Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A Session With A Council

This is a vision I had from a meditation where I went to Zadkiel's Temple.

Before me was a vast space, a circular one, lined with seats all up and down the sides of it. The angle was sharp, you had to climb up a lot. If' you've ever been to the Forum where the Lakers used to play long time ago, it's kind of like that, only there's no basketball court or floor, only open space and the stars.

Ross saved me a seat.  Ours was like a bench, an upholstered bench for two people, and I sat on his left.

All of a sudden, out of the space below, swirled up thousands and thousands of white butterflies, so many that they looked like confetti.

I'm not sure what happened after the butterflies, or if there was music, there was just this...ENERGY that was of excitement and festivity and completion.

This circular space was vast, very vast, and next I knew, I saw something coming down from heaven.

It looked like one of these things:

You know where you sit and get a panoramic view and it goes up the sky tower thing, and it rotates?

Well it was like they were coming down to look at us! I saw windows, floor to ceiling, and people, who were from Heaven. They were excited, very excited to see us. Their hands were pressing on the glass and tapping the glass and smiling and waving at all of us.

The thing they were in was massive, very huge, and I sensed modern technology I didn't know had built it. It was coming down with all the safety and precision of one of these rides.

I couldn't hear the people.

But it was a super important event, and Ross was very proud and pleased and excited for all of us to see it.

Our side, was quiet, probably overwhelmed a little, and taking it all in. 

Ross wanted me to share this vision with you.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Monday, July 27, 2020

How to Boost Your Vibration Over The Top So That It Will Overflow

I am well. We are busy. Not with work, per se, but with living our lives and doing what we can to keep moving forward despite the Covid.

Here is the Schumann resonance frequency graph. The energies are building up, and the moon is already halfway towards a full moon. 

If you are having trouble assimilating the incoming energies, here is a strategy:
  • take frequent naps, and don't push yourself
  • let chores wait until you have the energy, you will find you complete them in faster time
  • drink lots of pure, fresh water
  • go barefoot on the earth--grass or soil. This 'grounds' your energy
  • get sunshine, at least ten minutes a day, no sunscreen. (Carla likes to lie flat on the ground on a beach towel to maximize her contact with the earth)
  • eat things that grow in the ground--carrots, beets, potatoes
  • take a bath in a tub where you have added some salt to the water, like a handful of epsom salt or sea salt
  • exercise
  • meditate
  • self-Reiki
  • be with pets/animals
  • study the Bible for fifteen minutes a day

I read the Bible from cover to cover as a teen, twice or three times. 

As life got busy, I stopped my daily study. It was every 'now and then', but I had my Bible always near me.

I went to Church every week until 2012, July, when I took the red pill and understood what goes on deep beneath the surface of the Church.

Anthony's religious education stopped around the same time, when he left a Christian pre-school, and we stopped going to church together.

Thanks to Q, he's developed an interest in the Bible. (It's going to be Biblical!)

I bought him his own Bible. He wanted King James Version. (I had recommended a Catholic one, there's twelve extra books in it, but that's okay).

I also bought him a journal to go with his study.

Ross has been guiding us daily, to have consistency, to study it together.

I used to worry because the Bible has had a lot of information taken out of it, and a lot added into it. I wanted it to be pure. Even knowing that many MK Ultra in the south are trained that way WITH the Bible (Cathy O'Brien was) makes me really sad...

What I would like to share is that while you are reading the Bible, you are demonstrating free will to connect with Divine Creator, and there is energy flow from Creator through the reading of the Bible, to you, and it's really wonderful and strong.

How do you do it?

Pick the same time every day if possible.

Pray and give thanks in advance before you even open the book, thanking Creator for the time to read and to grow closer to the angels and Heaven, and for the message you will be given.

Randomly open the book, going to where it 'feels right'.

Pick a small portion, not even a whole chapter, perhaps a story of a few paragraphs.

Read it.

Ask yourself, 'What was the writer trying to convey by writing this?' Sometimes it's historical facts, who did what. Sometimes it's recording something for posterity. You know it was Divine Inspiration guiding the writer.

Ask yourself, 'What is the message that was being given to the people back in those times by Creator?'

Ask yourself, 'What is the message being given to people of today by this passage?'

Ask yourself, 'What is the message being given to me, to help my own life?'

Then you can enjoy your treat--a cup of coffee. Yesterday we each had a frozen banana dipped in chocolate. 

Make sure in your journal you write the date, the time, the passage, and any notes to help you remember the answers to your four questions.

It is GOOD to write in your Bible! You can highlight or put notes in the margins.

Here's an extra treat for you...a video of a town in Syria where Aramaic is still spoken today in modern times:  here is link to click for the short video


It's time for Carla to get ready for her work. The time flies while she is writing!

Remember my love for you.

There is no need to force yourself to read the Bible, and certainly not for organized religion if it doesn't appeal to you. 

There are many who, like Cathy O'Brien, have been abused by the system when it comes to religious beliefs.

But...if there's one thing you'd like to do, or to try, to 'spice things up' in your Spirituality, I recommend taking the Biblical Challenge--one study every day for thirty days--and see how it is helping you metaphysically. 

There is no right or wrong, everyone has their own freedom to make their choices. It's just for fun that Carla and I make the challenge.

And our LOVE for you is inherent in your being alive, and not connected in any way whatsoever for what you do.


These are difficult times and we are doing our best to help you strengthen to meet your challenges.

Ross also says even if you were raised on a different Holy Book (the Q'ran or Torah or whatever), why not give the Bible a try, just so you can see what is going on with all the Christians for yourself. At least then you will expand your frame of reference and know where they are coming from. What the fuss is all about.

All in good fun, of course!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Miracle to have found each other for so long

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Face Conflict and Humiliation With Confidence!

There is so much more to this photo than meets the eye. Only someone who has worked in the field of medicine would understand.

Did you know it is common knowledge that older nurses are cruel and abusive to the new ones in training?

The young nurses in the O.R. were talking about it the other day. 'They eat their young!' one chimed in. She said that she cried every day through her clinical training--on the wards in the hospital. Others cried often too. 

I added that as a woman physician (intern and resident), I was treated differently by the nurses than the male physicians--because I wasn't 'marriageable material' to them. The nurses--some, not all, but much more than I'd ever seen in medical school in San Diego--have a honey-sweet voice and do extra work with a smile for the males. And for the women like me? You can do it yourself they would say. No honey. Just harsh.

I cried most of my way through medical school and residency too. 

A hospital is the most complex organization on the planet. There are 'fiefdoms' or 'turf' with politics, and all the various branches and specialties must interact with one another to deliver care.  The laboratory, x-ray, food service, housekeeping/environmental services, people who are in charge of all the medical equipment, information services...

Through grace and luck, those of us survive our training, and come to work on the front lines throughout our careers.

Covid makes it harder. 

Just putting on all the stuff, wearing it--it gets hot and uncomfortable. When you wear glasses it's really hard to see through it. My shield kept fogging up yesterday during a procedure and I could lift my head just the right way to see through the bottom where it wasn't fogged up.

I'm glad I had it on because I've never been coughed on so much by patients as I was yesterday.

It was a difficult, hard day.

Let's talk about the Other Team.

They have things like Humiliation Rituals.

They are able to work on the astral planes with magic, and to make suffering happen. 

Some days, you are going to find you can't win for losing. You are misunderstood, humiliated, subject to confusion and delay...you are given the run-around...

This 'extra layer' of Spirit is a fact. It's present everywhere, not just in the hospital. 

I know I get away with the Spiritual Work I do during anesthesia, going in and cleaning out all of the lower vibrational entities on a daily basis, healing timelines, working with Ross and our teams, being where I am needed to be--which I don't talk about at work....and also, being a loving, gentle, kind, understanding presence to patients, colleagues, and workers alike. 

Some days there's going to be some push back. Like yesterday, which  I got. My 'nine thirty' case was actually scheduled for 'nine'--it was a mistake, not mine, but I took the heat for it and lost a case. 

It got worse from there. So much struggle.

Inside, deep inside, I found my strength. 

I knew what I was experiencing had nothing to do with ME, it couldn't take ME away, it couldn't harm ME, yes it was annoying and a hassle that felt like it would never end, but I knew it WOULD end. So I was resolute. 

This IS Spiritual battle. It's on the screens across the globe--even on the social media. 

We needs Jesus and angels now more than ever.

Keep to your Life Purpose no matter what.

Wherever you find yourself, sometimes a lot of push back and resistance is going to pop up unexpectedly.

Remember who you are, a child of Divine Creator, and nothing can stop you from your Life Purpose. 


When you get home, you might be cranky. I was. It took a while to share how horrible my day had been, to let my guard down, and to engage in activities to help me feel 'normal' again after the conflicts outside the range of normal workday I experienced in my work.

I was so empty, and wore out. I really was.

But last night, I made reservations for patio dining, put on an actual dress, dress shoes, and purse, and went to dinner with Anthony. We had Caesar salad, mac n cheese, and bruschetta to share, and then I had the fish and chips. With a Guinness. There was music playing, a guy on a keyboard. It was good to enjoy being alive, and to give thanks for a day ended, and for employment no matter how hard it gets. It helps me to support us. 

Anthony and I caught up on how he's been the past few days visiting his father. There's always news. There's more support in the family structure for him now, and he's seen changes in his dad for the better. When Anthony used to get hurt as a little kid his father used to laugh at him. Now, when Sy the three-year old of the girlfriend falls and hits his head, Jared is actually nice. Anthony is surprised about it. He even confronted his dad with humor saying, 'hey, you used to laugh at me!' and his dad said, calmly, 'the boy really hit his head hard...'

He got a sunburn loading wood from the demolition of the kitchen to the dumpster for an hour.

Otherwise he was well.


What's my position on all of this stuff? Not the surgical position--by the way, sitting and Beach Chair are not shown in the diagram, but they exist...

Spirit is real.

We are aware of this.

Spirit is actually MORE real than the physical realm.

Is there a battle like Carla says?

I prefer to look at the end result, that the battle is already won, by Divine Creator, and everything else is just small baby steps to achieve that end result.

I did my part.

You do your part too.

Do not underestimate the importance of love and family to get you through. 

I was there with Carla and Anthony last night at dinner. I helped to arrange it. I helped get it done.

Do not underestimate the importance of getting adequate sleep...of fresh air and sunshine...of happiness and joy taken in on a regular basis. 

This will strengthen the soul, and also, the psychology for you.

You do not have to experience anything you do not want to experience, but just like with the nurses in training--it is part and parcel of the trade. In such situations, you must overcome the obstacles which are thrown in your path.

Sometimes, in endurance, this is when you show your strength.

Follow my example.

And also that of Carla.

We love one another so....very much.

Right from the soul.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Jubilant ones who have a weekend free!

Friday, July 24, 2020

Enjoy Your Dream

Ross wants me to share a moment I had yesterday, with you.

I was sitting in pre-op holding, in an empty patient bay, waiting for my surgeon to arrive and to mark the patient.

I remembered the struggle. I remembered the hopes, the excitement, the volunteer hours in the pediatric emergency room in Oakland, California, the efforts, the struggles, the dream...

Here is was. Looking around, was all of the official conventional (allopathic) medicine things, in a place where allopathic medicine is practiced, and--I'm getting paid to do this work!

It felt good.

Sometimes we need to realize that even through our dreams can suck the life energy out of us, and thrash us mentally, physically, and emotionally like a turbulent river--sometimes we get what we want, and that in itself is a blessing, a wonderful wonderful blessing.

In the photo here, this is cardiac surgery taking place. I have the training to do the anesthesia for it. It takes very long hours. Our cardiac guy was in surgery eight hours for one case that should have taken four, and the computer kept showing it going longer and longer. 

I don't do hearts anymore, and I don't do OB anesthesia. Careers change over time. But can I still run all of the equipment in the photo there that you see?


And if it wasn't for lifestyle,  I'd still be doing it today.

One day my days in the operating room will have a dreamlike quality and be in my past. 

Our Covid numbers at our hospital are the lowest they've been in a month or two, which is good.

We have had more people quit the group. For better lifestyle. The people who were taking heavy OB call loads both are leaving. In the middle of the night, since they are in house, they do the elective intubations (not CODE BLUE). They have been up all night and doing the Covid intubations because no other anesthesiologist is around.  It's not worth it to them. 

I've seen more people quit medicine and retire over the coronavirus. 

I've seen lots of people 'save their own skin' and get medical letters so they can stay home, I know people who have taken time off--all of the leave they had. But the bug is here for longer than that, and when they come back, it's totally awkward. It's poignant. 

Another repercussion of the Covid is that medical supplies are in short supply. For example, everyone wants to be as far from the mouth when they intubate, so they use a video camera device called a Glide Scope. Well, size four blade is a disposable unit that fits onto the camera. It works for everyone. There are two sizes available, three and four. And size four is on backorder...for everyone...everywhere.

Our surgical gowns are on backorder. They come in different sizes, regular, large, extra-large. Not now. It's only one size. The regular ones are on backorder. 

We had the personal protective equipment. But each piece now is of poor quality, compared to what was standard. The bonnet caps are so thin you can see through them, and with my long hair, I need two. If I wear one the mask straps make it ride up and my hair is exposed.  Instead of the blue wipes to clean my hands, there is a dispenser of sanitizer stuck to the wall. Sanitizer doesn't remove organic materials. So yesterday my anesthesia tech found the wipes we use to prepare surgical patients, like a bath wipe, and put them in the workspace for when I need to clean a mess on myself and can't get to the sink.

Times change. We adapt. And we grow.

I know I am needed by my patients, by my colleagues, by my anesthesia group. Yesterday surgeon, nurse, scrub tech and I thanked one another for a beautiful day. Nice music. Terrific teamwork. Happy patients. It was good.


Carla has a late start today. To be honest she would have preferred a day off, but this is as good as it gets. She was permitted to sleep to her hearts content, at least, until I woke her and asked her to share her thoughts from the heart from yesterday's mini-'awakening'.

Carla is happy in her profession. She enjoys what she does and the people she meets. 

Last night, Carla was overwhelmed when she came home. It was late, it was dark, and she forced herself to go to the local grocery store to pick up some greeting cards. Her neighbors recently celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, and they help her with Anthony. She also bought them a bottle of champagne. They had shown interest in face shields, and Carla had dutifully saved her daily ones and cleaned them with disinfectant before giving them her gifts. 

It was enjoyable talking with the neighbors in the night air.

But when she got back, instead of being able to relax and call it a night, Carla tried to feed the snake who didn't want to eat. (She tossed the white mouse onto the green belt over the fence--someone will find a way to eat it and it has its chance to be free). 

Then Carla remembered her friend Melody who is on hospice, and had asked her to call. After nine Carla left a voicemail, and will call her again.

No wonder why when Carla saw the first star last night, she wished with all her heart, for a better life. Not just for her, but for everyone.

I asked her what she meant, while she was wishing it. To clarify?

She said she wanted more control of her time, and better use of her gifts. To be without that horrible pressure from the outside, from the 'invisible hand' that is guiding society which to her looks 'off of a cliff'...in her heart Carla emphasized that there has to be MORE than this, and that the dark ones have provided ample opportunity for painful lessons, and perhaps, in time, such lessons won't be needed any more and people could be spared so much of the pain and be permitted to experience more joy and loving in their daily life.

I heard her.

I was listening.

I am doing all I can to make things right again.

Carla what was your dinner last night?

C:  a chunk of French bread. No plate. A little brie cheese or camembert, with currant breadstick/crackers--again, no plate. Strawberries, fresh. With a plate. And a glass of limoncello. 

Carla was it enough?

C:  I suppose.

Was it festive?

C: No, absolutely not.

Was it lonely?

C:  It's not like we were having our date night. I sensed you but we weren't talking or anything. I was just watching X22 and ready for bed.

Is that the kind of life you had envisioned for yourself when you were little? Or even when you were considering medicine?

C:  No. Absolutely not. Never in my life did I imagine my life would be like this. 

Again, what is the life you have envisioned for you?

C:  A home, and family, like how I grew up. 

What is happening now?

C: a colleague is texting me. She doesn't want to come in from home. She is one of the ones who quit. And she wants me to relieve her when I finish at the surgery center. I don't know what I'm going to do, or when I will finish. She's totally wasting my time. I'm not promising her anything.


C:  Because it's total dog-eat dog out there, and if I don't stick up for myself, people will take advantage of me.

What happened at your work yesterday?

C:  I was available to do a case and could have done it but Call 1 was pressuring the nurse to save it for him. He made the surgeon wait forty-five minutes so he could 'finish the other case first' that was 'close to finishing' so he could make the money. And I had to wait almost four hours, unpaid, to do one last case. 

Is that why you got home so late?

C:  Yes. I had to change clothes.

What did you do in those four hours?

C:  try to get the surgeon to move up the case. He couldn't. Caught up on emails, mostly. Bought something on clearance from SurLaTable. And I selected what was to go in my produce box next week.
I also ate an early dinner, heating up my leftover curry rice at four thirty. 

Did your colleague know you were aware of what he was doing?

C:  Yes, I looked through the window to the O.R. and we made eye contact. He isn't normal and I wasn't going to engage because if I fight with him the nurses write it up, and I look bad. The nurses wrote his behavior up, and I looked like a team player with the nurses.

Is this what you thought when you chose medicine?

C:  NO! No! Absolutely not! I thought I would heal people, and take the time to give them what they need without any rush or outside interference. As it is, even our own lecture series topics are selected to help our numbers go up and influence us as a group of physicians at the hospital. Everything is controlled. It's sad

How would you make it better?

C: Throw the whole thing out and do what YOU do, with your advanced equipment and techniques.

Would you like to learn how it is done?

C:  YES! Even if I had to go through another internship and residency. If it would make my life better, and that of my patients and colleagues better, I would pay YOU to let me do it! I really would. 

Only if it was a short-term training, and didn't take years like it did the first time for your internship, residency, and fellowship?

C:  As long as I was paid enough to pay my bills, I wouldn't care how long it would take, as long as I'm out of what is going on in my world now.

Enough said.

Carla show them the Schumann resonance frequency

Show them Lissa Rankin's article  link here to open to read it.  What happened to her?

C:  She was an OB GYN who got burnt out, big time, and got into some business deal with Louise Hay and is now famous. I'm not sure if she's making enough to support herself. She and her husband divorced. She has a daughter who I imagine is a young lady now. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and CArla
Thank you for letting us help you to THINK about what is going on, in the world around you, and in your hearts...

P.S. here is her boss' say on it--the unhappy one kicked it upstairs, and this is what she got.

Carla is call 12

Vicky is call 13.

Carla, after you finish your ASC , as call 12, you should check with OR if you are needed to do a case or to relieve your lower ranked colleague.

Vicky, we don’t know exactly what time the ASC colleagues will finish!!!

Apparently they are working on opening the room between 9:00-9:30.

Carla is starting at 9:30 for 3 cases , and the time of the surgeon is unpredictable.

So you need to report to the hospital, you cannot day, it takes me an hour. If it does, you should be on your way. They are calling you earlier to inform you.

Carla is not expecting to finish before 11:00

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Hello Discern-O-Meter!

Today we are going to have an experiment! There are no right or wrong answers. Join us as we discuss the fate of a child actress gone too soon, Anissa Jones, the former star in the role of 'Buffy' in the American sitcom from the sixties, 'Family Affair'.

Before we get to her story, we will give you three amazing updates in general:
  1. The Schumann Resonance Frequency today
  2. Yesterday's blog post, and John Smallman's Jesus through John which was published on the same morning--independently!--have the words 'Freedom' in the title and theme. Coincidence? ; ) we think not.
  3. Cohoe barra uh is talking Angels and Music in the Spheres...

Let's get back to the main feature, where we take the CERN our of Dis-cern-ment and Dis-CERN-O-meter...we will save that strange place and the rituals associated it for another trip down the infamous 'rabbit hole'.

Back to Hollywood...

It sounds pretty cut and dried, doesn't it? The same old story--lost to drugs.

Here's what's amazing about here, that caught my eye.
  • The 'awkward interview' on the Dick Cavett show. Here is the video. Watch the body language. Hers--what is she doing with her mouth? Sammy Davis Junior. Watch the body space especially.
  • Of all the images why is it in this one--click here to see it yourself--is she kissing President Lyndon Johnson on the lips, and he is totally dreamy with her? Compare it to one of him kissing his wife. It's different.
  • Here's a video of the autopsy report. Sorry for the cheesy video but the information is good. Another thing from a coroner I've seen said it was the highest doses of drugs in an overdose he's ever seen. It was remarkable.

What makes Hollywood go?

Unlimited cash, and also, the CIA, and even further, the, um, to say it politely, the NWO agenda.

Does Hollywood have access to damage control?

If someone were, 'euthanized' to put it mildly, in 'ritual'--could there be a coroner who could be bought?

