The Garden Of Healing

For those of you who have felt abandoned in some way by your mothers--mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, Ascended Master Koot Hoomi sends this healing symbol, the Bird of Paradise, to you, along with the verse, 'Though a mother forsake her child, I will not abandon you.' to remind you of how you are special and loved by the Divine Mother and Father of us all. Peace.

You, a survivor of Ritual Abuse, are 'OUR kid'. We accept you and love you and welcome you home. You are safe, you are loved, you are nurtured by the Divine and All That Is. This is from Master healer, Koot Hoomi. It was made specially for YOU.

You, are a survivor of incest, molest, and rape. You are not forgotten. You are beautiful, and loved, and pure in our eyes. Master Koot Hoomi chose this symbol as the FIRST of the healing garden, for you. Remember you are no alone, and we welcome you with open arms with all the Love and Warmth and Nurturing and Compassion of Heaven. Namaste.

The larkspur is for those whose intimate partner has betrayed their affection and trust through infidelity.  The blue is to remind you that they are changed, and will always be 'true blue' in the future.  This is Ross' special gift to me.

Today a Chinese National anesthesiologist and another Chinese RN were talking with me about the Chinese Zodiac. She was raised during the communist time--and this information was 'not discussed' so she didn't really know it.

Her parents--because she was overweight--always called her a 'pig' so she thought that was her year.

It wasn't.

Parents in China do this to their children--call them 'pig' when they have a weight problem.

Some other cultures, for example, Latin culture, will point out differences in a child--sometimes with affection--as chubby (gordo), thin (flaca), pale (huero), curly hair (cheena)....

For all those who have been called 'shorty' like me, or any other name that isn't your own--because of your physical appearance--Ascended Master Koot Hoomi is sending this flower, the you will be soothed with all the nurturing, warmth, love and compassion that is your birthright...This is your symbol to use in your meditation and spiritual work to remind you how very LOVED you are by Creator. Namaste.

One of our Doctors With Reiki community is taking a huge step today, to leave a bad marriage and move out. This is both an announcement of a new Healing Flower and a request for this person, and everyone who faces a similar situation of having to 'leave someplace toxic' in order to have a better life.

This is Hawaiian Ginger, although Ascended Master Koot Hoomi would like for ALL ginger to be included in this Healing Symbol. Ginger has a strong fragrance, and a warming quality that is welcoming and inviting. Remember you have so much love and support from the Divine when you, after having made your decision with your mind and your heart working together--ACT.

Angels will surround your every step. Remember you are deeply loved, and are worthy of a better life.

In summary--ANYTHING ginger--taken or kept near you in the hope of healing this very special wound of the heart--and Ascended Master Koot Hoomi and his team will be immediately there with love and gratitude to you, for giving them an opportunity to assist you in your time of need. Namaste.