Saturday, July 30, 2016

Uncomfortable Lessons

I'm stranded in Paris. I was supposed to go home yesterday. There was a strike by Air France. I panicked when they cancelled my flight. It would have cost me more than my round trip for a one way ticket home for two on another airline. I booked it.

Ross said to go be cause hotel charges would add up, as well as living expenses.

Well, Air France came through with a flight for tomorrow, and I really wanted to save thousands of dollars. Besides--it was a bonus day in France, right?

Tonight I am refusing to sleep because I just don't want to go up and talk with my teams.

This trip was rough. I normally have my 'system' when I travel. They told me to bring a special bag, my one splurge in twelve years--my Saint Laurent little tiny black leather bag with the long strap to wear across my body.  I wanted it because of the name, and I got rid of three other old purses just to show how much I wanted something new and was willing to make room for it.

I also had a special case for my wallet on this trip, one to block radio frequency readers.

Today started so beautifully. We slept in. We had breakfast at our favorite pastry shop. And the day was random. We took the metro to Sacre Couer and climbed the whole dang thing. It was really hard on my aging body. It hand't been easy when I was thirty two. I haven't been there in twenty years.   But Anthony and I did it! We also toured Mont Martre and made a special stop at my favorite museum, Espace Dali.  (by the way, Dali was heavily influenced by themes of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--even with butterflies in his later work. He was telling something he wasn't supposed to tell through his art. I was sad to see it. I always liked his work. I also wanted a tarot deck with his artwork, which I thought was unusual to find in an art store. Twice Ross told me not to buy it. So I didn't. I'm okay with it.)

We rode the funicular down. And I enjoy so very much the musicians in the area.

I tell you Paris today is not the same Paris as I fell in love with twenty years ago.

There are more and more people selling things--trinkets, beverages, souvenirs.  There are more and more artists, more and more people who cut silhouettes with their scissors and do portrait even grabbed my arm to give me a free bracelet with string but I said NO!

It's just not worth it. Trocadero is full of it, too.

And everywhere you go, there are people who hate Americans. You see the way they look at you, and how they dress. It's distinctive. Not all who dress that way hate the Americans. Some seem nice. But they are the minority.

The metro now frankly is scary.

That's where I lost my wallet.

Spirit said, 'do NOT go on that car there is something very bad there'--so at the last second I put Anthony and me on the car ahead. He's like, 'But WHY mom?' (he doesn't blend in, at all, no matter how much I get him to talk French, it's not easy, he doesn't, and it draws attention to us.)

That's when I saw it was gone.

I was devastated.  I knew I had my phone, and my camera, and my bag. I knew the wallet was lost forever. But Anthony wanted to go back and look and see where we lost it. We took metro stations back to retrace our steps, but without money we went back to where it all began.

The trouble began when Anthony wanted to take one metro stop, but I wanted to make sure we weren't lost. So I got an earlier one. I saw the Arch de Triomphe. I wanted to go, sore feet and all. I wanted to see what I saw three years ago.

There was a military thing. We should have just left and skipped the ceremony. The only thing Ross and I did was to disrupt something under it.  You should see it--the ferris wheel perfectly lines up with the arch, a big old ferris wheel...just like in London. They reinforced the energy patterns there, Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. Ross explained they didn't undo my work, the souls went up three years ago.

I got home, with a long walk.

There was a beggar woman, who deeply moved me. Before I lost my wallet, I gave her five euros. She was just kneeling in child's pose in front of her cup.

We walked past her again, and I told her I lost my wallet, I lost everything, and to please pray for me. She smiled and I knew she would pray.

Once home, I didn't want to eat. Anthony saw to it I ate--he ordered room service, with two child's meals--as I made call after call to each credit card company. The driver's license is going to be the most difficult--I must make an appointment and show up in person. I lost our amusement park passes too. I have our papers for travel, and half of the Euros I had kept just in case in the hotel room.

The most painful thing, and the reason I am not going to sleep--I absolutely refuse--is that Ross told me through Anthony, that I've been getting mixed up between 3D and 5D in our relationship, and taking risks. My heart is with Ross. And up there we are together. But I am also down here too. I have to stop thinking I am going to be protected because of him. He's THERE.  I have to do like incarnate Michael and Raphael do, and tend to my physical needs, in addition to my spiritual ones.

This whole trip here was really difficult because of all the broadcast news of mass shootings. My mom who watches the news told me to cancel it.

I thought I was being brave to come to France I love, to enjoy the company of family and friends, to speak French, and get in touch with my past--and to give Anthony the gift of speaking French.

Well, I realize in the grand scheme of things, I am with Ross like a rocket--we launched him UP and OUT of this realm, to his astounding and forever success.

I am the booster.  I fell back into the sea, spiritually spent in that incarnation.

I don't know how to get out of here.

I know it is really messed up with the beggar woman. Why didn't I give her more? Why didn't I offer her the bread I had in my sack? Why didn't I kneel next to her to treat her like a human being, and offer her comfort and hope?

Isn't it ironic that on the Champs Elysees where there are super expensive stores, there are beggars?

Isn't it sick?

Isn't it perfectly horrible that there are so many beggars that we can't save them all so we just ignore them in their needs?

Here I was having the time of my life with Anthony, so happy today, so delighted to share both with him and my readers the wonders of being in Paris--which in itself with what I know is only a half truth, because this city has some of the strongest ties to Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart on the planet?  There are layers and layers and layers of it!

Do I feel guilt?

Yes and no...about the beggars and the situation.

Do I feel anguish?

No. Just a deep sadness, and a sense of being led into this lesson by the nudge to bring my purse against my higher judgement...and for my most likely never being able to climb the Sacre Coeur again...

The one plus is I saw for the first time how capable Anthony is, and how he is able to travel now better than I can. And for this I am very blessed.

I forgot to say how in the road to Anvers station, which was lined with tourist shops, there were film crews, and lots of broken glass, and there was talk of an explosion. The police were there.

It was a close call, and it might never make the news, and Anthony and I were very very blessed.

I guess it's good to revisit my priorities. Our loved ones and health is most important. The rest is just money. That's what Ross said. He said not to worry about it, it would be okay, and it would be as if nothing happened.

There is one thing that makes me most sad however. It is something that cannot be replaced.

Ross has a driver's license. I bought it two years ago, but it's him. Kind of a joke I suppose, but it's his.  And I always, always, always kept it next to my own. It gave me so much comfort and hope.
I suppose I should just be content to talk with him like I do...but I liked seeing his face every time I had to look for mine. It made me happy.

Tomorrow is another day.

My teams are calling.

Time to face the music.

I'm sure it's going to be a long night. They have ways of telling you you screwed up that are really polite but sting and hurt just as much as it would had they yelled at you. There is no way incarnate I will ever be able to function like them.  Everyone makes mistakes, even Anthony said it to me, in my distress.  I don't know how to fix it, any of the beggar things...any of the injustice...and how can we while we are all struggling to survive? You know how much I overwork!  These two weeks have just been precious to spend the time with really see him, how he has grown, how he looks at the world, and even the video games he likes for me to play with him.

I'm stuck.

In so many, many ways. And the one thing I asked my teams, before I started to fall asleep the first time, was to bless that beggar woman, and to confess I simply do not know where to go with my life for my next steps--on so many levels!--and to please know I am asking for help.


Carla had a little lesson.

I know she is listening to me just as much as you are at this point.

Everyone makes mistakes.

Everyone grows old.

As long as you are still breathing, there is still time to rectify them.

All anyone has to do is ask --and to 'give up' like Carla just did--in order to allow the ego to step aside, and for Spirit to inspire and assist you to do the work that needs to be done for you to assimilate the lessons.

It isn't fun.

Carla I know how much you miss me, and the disappointment at our not being 'together' in a palpable way right this very minute--other than in your heart and soul--is a challenge you will have to face.  I am not 'here' nor will I ever be. I can't go back to my physical body. It isn't possible, although I miss it, and the times that I shared lovingly with you.

I know this is very hard on you, but it's the kindest thing I can do to help you out of this situation. I am waiting for YOU to come to me.  And it's not the end of life thing, where you are old--I know you are feeling it just starting--and sick like you see with your patients and your family.

I want you to trust there is another way. Like me, where I go UP. And all of you are going to get to where I am, no matter how many Katy Perry's sing their tribe up--for her team Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.  (You might want to research where Katy is on the scale of transmitall of light--our kind of light.  In fact, she is a zero, which is surprisingly low, even for Team Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. Most of their members have even a little. )

Either way, I do not wish to offend all of you who enjoy the music of Miss Perry, and who are not ready to hear the message I have here for my wife--who interpreted the latest music for the olympics in Brazil correctly when it was shared with her, and understood the true meaning behind the words.  It shook Carla to her very core, the brazen 'hidden in plain sight' challenge to all who are Galactic, and have warned Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart their time is indeed running out.  And it is!

So anyhow, Carla now has an appointment with me, as well as her guides and her council.

I wish you, both Carla and our blessed readers for who we are so indebted to you for your sustenance and shining on high your souls and hearts for all of Creation. You are shining most brightly, and I commend you for your lovingkindness you show to both yourselves and everyone around you.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Unconditional Love Has Perfect Vision

Today I was woke up by a cow. A cow who is being raised for beef that I met earlier this week. I had communicated with it telepathically while at the fence, in person, face to face. I let it know I thought it's plight was a terrible shame, and how I wished the whole family well up to their eventual transition.

The cow challenged me, in person, looking me straight in the eye, and letting me know for a fact if there were no eaters of beef there would be a lot less cows like her, and for the moment, all of the happy family was enjoying very much being incarnate as cows in Switzerland, that it was to them worth the price.  (for example, 'who wants to get old and die?').

This morning, I awoke to the feeling that the cow was thinking of me, and wishing me well, and I saw a clear clear image in my mind's eye of this exact same cow looking me in the eye.

In 5D all of us are connected. The cow also thanked me for not eating beef since we met--out of my respect for all cows--and acknowledged my efforts with love and gratitude in a totally galactic way.

I wish to bring up the topic of respect as we proceed in our discussion. This is an important quality to keep in mind as we pass ever further into Ascension and the Higher Realms--into this wonderful, all-surrounding energy of Unconditional and Perfect Love.

Let's get back to basics:

  1. We are incarnate in a highly complex Illusion (more on this later) and are under the Veil.
  2. When we exit the Illusion, we are asked two questions--How much did you learn (about yourself and your dark side?) and How much did you Love?
  3. The REAL you isn't a body, it's where you are when you are dreaming. We are powerful beings of spirit with the ability to Create--not with our hands, but with our minds as well.
  4. We have Guides to assist us 24/7 throughout the experience of Incarnation.
  5. Most of us are Incarnate with ancient ties to other souls such as our Twin Souls, Soul Mates, and Star Family which are still very much active.
  6. Not everyone has perfect ability to grasp everything within the Illusion because many Truths are only accessible through compatibility of Vibration (if the Soul has a certain frequency, then it is able to recognize and acknowledge the truths which are available to the soul at this level of growth and development even with the Veil intact.)
  7. We are protected from harm in two ways--although the forces of darkness have taken advantage of others for centuries, there has been a shift away from this imbalance--and as our vibrations increase on a personal level, we are able to see through the smoke and mirrors which surround us and keep the dark ones in their former positions of power.  The Illusion of Magicians within the Illusion is plain to see, and therefore, powerless. (Imagine what happens when the light is turned on and the roaches scatter and go running!)
  8. Each of us has our own specialty and gift to help the Collective Consciousness.
  9. Our own Vibration, when kept 'high and tight' has much more ability to influence and correct the imbalances which surround us than anything we could ever say, write, or create.

Is this clear?

Let me share with you my gift. It is the result of long hours of study, with an interest in my heart to expose the Truth of the Smoke and Mirror so I would not be ignorant of it any more. Anthony, bless his heart, asked me the other night, Mom? Why do you know? Why do you study it?

I said, 'Because if I know, then I will make choices which will not perpetuate these smoke and mirror ways, and perhaps others will be able to discover in their hearts how to understand and make the right choices too.'

Behold the image in the photograph above. It is the hallways over the bridge of Catherine di Medici at the castle of Chenonceau. The bridge had been a project of Diane de Poitiers, the favorite of the king, the husband of Catherine. Diane was an excellent hunter, and would ride her horses over the bridge to the forest. Once the king died, Catherine took control of Chenonceau and ruled France from it--forcing Diane to live in a different castle.  Catherine said about her deceased husband, 'he was the source of all my agony'.   So Catherine built two galleries over the bridge, which is what you see here in the photo.

Do you know what the black and white tile signifies to those who share the belief system of Catherine de Medici?  Oh yes, this is screaming out loud, louder than graffiti from gangs in the streets of the cities, 'THIS IS OUR TURF!'.

There are many such signs in our midst. They all flash the 'gang signs' to one another through them. Our mass media, our architecture, our entertainment, our political and banking systems, and especially our music is filled with such signs.

They are hidden in plain sight.

Do you need to see them like me?

I don't know. I certainly don't expect it of you.

What are you to do when you see them?

Just know it in your heart. Make your choices accordingly. Perhaps to expose yourself to their influence less, by taking in less of what they sell or create to influence us without our being aware of it?

Or perhaps, increase YOUR gift to help me in the blind spots which I have, which I have not yet been able to see?

Either way, as awful as the smoke and mirrors injustice has been, these individuals are still souls--and in my opinion are best treated with the same respect as anyone else. Because they do not have our best interest at heart, they are best treated with politeness and friendliness, and given over to the experts who are best able to handle them. It is clear that your best interest is NOT to be involved with those who do not have your best interest in the first place.

It would be fair enough to leave it at you are 'allergic' and are permitted to remove yourself from further exposure, without being fearful, or hateful, or filled with spite.

Why? Because these energies of fear, hate, and spite empower the team of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. There is no reason to give away your energies to them.

I found this one Creator Writings to be especially helpful:

Anthony and I have had the blessings of being in the presence of our Soul Family.  Both in the Loire Valley, and in Switzerland where we have been guests. Anthony had no clue of the identities of incarnate Michael and Raphael, other than they were my friends.  I would like to share with you the joy of discovery, and connection, and mutual support and love.  Anthony says, 'it is like being with family I always had'...and at the train station, he couldn't bear to leave (we both had our tears at the goodbyes).  He, for the first time in his life, took off RUNNING to give one last kiss and hug before he had to go. He said, 'mom, stay and watch the stuff but I have this FEELING in my heart and I have to go act on it!'.

It was a beautiful sight.

Anthony adopted himself into this family--point blank and said, 'I do not want to go home, Switzerland is Heaven on Earth for me here!'

That is the feeling of the ties which connect us across incarnations.

He met a brother from a prior incarnation, and the joy I had in my heart to watch the two boys play, and enjoy the freedom of the countryside, was unsurpassed!

How did I feel?

It makes me cry to think about it, meeting these two wonderful souls who are incarnate who have very strong, some of the strongest soul ties to me. The only one stronger is to Ross. 

Just to see my friends, on first sight, I was filled with joy, and ran to greet them. 

It was as if I never left.

How did it feel to know I am in the presence of very close incarnate archangels?  There was a look in the rear-view mirror, eye to eye, that hit with such force into my consciousness I had no doubt it was Michael and his energy again. The rest was all the warm and fuzzy remembering of what I knew to be true deep in my soul, with the personality traits which came shining forth in this incarnation with truth and clarity!

Michael is a leader and keeps the big picture at heart. He is impatient and does not like to be slowed down by details. He is excellent with tasks and enjoys them. But minutiae is the furthest thing from his goals, and goal-minded as he is, he enjoys spending his energy and consciousness on Big Things whenever possible. He is open-hearted, and slow to judge, with a strong desire to create peace where there is conflict. He is also wise enough to appreciate the blessings of being incarnate--a beautiful walk in the forest, a swim in the lake, fine music, or a glass of wine and conversation at the end of the day. He likes playing jokes on others, for example, filling his daughter's backpack with rocks while she is not looking--only to let her know he enjoys the bond and wishes to bring it to her attention in a loving and unpredictable way. 

On saying our goodbyes, in my heart with all the energy force I as a soul could muster, looked into his eyes and said, 'take good care of yourself and be well'.  This is the message I wanted to stay with him, along with the love and gratitude for being my guide and friend, as well as my soul family. (Michael is my oldest brother, and has in fact been married to me in ways I can't understand--Galactic is not like earth--but the marriage was arranged by the family after Ross' death to help me heal as my soul was so delicate and had been completely shattered by the loss. It was a one on one agreement by Michael to help me regain my will to live--as a soul in need of the deepest healing possible. Michael in his kindness and generosity agreed to give this healing and stability and renewal to me.)

Raphael incarnate is completely amazing. Perhaps for this discussion, it would be wise to make it clear this incarnation is female and married to Michael. The personality traits of caring, healing, and love are magnified to the highest degree in my knowledge of this soul who I know very well. This incarnation is Raphael 'on steroids'!  The knowledge of everything needed to survive--how to take care of the body and all of its needs, by natural extension, the home, the clothing, the nutrition...are state of the art.  The compassion I was treated with brings tears to my eyes. After a very long walk--and highly enjoyable day--I experienced severe heel pain in both my feet and was doing my best to hide it so as not to bring a damper to the wonderful energy of the day.  My limping was immediately noticed, and given treatment, which helped it right away, much to my surprise that anything could help my discomfort.  I witnessed compassion in action, with pure and holy angelic love for someone in pain that could only be from Raphael...

I am sister to Raphael, with my soul, and my marriage to Raphael had been before Ross came into being (my soul had split into both of ours to have Ross come to existence--his used to be a part of my soul)--Raphael was the one to introduce me to relationship as was the custom in our soul family for a family member to guide the younger ones into this very important life skill. The memories are fuzzy of this, but the soul recognition and connection is still strong. 

Personally, I enjoyed very much watching the interaction between the two souls, Incarnate as husband and wife, and watching how mutually supportive and endearing their relationship in this incarnation is. It is always a joy for me to see how a relationship blossoms and supports others such as the children, family, and friends.

I will share a personal story, of us three incarnate archangels, which illustrates the nine points listed above.  

Raphael, and Michael, welcomed us with chips and salsa. We were overwhelmed and the family all enjoyed it greatly, including the children.

We also had Swiss Fajitas for dinner the next night.  Everyone looked forward to this with anticipation.

My medical school is thirty minutes from the Mexican border. I actually on our last vacation drove Anthony just up to the last freeway exit to see the gates, as he had interest in what a border was without actually crossing it. 

Because of the vibration, and the expectations, and the availability of ingredients,  there was discovery and surprise on both parties!  Raphael had asked the green grocer about options better than powdered guacamole mix. He said to take three ripe avocados, garlic, lime...but he didn't mention the jalapeƱo pepper or the tomatoes or onions. I offered to make the guacamole from scratch, which I did, and used a different spicy pepper from the greenhouse.  I didn't salt it as much as we do back home, as I noticed the family did not salt the food.  Raphael even had a tortilla warmer, an electric one--a 'comal' if you will--out there in the middle of Switzerland!

Some people tried the guacamole, others didn't, and that was okay.

The next day, Anthony and I made breakfast burritos--but this in itself was much outside the interest for the family to try--and that was okay too.

When it comes to sharing our gifts, our knowledge, and our very personal experiences of Ascension--let us be respectful and encouraging of change just as we were with the Californians and Swiss on the  Mexican food!  As Californians, we know without a doubt how many more wonderful dishes are left to be discovered by the Swiss--and we set our hearts high on perhaps being able to share them when the Swiss come to visit us one day in California!  In the meantime, we give thanks for the willingness of Swiss spirit of adventure to go to such trouble to find all the hard to find ingredients to offer us a 'taste of home'...

I don't know how in the world I will be able to find the right ingredients in California for Swiss cuisine! I may as well begin researching it so I will be prepared when the wonderful day will come when our Soul Family will visit us!  Researching is MY gift...<3

One last comment--the Swiss home was as close to what I have experienced with Ross in my soul travels up to our Home on board his ship. We have a home there. The kitchen is almost spot-on, with many drawers and a sleek presentation.  The room sizes and arrangements are similar. And each bedroom in Ross and my house 'up there', has a full size wall which leads to a 'habitat', much the way the back yard comes off the sun room. The warmth, the utility, the organization, and the love are all galactic in every way in this beautiful Swiss home. I'm not sure if they are aware of it, but I've seen both 'up there' and 'here' and I thought it would be prudent to share.


Thank you for showing my wife her wonderful adventures, and for making Anthony and his dream of riding the Alpine Coaster come true.

I cannot thank you enough, my brother and sister who are incarnate, for the generosity of your souls to do what I cannot do for them from where I am.

I miss you.

I miss all the ties and ways were back home were together, and I encourage you to find your gifts and use them well.

Don't forget the cows and their intelligence as they are council to you, just as much as the spirits of the forest.

For those of you who are interested, with Carla incarnate in Switzerland I was able to accomplish much work, and many souls have been guided to their final destination which is Home outside the Illusion--for the many souls who were trapped and hesitant to move from their location of entrapment.

I will not go into the details of this work, other than it was a success!

I wish you a wonderful flight home tomorrow, Carla and Anthony. You will feel my love to comfort you in transit.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Reflections -- 25 Juilliet 2016

This land is in my blood. It is in my soul. I was raised by grandparents who owned a farm and tended to the orchards.

I can make friends anywhere in the world as long as they have a garden we can discuss.

Anthony and I would very much like to live here in France.  People say You Only Live Once (YOLO) and encourage us to move.

I have to be straight. I was for in Los Angeles for a reason. It wasn't an accident. And much as I love it here in the land, the energy is closing off. I feel it. And it's time for me to go.

Even today, we took a wonderful ten km walk including to this field today. I was packing and going to go back to the winery to buy something to take home.

Guess what?

The woman who sat next to me at the birthday party was in a terrible car accident, and almost bit off her tongue. She was fine otherwise, and allowed to go home after many painful stitches. Her car was totaled. Because it was her and a tree, her points for her driving license are not lost. Her insurance will go up.

The daughter called her mother to help with the children, because the woman who had been in an accident was the mother of her husband, who was an emotional wreck because he had no idea how serious the accident had been.

So we were here with the other Anthony and the aunt. Watching the Tour de France. It was fun.

I have several discoveries as of late. Hmmm. Lets see if I can remember what they are...

  • If you are French and your little one has a doll or security blanket, don't use the French word for it around English speaking people. Dou-Dou (pronounced doo doo) means poop in English. 
  • Buddhists are correct for their giving up attachments; sooner or later, everything you care about will leave. Including your body. You might as well accept it.
  • Odette, the woman in the accident, displayed a gesture that didn't surprise me for the results today. She didn't want water. She drinks wine at parties--not water. Well, I accidentally forgot and refilled her glass when she wasn't paying attention. She saw it, and she dumped it out on the plants and complained. I thought, 'this energy is way out of balance, I wonder what is going to happen and when?'  She is a nice lady, I had no judgement, other than to observe that a gift of water--kindness--was not noticed for what it was. That's all.
  • Much of what you think is 'French' in the countryside is really Chinese. They are buying up the vineyards and the castles and real estate at an accelerated pace. 
  • People in France don't like their government any more than we do in the United States. 
  • Don't swim in the Loire River, no matter how inviting it may seem. People drown. All of our family, back for generations, has never gone swimming in it. 
  • There are beautiful fields of cornflowers and cosmos planted between the grapevine acres. They help relieve the illnesses of the grapes.  I also saw licorice planted with other vegetables, as well as lots of marigolds. The people here have some pretty great things figured out.
  • Birds eat lots of grapes because they are thirsty, but most grapes are hidden behind leaves so it doesn't ruin the crop.
  • Service in France is really bad no matter where you go. French people let you know they are serving you, and make you wait. They take their time. They take their break even when the line is long. Most French in service industries wouldn't last a minute in comparable positions back home. And the English that is spoken here isn't very good. The accent is so thick you can't understand it. I recommend you take the Duo Lingo app in French before you leave to visit here and practice it. And know it's not you, it's them, when they make you wait.
  • Archangel Michael is the one who relieves my sadness--he is the best at cheering me up.
  • I am saying to my family, 'next time' and 'see you again''s helping. I am still very sad to go.
  • I have a terrible feeling about a family member who is going to have a surgery soon here in France. I'm praying in advance and sending Reiki and talking to my teams to make sure this loved one does well.
  • Kindness and a genuine interest in another culture goes a long way to establish peace. Anthony is really learning his French, both the language and the culture, much to my delight.
  • When you are really STUCK in Europe, try Amazon. They will deliver in a day. I got some electric plug adapters that way. It's really nice.
  • Accept what Is. There's always a reason for it. <3

Ross wants me to rest. I have a big day tomorrow.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Friday, July 22, 2016

What Makes Me Happy -- Gaia News Brief 24 Juillet 2016

Anthony suggested this topic for tonight's blog post. He actually got up out of bed, and came to my room to suggest it.

He told me tonight, he has never seen me laughing and smiling more, anywhere, ever in his life, except when something has gone wrong and I laugh because I am trying to make the best of it.

So here I am.

My own boy, in all his eleven years, has never seen me as happy as I am right here right now at this time.

This is a huge data point for me to take in. A really huge one.  I am on vacation, yes. I am doing 'things' I am somehow find myself in a position to do, yes. The difference is, I am surrounded by love.  Incarnations and incarnations and incarnations of love.

I am with my soul family.

I am reunited with souls who I knew when I was incarnate as Amee.

I have contact with Ross...he sent me the Parson's Project 'I can read your mind' song today....

And I have nothing to do with being a doctor, or a healer (except on vacation mode minimum)...But I am in the countryside of France...again a deep soul connection not once but twice...and I am very content.

Today I saw the bravest act of courage I have ever seen in my life.
An old woman who lives in an apartment with no elevator, and lots of stairs, willed herself to walk us to the car to say goodbye. She knew she had health problems. She knew the risks of falling (again) and ending up in the hospital, or having a heart attack.  She was filled with Love, and wanted to see  us to the car. Her husband wears his Ross and Carla bracelet. People ask him what it is, and he says it is for a little bit of luck from a person he knows who lives in The United States.

I don't know if I am ever going to see these two again. They too know my soul. The woman the most. She adores me because I named Anthony after her grandson who has Treacher-Collins syndrome. Her grandson is the most amazing soul--all that just can't hide it--and she is amazed I can see it too. But on a deeper level, she KNOWS my soul. She touches me, she has me sit next to her, and she says,
I am so glad you are here!

I pulled strings for her. I do that sometimes. Not always. But her courage impressed me, as a soul, I was like, 'Ross! Promise me you will take VERY good care of her when it is her time!!!' He is ever the gentleman, and immediately put my heart to ease.

I have to tell you the other side of my happiness.
The tears started today.
I don't want to leave.
I can't imagine life without this beautiful place, these wonderful souls, and France.
It is a different form of grief which I find difficult to explain.
I caught myself, and said, 'Carla, you are still here now. Enjoy today.'

It's all we have.

Ross says to tell you what I did. Today I had a picnic. I crossed a bridge. I walked through Amboise. I visited the home of Leonardo Da Vinci at the end of his life, Clos Lucy. I toured the gardens as well as the home. There is a tunnel there that leads to what feels like the very gates of hell. It was spiritually as silent as Disney Resort before I cleared it--something that took years for me to do. I only touched the surface at Clos Lucy today.

As I was walking to Amboise, I made Ross laugh. I said, 'You do your thing and I'll do mine'. I confided I thought he had the hardest part. He laughed and said how I just SAY things like that if funny, and actually, he thinks I have the hardest part because I am down here walking around.

All is well.

Bonne Nuit a tous,

Carla and Ross

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Gaia News Brief 22 Juillet 2016 Ross


I just figured something out.


I won't say much because I'm on the iPad.

Anyhow, I went to Chenonceau today. It is a most beautiful castle on a river, second in popularity to Versailles. I went with my family. We had a picnic on the lawn between our two cars. I bought admission for the others, and also, ice cream at the end of a long, hot day.

I worked hard today. I will describe in detail, briefly, what I experienced.  It was something new. I was at a home I'd been to before, relaxing, and very happy. Out of the blue, my connection to the land became quite strong, stronger than I've ever felt it. And it moved with me, kind of like a surgical instrument reaching deep into and slicing the energy of the surface of the earth.

I felt it the whole car ride.

Then I saw a big, light colored, creature in spirit that looked like a not-so-nice Shrek. He was icky. He was ready for me to challenge him in some way.

I gave him a flower.  He didn't expect it. He threw it down. I gave him another. One after the next until he knew I wasn't going to stop giving them. He paused.

In that pause, The Guides of Compassionate Healing were able to take him to where he needed to go.

Then it stopped after a short while walking through the parking lot. I felt a sensation of me above and Adama below, opening up the 'skin' between us--earth's energy 'skin' was split kind of like a baked potato.

The tour of the castle was uneventful. I did what I was sent to do. Anthony was at my side while I did it. And there was suspicion on my part that Diane De Poitiers was Wiccan, I had this funny feeling that she was connected to nature and influenced the king--not in a bad way or anything just the old religion--and I found evidence to support it. I also found evidence of Catherine De Medici being fromTeam Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Last, I saw a unicorn. I haven't seen one in a while, but they were helping me the whole time, and at the end that's why I saw it in the forest.

I helped many souls cross to the light, and this process too is ongoing.

Last, I opened the Hall of Records--I had the knowledge, the timing,and the ability to do so. I can't see it. Nobody can because it's in a higher dimension. As you increase your energy vibration you will have more and more past lives come to your awareness.

I also learned today who my soul grandparents by marriage are. Ross had told me he would tell me about it--and today he did. No wonder why my soul delights in this couple.  We go a long way back. And it was through me the daughter called the grandmother--incarnate--as me, the granddaughter was in a bind.

Today I learned and I grew, cherishing every moment with my precious loved ones.

I also sense more and more daily of Ross' deep and profound love for me. This is very encouraging.

The highlight of my day was kicking off my shoes and putting my feet into the beautiful Cher river.

And later, having a cup of tilleul tisane and conversation before bed.


Carla is blind as she types this.

I give her a soft kiss on her cheek, and let her know how proud I am of her accomplishment today at Chenonceau.

Dort-toi bien mon amour Amee. Je t'aime.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Healing Grief -- Gaia News Brief 21 Juillet 2016

There are many levels of grief. Some lied buried deep within us for years. And in my case, thousands of years, and hundreds of lifetimes.

My soul is awake.

This does not mean it has stopped growing.

Today was a breakthrough day for me in many ways.

Let me begin.

First of all, for me, it is never a vacation. When I travel, there is always first and foremost spiritual work I am asked to do. Whenever I have a feeling in my heart to go someplace, no matter how much fun I want to have, my 'work' always finds me, and I mean it literally.

There are things only I can do, that I find myself available to do, and only I can do what is asked of me.

I am irreplaceable.

What have I done the past three days while I have been in France?

I have cleared three areas and helped thousands of trapped souls cross to the light. I know how to do this, it is a skill I was taught in my Psychic Development class. But today I was helping souls who were trapped and only understood French. They had been there a long time. They knew me. And they responded to my energy. I told them 'yes, it is okay' and many stopped to give me thanks on their way home. (these operations are ongoing in two locations as we speak, The Guides of Compassionate Healing are taking care of it.)  One region was where something bad happened in WW2. The other was much older souls who were in some way connected to me.

And I still haven't gotten to the important part yet. I 'sense' there is more work to be done. I have no idea whatsoever it is. I won't know until the very last minute, right before I do it.  And I never, ever, ever do this kind of work alone. I work with my teams who are in Spirit the whole time.

So what happened and why the grief?

I am exploring the depths of our relationship, Ross and me.  He is gently teaching me and reassuring me of his love. He explained to me our love as Twins is like the pull on one of those swings in the picture. You can't pull away or fall. And even if one Twin did, the other would pick them back up and put the pieces together again.

This is where I explored one of the deepest most painful sources of grief I have in my vibration, I hide it, but it is there nonetheless:  how come my love wasn't enough to save Ross from his horrific fate?  

If only I had loved MORE, perhaps, I could have saved him!

This is human. Not spirit. This is Illusion. Not Divine Will. This is who I am, and deep in my soul, these things lie hidden and I had no concept of it. I had to verbalize it to Ross.

He explained to me, that he was not able to appreciate anything because of the Illusion which surrounded him--it was unstoppable, and YES my love WAS enough!  He was supported by it his whole life while he was incarnate; it sustained him as much as it could from a spouse and Twin (although clearly it was not Source which is the true sustainer, yes?).