What happened to these others?
  • Heather, Brigette, and Anissa
  • Brian Keith's daughter  He died a short time later. It is said he wanted to be with his daughter Daisy.
  • Anissa's brother Paul, her father, and her mom? BTW Anissa means 'little friend' in Arabic. Her mother was Lebanese. Apparently when the father died, there was conflict between her and her mom, she didn't want to live with her. The mom sent her to Juvenile Hall for like, two years, and then the court ordered her to live with her mom. Look at how much money Anissa left behind, and then, add to that, the lawsuit for four hundred thousand dollars in wrongful death. Cui bono? (who benefits?). 

I was fascinated because Anissa lived in Los Angeles but died in a party in Oceanside, quite a drive to the south. She was with 'a new boyfriend' (handler?)

Here is something cool. A 'ghost box' interview.  video is here. Frankly, being a medium is so much simpler!

P.S. Cory Feldman knows what happened to Heather. If you know where to dig, you'll find it.


Carla is sorry, deeply sorry, that there is an incredible appetite for children in Hollywood. Both figuratively and literally. 

It's in the area, it's endemic...not the happiest place on earth for these kids.

I want you to remember kids like Anissa, who never got to grow up, and also, children like Corey whose youth was stolen from them, and they must endure a lifetime of pain.

There is hope! (he holds one finger up).

With God, anything is possible.

Healing is on the way.

Remember them, and everyone like them, in your daily Reiki practice. Send it to the offenders and predators too, because many were victimized like Corey in their youth. This practice is intergenerational. And it needs to stop.

Thank you for holding the Light for those who cannot defend themselves and are in it too deep, way over their heads, like beautiful Heather and Anissa, and most likely Brigette too.

Good times are on the way, and what we are doing here with this experiment with you is a little, um, 'housecleaning' for some of the soil and darkness on Mother Earth. Exposing it, shining the light so the things have no more shadows to hide in, any longer, is the way it is done.

Please do not support any businesses you know who are linked in any way to child trafficking. 

Thank you.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who love you and always hope for the best!

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

I Want You To Be Free

This morning I was awakened by a dolphin making that dolphin noise really loud and telling me to GET UP!

At around three in the morning I had woken up, and heard myself saying, 'I love you and I want you to be free', but I was tired from working late, and wanted to sleep in a little more.

At six on the dot, my spiritual dolphin friends awakened me.

No sleeping in and time to help the team.

Yesterday I saw a tattoo of a globe on a patient's arm. It was kind of blotchy, not the highly defined one, and perhaps a little bigger than a quarter.

Next to it was a figure of a kind of empress looking creature with a face of a skull, and one of these alchemical symbols was next to it--the one for Creation:

There were tattoos everywhere, and the energy signature was low vibration, the health was poor, the intelligence wasn't cultivated, the heart was sweet, the maternal instinct was healthy...it sparked a deep compassion in me and is the basis for the subject of this lesson.

Remember, Gaia is working together with her PEOPLE to raise the energy of herself and her grid, to help us get to where we are all designed to do--to be--totally healthy and aware with our Consciousness as Spiritual Beings, as co-creators with Source.

Here is our sum total from yesterday: .With The Schumann Resonance

Most important is to heal ourselves from misperceptions and old patterns, releasing painful experiences and walking away from them as we help ourselves heal.

Second is strengthening ourselves in Spirit, to the point of taking on the armor of Divine Creator, and going into the crazy world, anchoring LOVE and being LOVING 24/7 to everyone we meet. 

Third is educating ourselves about the ways of Spirit, and remembering HOME. Don't feel like you need a Spiritual Community to meet every month or every week to Ascend. We have been conditioned to be passive and to aggregate together for Spiritual things. Always question the motives of the teachers and the groups. Always. 

We will get to this point after the next point, we are taking a brief aside.

We are going to share with you one of the major arcana cards from the Tarot. Why? Because there is a spiritual lesson, and also, because brave souls like Frideborg went under cover, and now understands the Playbook of the Other Team (the ASSC) and came out unscathed.  As I share with you the images, remember this is how they look at themselves, or at least, the ASSC wants us to look at them. 

This is the Devil card. In my deck, the drawing is similar but there's one huge spiritual point in the drawing that isn't as clear as in this and the following images.  The victims collars are big enough that they are the ones who slipped it easily over their heads.

