Monday, July 18, 2016

Relax and Contemplate -- Gaia News Brief 19 Juillet 2016

I am in the one place in the world where there are castles to visit, my favorite place I can go.  I have been in love with this area since I was a girl and loved is the land of my dreams.

Ross has asked me many a time, 'when I come to you, where is the first place you would like to go and visit?'

Well, at this moment, I am physically here at this location where my heart has never left, possibly for many incarnations.

I would like to take a few moments to share with you some thoughts on being back, and how they tie in with 'larger concepts'.

Attention Awakeners!

Dude? I think I finally 'get it'.  This 3D to 5D Ascension is not your everyday waking your child up in the morning to get ready for school.

This is, 'my child is suffering from jet lag, I am too, and the need for sleep is WAY different than in any other situation!'

The sleep has a hold on you. It takes energy to fight it, the nodding off, and that pull to rest at your own rhythms that the body is accustomed too.

This is why love, consistency, and good cheer are going to go a long way in waking up the masses who are suffering from a form of Spiritual Jet they Ascend into the Light in 'de bonne heure'.

L'experience de Bonheur

The French have a term 'Bonheur' which roughly translates to 'happiness'.

Last night I experienced the most intense form of happiness with family in my life.  The aunties were organizing and preparing the meal (I myself made true 'American Brownies')...and watching the very small grandchildren.  The acceptance of the energy and strong wills of the kids, and the gentleness and consistency were amazing to see. The connection between the hearts of everyone present was palpable. And the love and gratitude to watch each other grow through life, especially with the new members of the family, the children...was the most wonderful thing I have ever felt.

I 'sensed' Ross was present because the love energy was quiet strong, and I was so very happy.

I named Anthony after their Anthony, we call the 'le petit' and 'le grand'...seeing both of them together was beautiful...

And I was able to play and hold and enjoy my name sake, for Anthony le grand's beloved sister named her daughter after me.

An intelligent, delightful child she is indeed. We colored together, she wanted me to sit next to her. She was thrilled to learn where Anthony has his tickle spots and to make him giggle after he had tickled her, much to her delight.

I had been here right before she was born, but I had to leave four days prior. My vacation ran out.

Today I am here when she turns five.

I bought her many beautiful outfits, but the most beautiful one I gave to her last night. She liked it, and danced with delight over her beautiful dress. (Anthony chose the shorts and tee shirt for her brother in the same style and brand as he wears too)

The moment I greeted her and her brother last night, I gave them each a small chocolate wrapped in colorful was saved for later for both of their dessert...which they both enjoyed immensely.

Their family drove up while their aunties and Anthony were playing catch with American baseball and baseball mitts (much to their amusement of this funny new 'sport'!)...

All is Well.

Just between us, this is for me, my experience of Heaven on Earth.

Just for Today

I will wake up a rooster.

It heard my alarm.

I am not joking!

But now it is time to wake up Anthony and join the family for breakfast.

Ross have you anything to say?

(oh my gosh he is so handsome! He smiles and shakes his head no and shows his hand.  There has never been a more wonderful person on the planet than him. I love Anthony and my family here with all my heart, and I adore them. But Ross has this, this SPARK--it's hard to explain. I find it adorable, mysterious, open and welcoming all at the same time. Is it what is called 'Charisma'? Possibly?  I just never know what to expect from that man, and his genuineness and lack of guile is so endearing to me...)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins