Friday, July 22, 2016

What Makes Me Happy -- Gaia News Brief 24 Juillet 2016

Anthony suggested this topic for tonight's blog post. He actually got up out of bed, and came to my room to suggest it.

He told me tonight, he has never seen me laughing and smiling more, anywhere, ever in his life, except when something has gone wrong and I laugh because I am trying to make the best of it.

So here I am.

My own boy, in all his eleven years, has never seen me as happy as I am right here right now at this time.

This is a huge data point for me to take in. A really huge one.  I am on vacation, yes. I am doing 'things' I am somehow find myself in a position to do, yes. The difference is, I am surrounded by love.  Incarnations and incarnations and incarnations of love.

I am with my soul family.

I am reunited with souls who I knew when I was incarnate as Amee.

I have contact with Ross...he sent me the Parson's Project 'I can read your mind' song today....

And I have nothing to do with being a doctor, or a healer (except on vacation mode minimum)...But I am in the countryside of France...again a deep soul connection not once but twice...and I am very content.

Today I saw the bravest act of courage I have ever seen in my life.
An old woman who lives in an apartment with no elevator, and lots of stairs, willed herself to walk us to the car to say goodbye. She knew she had health problems. She knew the risks of falling (again) and ending up in the hospital, or having a heart attack.  She was filled with Love, and wanted to see  us to the car. Her husband wears his Ross and Carla bracelet. People ask him what it is, and he says it is for a little bit of luck from a person he knows who lives in The United States.

I don't know if I am ever going to see these two again. They too know my soul. The woman the most. She adores me because I named Anthony after her grandson who has Treacher-Collins syndrome. Her grandson is the most amazing soul--all that just can't hide it--and she is amazed I can see it too. But on a deeper level, she KNOWS my soul. She touches me, she has me sit next to her, and she says,
I am so glad you are here!

I pulled strings for her. I do that sometimes. Not always. But her courage impressed me, as a soul, I was like, 'Ross! Promise me you will take VERY good care of her when it is her time!!!' He is ever the gentleman, and immediately put my heart to ease.

I have to tell you the other side of my happiness.
The tears started today.
I don't want to leave.
I can't imagine life without this beautiful place, these wonderful souls, and France.
It is a different form of grief which I find difficult to explain.
I caught myself, and said, 'Carla, you are still here now. Enjoy today.'

It's all we have.

Ross says to tell you what I did. Today I had a picnic. I crossed a bridge. I walked through Amboise. I visited the home of Leonardo Da Vinci at the end of his life, Clos Lucy. I toured the gardens as well as the home. There is a tunnel there that leads to what feels like the very gates of hell. It was spiritually as silent as Disney Resort before I cleared it--something that took years for me to do. I only touched the surface at Clos Lucy today.

As I was walking to Amboise, I made Ross laugh. I said, 'You do your thing and I'll do mine'. I confided I thought he had the hardest part. He laughed and said how I just SAY things like that if funny, and actually, he thinks I have the hardest part because I am down here walking around.

All is well.

Bonne Nuit a tous,

Carla and Ross