Saturday, July 16, 2016

On Mindfulness...Again

Love is stronger than fear.

Everyone knows it.

Who has not had the experience of being shown mercy and unconditional love?  It heals everything! In an instant! And encourages us to move on.

Tonight Anthony and I went to Del Taco.  I had a 'bun taco' and he had something described as an 'Epic Burrito' that actually tasted not so good, unfortunately. I traded so I ate it and he had mine which he thought tasted better.  We both had burritos and shared an order of french fries.

Anthony saw four people in the restaurant on their phone playing Pokeman Go.

(This morning at breakfast Anthony was saying how unsafe the game is, and how someone might just fall off a cliff who is playing it. Sure enough, from what we heard, in Encinitas, today, someone did just that.)

There was a older couple with matching pot bellies who came in. I had a little hot sauce on my face, and asked Anthony to please go get me some napkins. (This is one character flaw I have, that is uniquely my own; after years of having to set the table for my family as a child, I often forget now to put them on the table. I also, after years of having to wipe the table, detest that chore more than anyone and always find a way to ask Anthony to do it. ; )   )

The old couple was grumpy.

The man asked Anthony, 'Just HOW MANY napkins do you need?' when he saw the small stack of them.

Anthony told me this when he came back to the booth. He was feeling a little attacked.

I waited until the couple was seated within view, and squirted a little extra hot sauce on the last few bites of my (well, really, Anthony's one he didn't want LOL) burrito.

Then I missed my mouth and smeared it all around my lips just barely missing my chin and nose!

I looked up and saw the grumpy man quickly drop his gaze, and I calmly reached for a napkin, and used it.  I felt him understand that sometimes people are just plain messy, and his energy relaxed.

Anthony was totally cracking up! I haven't heard him laugh that hard in ages.

Anthony doesn't need napkins! His sloppy mother does!

Sometimes it helps to have a thick skin.

At the bank today, I put some checks into the 'self serve ATM teller'.  A lady came to help me. I gushed, 'this is a really FANCY machine!' as she guided me on which buttons to push. Dad always taught me to help people feel good about themselves whenever possible--it's free and helps raise the vibration and make things more pleasant.

She had no clue I know how to run any anesthesia machine I come across, and am really good at figuring machines out. She made the assumption because I am fifty 'something', and grumbling at the machine, it's because I don't know how to use it.

Actually, the machine really sucks because there are WAY too many steps to make a deposit!

I was grumbling because I knew it could be easier.

I asked her politely if I could please use their bathroom. I had drank too much gatorade with lunch, and I needed to go.

She said, 'we don't have a public bathroom'.

What is it with banks?

When I was little they had them.

Now they don't.

I didn't 'leak' in the bank, thankfully. I just walked across the parking lot to a local grocery store, and just barely in time while doing the 'dance' was able to hold it until I found their restroom.

I think customers should always have access to restroom facilities in any establishment. It's the right thing to do.

For those of you who are still reading this, I thank you.

I have important things to say.

For those of you who have demonstrated patience, you are going to hear them now.

There are three main messages for you:

  • The thing Ross said to 'hang on for X' happened. The message is clear. Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are fleeing to their Sanctuary--wherever that is.  (a certain individual has posted something to the effect that 'surrender is being negotiated'--my 'sense' is that it's been a done deal for a while, and there are holograms in its place. The last remnants are going to play the same tricks because it's the only thing they know. And people are going to figure it out. You can't fool someone with the same tricks forever.) This message that Ross sent me has been confirmed by another who has good intel too. And this:  WE ARE ALL GOING TO BE OKAY! Don't worry!
  • I learned about something called 'Satanic Inversion'. It's one of their standards to teach 'black is white'. That's why I like this daisy photo. It depends on your perspective.  If something is 'war' then Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart label it 'peace'.  If there is something they call 'important' in the headlines, usually it isn't, and it's the quiet thing that goes unnoticed under the radar like the Black Ops in Area 51 that are REALLY what's 'news'.  It's funny because I've known for years they take life-bearing symbols and invert them in their own 'worship'--Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. It's just their way. But I never made the connection to how they condition the masses to do what they want.  A long time ago, I mentioned how people who are going to poison you never make it obvious or you would never eat the poison.  So, psychologically, the 'Satanic Inversion' is their way of showing their power over what is generally considered wholesome and good. So look around and see if you can find evidence of it! This also is a good exercise for you to practice a little Byron Katie with the current events, and 'Turn It Around' get the real message of what is going on. (More on Byron Katie and 'The Work')
  • I figured it out. Meditation is gym for the soul and mind, for the mindfulness. Those who have strong minds will not be as affected by the 'Last Hurrah' of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. It is the ones with the weaker minds, the ones who have been more influenced by the 'programming' of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, who are going to be a little blindsided by all the energy changes of the Ascension process. Those of you who have read Cobra's Little Red Pill on the Kauilapele website--and all the smaller links in that--are going to have smooth sailing as the events progress. Thank you for making the effort!

Remember, you heard it hear first.

I put up a few new Divine Healing Codes today.

One day, when people are playing around with them, instead of Pokeman Go, Heaven will be right with us on Earth!

I will go and read this now.  Ross is going to pass for this time.

We love you very much and thank you for your contribution to our work here on this blog and elsewhere on the internet.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins