Saturday, July 9, 2016

Spiritual Trust

I wanted to title this one 'Trust'.

Ross wouldn't let me. He said to call it 'Spiritual Trust'.

I am like, 'Ross?, Trust is Trust, no matter what you call it.'

He says back, 'it's an emotionally loaded word--I rest my case.'

I trust him. And so--the title is officially Spiritual Trust.

What motivated me to write is that I'm like, way the heck out on the leading edge of the Consciousness. The things I am experiencing now are going to come 'true' to you, most of you, in  maybe about two or three years. That's why I write it. So set aside your expectations for a moment, and permit me to share what is happening to me.

You know how we are creative masters, and we create and thereby draw our life experiences unto ourselves?

I have gotten telepathy so good I just look and think and nurses and assistants get me what I need for patient care in my work. I trust in this process. It's highly efficient. When I say look, it's not staring at it and waiting. I am scanning my work area, glance at it, and think, 'oh yes I need that'.  Then there is a delay of one to two minutes. And the nurse or assistant then goes and gets me it, and says something like, 'I got this for you'. Or even, they turn on the warmer at the foot of the bed when I needed it done, and I ask them, 'did you turn on the Bair Hugger? Thank you!'.

I myself am starting to get 'created' into OTHER PEOPLE's scenarios.

It happens at work.

It's like the angels are lining up my OWN cases, and things keep switching around like amazing ways throughout the day until the designated patients come to my O.R.  There is an energy 'resonance' that goes with it, or a reason I can see--perhaps a very frightened patient--that makes sense.

I've noticed it, but wasn't sure why this was happening. I can take an easy lineup, but cases assigned to a completely different room and anesthesiologist come my way.

I have no control over anything except my reaction to it.

Increasingly, I have one of acceptance. I figure on some level, I was needed, and I don't question it. Even if it's a long hard complex case that lasts through the night.

This one I met the family--a large extended family who was very devout. The family wanted to take a group picture with me and the surgeon in the family waiting room. I could 'sense' that I and my colleague were in some way, an 'answer to somebody's prayers'.

I hear that a lot. You are an answer to a prayer. Oh my gosh wow! Thank you.

In some way others WILL it without knowing who I am, and somehow, the angels make it happen, and I'm in the right place at the right time for them. 

I think these families through their faith know how to make the right quantum connections, and are manifesting it in alignment with the laws of the Universe. It is how everyone has the latent potential to co-create like this, but THEY truly are. And I show up to answer their 'call'.

Why I don't know. By being open-minded and not fighting it with my ego, it goes along smooth and doesn't trouble me much except for a huge lack of sleep, which is part of the job requirement.

Trust is built in the first year on Earth.  Trust is the belief that when we ask, our needs shall be met.  It has to do with our later concept of self-worth:  when I am in a bind will help arrive?

Although I had a loving family, my babysitter Carrie was a Hungarian alcoholic. My parents paid her well, and gave her extra milk both for me and for her sons. 

I have trouble in the self-esteem department because of Carrie.  I had even learned to speak fluent Hungarian so that I could communicate with her and make sure my needs had a better chance of being met. It was so bad my grandmother insisted that even though she had health conditions that made her stop watching me in the first place, my grandmother told my mother to take me out from Carrie, and to bring me back.

It saved my life. With Nana Angelina's consistency, and love, I healed almost all the way...

If I look back, in a quiet meditation where I feel very safe and in control, I can see myself as a one year old, standing in the crib, with a soiled diaper and very painful, raw bottom, crying in hunger, wondering why nobody came, and falling asleep with exhaustion. 

I think it's that way for a lot of people here incarnate. Horrible things, unspeakable things have happened to them without their ability to process it or understand. 

Our nature is to love and be loving.

Creator is giving you Spiritual Food every second of Life. 

You could not exist without this food from Creator, this energy from Source. 

And even though you are here incarnate upon Earth, angels tend to your every need.

Some of you might get angry and upset with me for saying this. I have health problems! I can't find a home! I am in a terrible relationship and I am miserable! 

You are alive. 

You are alive, incarnate on Gaia, and having the opportunity to advance your soul as a Master through the gifts you sought to seek, and agreed to participate, before your birth.

It's so much more than 'burning karma'.

It's a form of 'summer camp'--'survival camp' in some ways--where you are forced to your limits until you Accept, Allow, and Release.

I've been on my knees, begging God for mercy from my horrible love life, from my loneliness, and wanting to become a nun with every cell in my body and every inch of my soul. 

I couldn't take it.

God said no! Much to my surprise, and dismay. God rejected me from being a nun.

It wasn't my calling.

Mine was to be mother to Anthony, doctor, and Lady to Ross.  

I found that out twenty years later!  What about those twenty years in misery and suffering and heartbreak? Did God say anything to me or explain anything to me after that 'No!' he said in the 1990's? Where did those two decades of my life go?

I lived them! LOL. I had good times and not so good times and lots of experiences. 

This is how we gain Spiritual trust, in both our teams, and in our heart of hearts (which is the ONLY thing we can 'take with us' when we go.)

Sometimes even in an Earth family, we are not always treated with loving intentions one hundred percent of the time. 

My mother had a terrible anger problem. It pushed me away for years, for my own survival.  I longed for most of my life for the years before my sister was born, when mom was beautiful, calm, and funny and a joy to be around.

It's not my fault the pressures of home and family with two kids got to be too much for her coping skills. 

Even now, we are close. Once in a while she will come out with something that really hurts me deep. In the past I would have pulled away to 'protect myself'.  Only now, I just don't let it get to me. I keep my vibration where I like it, and it's strong enough to take a hit every now and then. I concentrate on our relationship, on her good qualities, for example, her love and her sense of fun, and I, with my doctor's mind--fully accept and understand her time with us is precious--no matter what she says or does.  And most of the time, it's loving or neutral. 

What wounded my inner child a long time ago (her anger--not neglect) doesn't necessarily have to wound my adult; does this make sense?

Somebody gave me an apology. This person had lashed out in anger (I didn't perceive it as such) over low self-worth perceptions.  If I like meat and 3D entertainment THEN I must not be good enough for 5D. 

This is not the case.

If you want to get to highest ranks of 5D, and beyond, you will let go gladly of anything and everything that is holding you back. 

It is a can but not a must.

If you were not fit for 5D, at a level Spirit has found to be comfortable to you, you wouldn't BE here. 

Everyone who is here is already in 5D.

This is 5D--Nature, Gaia (yes the whole planet), the grids, and the people here who are on it.

You are HERE...just like with a big X on the map at the shopping center. YOU ARE HERE.

It's only a few souls who don't act like it.

Some of them are the holograms and not even real people. 

I imagine it is like herding cattle--most of our souls are on course, heading in the right direction, by the energies which surround us. The few stragglers will be found and brought back to the fold. 
Souls like mine and my students are towards the front of the pack. We guide the way. But we aren't any different and still have four legs and eat hay and moo just like everybody else (in this example). 
There is always love, which unites us.

Ross wanted me to share with you this image (he also chose each of the photographs).

It is a 'Liger'. This baby is a cross between a Lion and a Tiger. 
Isn't it beautiful? 

Love conquers all, for that is what we are, that is what is keeping us alive, Love.
I SEE with the eyes of the angels. And I LOOK and see everyone around me having to pee and poop, just the same. Inside our organs look just the same. Perhaps there are a few differences in metabolic type and anatomy...but as far as I am concerned, we all think we are 'above average' in our driving skills, we all get annoyed by mosquitoes, and miserable as we may be, we all find our planet to be wonderfully supportive and beautiful and amazing when we see it from space.
It IS Beautiful, the life experience.

And more and more are going to have eyes to see this.

No matter what they eat!

When the vegans love the meat eaters, and the meat eaters love the vegans...

When the sports fans love the other teams because without them they could not have sporting events...

When the givers and the takers switch roles...

When those who seek the power of darkness see the vaster energy of the Light...and experience the LOVE, pure and unconditional that Divine Mother and Divine Father have for them...
We shall have Peace.


This is Carla, with her father Richard, and her mother Nicki.

Carla loves the desert very much. She sees beauty there. How is this?  It is because her uncles had property out in the desert, on on her father's side, in Morongo, and her mother's side, in Lanfair.

This is where her family went to play.

When there are happy times, we notice things which are around us. The weather. The light (Carla enjoys taking photographs). The plants and the animals, even the ones which could hurt us and bite us, the black widows and the rattle snakes.

There was a FREEDOM out in the desert, where Carla was away from people. And you could see the stars.

Often there was food, special treats, when her family got together and they never had any other time. Carla especially recalls with fondness the Pepperidge Farm turnovers her mother used to make for all the family at Morongo where her father's family would gather to celebrate Easter.  And all of them would ride motorcycles, with Carla on the back with her uncles or father or cousins. Even her aunts would ride!

There are some memories of some very special things at both deserts.  Carla remembers them with love and gratitude.

Through Carla's college and medical training, she found she couldn't go any more. There was no free time. Her Uncle gave the land which was once promised to her and her sisters--to Carla's brother in law. And her other uncle sold the cabin in Morongo, where there is now a large business with a casino.

It is still a beautiful place in her heart. And none of the changes can touch it.

This is how you will be when you look back on your time spend on Gaia.

It will be a very special part of you, which no one can ever take away.  It will be of the past, for Duality is on its exit. And you will have mastered all the many requirements it takes just to wake up and have your cup of tea or coffee. It is amazing to us when we look at all the little things that add up over a lifetime, all the things you do in your day to day you take for granted, and want to focus on the higher things.

Up here we have replicators. We don't cook (except Carla who it is her hobby). And we don't shop because everything we need can be manufactured and produced through our technology.

I don't sleep either, not every night, the same as you. But I REST, and I have rest periods to refresh myself and enjoy my family.

You won't suffer from lack of sleep too!

(clap! clap!)

I love you.

Thank you for loving my wife, my darling wife, for me while I am here and she is there with you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple