Monday, December 31, 2018

i Am Free

SINGAPORE - SEP 7: The Bank of China Building on Sep 7, 2012 in Singapore. The new block of the Bank of China Building was completed in 2000. It is 36 floors and a height of 168 metres.

The past two weeks I have seen the sickest, most difficult cases I have seen in my entire career.

One, a GI bleeder, had a band come off during an esophageal banding procedure to follow up on the one done five days earlier where five bands had been placed on bleeding esophageal varies.

I have never seen so much blood so fast come up in my career. I gave thanks for the breathing tube I had inserted before the endoscopy, so at least the airway was not filled with blood too. 

The gastroenterologist aborted the procedure--there was half of a rubber band that she had been able to put on underwater, the other part fell off, and the bleeding stopped. We did CT scan and then angio suite for TIPS.

What got to me was that his birthday was this past weekend.

He made it.

There was a revision to do three days ago, but my colleague took care of it.  The patient did fine. 

There have been more and more like this.

Atrial fibrillation with rapid rate needing to be controlled.  

Horrible fractures around a hip replacement that have been revised or infected like seven procedures at least before this one. 

I've had to be at the top of my game.

What is getting to me now is that my antennae didn't work.

For a lot of things on this one patient.

I looked at this one, with full knowledge of the injury, and the family, the nicest, kindest family you could ever see supporting him, and I knew his disease was not survivable. 

We went to the O.R., and even the surgeon left well enough alone, did the minimum to bring comfort, deciding if the patient survived we could come back at a later date with the specialist who had the skills to work on the liver where the mass was involved. It was a cancer of one organ that was next to another organ and grew into it by direct extension.

The patient did fine! He didn't like his bag, and we assured him it was temporary. 

I had all my equipment ready, did my best, and the operation, the second one, went off without a hitch.

There was a  code STEMI, followed quickly by a Code Blue mid afternoon. I was in the O.R. but caught news of it.

The cardiologist said it was due to the ischemia present from the old cardiac disease and stents, placed years ago, in the face of the ongoing sepsis, so it's not a STEMI, it's the clinical presentation (an S T elevation myocardial infarction). 

The general surgeon and the specialist said their things too. And full supportive care was given.

At the end of my lineup I went up to see the family. He was 'Allow Natural Death' code now. It didn't look good.

The family said he'd had a vague pain in his side for months. Doctors couldn't figure it out. His white cell count had been high, so a hematologist was treating it.  All of a sudden now with the uncontrollable rapid atrial fibrillation and the pneumonia, there was a scan and the mass was found. 

I told them I felt devastated, so deeply sad, and after seeing him this morning I never in a million years would have thought this was coming. The surgeons are excellent (when others have difficulty in the O.R. these two are the ones who are asked to come and help the other surgeons get out of trouble) with the most experience and expertise and skill.

But the week earlier, I had correctly sensed the possibility of not surviving, and communicated it to the family, the patient, and the ICU teams. The daughter who spoke for the family said they had taken the information to heart, had their discussions on what to do if that were to happen, and they said their goodbyes.

I said it was good they had the conversation.

I shared how my father had pulmonary fibrosis, and his plans he kept secret with mom 'to spare us kids'. He was in a large foundation health plan, they called it 'Palliative Care' which wasn't officially hospice but close. And when I got the call that dad wasn't doing so well, I saw he was in respiratory distress and wanted to make sure something was done to give him oxygen. To put in a breathing tube. The nurse was doing NOTHING. I screamed at her. In agony. How could she let him suffer he was surely going to die?! My mother and my brother in law had to tell me to stop. They said 'this was what he wanted'. And to 'be the daughter'.   

The only thing that got me through watching him die a respiratory death is to know that it was what he wanted.

So when the daughter shared that if his heart stops he wanted nothing done, she could say to herself, 'that's what he wanted'. 

Her concern was that the three options given to the family for her dad were 'horrible'--let him die,  do everything in the hopes he can be cured, or to relieve the pressure while leaving the cancer in and letting him be comfortable.

I agreed they were horrible. I told her and her brother that cancer patients with his type of cancer usually obstruct, like he had, and the pressure is very painful and makes you sick. It's a horrible way to die. 

It also seemed clear to me that he wanted the 'thing out'--to go for cure. 

I asked her if there is anything I could do for them or get for them, even a cup of coffee? (for my family when one is in the hospital, I take everyone to the doctor's lounge for the good Keurig coffee, I forgot to explain that part).

I told them if they thought of anything, to ask for me and I would come, because I'm not far. We said our goodbyes and they thanked me for coming.  They had said how everyone loves him, it was so hard to see him go. I shared how I have spent a lot of time too, and I had grown to love him that's why I am concerned and came to show I care.

When I got back to the hotel, across the street, I was in distress in my heart. The image of my patient who had been alert and awake, now on a ventilator with full pressure support by at least six i.v. pumps of drips and eyes that were open but unseeing really bothered me. 

A friend had to tell me to rest, to at least try to sleep.

She told me this at 12:22 a.m.

I had been talking to her because I had heard his soul say 'I am free!' just before midnight, and I was worried because I didn't understand the events of the day, and why my intuition wasn't working.

This case had a bad feel since I saw it on the schedule.

It actually had cancelled for a moment when I checked, but it was a clerical error. The scheduler called the surgeon to confirm, he said yes it was a go. 

This surgeon is one who hates to work with me so much, he has cancelled cases in the past just to avoid working with me.   He likes me as a person, he is friendly and polite. He offers Anthony breakfast or lunch if he sees him in the doctor's lounge waiting for me.  But he likes to work in silence and is very particular who is on his team. 

And Ross prepared me for working with him.

I had to shower and use a special soap and lotion. The Jo Malone mandarin/basil. I had to smell good Ross said. I also had to put on a little makeup. 

Ross said it was VERY important for me to be loving to this surgeon. All the case. Which I was. 

We had troubles intro putting in an arterial line because there had already been one placed on each arm in the prior week. The surgeon helped on one side. But after giving up and starting the case, I worked on it on the same arm he had, only higher up the forearm, and didn't say anything until the end of the case--that I had gotten it. It was a pleasant surprise to him, and he said the ICU would appreciate it. 

That night, when I was trying to sleep, and I was in agony, I realized I had to let go and  trust Ross. He had his own reasons. There were things I cannot see that were important taking place.

And I had a flicker of awareness that the deceased is going to come back and talk to his family with Ross in some formal way, I don't understand how, but I sensed it's official and I see the soul all in a blue uniform like a police or air force. 

The soul also came to me and asked me to use the words I used to describe his family. It was important to him I use these words.  I used them the way he asked.

And right now he wants them to know 'I didn't have pain, I never woke up, I just went to sleep for the operation and that was all I knew until I found myself standing in Heaven. There was no suffering. Only Light.'

I was tired yesterday. Worn out. I had trouble feeling 'right'. I felt numb.

For the first time in a long time, I felt so much stress that I couldn't eat.

I took Anthony to Jersey Mike's subs and didn't order anything for me.

When I came home, hours later, I made a salad and watched his football game with him. I enjoyed the company.

I made bracelets, again, listening to spirit. One is lava and pietersite. The other is amazonite, sodalite and spinel. The first one is on my right. It sends, the right side sends and the left side receives. Bracelets always feel better on one arm of the other to me, for this reason, and I go by the feel, not by the intention. The only intention I had was to feel better. And lava is grounding, and pietersite is unearthly strong vibration--heavenly vibration.  If I look it up, my book doesn't include lava, I tried Vesuvianite, it sent me to Idocrase, which 'can be used to dispel anger, to banish depression,  and to allay fear. It provides for a security with oneself and helps one to fearlessly face danger; it also provides for actualization of the wisdom to discourage dangerous situations.' My little cheap flyer I picked up when I bought myself an amazonite bracelet for Christmas (I still haven't worn it)--says Lava Stone--Emotion--can aid in calming the emotions. A stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment. A grounding stone.   Pietersite isn't on the cheap thing because it's rare and too expensive. It aligns the energy centers of  body while grounding, not to the Earth but to the etheric body, this rarity in grounding ability has facilitated travel throughout the spheres of existence, culminating in access to the Akashic records.  It further allows one to see beyond the horizon or mirage, helping to support human courage, tenacity, and dauntless effort to both create and maintain beauty.

Spirit is good, huh?

For the other, using the flyers from the store:  amazonite--Self Discovery...a stone of truth, honor and trust. Increases intuitive wisdom and improves communication. Protects against electromagnetic pollution.  Sodalite is Logit--Unites the logical with the spiritual. Encourages rational thought, objectivity, and truth. Brings truth to communications. Encourages honest emotions.   Spinel is one of my favorites, it too is a gemstone--not on the flyer--but the book has taught me it helps the wearer to feel beautiful. This mineral can be used to renew energy and to provide encouragement for further attempts at difficult tasks. It can also be used to enhance one's appearance, to increase the positive aspects of one's personality, and to  assist in obtaining, maintaining, and accepting victory with humility.

Today is another day.

We go to find the results of Anthony's MRI scan. The doctors have been in a hurry for us to come in. And they haven't said over the phone 'everything is normal don't worry'. We will get some news today. I'm not sure what. I'm grateful for the bracelets.

They really help my energy to soothe and calm.

Ross is waiting to talk tomorrow.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Saturday, December 29, 2018

You Are A Powerful Weapon

FQ 170 Sentinel Type Drone 3D artwork

You are a weapon in the hands of the Divine--a love bomb--which has intelligence and free will.

You do not explode--you emit frequencies of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion--by choice!--everywhere you go.

It can be lonely, desolate, at your outpost where you find yourself.  It may seem like there is no support, no end in sight.

However, your work is much needed and of value.

The direct aura-to-aura transmission of the Divine Frequencies  are unstoppable! Against it there is no defense.

The next time you find yourself in the company of high degree negativity, remember this.

Also remember it is only for a while, this too shall pass.

Do whatever it takes to keep your frequency UP. Fill your own cup. Refresh and recharge, and also meditate.

You are needed in this world.

You have been sent...

Remember your mission. And do it with an open heart, and good cheer.

It helps me a lot to count the days until The Council says things will 'get better'--we are down to one hundred seventy for this.

Have faith!

Have faith.

Have faith.

We are delighted in our portion of our daily readers who requested a free bracelet, sight unseen. Then perhaps, with a little picture. There have been requests from about twenty percent of our audience who keeps up with what is written.

Thank you for your constancy. Thank you for your trust.  Thank you for your being awake and aware enough to reach out and accept the hand and energetic boost which has been offered you.

Today is the last day we are accepting requests for bracelets. We would like to get all orders filled as the year comes to a close. We have three international shipments processing now to be packed and sent out on the 31st when the post office is open. And two more domestic ones which can be sent any time with the little machine. Everything else has been sent, packed to Ross' specification, with love and joy and friendship.

Remember we are always here for you.

Be in joy!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
the Couple

Friday, December 28, 2018

What Are You Going To Do?

We live in an Illusion of flowers and thorns.  We are given free will. And it is our choice every day, more or less, to be in any given situation, either a flower or a thorn.

We decide on how to respond to our desires and impulses throughout the day.

We decide how much effort to put into bettering ourselves and pursuing a dream.

We decide on our surroundings, how clean and organized to make them, or to let the dishes stack up in the sink.

Everything is a decision!

It's been this way since antiquity...

Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words. Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions. Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits. Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character. Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny. -- Chinese proverb, author unknown

The Buddhists say to enjoy the present moment, but to avoid developing attachments. This is the way to go through the Life Experience with ease and to reach Enlightenment. They also believe death is not a final stop, for the soul is eternal, and will return until it has become Enlightened.

Christians were taught to 'do unto others as you would have done to you' and to 'love your neighbor as yourself'. We will get back to this thought later.

Much of those who create our society have followed the teachings of A. Crowley, and in secret and in private adhere to the aim, 'do what thou wilt'--and are working hard to make this belief very widespread without telling people that is the point of entertainment, mass media, sports, music, theater, movies, television, radio, theme parks, and the daily news.

Today we are going to talk about the connectedness of the yellow chakras and how the choice of the one will affect the choice of the other.

One choice, which becomes a habit in some who are incarnate in the school of Gaia, is to 'drown their sorrows' and escape temporarily through the use of illicit or legal substances which alter the mind--in the example, it is those who drink.

Let us be so generous as to say this is the first time someone has made the choice to drink to excess.

Let us say that they take the car keys and drive home.

Let us say that there is a terrible automobile accident. No one else but the driver is hurt but you know it could be otherwise just as simply.

Let us say that the ambulance and paramedics and fire trucks are given the emergency call, and respond to the accident.

After this the team on call at the hospital comes in that night, and saves a life, using all of the technology and skills that they have to offer.

Let us suppose that this hospital stay is perhaps several weeks, followed by rehabilitations and physical therapy, followed by home health...or perhaps this in the legal system if the driver was found to be intoxicated by tests at the scene?

This one choice creates work for many people, and further, it costs money to pay for everything. Through health insurance, the rest of the pool's premiums are tapped to cover that. For the emergency services, the pool of funding through tax dollars is tapped.  Everyone who is doing the work gets paid.

The point of this example is that every choice an individual makes influences and affects others around them both energetically (we live in an ocean of energy that is constantly being shined upon by a brilliant Source of Unconditional Love without which nothing would be able to exist)--and through society.

This is how through careful detached observation of yourself, your reactions, your choices, your yellow chakra--you will simultaneously resist the influence Society (run by Do What Thou Wilt) places upon you as well as to consciously decide what ripples you yourself are making with your mindfulness-driven choices.


This brings us to the further point, which has the possibility to bore some of you to tears, but hear us out!

It is the fine art of negotiation.

This is the skill that is one cut above the process of decision-making on one's own.

This is the ability of two individuals with Free Will to arrive at a decision which is mutually agreeable to them, respectful of both their needs, and fair.

There is only one thing to say to you besides to be aware of the importance to the whole that the negotiation process goes smoothly and for the Highest Good of All--throw the other person a bone.

I know it sounds crude but my mentor who is Taiwanese speaks in such terms and it was very wise advice:  always find a way to honor the other in your business deals/interactions to make it worth their while, make sure there is something in it for them as well as for you.

If they ask for something in the negotiation, you don't know for sure, but it could be a deal-breaker they are throwing out there.

The other person could always walk away from the table.

The goal is to have an ongoing, long-term relationship with the person, and this can help you in the future.

Honor the relationship.

Even if it means giving up one of your bargaining points you had hoped to get.

Nobody gets everything they want in every negotiation, and a smart negotiator is able to keep the tone of mutual benefit, of good relationships, and the Highest Good of all.

Do not throw the baby out with the bathwater! This is an American Slang for someone who loses sight of the value and through their choices and actions loses everything by trying to get their way.

The yellow chakra is tricky, in and of itself.

Having it under outside influence of TWDNHOBIAH 24/7 with all kinds of technology and psychology we don't even understand is trickier still.

And having our energy fields be connected to everything and everyone makes it all the more important to keep our yellow chakras healthy and in balance.

Be mindful.

And enjoy being alive!

It is meant for this.

If I think positive thoughts and take positive actions toward my goals, my destiny can be one of joyful and uplifting, with moments of gleefulness. I might fall and get a few bruises along the way, but if my habit is to get up one more time than I fall, my destiny will be one of success.
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Ross says, 'Class is dismissed!'

(oh dear I think there is a font change here and I'm sorry)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

P.S. on the bracelet giveaway--we need a clarification. There are only two color options--blue, or some combination of red/white/green. The bracelets are already made, and the supply is almost run out. The blue without the bell ran out the quickest. Some people were asking for purple and black and other shades we just don't have and were never put into any of the bracelets. We apologize for the misunderstanding. Thank you.  To order one while they are still left, contact us at with the wrist size, preference for bell or not, and your name and mailing address how it needs to be on the package for it to arrive to you.

Merry Christmas! : )))

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Talking To Souls

Animals in a zoo. various wild animals photo. 172

The eyes are the window to the soul, it has been said. But what makes a soul? What does it look like? How can one be able to hone their intuitive gift--to communicate on a soul to soul frequency--and to bypass both on the part of the sender and the part of the receiver in this communication, the influence of the ego on the message of the soul?

It takes time.

It takes training to recapture what once as children we had as intuitive gifts, our birthright, as souls incarnate on Earth. 

Small children are known for not having a 'filter'--they speak what is on their mind. And until the socialization comes in the school age years, if you are around a little one the things they say might both surprise you with their insight and wisdom. Some speak of having lived lives before, giving details of who they were, where they lived, and how they died. These are stories of reincarnation. 

Some see angels and fairy beings...imaginary friends. And almost all are afraid of the things that are hidden in the dark, and go bump in the night, like the boogeyman.

To move forward in this lesson, let us assume a soul is a form of energy which is part of us, and stays as 'us' after we die. For lack of a better photo image--we know many of you are highly visual--let us assume this cute fuzzy animal above as a generic image of a soul for the time being. 

Let us assume that souls are a part of life and everyone has one, every living thing, for example, 'the spirit of the tree'--and not get into details over dogs souls being able to go into Heaven and the like. 

A soul is a soul.

Part of being a healer is being able to communicate with, and pick up on, information provided by the patient's soul. 

This is part of medical intuition. Many times, the healer who is open to hunches and nudges often performs better clinically than the one who uses a shotgun to go through every list of possible causes on the differential diagnosis, every test, every workup until something is found.

Intuition saves money.

And medical intuition also is in closer alignment to the patient's actual needs. 

The best part of medical intuition is that nagging feeling that something 'isn't right', that you haven't found it yet, the cause of the disease, and that you must keep searching. 

Someone who is working on a protocol or a shotgun blast of checking anything and everything isn't going to pick up on that quiet voice because they are lulled into believing that as the system/powers that be behind the papers promotes, all patients are alike, all disease is alike, and all treatments are alike. For everyone.

The other day, Carla's sister was talking to their cousin about his recent diabetes diagnosis. He wasn't tolerating the medication, the metformin. She shared that her daughter doesn't get the stomach ache with the Extended Release form of it.  This type of subtlety isn't included in most protocols, although a primary care provider with lots of experience might arrive at this.

Let's take this up a notch.

What happens when someone with the training and the gift, like Carla has, who is able to talk with souls on a soul level, goes to work in the hospital?

There is difficulty in communicating the results of intuition with anyone other than the patient in real time 'on the front lines'.

There are various ways to transfuse a patient. The most simple kind takes three hours for one unit of blood, and it drips by gravity or on a pump into the patient. Another kind is 'blood pump tubing' with a chamber a hand may squeeze to pump the blood in a little faster. Often times this in combination with pressure bags it is enough to keep up. For a major trauma, this isn't fast enough to resuscitate (put the blood back into) the patient. For this there is a device called a Level One Rapid Transfuser which both heats and puts pressure on the bags of blood. One faster kind exists, its called a Rapid Transfuser, which is basically a bucket connected to half of a bypass machine--and is used in Liver Transplant. 

Yesterday a patient was in trouble. Big trouble. There was blood on the walls and the floor as well as the patient. GI bleeds can be massive.

The ER had the type of set up just below the Level One. 

Carla sensed trouble. She couldn't put it into words, but her experience with the gastroenterologist, the nature of the procedure, and the bleed made her want to have Plan B and Plan C ready.

When she asked about the Level One the response was, 'the patient isn't bleeding now and doesn't need it'.

Carla sensed strongly that the patient was going to rebleed again, at some point, possibly during the procedure. 

Was the balloon you insert into the esophagus and inflate to stop uncontrollable bleeding available? (no. not anywhere in the hospital, it turns out).  

Would someone be available during the procedure to continue hanging the blood? Yes, it was promised, but the charge nurse for the ER walked off looking for the tube. 

Carla really wanted the Level One connected to the patient, but it was a new extension to the ER, and not her turf. It was trouble enough to get one line devoted to anesthesia without a lot of piggyback drips (sandostatin and protonix) running in them. 

Carla trusted in Source -- and her training--that everything would be okay. 

Even when she told the respiratory therapist, there is a lot of blood, you need to hold cricoid and not let go--and she knew the therapist WOULD let go--and she did, needing a gentle reminder to put the cricoid pressure back during the intubation...with Carla giving thanks that the airway was clear of blood so she could see...

Carla was ready with pressors when the blood pressure went to sixty. They were all drawn up in advance--something she rarely does now due to cost containment--and worked.

Everyone was praying--scrub tech, Carla --and by some miracle, one of the two bands stuck in place and the patient didn't exsanguinate!

(After this was the CT scanner, then the state-of-the-art angio suite).

So here we have intuition--premonition--facing the inertia of the unawakened caregivers--who in the clinical situation open their hearts and pray while they are giving the care.

In summary this notch is the clinical application of intuition and soul information and soul ability in the front lines of today's medical care.

Let us click up that dial a little more, toward what will be the future of medicine.

It is not one cause, one imbalance, one cure for one disease. 

The chakras interact.

It takes a very highly skilled healer to ferret them out.

Some, like Carla when she is making her bracelets--simply lets go, trusts, and listens when she makes them. A couple's matching bracelet set she made for her friend who had stage four lung cancer and his wife, was amethyst with a single tiger eye focal. Amethyst it turns out, provides Serenity. It calms the mind and eases anxiety. It works in the emotional, spiritual and physical plane to provide calm, balance, patience, and peace.  Tiger Eye brings Harmony. It helps to unite one's will and desires, brings ideas into reality. Enhances integrity, willpower, practicality and correct use of power. 

Carla wasn't thinking of this when she put those two stones together. 

Carla only knew it would help, and that it 'felt right'.

This first step into to future of medicine is the incorporation of Spirit into the clinical scenario. With healers who trust in the access to the Higher Knowledge which is both supplied and graciously supported by the angels (who are also always present and assisting, in guidance with the soul).

What's more?

Carla experienced this by chance (again, there is never an accident!) yesterday during the long hours caring for her patient who was very ill.

In doing her Reiki (already she had given the Transition Symbol as the patient was crashing and she was resuscitating him) she sensed the connected the daughter who was flying down from San Francisco had to this soul, and it was important he live.

She said words to the interventionist, 'I know this is very difficult, and challenging. As long as you have done your best, there is nothing more anyone would ask you to do.' as he was struggling. He visibly relaxed. It was difficult, with the equipment in stock, the kind he preferred (there are sizes and they are stocked for most average clinical presentations but this one was not the norm, and needed bigger). She was patient when the rep was called and spoke to the team over the phone, and made a gentle suggestion perhaps in the future to put it on video phone so the rep could watch the equipment like in the O.R. when they are present. 

These procedures take six hours.  

And also when doing the Reiki, Carla encountered the soul floating outside the body connected by a grey silver cord (not a shiny one). 

Apparently the soul hadn't wanted to be connected to the body for a long time. During consent,  Carla explained to the patient that the anesthesia was risky, but doing nothing was even more certain risk--known outcome that wasn't good--so it was best to proceed with the procedure. He had a knowing look in his eye, one of resignation. As one who had come close to death in the past, and was accepting the fact of this possibility.   The soul, to her conscious awareness in the interaction, seemed in the right place and nothing unusual.

It was only when she looked she saw the truth. It didn't want to go back and hadn't wanted to go back for a long time, but didn't have the opportunity to leave for good (this in itself is a choice lesson! )

What Carla hadn't expected was heavy, heavy pressure from something in the spirit world on top of her head right after she saw the soul in its position with her spirit eyes/intuition. It was persistent! Carla struggled for a moment to remember what to do, then she recalled the Empath's Prayer--'if it is not mine Lord, please take it away'. 

The pressure eased immediately.

Then it came back.

It took several tries to stop it. 

Was the patient a hitchhiker trying to get a ride on a different body?

Or was it something that was attached to the patient wanting an 'upgrade'?

Who would know?

I would know! I'm in the Spirit world. And I run things! 

But outside from this, it is better left unexplained, unanswered, and to give all of you something upon which to reflect. 

In summary, intuition's role in medicine once was primary, before the invention of scientific research and life-saving treatments.

Intuition's role receded to 'bedside manner' and was not encouraged in any more development. Despite this, people for the most part, have come to trust clinical insights and hunches, and also, always have continued to pray.

The addition of spirit to the healing realm is the next great adventure!  How can advanced technology (even if it was suppressed) be of assistance without the input of those who have built it and know how to use it in healing?

The patient always tells you their diagnosis. This is something learned in medical school, early in the training as you develop your interviewing skills to take a history and physical. If you listen carefully, the patient will tell you in their own words, and their own way, not in anything medical--what is wrong. 

Can you imagine what will happen when the soul of the patient can communicate directly to the healer?

(he dusts off his hands--ed)  You can wrap that one for the books!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Illuminated Twin Flame Soul Twins.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A Look At Everything, Every Factor In The Context of Disease

BASANTI, INDIA - JANUARY 17: Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Catholic Church in Basanti, West Bengal, India January 17, 2009. There are over 17.3 million Catholics in India which represents less than 2% of the total population.

Today's lesson will be short because it is designed to leave you with something to reflect upon, another way to look at disease, part of the total picture.

We have chosen the lead photo to be one of the greatest healers of all time, one who really understood a miracle, as well as the holistic point of view he learned while he once studied meditation and the Divine while in India.  (It also coincides with our countdown to number 173, in counting down from one year, to a time when 'things will improve so much you can write it on your calendars' by the Council.)

The subject for our study is a patient who also happens to be Carla's Nana Angelina who grew up in Sicily.

All her life while Carla knew her, in her later years, Nana suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis. The medicines she took were very strong, like methotrexate and gold.  There was no deformity of the hands, but there was lots of chronic pain and weakness in the hand joints. Arthritic, easy-open pill containers and adaptive kitchen tools were in the home. And also there were many joint replacements. Nana had her hips replaced twice on each side, neck surgery, foot surgery, and spine surgery. The shoulders too, one of the early replacements back when they just started to replace them. 

Carla only knew Nana for her love.  Only once did she raise her voice at her granddaughter--and that was when she was three years old, wrestling with her Uncle, and gave him a nosebleed accidentally. Apparently Uncle Ben had a condition which had been treated and was expensive--presumed to be treated completely--until the latest blow of a fist or kick to the nose from the small child. She had had enough.

Other times, powder all over the bathroom, or lipstick all over herself like war paint, brought surprise and trying to hide the laughter as well as patiently cleaning up the mess between Carla and her Nana.

What Carla knows about healing now, is that arthritis affects the bones and joints, it is destructive, it's a red chakra imbalance, one with survival, and has to do with unexpressed/unresolved anger.

Even Carla never put the picture together until an innocent question to her mother about the old country and the people who were family back in the day. She asked her mom about nana Peppina, Nana's mom and what she was like?

Nana Peppina was a terrible woman. So cruel that Carla's mom calls her 'my mother's mother' instead of the term 'nana' which is an endearment. In her opinion she didn't deserve to be called 'nana'.

She had only been to the woman's house two times in her twelve years while she lived in Sicily.

Peppina had been engaged to be married to her true love, and on the day before their wedding day, he suddenly died. 

She was a little old to be single, she had to get married, so she married an older man instead.

They beat their first born, Angelina. 

They let a baby die of starvation, much to Angelina's distress, who witnessed it happening slowly in the crib.

They pulled her out of school in the second grade, and forced her to take care of the other three children, two brothers and one sister, so the mother could go and work. This meant all the housework too.

Angelina was born to be a servant, a worker, not a beloved daughter. 

Where the mother went to work was with the grandmother who ran a bakery. 

In the fields, her father hitched Angelina up to a plow like an animal, and made her work the fields all day. When he wasn't using her, he loaned her to his friends to use in their fields, the same way.

Even when it wasn't her fault, when she did nothing wrong, her mother would beat her. And then when her father came home he would beat her too. 

When she was fifteen she married Filippo and ran away. She was so deeply unhappy she was either going to run away alone or kill herself. Fortunately she got married.

HAVANA, CUBA - NOVEMBER 18, 2012: Oldtimer car on the street of Havana, Cuba. It is estimated that there are some 173,000 cars in Cuba and 60.000 of them are classic cars called Yank Tank.

Nannu Filippo was twenty-six years old. He was the bachelor in town everyone wanted to marry. He said he didn't want a skinny fashion model type for a wife. He wanted someone who was strong and healthy and could work. 

They were deeply in love. 

He joined the war, he was drafted. This was back in the time of Mussolini. Carla's mother was born and never met her father until she was four years old. 

Carla's mother's early childhood was one of starvation, of hiding from air raids by running to the caves in the hills, and of Nana never eating because she said 'she was full' because as it turned out there was only enough food for the children to eat.

She remembers neighbors knocking on the door an asking for flour, Nana having to lie to them and say she didn't have any, and knowing that through her mother's mom there was always flour from the bakery for them to live upon. 

They ate anything they could find, even rats. 

After the war her brother was born. Nannu did his best to eke out a living in the fields, but it wasn't going well. 

And Uncle Ben was so sickly he almost died. All the family resources went to his health. Carla's mother had to go to the store in the hot summer, and buy him an ice cream cone and run it all the way home before it would melt. She couldn't touch one drop, or she'd get in trouble.

Those were the times back in the day.

Angelina left everything she had ever known to come to America for a better life in 1954. 

Later she became an American citizen, along with Phil (as Filippo was called in the states), and their two children. 

Autoimmune disease is the body attacking itself. The theory of 'autoimmune' is controversial according to the Medical Medium. It's actually a slow virus he says. 

Everything is in balance in a healthy body. The aura is a strong shield, it is protective. Abuse is the kind of trauma which creates holes in this shield, and temporarily weakens it. Attachments can form. 

Carla's mom had Margaret clear the attachments both on Nana Angelina and Uncle Ben (who was a Vietnam war veteran). They had about the usual amount as adults, around five. (Attachments are another story, basically parasitic souls who are without a body but have not made the transition to the Other Side, they seek an energy source since their chakras aren't working once deceased, these are negative entities which are a little more simple and straightforward--it is the dark entities which are a little more complex too. That's another story).

Was the abuse a sad thing? Yes.

Did it make her strong and marriageable in the eyes of Phil? Yes.

Did it help her to guide her family through war-torn Agrigento? Without her realizing it, yes.

Did she break the cycle of abuse with her own family?  It is not sure. Her children didn't really like her, they said she yelled a lot when they were growing up. But Angelina did lots of work and her son Ben, a 'mammon', never left the home.  Was Angelina the recipient of abuse in her declining years when Alzheimer's struck? Yes. Her caregiver Peggy used to lock her in her room and throw parties in Angelina's house. Peggy later married Ben. And Ben disowned his sister and his nieces and nephew in law, and all their children. 

Carla only knew love and tenderness and kindness from her Nana, who always had the patience to help the tiny girl who didn't like food find something delicious to eat. 

It is a long story, where everything is connected.

And we are not talking about soul groups or pre-birth Life Contracts yet!

That is for another lesson!

medical objects Isolated shot in studio.medicine, drug, remedy, syringe, stethoscope 173

What is Disease?

Some say it is an imbalance, a dis-ease and it will dissolve once the imbalance is corrected.

Some, like Carla, make a living through their profession of treating disease.

Everything will come to an openness and understanding--'soon' (Ross smiles as he has deliberately chosen the word).

There is more to it than anyone ever would have guessed, even more than toxins!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twin Souls

P.S. as an aside, the soul of Peppina is back into the family. It is Carla who made the connection. She is watching this soul with interest, and getting to know her. So far she is a delightful child who is bright and a little strong-willed. She has an excellent sense of humor, and enjoys being at the table with the rest of the family. She coos and babbles as if having regular conversation. It will be interesting to see what pre-birth contract she has created for herself, and what she will accomplish with this incarnation in terms of soul growth and reparation to other souls. Again, Love is the solution for everything. Every time. For every soul. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

For Those Who Are Feeling Lonely This Holiday

SH2-174 Nebula imaged with a telescope and a scientific CCD camera

There it was, on my newsfeed, out in the open. A woman I had looked up to in high school was asking for help. She is a J.D. and highly educated. She was one of the first openly lesbian students, and eventually married a same-sex partner many years ago.

In December was the anniversary of her mom and her aunt dying.

And her wife left her in December 2015.

She asked, 'how do you cope?'

This is a bougainvillea plant. It's from the tropics and it's very beautiful. But don't pick it! Inside the stems and branches are covered with sharp thorns.

So, what do you do? Do you throw it out and declare it worthless because of the thorns?

Or do you appreciate its bright color and make it part of your world?

Let's share a cup of coffee and talk.

I've been noticing this pattern without realizing what it was with my friends online. The photos of the partner disappear.  I'd noticed a pilot friend who had married his wife he'd known since high school, they had two beautiful children and seemed inseparable. I wondered why for the last two years he went to El Salvador with his buddies to surf for his birthday? It was odd, I thought--perhaps a mid-life crisis?

This year before Christmas he took his two kids to Hawaii alone. I saw the boarding passes. There was none for his wife.

Was she busy?

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks--they split up!  I felt terrible for them. I'm not very close but they are both dear to my heart.

I remember my friend the surgeon who had a painful breakup years ago, now he posts images of him and his buddies traveling the world, sometimes him and his two girls in some faraway location.

His energy is hardened, cynical, and stoic...I can feel it through the internet. He used to comment a lot on how lucky he was, with the most beautiful wife...

Of all people, I feel I should have picked up on my friend's situations, because I have been through it so often myself! Two failed marriages. And a huge breakup with my baby-daddy when I was four months pregnant.  Many, many, MANY Christmases alone! In my training. Because of my work assignments. And even with the co-parenting.

Anthony had mentioned two days ago how it didn't even feel like Christmas.

It felt to him more like some days to endure, something to get over.

He shared how when his grandparents lived in town, Christmas was the best, it was always at their house, and EVERYONE came over to celebrate! (I've even baked Christmas cookies with Anthony and Patrice as my Christmas present I wanted).

Now his grandparents are in Washington with his uncle, and his dad and him are alone, just like at Thanksgiving.

Yesterday I was even more alone. At the house. With two trees to decorate--the setup of one stand took forever for my Charlie Brown tree.

I was grateful for the work and the tasks. I stayed up till midnight wrapping.

But, I never felt alone.

Ross has been working on me for a long time. The most recent was on Wednesday night. I don't want to go into the details, but through remote viewing I saw what had been done to me as an infant in my immediate past life. The slow and deliberate methodological opening, stretching, and grooming me for my purpose in my life where I had the face of a kitten and no name. Ross showed me how they had put a diamond into me--my energy/soul--with the programming. And he, fortunately for me now!, removed it.

I have no ties to those times, and hardly any memories any more.

As we have been approaching these holidays, and especially after his healing of my soul, I have never felt alone.

In the past I felt like an outsider looking in to the celebrations with family.

This year especially, I feel like I am on my own path, and my path has the blessings of the angels, and Ross' love for me is in my heart.

He's hardly ever around except for this warm feeling. He's busy. I've seen flashes of him working, putting on his finest, in preparation for something. I totally accept he's got his own thing to do. I know when he has time for us, he will make it up to us. It has no reflection on me, or on our relationship, with his not being around.

I'm grateful how he arranged for me to have a tree, a new nightgown (Anthony bought it and I have it on now. It's an ugly sweater pattern that says, 'Just Chilling With My Gnomies' on the chest. ), and a new cooking pot. He also helped me find a special crystal to help me recoup my energy after long arduous work shifts.

I can't see the future. I wish I could. I know the word 'soon' has lost all context whatsoever. And I know the community 'out there' is pretty much all over the map when it comes to organization for any event.

But on a soul level everything is in the right place, on the right timeline.

How did I get to this level?

I don't know really although I could guess the answer is, 'I did the work'.  I let all those heavy baggage feelings come up, I acknowledged them, and let them go.

It took years.

Many, many experience loneliness around the holidays. In this you are definitely in the majority, I would say! Otherwise these songs wouldn't sell or be popular, right?

Make your own holiday.

Enjoy the now.

Indulge yourself in the season, as it's going away quickly.

So what if you don't have someone to kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve!

Your angels are always with you.

You live in an ocean of love and everyone is connected through the heart in this energy, only most people these days don't realize it, so there is the Illusion of being alone. 

Be good to yourself and do things you enjoy.

In a pinch, you can always go visit a pet shop. I did. Many, many many times. I couldn't have a pet, I was so busy. But I could enjoy their energy. Even volunteering at an animal shelter or animal rescue might help you to be around higher vibrational beings who offer unconditional love--on a regular basis--even if you can't have pets in your life.

Be grateful for the love and kindness which is shown you...your neighbors, your coworkers...friends wherever they are. 

Know you are beautiful, precious and special for who you are.

The Universe isn't going to ignore you.  It is known where it counts how beautiful and special and precious you are. 

Stay the course, and keep doing your best until you heal and things improve.

Speak up for your needs (there were times I didn't want to be alone on Christmas when Anthony was gone and I arranged time with friends...brunch, other things.)  Honor them. Don't deny you are human and have feelings.

Journaling helps too.

And so does Reiki.

You might want to book some sessions. Or perhaps, sign up to take a class.

Daily self-Reiki is important to nourish your soul energy.

Last night, I was alone. It was midnight. I opened a special gift for me from overseas. It was my only gift, really, since Anthony bought me the nightgown I wanted and left me to wrap it (I wore it instead).

Inside was a beautiful card, filled with love from Heaven. And two bracelets with the strongest energy I've ever experienced. One with more red, was for my right arm, I could tell. The other was for my left. I put them on and it made everything better! 

Then it started to rain. There is a bunny on the card. I remembered our white bunny, and ran downstairs to bring her cage inside for the night to keep her warm and dry. 

Everything is connected.

Everything is designed for the highest good.

Take one day at a time.

Be grateful for what you have.

More good things will arrive in their own time.

Be glad for this!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2018

A Message From Ross

I love you.

With all the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season which is upon you, and while you enjoy or rather, 'go through' spending time with your families for the holidays, I want you to keep this message in your back pocket of my undying love for you.

A friend and student of ours contacted Carla today. She couldn't stop crying. She asked for healing and protection. 

It was given, along with two 'prescriptions'--one from me (have some fun! even if it's coloring in a coloring book. It doesn't have to be long or involved, but it does have to bring a feeling of joy and connectedness to your soul and your passions/interests/talents/gifts)  and one from Carla (go find real pine or fir branches, and sniff them. Often! Tell yourself that these don't die--they are evergreen! and tell yourself that love does not die!)...

It's okay to reach out to us.

We are never too busy.

Carla has a Higher Self up here, as well as me, her twin, so immediately through the connection of Spirit, help will be made available to you. In real time.

Carla, when she has a chance, will get back to you in writing through our social media. 

The solstice almost broke her professionally. There are cases to be done--not just with surgery but with the layer of surgery PLUS reiki which only Carla can do in that capacity, for major clearing, timeline healing, and the like. Carla was at work on a normal day in the Operating Room from the morning all the way until four in the morning!

It has taken her some time to recover, and she isn't fully recovered, not yet. 

Carla would love to be with me. I have been present and surprised her with both gifts for Anthony as well as for her. Carla got a Le Creuset brasier at the bargain discount store on clearance--at only a fraction of the price (less than one third retail!).  I had gotten her a dutch oven two years ago, and Carla has enjoyed cooking with it.

To Carla cooking is what woodwork and carpentry are to me, very relaxing and fulfilling. 

Carla bought for me a box of vanilla fudge--my favorite!

Carla woke up yesterday morning to a message about getting miracles, and she replied, 'why would I worry about a miracle? It's outside the logic of our 'reality', and amazing things happen! I will welcome it when it comes!'

Her miracle, was three fold.

The first was that they did not feel a spirit of Christmas, but by the third part both she and Anthony did.

The second was that while Christmas tree shopping they discovered ones available for free wrapped up and leaning on a fence at the nearest Walmart. FREE!  So they got two trees for the home, a noble fir--the kind Anthony likes--which is six to seven feet (there is a burn brown part on it, but not much). Then a tiny douglas fir 'Charlie Brown Tree' which Carla just set up at the top of the stairs.

The last is that Carla nudged Anthony to pick a tree for his father, who had been depressed. They had gone to Costco to get a tree, but they didn't go to the one in the area that stocked them. They went to the local one. So the trip was unsuccessful, and his father contemplated not having a tree. 

Jared was deeply moved his son would pick up a free tree for him.

He was further moved that Carla would go drop the tree off at his home because of her station wagon. Last night they went and helped him set it up. He had the stand ready. His home is very spartan. His son could see the excitement and joy in his father.

So on the drive home, the true spirit of Christmas was in their hearts--for they had given a kindness to someone who has given them pain and suffering--it was a blessing to Jared, a welcome one!  And it showed Carla she could move beyond all the pain from the year and enjoy the season.

NEW YORK CITY - September 4: Flatiron Building on September 4, 2015 in New York. It's located at 175 Fifth Avenue in the borough of Manhattan and is considered to be a groundbreaking skyscraper.

Beecher's cheese factory is in the Flatiron district in Manhattan. And here is it's namesake. The address is 175 Fifth avenue--our countdown is 175 and you can mark that on your calendar!

Also here is a message to you which is close to my heart:

Carla is content to be home without her son on Christmas Eve. He is in good hands. There are lots of chores and decorating and gifts to wrap! So I will let her go.

In the meantime I blow kisses...

We officially thank those who had the courage and faith to order bracelets from us which are free. Seventeen people took us up on the offer.

We wanted to reward those who are keeping up with us and reading the blog. It is telling how many only scratch the surface and do not put forth the effort to apply it every day. These ones have no clue how to order their free bracelets! Tomorrow we will post something as a picture with directions. But the offer will close at the start of 2019, or when supplies run out, whichever arrives first.

Please note we do not have blue bracelets in every size, if you give permission a clear color bracelet with a bell will be substituted if your size is unavailable.

For those of you who are visual we shall include pictures here:

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Please note that after we ship your address is not kept in our records. We delete it. We don't give it to anyone but the post office on the envelope.

Your privacy is secure with us!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins