Friday, July 1, 2016

A Gift Of Kindness To A Grieving Mother -- Gaia News Brief 1 July 2016

Today I met with the mother of a patient who has passed. I have taken care of her daughter--the only anesthesiologist the family would request!-- for two or three years.

I felt the presence of Ross. I had been told I was permitted to share with Melody the vision I had seen earlier of her daughter as an angel once while taking care of her in the O.R.

Ross was the happiest I've ever felt him.

We just spoke, Melody and me. While her daughter was dying, she said it would mean so much to her to go to the place across the street an have ice cream just us two together.

Today was closure.

It's difficult after having a child who was so very sick to get back to one's life. Caregiving was her whole life. She was very close to her daughter.

There was no funeral. Her daughter is cremated, and awaiting the 'right urn'. She is very deeply missed by her brother and her estranged father (parent's were separated but father was very active in her life throughout and present when she crossed over).

I got my courage up.

'Melody, there is something I haven't told you about me.'

Melody braced herself.

'It runs in my family. I see angels. I saw Stephanie outside her body once in the O.R., I saw her as the angel she really is. She is thin, and tall, very tall. I've seen angels for twenty years and your daughter is one of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen. I can't find the right words to describe her. Only she's not a red head. (like she was when I knew her)'

A smile of understanding slowly spread across Melody's face.  She shared how she has a friend who is 'like that' too, and how she never found out until much later into the friendship. She asked pointedly, 'how come you didn't tell me?'

I had to think.

I confessed that some people, the very religious, don't accept such abilities as gifts. I shared about my friend Linda, and her dead son Ryan, who asked me to do mediumship for him to get a message to her. She is very conservative Christian and didn't like it at all! I lost the friendship over it.

I shared how when it came right down to it, the doctor-patient relationship was most important. Now that she has passed, I am free to share who I am.

She felt so happy, just to know Stephanie is safe and happy where she is now. And that Stephanie's 'sign' for me is lemons. I also let her know if I get any messages in the future I will share them.

I explained I am a certified psychic and healer, and a medium. I gave her Anne's website so she could learn more. I told here there are two mediums I know of who are good, but they are both expensive. I prefer people not to  charge for this service; instead to help them develop the ability within themselves.

He last question was, 'ARE there any bad spirits out there?'

I said, well, they are like bad people--people who make bad choices and get themselves into trouble--but they are all children of God. I love everybody. I don't like what they do, but I love everybody.  I keep my vibration set up so very high that my energy to them is like chalk squeaking on a blackboard. They run. So they don't bother me very much at all. Once I saw some looking at me as I was falling asleep. I sensed they were thinking, 'we are not getting to her, are we?' and were puzzled. I told them to get out of my room! We all have free will, they have to obey us, and they go.

She was content with that.

This woman had driven three hours just to see me. She bought me a six dollar ice cream and herself a four dollar one. She left feeling peace, and comfort, that her daughter was safe and healthy as a soul again, and an angel too at that.

My Hands Are Burning!

Ross wanted me to order some beads. I am usually not conscious of Reiki flow any more. But my hands and the soles of my feet were flowing with much Reiki while I was ordering the beads.

Somebody special is going to be needing some jewelry. I wonder who?

With A Grain Of Salt

My Complaint

In my meditation space, last night, the information flowed both ways like quicksilver--effortless, and instant.

I was concerned about the people. About them and others who make a business out there through messages such as this.

Was it true? Was it Ross? How can they get away with it? I want these twisted messages gone from Earth forever! Just plain gone! NOW!

In true Galactic form, my council (I had called them in) were open and accepting and said, 'They have free will!'

They acknowledged the messages out there which are channeled often contain more of the thoughts and views and perceptions of the channeler than the message itself--and this leads to spiritual distortion which can mislead a great many others. 

Basically it's fair game.

I argued back--'isn't there ONE Truth?'

Yes, there is!

And they showed me how not only is there going to be an unpleasant surprise for those who have 'flavored' the message with themselves, because they weren't accurate--there isn't going to be any extreme karma or anything to them unless it was deliberate disinformation. 

It was a 'good try'.

As soon as I read the first message, and then when I saw their original website I went to the closet with my pendulum and was like, 'Ross? Ross! ROSS!!! What is this?! Is it YOU?'  At first I got a yes, and then a no. I am content with the no. 

I can sense the general 'gist' of saying Gaia is a great bit angel, and everyone needs to bring the energy of home.  I also know of a top-secret project I have for my team, which due to another top-secret project being issued last week, has to wait for next week to launch. It's close in that channeled message by Pam but not quite on target with the message I have for my team, the particulars of the assignment.

To get to the point, there is something IN that Jeshua message, that isn't 'right'--but there is enough that is 'close' to what I'm working on to make me double-check with my teams. 

The only thing I have to say is to have 'resonance' with everything you do. And not to worry if a message is a little wrong or not. It seems to me the Galacatics aren't focused on it. I have a gigantic chip on my shoulder from all the deliberate disinformation that is out there--the second link really exposes the agenda that has been hidden from us in plain sight. It is disturbing on so many levels. 

I'm so glad the Amish are living proof you don't have to follow that 'party line'. Bless them!


What am I?

First I am the beloved Twin of Carla. I love and support her, and encourage her in her spiritual growth. I am also Carla's guardian angel, I have been with her since time began. And Carla is guardian angel to me. We are one.

About the rest?

Why not get to know the energy of the Christ Consciousness (points two index fingers toward each other so the tips touch) and the higher realms one on one?  Face to face?  Just like Melody did with Carla and her gifts yesterday over ice cream?

Why do you need a channel when the energies are vibrating at a frequency which is high enough it is like the chalk on the blackboard to the lower vibrational entities?

Where you are safe to converse not just with your guides and angels, but all of your family in the stars?

All it takes is a quiet space, a little nature, and some heart.

Why don't you try it? Just for five minutes every day? All by yourself. There is nothing to harm you.

Then you will know if Carla is a little mistaken, or spot on in her assessments of the lady Pam Kribbe.  And you will support Carla in the event that it hurt Carla in her heart that I would talk with anyone without her awareness?

Carla has had a hard time enough of it as it is, already, with all my wanderlust and desire to heal the sick while literally abandoning her to the four winds, when I was incarnate. In my time, I was good for nothing as a husband to her, and caused wounds which have taken centuries to heal in my heart, and her own.

We are finding out way, but there are going to be hiccups and I invite you to support my woman until I can hold her in my arms. 

There is going to be much distortion from everything, it will appear as three hundred sixty degrees above and around her--until the dust settles--and all of us are on our way.

Love Carla for me. I do, every single day. But Carla can't feel it constantly--for her it is 'patchy' due to the Veil.  But YOU are present in it with her, and your constancy will make a world of difference for us both.

I thank you in advance for your kindness to Carla as she steps upon the stage of our 'next steps' together as a couple. For Carla does not know what it shall be. Only that our love, yours and mine together, is going to be guiding her on her journey back Home to my loving arms, where I have always been ready and waiting, for her to return home to me. With love.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family