to stop, and won't be judged because they want to stop and heal and get better, then I apologize most sincerely. I wouldn't judge someone who wanted to better themselves, the planet and humanity.

For those who are currently in mass MK Ultra 2.0, the first being when Kennedy died and shocking so appears like everyone who was a never-Trumper, and an Obama Lover, I have a word for you. Energetically, do you think all that hatred your whole cohort manifested against Trump was without consequence to yourselves and Earth? I felt it dissolve once the media said Biden won. It was like a huge black cloud lifted off the planet.


You made that cloud with your thoughts and emotions, those are REAL things, and they had an effect on everything in the planet. How do you know it's global warming that's melting the ice for the polar bears--because it's 'science that tells you' , with science being something that can be measured by experts...when you have no inkling that the world leaders are experts at the occult, they know THAT science and the laws perfectly for their own benefit and hoard it to themselves, and they mine ATTENTION and direct it however they want. Yes, the hearts and minds of the people? How do you even know that your leaders and scientists are what they present themselves to be, honest and trustworthy? They could be lying.

So, if you dislike Trump, fine.

If you as a collective obsess on it and burn cities and look the other way to voter fraud, and create a dark cloud of unhappiness, that's not cool.

From what I see, there is a very high possibility of a massive reversal of the vote--not for Trump to win--but for the purpose to traumatize everyone who is celebrating, with a ginormous betrayal. And THAT will not only trigger civil war, but it will psychologically break this cohort into dissociation or vulnerability to being brainwashed to the next level.

In satanic covens, they will love bomb you for the first two years of life--you can do no wrong, then when you are ripe for it your father will viciously rape you. This shatters the mind into something they can work with for mind control programming. 

Next they will give you a pet, usually a dog, and you will be able to bond with it. Then later, they kill it. 

They teach you that only betrayal is normal, and expected, and if you let yourself be betrayed or tricked it's your own damn fault. 

That's their world.

It's like battling illusions. Their beliefs. And the general public. And their goal with NWO is complete control and everyone to think like/obey them.

In a way, there's nothing 'wrong' with it as they are souls carrying out their life purposes and perhaps they are doing really good at the dark lives, everyone has learned them.

But if you are celebrating, be careful. First of all, after torturing and calling everything against your beliefs  a demon, for four years, that's not without ramifications. People aren't going to just 'unite'. Not with hypocrites. Second, I see a stage being set to really hurt you as they rush in the NWO--because they want to 're-Trump' you and break your spirit. This makes you more workable. And right now, with the current Biden stuff, it's breaking the spirit of the Trumpers who know a little about the deception and occult and sacrifices and want it to end. They are just flaunting it that the swamp is in control and can do whatever the hell it wants to anyone, and no one can stop it.

I need to make breakfast for Anthony now.

Be in your center.

Take mainstream media with a huge grain of salt. Turn it off if possible because there is advanced psychological warfare going on there.

Stay close to nature.

Enjoy every day of life and freedom that you can.

The other day, my highlight was checking on my worms in my compost bin in the morning, and realizing the compost was steaming hot. I've never seen compost do that out here in California. It was exciting to see I was doing something right.

Support one another spiritually.

And know that the easiest way to control a society is to divide them politically. Otherwise, united, they would overthrow the government. That's why they do what they do, to keep us down and barely able to survive.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

Ross will talk a little more next time about this subject. He will have his say. And he says we are not all going to die in 'some mass extinction'. Everyone is living/keeping their Life Contracts, everything is Kosher and on the 'up and up'. So don't fear. He wants you to see what resonates with you in what I said. With my (he giggles) 'Ascension Anxiety'. He said if every there was someone who could get anxious about something wonderful, it would be Carla.