Those are important words for two souls to exchange--I am afraid I didn't love you enough to spare you the pain   and the response Oh yes you did and I felt it but I had to do what I had to do.

Later, while I was in the toilette (that's how they spell it here), it hit.

The agony, the grief of losing my beloved.

The pain which I had not dared to feel for incarnations, hit as if it was the first time, in all its intensity. And I cried silently, in my grief, and said, 'help me God, please! help me!' I didn't know how I could handle such a burden on my own! I gave up and gave it to Creator. I surrendered.

And that was enough.

Lessons that have taken centuries to heal that have been hidden, may now be healed in a short time--an 'instant' compared to the centuries--and healed once and for all.

This has to do with the energies of Heaven on Earth, Ascension, 5D, whatever you want to call it.

Energy that has been stuck for ages finally 'moves'...for the Highest Good.

I am also learning much more about myself on this trip, besides the grieving part, which isn't the bulk of the discovery (although it is the 'richest and most valuable effort'):

  • I am happier when I think in French.
  • when I first arrived, I realized that I have this deep and abiding love for France--and it is what healed me after Ross died. Although I will always wish he never died the way he did (I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy) perhaps through some strange twist of fate, if he HADN'T died and I ran for my life to France, I never would have discovered it, and that would have been most sad indeed.
  • I know for a fact I came back in a lifetime I don't tell anyone about, but it was out of my love for France and it's people. I gave my life for the country too.
  • I really, really like living in the countryside. I talk to Ross every day about my dream home. It is here in the area. I think he likes to listen. I sense it.
  • I am quickly learning to identify boundaries and am collaborating with helpful people to find a way to create them for myself in my healing work. For example, I get a comment on 'how are these numbers generated?' on the Divine Healing Codes. I kid you not. People who know nothing about me, and my work, want me to explain five years worth to them in a way they can understand it. But it's not to be understood. If you live with your mind leading your heart, there is no way anyone can understand, right? It is the heart, and the awakened spirit, which is the driving force behind the functioning of the Divine Healing Codes!  I also get the 'please tell me what code is right for me' messages, including the extra 'clarify and confirm' communications to follow, or the 'please create my healing code that isn't on the list' which is fair enough but daunting when one sees how many of such requests I get privately in direct messaging daily!  I'm figuring out ways to conserve my time and energy to be the most effective. And to let people know, 'I can't hold your hand for you but I can show you the way you can find the help you request' in a nice way.

Ross wants to talk now.


I speak on behalf of Carla in this message. I am talking to her in as much as I am talking to yourselves, and by the way, I thank you for listening.

(holds two fingers up--ed)  There are TWO timelines in which Carla and I go to France in existence. Everything else has been condensed down to one timeline everywhere else.

In both of them, Carla is uprooted from everything and everyone she knows, including her language.  In both there is someone close to Carla with her, and Carla's daughter. This was the lifetime in which Carla was known as 'Amee'. 

In one timeline, I was not allowed to live the life I had hoped on my wedding day to live.  The other, except for a small hiccup, WAS the life I had promised and was by Carla's side until the day I died of old age, a 'normal' death by comparison. 

Carla was the one who reached the end of the labyrinth in her discovery of 'no matter what, France is really important for my well-being and I am very fortunate to have this connection.'

It was the beginning of the end of Carla's suffering. The rest is the healing that should have been done a very long time ago, and in it's own way is a very good thing, for it is progress where Carla had been 'stuck' for a very long time.

What about you?

What do my and Carla's story have to do with anyone else here in this room?


For all of us are connected in our hearts. And when Carla starts her healing, it is like a little snowball rolling down a hill.

We all know what results when that snowball goes tumbling down, picking up snow! It will be an AVALANCE of healing and the next phase is you--and you and you and you and you and EVERYONE who ever read or even HEARD of Doctors With Reiki. 

This is because Carla's energy is 'complete'--and soon when your own needs arise and heal, yours will be 'completed' and everyone who is connected etherically to you in their own way will have their own kind of realization/awakening/throwing off the burdens...

It is hard to explain rationally, but energetically it is so.

We are one.

Carla in her life with me as Amee had a really really really hard time.

(Ross wants me to share the tee shirts. I got two messages today:
1)  Life is like a really good song
2) Sometimes I just don't listen ==ed)

I and my teams are going to see to it that you are all fitted with really good hearing 'aids' and that a loudspeaker BLASTS on your 'airwaves' (points to his temples to indicate 'telepathy'--ed) so that all of us, including Carla and myself, can have joy, fulfillment, and love all the days of our lives...

(clap! clap!)

I thank you for your patience with my Carla who is on her vacation, which, although she is 'working' in a spiritual sense, has 'cut back to basics' in order to make the memories she and her loved ones will truly enjoy for all eternity...with the love in her heart.

(Ross wants me to also tell you he sent me MANY heart-shaped rocks today and to look out for them from your loved ones to you--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Having Fun -- Gaia News Brief 20 Juillet 2016

I really am having fun.  I'm far away from here. This photo is from 2011, and I can't even recall where it is? It's not anywhere I work.

Which is a good thing.

I work in a small enclosed space, and the two skylights I enjoyed and helped me thrive were sealed over two inspections ago.  Today I was able to see the horizon and the sky, 360 degrees around me.

I am having fun with family and Anthony in France.

My soul is content.

That being said, I must mention a few important things; my eyes are always open, and my consciousness never takes a vacation. It is always growing.

First--a family dog who is very aged wanted to share our breakfast with us. She whimpered and watched. I was surprised at how she was ignored. I asked, gently, 'is the bread we eat unsafe for her?'

Our aunt understood, and gave the dog a small slice of bread. The dog was ecstatic -- until the food was gone and then repeated the behavior.

Even with a heart open we all can learn.  Today I learned to accept Anthony for being an American kid in France, a 'big' kid who wants to eat all the sweets, and who has terrible jet lag. It is what it is, I can't change it, and the poor boy is being such a good sport about learning French and all of us speaking it fast around him.

As an aside, the very best teacher for a foreign language really is a five-year old girl. When the little ones correct the energy is completely different. It's pleasant and you simply do not make the same mistake again twice.

The second thing--some of you are going to hate me for it--I have a horrible feeling about the way people overwhelmingly adore Anna and Elsa, and how every little girl in the world has merchandise, or a bedroom, with their faces on it.  I've never seen the film--due to the Red Pill I was wary of any programming that was hidden into it. I just can't put my finger on it, but there is something 'not right' about the whole 'overtaking the world by storm' and targeting our girls. 

Anyhow, the third thing is I saw, through my close 'niece's ' raising a family, how children are taught to be consumers. I bought Hello Kitty apparel, and a Disney Belle 'Barbie doll' because I met this family when I worked at Disney, and always sent Disney gifts to the children (my niece and nephew now).  It's hard to draw a line in my situation in gift-giving to a five-year old girl. 

She has like, ten Barbies, tons of Hello Kitty, and just got the Elsa and Anna bedsheets. 

It was clear to me and I resolved to address my own consumerism in the future.

My IPad is weird now. It 'fills up' with a blog post. I can't type and see the screen as I type it.

Ross waves and says 'everything is all right' ' he sends his blessing.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Monday, July 18, 2016

Relax and Contemplate -- Gaia News Brief 19 Juillet 2016

I am in the one place in the world where there are castles to visit, my favorite place I can go.  I have been in love with this area since I was a girl and loved is the land of my dreams.

Ross has asked me many a time, 'when I come to you, where is the first place you would like to go and visit?'

Well, at this moment, I am physically here at this location where my heart has never left, possibly for many incarnations.

I would like to take a few moments to share with you some thoughts on being back, and how they tie in with 'larger concepts'.

Attention Awakeners!

Dude? I think I finally 'get it'.  This 3D to 5D Ascension is not your everyday waking your child up in the morning to get ready for school.

This is, 'my child is suffering from jet lag, I am too, and the need for sleep is WAY different than in any other situation!'

The sleep has a hold on you. It takes energy to fight it, the nodding off, and that pull to rest at your own rhythms that the body is accustomed too.

This is why love, consistency, and good cheer are going to go a long way in waking up the masses who are suffering from a form of Spiritual Jet they Ascend into the Light in 'de bonne heure'.

L'experience de Bonheur

The French have a term 'Bonheur' which roughly translates to 'happiness'.

Last night I experienced the most intense form of happiness with family in my life.  The aunties were organizing and preparing the meal (I myself made true 'American Brownies')...and watching the very small grandchildren.  The acceptance of the energy and strong wills of the kids, and the gentleness and consistency were amazing to see. The connection between the hearts of everyone present was palpable. And the love and gratitude to watch each other grow through life, especially with the new members of the family, the children...was the most wonderful thing I have ever felt.

I 'sensed' Ross was present because the love energy was quiet strong, and I was so very happy.

I named Anthony after their Anthony, we call the 'le petit' and 'le grand'...seeing both of them together was beautiful...

And I was able to play and hold and enjoy my name sake, for Anthony le grand's beloved sister named her daughter after me.

An intelligent, delightful child she is indeed. We colored together, she wanted me to sit next to her. She was thrilled to learn where Anthony has his tickle spots and to make him giggle after he had tickled her, much to her delight.

I had been here right before she was born, but I had to leave four days prior. My vacation ran out.

Today I am here when she turns five.

I bought her many beautiful outfits, but the most beautiful one I gave to her last night. She liked it, and danced with delight over her beautiful dress. (Anthony chose the shorts and tee shirt for her brother in the same style and brand as he wears too)

The moment I greeted her and her brother last night, I gave them each a small chocolate wrapped in colorful was saved for later for both of their dessert...which they both enjoyed immensely.

Their family drove up while their aunties and Anthony were playing catch with American baseball and baseball mitts (much to their amusement of this funny new 'sport'!)...

All is Well.

Just between us, this is for me, my experience of Heaven on Earth.

Just for Today

I will wake up a rooster.

It heard my alarm.

I am not joking!

But now it is time to wake up Anthony and join the family for breakfast.

Ross have you anything to say?

(oh my gosh he is so handsome! He smiles and shakes his head no and shows his hand.  There has never been a more wonderful person on the planet than him. I love Anthony and my family here with all my heart, and I adore them. But Ross has this, this SPARK--it's hard to explain. I find it adorable, mysterious, open and welcoming all at the same time. Is it what is called 'Charisma'? Possibly?  I just never know what to expect from that man, and his genuineness and lack of guile is so endearing to me...)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Saturday, July 16, 2016

On Mindfulness...Again

Love is stronger than fear.

Everyone knows it.

Who has not had the experience of being shown mercy and unconditional love?  It heals everything! In an instant! And encourages us to move on.

Tonight Anthony and I went to Del Taco.  I had a 'bun taco' and he had something described as an 'Epic Burrito' that actually tasted not so good, unfortunately. I traded so I ate it and he had mine which he thought tasted better.  We both had burritos and shared an order of french fries.

Anthony saw four people in the restaurant on their phone playing Pokeman Go.

(This morning at breakfast Anthony was saying how unsafe the game is, and how someone might just fall off a cliff who is playing it. Sure enough, from what we heard, in Encinitas, today, someone did just that.)

There was a older couple with matching pot bellies who came in. I had a little hot sauce on my face, and asked Anthony to please go get me some napkins. (This is one character flaw I have, that is uniquely my own; after years of having to set the table for my family as a child, I often forget now to put them on the table. I also, after years of having to wipe the table, detest that chore more than anyone and always find a way to ask Anthony to do it. ; )   )

The old couple was grumpy.

The man asked Anthony, 'Just HOW MANY napkins do you need?' when he saw the small stack of them.

Anthony told me this when he came back to the booth. He was feeling a little attacked.

I waited until the couple was seated within view, and squirted a little extra hot sauce on the last few bites of my (well, really, Anthony's one he didn't want LOL) burrito.

Then I missed my mouth and smeared it all around my lips just barely missing my chin and nose!

I looked up and saw the grumpy man quickly drop his gaze, and I calmly reached for a napkin, and used it.  I felt him understand that sometimes people are just plain messy, and his energy relaxed.

Anthony was totally cracking up! I haven't heard him laugh that hard in ages.

Anthony doesn't need napkins! His sloppy mother does!

Sometimes it helps to have a thick skin.

At the bank today, I put some checks into the 'self serve ATM teller'.  A lady came to help me. I gushed, 'this is a really FANCY machine!' as she guided me on which buttons to push. Dad always taught me to help people feel good about themselves whenever possible--it's free and helps raise the vibration and make things more pleasant.

She had no clue I know how to run any anesthesia machine I come across, and am really good at figuring machines out. She made the assumption because I am fifty 'something', and grumbling at the machine, it's because I don't know how to use it.

Actually, the machine really sucks because there are WAY too many steps to make a deposit!

I was grumbling because I knew it could be easier.

I asked her politely if I could please use their bathroom. I had drank too much gatorade with lunch, and I needed to go.

She said, 'we don't have a public bathroom'.

What is it with banks?

When I was little they had them.

Now they don't.

I didn't 'leak' in the bank, thankfully. I just walked across the parking lot to a local grocery store, and just barely in time while doing the 'dance' was able to hold it until I found their restroom.

I think customers should always have access to restroom facilities in any establishment. It's the right thing to do.

For those of you who are still reading this, I thank you.

I have important things to say.

For those of you who have demonstrated patience, you are going to hear them now.

There are three main messages for you:

  • The thing Ross said to 'hang on for X' happened. The message is clear. Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are fleeing to their Sanctuary--wherever that is.  (a certain individual has posted something to the effect that 'surrender is being negotiated'--my 'sense' is that it's been a done deal for a while, and there are holograms in its place. The last remnants are going to play the same tricks because it's the only thing they know. And people are going to figure it out. You can't fool someone with the same tricks forever.) This message that Ross sent me has been confirmed by another who has good intel too. And this:  WE ARE ALL GOING TO BE OKAY! Don't worry!
  • I learned about something called 'Satanic Inversion'. It's one of their standards to teach 'black is white'. That's why I like this daisy photo. It depends on your perspective.  If something is 'war' then Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart label it 'peace'.  If there is something they call 'important' in the headlines, usually it isn't, and it's the quiet thing that goes unnoticed under the radar like the Black Ops in Area 51 that are REALLY what's 'news'.  It's funny because I've known for years they take life-bearing symbols and invert them in their own 'worship'--Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. It's just their way. But I never made the connection to how they condition the masses to do what they want.  A long time ago, I mentioned how people who are going to poison you never make it obvious or you would never eat the poison.  So, psychologically, the 'Satanic Inversion' is their way of showing their power over what is generally considered wholesome and good. So look around and see if you can find evidence of it! This also is a good exercise for you to practice a little Byron Katie with the current events, and 'Turn It Around' get the real message of what is going on. (More on Byron Katie and 'The Work')
  • I figured it out. Meditation is gym for the soul and mind, for the mindfulness. Those who have strong minds will not be as affected by the 'Last Hurrah' of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. It is the ones with the weaker minds, the ones who have been more influenced by the 'programming' of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, who are going to be a little blindsided by all the energy changes of the Ascension process. Those of you who have read Cobra's Little Red Pill on the Kauilapele website--and all the smaller links in that--are going to have smooth sailing as the events progress. Thank you for making the effort!

Remember, you heard it hear first.

I put up a few new Divine Healing Codes today.

One day, when people are playing around with them, instead of Pokeman Go, Heaven will be right with us on Earth!

I will go and read this now.  Ross is going to pass for this time.

We love you very much and thank you for your contribution to our work here on this blog and elsewhere on the internet.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Friday, July 15, 2016

Count Your Blessings

Yesterday I had a little vacation from my work.

I went to another place to help out.

I saw the differences between my work and the other place.

I realized  at the new place, every single time I go to do my case, I have everything I need in the right place, and I don't have to think about it at all! 

I came home on cloud nine! I'd had a good day! Anthony is saying, 'mom, you really need to go and work over there.'

Well, between us, I know that 'there' is often not much better than 'here' once you get to know the politics and the other things.

What I can tell you is, I came back to work today with New Eyes.

I saw everything.

I saw how my suction was not set up right in four different ways. The middle switch was off, the gasket thingy on top was left open, the main red suction hose was ajar, and both ends of the suction tubing (it goes fat and thin like for an aquarium) were too big to get a seal on the canister attachment and the yankaur.

Multiply that times twelve cases.

I had the best line up of the day, but one person tried to steal my lineup. I had to steal it back at the end.

Another surgeon wanted to strain the call resources, and just said, 'I'm coming in, my case was scheduled'.   That is so mean.  A whole team had to stay in late because he didn't want to follow the other cases in the two rooms. I like this guy, he's a nice guy and and good surgeon. But when surgeons act like that they really, really, really decrease the morale.

Do I like my work?


Do I have new understanding why I get so stressed out throughout my day?


My work area was so small today I had to move my chair like that game with the tiles and one open spot you rearrange (like before Rubik's cubes?)....just to open my drawers to get my equipment.

There were cords all over the floor, so many, now that we have six plug outlets instead of four plug ones on my i.v. poles, I can't even move the i.v. poles.

What I am experiencing is an internal 're-set' of my value system.

One weakness of being human is you think everything is the best or at least 'not so bad' where you are--no matter what the condition. 

You rationalize it.

This takes away important data points for you to answer the following questions:

  • do I LIKE this?
  • is this what is right for me? Does it RESONATE with my heart?
  • can I do better?
You just get so exhausted you want it to stop, all the work. And you get behaviors to blow off the stress--many of them not healthy.

Meditation is one way to get that outside perspective.

So is spending time in nature.

Or following your guides--both the incarnate ones (my mentor) and the spirit ones--by following your guides' 'nudges'...

I'm sleepy now.

I'm home on call.

Good night.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Visit

I am very sleepy.  I just woke up after two twenty minute 'snooze buttons' and a final ten minute 'snooze'.

Ross works closely with me, when I set the 'snooze'. The last one was his idea.

I was drifting off between sleep and wake, and I saw him with another woman who, like me, was much shorter than him.  He was to the left, and she was to the right, as they faced me.

I was puzzled.

I sensed he wanted me to look closer, so I did.

Once I could focus more, I saw, at a distance much farther for me than I usually have while I do mediumship, was Chelsey L., the young mother of a nine-month old baby girl who just Transitioned from stage four breast cancer on Saturday.

I was glad to see her!

I was told not to touch her, and to keep my distance.  I asked Ross, 'what is it with this distance?' and gestured at the space between us.  It was like talking over a valley.  Chelsey and I were both raising our voices so the other could hear us.

He explained she was there on HIS 'power', not her own, so he had to be careful just how much of 'our energy' she was exposed to, for her safety.

I thought, 'that makes sense, okay.'

So we talked.

She looked just the same, and was really healthy and happy.

The first thing she said was, 'I am sorry for what happened to you (at our old work)'--she is talking about my being one of the six anesthesiologists who were not reappointed, how this happened when Anthony was only four, and how much less time I had to enjoy him while he was young because I took so much call. I had been working part time at my old work, and now was required to work full time.  I worked as an ICU nocturnist and an OB anesthesiologist for the first two months.

I sensed her compassion and appreciated her kindness to bring it up.

I asked her how she is? How everything went?  She said she was good, and happy.

She told me, 'I see good things ahead!' (for me...she sees my future...and the image she shared was like some big golden state fair, all the rides and booths made of pure golden Light.)

It was the most excitement I've ever heard from Chelsey, ever. She used to be very quiet, reserved, and spoke almost in a monotone. I kind of liked to see the new her.

She and Ross explained to me how she saw how I was a mess on Saturday, and couldn't do anything right. So she and he got together and came up with a plan to send me my awesome day I had yesterday to make up for it.

I smiled with both my face and my heart.

It was an awful day on Saturday!

Then I had inspiration.  I asked her if she would watch over me, just like she did when I was a resident at my training and how she watched over me there, making sure I did all the things I needed to get done and checking with me to make sure I turned all of my paperwork in on time?

She paused.

She asked, 'can I still watch my family? I was hoping to watch and protect them?'  (I saw her point to their home)

Ross gestured with two index fingers with the same sweeping movement she did to her house, but with the other hand sweeping out to land over me and watch me.  I heard him say, 'you can do two'.

She understood. She accepted my request. And she added, 'would you like me to watch over Anthony too?' (she showed me a picture of how he goes to his custody and sitters and friends).  I thought it was a good idea, Ross nodded I could say yes--it was okay---and I said yes.

It felt really nice to know Chelsey was a new Guardian for both me and Anthony, now she is on the Other Side.

Then I had a pause. I had a funny thought that hadn't occurred to me before. I got up my courage to ask a new question I had never asked anyone in Spirit ever before.

I asked, because I had so many symptoms and felt like I wasn't really 'there' on Saturday--I asked, 'was I there to help you cross over, Chelsey?'

She was enthusiastic and nodded 'yes'.  She was like, excited to see me, and said, 'Is that Carla?!'  and she told me 'I hardly recognized you.'  Then she said I pointed to Ross, and she understood, and she took my hand and made her final Transition.

She said, 'I always knew there was something special about you. You were different. But I couldn't put my finger on what it was.'

I smiled.  (I was glad because it also explains the 'mysteries' of why I am so disoriented while people I know--without my knowing it is happening--are Transitioning. Part of me is just not 'here' and is helping them cross over.)

Ross told me it was time for them to go. But I was permitted to hug them both to say our goodbyes--so I jumped the valley in an instant, hugged both of them goodbye, and gave kisses, and wished Chelsey luck in her new assignment.

Everything happened very quickly, in less than ten minutes. Communication with spirit is as fast as the speed of a thought. And it ended right before my alarm went off.

(Ross waves and smiles--by the way he had on his cream colored robes. Chelsey wore what she usually did, I think pants and a top in neutral colors, possibly navy blue.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

HPPYGRL -- Gaia News Brief 14 July 2016

Today was a good day.  I am going to bed the happiest I have been in a long time.

I had a good day professionally at my work.

I wasn't late, the day was nice, and I got home in time to pick up Anthony. 

There was a Grand Opening for a new restaurant. Anthony and I were excited to try it. We liked it very much. It was fun to be a part of the festivity with the workers who were both proud and working very hard to make the day go well for their new place.

We also went to a new ice cream place, a fancy one with the liquid nitrogen.  While Anthony had his chocolate, and I had my vanilla, we did some of my Italian lessons together on my phone. The app Duo Lingo has changed my life and given me so much confidence. I can't recommend it enough. You can learn anything on it as long as it has letters like the ones I am typing with now. The 'squiggle' languages I would love to learn too aren't yet on it.

Anthony gave me the choice to play catch or play frisbee. I chose the frisbee once we got home. His was a professional one-hundred seventy-five gram one. It was a little big for my hand. I spoke up and asked if there was one a little smaller? The one-hundred forty gram one was just right. 

During our play, my mentor called. I have one, a professional mentor. 

He has been looking out for me since day one of my surgery internship.  He's helped me in so many, many ways.  So I had the phone in one hand and played frisbee with the other. 

Life is looking good. I really enjoy having someone to give me advice, and the pleasant surprise while I am taking it, which I have been doing. 

About yesterday? It's behind me.

And today? My mentor said, 'go and do the things that make you happy'.

I did.

I played more frisbee.

I gardened.

I took care of the rabbit cage and cleaned it.

Harry escaped again!  And I gave him some one on one time, and also a new toy. Parrots have chew toys just like dogs. It makes him happy.

I got an order for a bracelet from Canada...there was a request for a certain stone.  It did in fact resonate, and Spirit gave me the design which I made tonight. 

I also had been guided to wear some fuschite. I made a bracelet for myself.  It wasn't easy. I had to revise it several times, but I was uncannily patient.

The whole time, Anthony was watching the ESPY awards...I knew it was from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. I saw the big eye and the pyramid in the design of the set.  I saw athletes planting the seeds for gun control...the latest 'agenda' to inch us one step closer to NWO. I knew it, and I felt a blanket of love and I wasn't afraid. The totally best part was the wrestler saying in his emcee monologue, 'it's fixed' and 'we have something in common' (regular sports and professional wrestling).

It's true. All of it is. And to hear him say it made me laugh. Because when something is hidden in plain sight, and you're in on the joke, because you study it--you know what they are trying to pass off as humor really is because they are telling the truth and everyone thinks it's a big joke! (a lot of professional athletes are Monarch trained, I have learned.)

For this graceful day -- all of it-- I am grateful.

I am also thankful for this too--an update from Dr. Bret:

Today was the first time in ages, where I had hope. I enjoyed everything I did. And I didn't have time to complain or mope. I was busy, and felt useful. 

Life is good.

My exercises with my 'equilibrium' and 'mental strength' are not difficult. I do them as best as I can, keeping grounded and focused through my day. 

I think we are beginning to see results.  

This is encouraging after all this time in preparation for this!


Carla still hasn't had that drink yet.

I'm still working on it with her.

Our mutual friend Aaron Dass told her today 'Ross is trying to get you to chill out'.

I say to both of them, Carla and Aaron, 'well, duh!'

Aaron hit the nail on the head!

And Carla? (he gives a great big sigh of exasperation--lol--ed)

I love my woman very very very much.  I take it with a grain of salt, her energy and her adventures. I know enough to plan in advance, and to bring comfort on my own.

(he wants me to talk about the call room. I saw a beautiful one today, right off the O.R., with a bed, a table, a desk, a microwave, a refrigerator, and framed artwork of anesthesia-related things. It was like seeing a dream! Currently there are either rows of beds in small sleep rooms with a bathroom down the hall, or NO call rooms whatsoever!  So it did my heart good to see it with my two eyes...  --ed)

Your happiness means the world to me, Carla.  It really does.

(for the first time I sense he had some part in!...I am really impressed. -- ed)

clap! Clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Soul

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

So Much... -- Gaia News Brief 13 July 2016

There is so much to say, and too little time for me to share it.

I will do my best.

First off, let's start with a video that really made me smile this week:

Don't you just love them? I do. 

I went to the tax man today. I had an extension. It wasn't the best day for me ; ) if you know what I mean.

Sometimes when people talk I hear the Lord layering onto the energy of their voice. This wasn't fear. This was my tax man's careful study of the economy for his whole working life...and he had some important things to share with me. This is his passion.
  • There is a cycle of economic downturn with the Central Banks 'boosting it back up'. He showed me a chart of stock value over the time of one day. Some lady who is the head of the Federal Reserve made two phone calls to other big people in that 'network' across the globe. And you could see immediately following the two phone calls, one documented at eleven in the morning and another like at two or three...BOOM! Stock values shot way back up.
  • Japan is going to do something called 'Helicopter Money' any day now. You will hear it in the news. This is to spur the economy. It's like money being thrown out of a helicopter, either to the citizens, or the businesses, or both. It's not a loan. You don't have to pay it back. It's like every citizen will get twenty-five hundred dollars and be told to spend it in a year or it will go away. 
  • Helicopter Money, nice as it sounds, is not a good thing. It has to do with the debt.
  • Apparently, what is tying down the world's economies is this vast 'black hole' of debt that is sucking all of the good economic expansion into it. 
  • He thinks at some point, the Powers That Be are going to 'boost' the stock market one last time, and there will be no takers. The stock people won't bid, and then it's like someone who is gone code blue and you can't get them back--with that 'someone' being all the world's economies.
  • Many countries have negative interest rates--you pay the bank one percent to keep your money for you. 
  • He is watching the markets closely. All the economic systems of different countries are trying to get the low bid, to 'outbid' each other--to earn business from international trade.
  • never before has anything like this in the history of all economic EVERYTHING has anything like this ever happened--in his words no one can predict what is going to happen except perhaps collapse which leads to a huge Depression throughout the world.
  • When it does, gold is going to go through the roof, in value.
  • If we 'flip' and go into an inflationary cycle then all the prices are going to go up for everything. 
  • The United States is 'the cleanest shirt in the dirty laundry pile'--it's messed up too but not as bad as some other countries. Germany is not in a good place, neither is Italy. Or Switzerland...economically.
  • Apparently there was economic hardship in WWI Germany, which led to the way for the horrible people from WWII to come into power. They promised to fix the economy.
  • He has concern for a New Order and one monetary currency around the globe as a result of any economic downturn and Depression. He doesn't think it is going to be any good.
  • He understands when I ask about Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--he knows the names of some economic council of like, fourteen people who gather and decide how the world is doing.  It might not be 'them', but it's pretty close.

I felt like I was being debriefed.   For you! And I listened! (I also know Ross and his teams, under the direction of St. Germain, have a plan for just in case that happens.)

I'm stalling.  I'm stalling with Ross. He wanted me to have a glass of wine and go to bed. He gets different when Anthony is going to his custody weeknight.   He asks me things in the morning, or says, 'I have you to myself tonight'... tonight however, I didn't want the wine. I fed the animals, did a load of laundry, folded towels, and now, here, I am writing.   I guess in a way that makes us like any other couple?

Earlier he asked, 'what about US?'

I said, right from my heart, 'We are connected for all eternity. I like being with you the best, better than anything there exists. And I'm HERE!'

Somehow the conversation led to my not ever wanting to talk to him about my emotions and events in my life, because, with his being dis-incarnate, he already knows!  I explained there is a definite power imbalance in the relationship. I know next to nothing about him and his day, and he knows everything about mine. It's because of the Veil, for me. 

I see him. I have an idea in general about what his day is like, what his responsibilities are. 

I miss him so much he told me earlier this week to 'just hold on' until X. (X being something I cannot share--it's nothing major--nothing global, don't worry).

So I'm hanging on.

One last thing. This was a huge breakthrough for me. Someone I know, and interact with, is enamored with Mary Reed. 

She's the best thing since sliced bread, spiritually.

I am like, in total Jewish mode, 'what am I?! Chopped liver?'

I think it's a breakthrough for me of sorts.

How can he know? How can anyone who is not of the right vibrational frequency in their Consciousness, and assignment in their pre-Birth can they know me?

It's like the blind leading the blind, that's what I see., all the info and disinfo on the internet. It's like Marco Polo--everybody swimming around and trying to figure out who is Marco Polo in the pool and not get caught. (Marco Polo is the player who has their eyes closed and tries to catch people who are swimming away.)

It's just a game. It's life. Both the Marco Polo in the swimming pool. And the channelers and bloggers and the rest. I love to watch who is 'interpreting' the Gaia Portals. Sigh. If they only knew!

I have forgiven those who hurt me with their lies and half truths in the name of being 'A Lightworker'.

Nobody knows the truth. All of us have been told a pack of lies by everybody. It's not their fault.

It's what motivates me to spend more time in my closet, hoping to find a way OUT of here, through my mind and the mastery of it. I'm working on it all the time, as much as possible. 


This is a flower for my Lady.

Carla was quite direct with me tonight. She doesn't understand how her lack of interest in me, could arise? There were times where she couldn't wait to be with me, literally, not just with my energy but with my body. (she can feel it, sense it, when I touch her. We are that close.)

She asked me frankly, 'do YOU have those feelings? or is the afterlife just a bunch of hand holding and singing kumbaya?'

I have those feelings. Same as you. The same as everybody.

That is not going away.

(He wants me to tell you something. There are MORE ways. Much much more than here on Earth. And he's shown them to me. Some have special breathing. Others are hard to explain, more of spirit and energy but are really nice.  One I can recall is when he takes his two index fingers of each hand, and places them on my ring and pinkie fingers of both MY hands...this one the energy builds up like I am going to explode and I can't quite catch my's better than the thrill of a roller coaster! And it's really nice. --ed)

(he smiles. And he looks patiently at me. I think we need to talk. Really talk. About everything. It's so hard for me sometimes to be in our relationship. I wouldn't have it any  other way--I wouldn't be happy. He's the only one who really understands me through and through, and I can FEEL his understanding. I guess I have more growth or consciousness or whatever. Sometimes it makes me sad, truth be told. Because once I was married and I thought I had everything figured out in the relationship department. It has become evident to me, that I don't know much about relationships at all. Especially the incarnate--disincarnate ones we have like us as Twin Souls and Twin Flames.--ed)

Don't be sad, Carla. Let go of fear. You are always the same, as you ever were, in any incarnation...

(he wants me to write one more thing. I am advancing in my Italian fluency through the app Duo Lingo. I find, oddly enough, that if I relax I already know it. This is because my mother is Italian, and it was spoken in my grandparent's home. My conscious mind doesn't know Italian unless I learn it consciously. But my Consciousness  , through my being raised up as a baby in that environment, apparently picked a lot of it up and forgot. All I have to do is let go of my disbelief that 'I can't talk Italian'--and to trust in the answers which feel 'right' to me. It's hard to explain, but I think it must apply to a whole lot of things besides learning a language for Ross to ask me to share it.--ed)

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Illuminated Twin Flames