Tuesday, July 12, 2016

So Much... -- Gaia News Brief 13 July 2016

There is so much to say, and too little time for me to share it.

I will do my best.

First off, let's start with a video that really made me smile this week:

Don't you just love them? I do. 

I went to the tax man today. I had an extension. It wasn't the best day for me ; ) if you know what I mean.

Sometimes when people talk I hear the Lord layering onto the energy of their voice. This wasn't fear. This was my tax man's careful study of the economy for his whole working life...and he had some important things to share with me. This is his passion.
  • There is a cycle of economic downturn with the Central Banks 'boosting it back up'. He showed me a chart of stock value over the time of one day. Some lady who is the head of the Federal Reserve made two phone calls to other big people in that 'network' across the globe. And you could see immediately following the two phone calls, one documented at eleven in the morning and another like at two or three...BOOM! Stock values shot way back up.
  • Japan is going to do something called 'Helicopter Money' any day now. You will hear it in the news. This is to spur the economy. It's like money being thrown out of a helicopter, either to the citizens, or the businesses, or both. It's not a loan. You don't have to pay it back. It's like every citizen will get twenty-five hundred dollars and be told to spend it in a year or it will go away. 
  • Helicopter Money, nice as it sounds, is not a good thing. It has to do with the debt.
  • Apparently, what is tying down the world's economies is this vast 'black hole' of debt that is sucking all of the good economic expansion into it. 
  • He thinks at some point, the Powers That Be are going to 'boost' the stock market one last time, and there will be no takers. The stock people won't bid, and then it's like someone who is gone code blue and you can't get them back--with that 'someone' being all the world's economies.
  • Many countries have negative interest rates--you pay the bank one percent to keep your money for you. 
  • He is watching the markets closely. All the economic systems of different countries are trying to get the low bid, to 'outbid' each other--to earn business from international trade.
  • never before has anything like this in the history of all economic EVERYTHING has anything like this ever happened--in his words no one can predict what is going to happen except perhaps collapse which leads to a huge Depression throughout the world.
  • When it does, gold is going to go through the roof, in value.
  • If we 'flip' and go into an inflationary cycle then all the prices are going to go up for everything. 
  • The United States is 'the cleanest shirt in the dirty laundry pile'--it's messed up too but not as bad as some other countries. Germany is not in a good place, neither is Italy. Or Switzerland...economically.
  • Apparently there was economic hardship in WWI Germany, which led to the way for the horrible people from WWII to come into power. They promised to fix the economy.
  • He has concern for a New Order and one monetary currency around the globe as a result of any economic downturn and Depression. He doesn't think it is going to be any good.
  • He understands when I ask about Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--he knows the names of some economic council of like, fourteen people who gather and decide how the world is doing.  It might not be 'them', but it's pretty close.

I felt like I was being debriefed.   For you! And I listened! (I also know Ross and his teams, under the direction of St. Germain, have a plan for just in case that happens.)

I'm stalling.  I'm stalling with Ross. He wanted me to have a glass of wine and go to bed. He gets different when Anthony is going to his custody weeknight.   He asks me things in the morning, or says, 'I have you to myself tonight'... tonight however, I didn't want the wine. I fed the animals, did a load of laundry, folded towels, and now, here, I am writing.   I guess in a way that makes us like any other couple?

Earlier he asked, 'what about US?'

I said, right from my heart, 'We are connected for all eternity. I like being with you the best, better than anything there exists. And I'm HERE!'

Somehow the conversation led to my not ever wanting to talk to him about my emotions and events in my life, because, with his being dis-incarnate, he already knows!  I explained there is a definite power imbalance in the relationship. I know next to nothing about him and his day, and he knows everything about mine. It's because of the Veil, for me. 

I see him. I have an idea in general about what his day is like, what his responsibilities are. 

I miss him so much he told me earlier this week to 'just hold on' until X. (X being something I cannot share--it's nothing major--nothing global, don't worry).

So I'm hanging on.

One last thing. This was a huge breakthrough for me. Someone I know, and interact with, is enamored with Mary Reed. 

She's the best thing since sliced bread, spiritually.

I am like, in total Jewish mode, 'what am I?! Chopped liver?'

I think it's a breakthrough for me of sorts.

How can he know? How can anyone who is not of the right vibrational frequency in their Consciousness, and assignment in their pre-Birth Contract...how can they know me?

It's like the blind leading the blind, that's what I see., all the info and disinfo on the internet. It's like Marco Polo--everybody swimming around and trying to figure out who is Marco Polo in the pool and not get caught. (Marco Polo is the player who has their eyes closed and tries to catch people who are swimming away.)

It's just a game. It's life. Both the Marco Polo in the swimming pool. And the channelers and bloggers and the rest. I love to watch who is 'interpreting' the Gaia Portals. Sigh. If they only knew!

I have forgiven those who hurt me with their lies and half truths in the name of being 'A Lightworker'.

Nobody knows the truth. All of us have been told a pack of lies by everybody. It's not their fault.

It's what motivates me to spend more time in my closet, hoping to find a way OUT of here, through my mind and the mastery of it. I'm working on it all the time, as much as possible. 


This is a flower for my Lady.

Carla was quite direct with me tonight. She doesn't understand how her lack of interest in me, could arise? There were times where she couldn't wait to be with me, literally, not just with my energy but with my body. (she can feel it, sense it, when I touch her. We are that close.)

She asked me frankly, 'do YOU have those feelings? or is the afterlife just a bunch of hand holding and singing kumbaya?'

I have those feelings. Same as you. The same as everybody.

That is not going away.

(He wants me to tell you something. There are MORE ways. Much much more than here on Earth. And he's shown them to me. Some have special breathing. Others are hard to explain, more of spirit and energy but are really nice.  One I can recall is when he takes his two index fingers of each hand, and places them on my ring and pinkie fingers of both MY hands...this one the energy builds up like I am going to explode and I can't quite catch my breath...it's better than the thrill of a roller coaster! And it's really nice. --ed)

(he smiles. And he looks patiently at me. I think we need to talk. Really talk. About everything. It's so hard for me sometimes to be in our relationship. I wouldn't have it any  other way--I wouldn't be happy. He's the only one who really understands me through and through, and I can FEEL his understanding. I guess I have more growth or consciousness or whatever. Sometimes it makes me sad, truth be told. Because once I was married and I thought I had everything figured out in the relationship department. It has become evident to me, that I don't know much about relationships at all. Especially the incarnate--disincarnate ones we have like us as Twin Souls and Twin Flames.--ed)

Don't be sad, Carla. Let go of fear. You are always the same, as you ever were, in any incarnation...

(he wants me to write one more thing. I am advancing in my Italian fluency through the app Duo Lingo. I find, oddly enough, that if I relax I already know it. This is because my mother is Italian, and it was spoken in my grandparent's home. My conscious mind doesn't know Italian unless I learn it consciously. But my Consciousness  , through my being raised up as a baby in that environment, apparently picked a lot of it up and forgot. All I have to do is let go of my disbelief that 'I can't talk Italian'--and to trust in the answers which feel 'right' to me. It's hard to explain, but I think it must apply to a whole lot of things besides learning a language for Ross to ask me to share it.--ed)

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Illuminated Twin Flames