Then they got stuck.

They actually can leave any time they want, because the collar is easy to take off. It's the sick frame of mind that makes them believe they are stuck, and have no other way out.

The main figure has cloven hooves, half animal, half human, with that 'as above, so below' hand gesture.

This main figure here is absolutely hideous, there are breasts on it, and the people who are enslaved aren't even human any more. The collars are tight, and the lower half of their bodies is an animal just like the main figure.

This one here shows more 'light' or 'illumination' in the image, the main figure clearly isn't human, and it dwarfs the humans who are enslaved to it, and in this depiction, they are in a submissive pose.

In this artistry you see the hermaphrodism clearly in the main figure, and the lesser ones now have horns and a tail. The ropes slip easily on and off, but the followers are powerless as they have forgotten their power.

This one, and the next one, aren't even correct in the representation of the occult 'point' of the card--the two submissive humans aren't even in the images. 

This is a profound reminder of the occult, how much is hearsay...what someone told to someone...and the main point is cleverly lost so as to deceive even MORE people.

Here is the next teaching point.

I used to like Angelina Jolie. I thought she was beautiful, I wanted her to have a happy life, and I loved reading the tabloids and People magazine and US. 

Then I saw her video where she tells a friend she had to kill her pet snake during some ritual thing. 

I saw her portrayal of evil as 'good'.

Are her kids wholesome? Did she love her husband? She was a home-wrecker and then left him in the dust years later. Their fights were legendary. 

Remember how she said she was a 'virgin' for a while after she adopted her son Maddox?


THIS is the religion of the NWO. 

The 'world' and 'worldly ways'.

Everything that is Politically Correct, reinforced by the Narrative, isn't only a 'Narrative' in and of itself. It is a story to help promote JahBuLon, the Masonic 'religious belief system', for everyone all over the globe. 

And WHY? 

WHY is the ASSC trying to assemble us together? To worship what THEY want? To keep our focus, our money, our attention, our thoughts on THEIR topics/subjects they provide us?

Because each and every one of us, has incredible powers to co-create and manifest, like a genie in a bottle, when we are back Home. 

The last place the ASSC want us, is in our power, as is our birthright, when we are at Home. 

If we are here, we remember, we align, we activate, and awaken, the rope/collar slips off easily from over our heads and necks. WE help create what Divine Creator wants, and gives Creator complete and total delight, and ourselves, likewise similar delight!

This foils the chances of the main figure to be surrounded by--and harnessing the creative energy powers from--enslaved beings who are beholden to IT. 

The ASSC, their system, is designed to separate you from your Source, and to hijack your Source energy for its own purpose! 

Society as we know it isn't benign. 

So on the one hand, you have The World--the news, weather, sports, celebrities, music, models, technology, everything saying 'BE LIKE THIS'--and on the other, you have nature, dolphins, Creator, trees, waterfalls, the sky and the stars which IS truly, good, wholesome, and empowering for YOU.

Yesterday they turned the TV in the break room to BBC World--and we saw whales all day! I saw a sperm whale get saved from being beached by volunteers...it was wonderful!

Connect to the LOVE of Gaia, to your home planet who sustains you, and Divine Creator a little MORE, and let go of the worldly ways, every single day. 

Be in the world, but not OF it.

Reject their Playbook.

Give thanks for the brave ones who have infiltrated and are better able to paint a picture of what is hidden, so we can take this knowledge into our spiritual battle and make our own battle plans with Creator. Follow your soul, your inner guidance, and commit to LOVE--being LOVE to all, nurturing, warmth, love and kindness...

And this battle will be won!


Carla and Anthony had a little disagreement or 'fight' the other day over his sunburn. Anthony had sat under the umbrella and didn't wear sunscreen.

Carla had brought for him a hat, and encouraged him to wear it from the car to the beach where they set up the umbrella.

Carla exclaimed to Anthony that at noon, his burn was most likely from walking from the car to the beach, that's all the time it would take, but also, the reflection from the sand could have caused the burn too.

Anthony winced when she talked about walking from the car because he hadn't thought about that, and knew it was Truth. 


Anthony, with animation, said in reply, 'WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY THAT ROSS TOLD US?'

Quietly, Carla said, 'sometimes you have to listen to your mother.' That's why. Ross wants you to know that. 

That was the end of discussion.

Listen to your mother.

I know many, many, many of you are familiar with me, you want to listen to me, and you come here hoping to read one of my channeled messages through Carla with her patience to listen to me and to type. (and her LOVE...her absolute, unending love for me...this I know).

I won't be afraid to tell you, to encourage you, with my example--when I was alive, when Carla told me to wear a hat, I would wear a hat!!

Listen to her, as Gaia, telling you of the world, and not to be of it, but to walk through it and in it. 

Be MINDFUL of the warning she gives, heed it--that the trickery of the narrative is to get humanity to the point where they can be totally enslaved and have no option to leave the subservience to a fake God--chipped, mind-controlled, robotic shells of their true selves. 

At that point it will be 'a little too late'.

Take back your sovereignty in your heart, start at square one, and work your Life Purpose and Life Lessons, one by one by one. They are specifically arranged for you to be in the right place at the right time at this moment.

And enjoy watching the fireworks and the show, as others, brothers and sisters, do THEIR parts!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who are leading the way on the path to our futures which are BRIGHT <3

Monday, July 20, 2020

The Gift Of COVID-19

First off, if it wasn't for the COVID, things wouldn't be able to be 'shaken up' enough for people to absorb and adapt to these energies. 

It's kind of like exposure to the sunshine, these frequencies. For most, they need a little sunscreen. Mine is an SPF 15, coral-friendly kind. I put it everywhere when I am in the sunshine at the beach from ten to two.

But others, like my blue-eyed, fair-skinned son, NEED more protection in the SPF. We need a rash guard (a special swim tee-shirt surfers wear for protection from the sun) and an umbrella.

Keep in mind we are all individuals. And although we might need more or less time to adjust to these incoming frequencies, the perfect plan is in place, and is being carried out at this time.

The COVID gives us time to rest, to reflect, and to reconnect with our friends and our precious families.

It also gives us time to 'look into things'. We recently completed Oliver Stone's 'Untold History of America' (or some title close to that).

Knowing what I know, and being able to layer upon it the philosophy of Luci Fairy AN ism and the Agendas, I saw clearly how depraved our leadership is, how they lie to the people, and how bloodthirsty and creating suffering in the world they are.

We owe much of life as we know it today to the Soviets--who admittedly have their skeletons in their closet too--but the people gave so much in the second world war.

So with a little perspective, you can imagine life without the military industrial complex. 

This is the importance of being LOVE 24/7 to everyone you meet. That is the gist of the New Saul Message

The energies right now out there are good for housecleaning, mental hygiene, saying goodbye to old patterns and beginning new ones.

The construction has been on my soul the past few days. Everything inside has been filtering through, sort of automatically -- I could sense the guiding hand of Spirit in it--as I align myself closer to my true vibrational frequencies and the responsibilities that accompany them.

I don't think anyone anywhere in the Lightworker Communities has spoken of the responsibilities before!  It's certainly not a popular concept.  But there is!

And it's delightful.

It most certainly IS.

People are going to be looking to YOU for their example. WE must be willing to embrace this, and to reinforce our commitment to being loving to everyone we meet, in all circumstances.


Carla has been going through enormous breakthrough with her heart, her body, her soul, and her spirit (her energy to do things, in this definition of the word).  There has been forgiveness, a lot of self-acceptance, and a gentle light that has emitted from her self and her way of being for a long time.

Carla's teams and I are strengthening it. 

It is gentle, and like the Karuna Reiki energy, most powerful in its own regard.

People are absorbing up this energy, as we heal, and write, and smile, and interact, everywhere Carla IS. Or sometimes, perhaps, the combination of Carla and Anthony.

They are still watching the Ancient Aliens. Carla is always looking for facts and the option to make new connections. She isn't about the 'hype', never has, never will. 

God is making blessings. 

It is my greatest wish for you to open your eyes and to see how deep they (the Lucy fairy ones) absolutely detest me and everything I stood for when I was alive and in my physical body. 

Here is a wonderful example of clarity:  Just watch as this woman tears through the 'status quo'  and keep an open heart about the massss-k topic. It is a wonderful example of faith and it brings tears to my eyes to witness it in these 'unprecedented times'.

Try to look forward to the changes, and imagine them with an open heart.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins who use all five gears (in the car)as we go through our journey every day <3