Saturday, July 30, 2016

Unconditional Love Has Perfect Vision

Today I was woke up by a cow. A cow who is being raised for beef that I met earlier this week. I had communicated with it telepathically while at the fence, in person, face to face. I let it know I thought it's plight was a terrible shame, and how I wished the whole family well up to their eventual transition.

The cow challenged me, in person, looking me straight in the eye, and letting me know for a fact if there were no eaters of beef there would be a lot less cows like her, and for the moment, all of the happy family was enjoying very much being incarnate as cows in Switzerland, that it was to them worth the price.  (for example, 'who wants to get old and die?').

This morning, I awoke to the feeling that the cow was thinking of me, and wishing me well, and I saw a clear clear image in my mind's eye of this exact same cow looking me in the eye.

In 5D all of us are connected. The cow also thanked me for not eating beef since we met--out of my respect for all cows--and acknowledged my efforts with love and gratitude in a totally galactic way.

I wish to bring up the topic of respect as we proceed in our discussion. This is an important quality to keep in mind as we pass ever further into Ascension and the Higher Realms--into this wonderful, all-surrounding energy of Unconditional and Perfect Love.

Let's get back to basics:

  1. We are incarnate in a highly complex Illusion (more on this later) and are under the Veil.
  2. When we exit the Illusion, we are asked two questions--How much did you learn (about yourself and your dark side?) and How much did you Love?
  3. The REAL you isn't a body, it's where you are when you are dreaming. We are powerful beings of spirit with the ability to Create--not with our hands, but with our minds as well.
  4. We have Guides to assist us 24/7 throughout the experience of Incarnation.
  5. Most of us are Incarnate with ancient ties to other souls such as our Twin Souls, Soul Mates, and Star Family which are still very much active.
  6. Not everyone has perfect ability to grasp everything within the Illusion because many Truths are only accessible through compatibility of Vibration (if the Soul has a certain frequency, then it is able to recognize and acknowledge the truths which are available to the soul at this level of growth and development even with the Veil intact.)
  7. We are protected from harm in two ways--although the forces of darkness have taken advantage of others for centuries, there has been a shift away from this imbalance--and as our vibrations increase on a personal level, we are able to see through the smoke and mirrors which surround us and keep the dark ones in their former positions of power.  The Illusion of Magicians within the Illusion is plain to see, and therefore, powerless. (Imagine what happens when the light is turned on and the roaches scatter and go running!)
  8. Each of us has our own specialty and gift to help the Collective Consciousness.
  9. Our own Vibration, when kept 'high and tight' has much more ability to influence and correct the imbalances which surround us than anything we could ever say, write, or create.

Is this clear?

Let me share with you my gift. It is the result of long hours of study, with an interest in my heart to expose the Truth of the Smoke and Mirror so I would not be ignorant of it any more. Anthony, bless his heart, asked me the other night, Mom? Why do you know? Why do you study it?

I said, 'Because if I know, then I will make choices which will not perpetuate these smoke and mirror ways, and perhaps others will be able to discover in their hearts how to understand and make the right choices too.'

Behold the image in the photograph above. It is the hallways over the bridge of Catherine di Medici at the castle of Chenonceau. The bridge had been a project of Diane de Poitiers, the favorite of the king, the husband of Catherine. Diane was an excellent hunter, and would ride her horses over the bridge to the forest. Once the king died, Catherine took control of Chenonceau and ruled France from it--forcing Diane to live in a different castle.  Catherine said about her deceased husband, 'he was the source of all my agony'.   So Catherine built two galleries over the bridge, which is what you see here in the photo.

Do you know what the black and white tile signifies to those who share the belief system of Catherine de Medici?  Oh yes, this is screaming out loud, louder than graffiti from gangs in the streets of the cities, 'THIS IS OUR TURF!'.

There are many such signs in our midst. They all flash the 'gang signs' to one another through them. Our mass media, our architecture, our entertainment, our political and banking systems, and especially our music is filled with such signs.

They are hidden in plain sight.

Do you need to see them like me?

I don't know. I certainly don't expect it of you.

What are you to do when you see them?

Just know it in your heart. Make your choices accordingly. Perhaps to expose yourself to their influence less, by taking in less of what they sell or create to influence us without our being aware of it?

Or perhaps, increase YOUR gift to help me in the blind spots which I have, which I have not yet been able to see?

Either way, as awful as the smoke and mirrors injustice has been, these individuals are still souls--and in my opinion are best treated with the same respect as anyone else. Because they do not have our best interest at heart, they are best treated with politeness and friendliness, and given over to the experts who are best able to handle them. It is clear that your best interest is NOT to be involved with those who do not have your best interest in the first place.

It would be fair enough to leave it at you are 'allergic' and are permitted to remove yourself from further exposure, without being fearful, or hateful, or filled with spite.

Why? Because these energies of fear, hate, and spite empower the team of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. There is no reason to give away your energies to them.

I found this one Creator Writings to be especially helpful:

Anthony and I have had the blessings of being in the presence of our Soul Family.  Both in the Loire Valley, and in Switzerland where we have been guests. Anthony had no clue of the identities of incarnate Michael and Raphael, other than they were my friends.  I would like to share with you the joy of discovery, and connection, and mutual support and love.  Anthony says, 'it is like being with family I always had'...and at the train station, he couldn't bear to leave (we both had our tears at the goodbyes).  He, for the first time in his life, took off RUNNING to give one last kiss and hug before he had to go. He said, 'mom, stay and watch the stuff but I have this FEELING in my heart and I have to go act on it!'.

It was a beautiful sight.

Anthony adopted himself into this family--point blank and said, 'I do not want to go home, Switzerland is Heaven on Earth for me here!'

That is the feeling of the ties which connect us across incarnations.

He met a brother from a prior incarnation, and the joy I had in my heart to watch the two boys play, and enjoy the freedom of the countryside, was unsurpassed!

How did I feel?

It makes me cry to think about it, meeting these two wonderful souls who are incarnate who have very strong, some of the strongest soul ties to me. The only one stronger is to Ross. 

Just to see my friends, on first sight, I was filled with joy, and ran to greet them. 

It was as if I never left.

How did it feel to know I am in the presence of very close incarnate archangels?  There was a look in the rear-view mirror, eye to eye, that hit with such force into my consciousness I had no doubt it was Michael and his energy again. The rest was all the warm and fuzzy remembering of what I knew to be true deep in my soul, with the personality traits which came shining forth in this incarnation with truth and clarity!

Michael is a leader and keeps the big picture at heart. He is impatient and does not like to be slowed down by details. He is excellent with tasks and enjoys them. But minutiae is the furthest thing from his goals, and goal-minded as he is, he enjoys spending his energy and consciousness on Big Things whenever possible. He is open-hearted, and slow to judge, with a strong desire to create peace where there is conflict. He is also wise enough to appreciate the blessings of being incarnate--a beautiful walk in the forest, a swim in the lake, fine music, or a glass of wine and conversation at the end of the day. He likes playing jokes on others, for example, filling his daughter's backpack with rocks while she is not looking--only to let her know he enjoys the bond and wishes to bring it to her attention in a loving and unpredictable way. 

On saying our goodbyes, in my heart with all the energy force I as a soul could muster, looked into his eyes and said, 'take good care of yourself and be well'.  This is the message I wanted to stay with him, along with the love and gratitude for being my guide and friend, as well as my soul family. (Michael is my oldest brother, and has in fact been married to me in ways I can't understand--Galactic is not like earth--but the marriage was arranged by the family after Ross' death to help me heal as my soul was so delicate and had been completely shattered by the loss. It was a one on one agreement by Michael to help me regain my will to live--as a soul in need of the deepest healing possible. Michael in his kindness and generosity agreed to give this healing and stability and renewal to me.)

Raphael incarnate is completely amazing. Perhaps for this discussion, it would be wise to make it clear this incarnation is female and married to Michael. The personality traits of caring, healing, and love are magnified to the highest degree in my knowledge of this soul who I know very well. This incarnation is Raphael 'on steroids'!  The knowledge of everything needed to survive--how to take care of the body and all of its needs, by natural extension, the home, the clothing, the nutrition...are state of the art.  The compassion I was treated with brings tears to my eyes. After a very long walk--and highly enjoyable day--I experienced severe heel pain in both my feet and was doing my best to hide it so as not to bring a damper to the wonderful energy of the day.  My limping was immediately noticed, and given treatment, which helped it right away, much to my surprise that anything could help my discomfort.  I witnessed compassion in action, with pure and holy angelic love for someone in pain that could only be from Raphael...

I am sister to Raphael, with my soul, and my marriage to Raphael had been before Ross came into being (my soul had split into both of ours to have Ross come to existence--his used to be a part of my soul)--Raphael was the one to introduce me to relationship as was the custom in our soul family for a family member to guide the younger ones into this very important life skill. The memories are fuzzy of this, but the soul recognition and connection is still strong. 

Personally, I enjoyed very much watching the interaction between the two souls, Incarnate as husband and wife, and watching how mutually supportive and endearing their relationship in this incarnation is. It is always a joy for me to see how a relationship blossoms and supports others such as the children, family, and friends.

I will share a personal story, of us three incarnate archangels, which illustrates the nine points listed above.  

Raphael, and Michael, welcomed us with chips and salsa. We were overwhelmed and the family all enjoyed it greatly, including the children.

We also had Swiss Fajitas for dinner the next night.  Everyone looked forward to this with anticipation.

My medical school is thirty minutes from the Mexican border. I actually on our last vacation drove Anthony just up to the last freeway exit to see the gates, as he had interest in what a border was without actually crossing it. 

Because of the vibration, and the expectations, and the availability of ingredients,  there was discovery and surprise on both parties!  Raphael had asked the green grocer about options better than powdered guacamole mix. He said to take three ripe avocados, garlic, lime...but he didn't mention the jalapeƱo pepper or the tomatoes or onions. I offered to make the guacamole from scratch, which I did, and used a different spicy pepper from the greenhouse.  I didn't salt it as much as we do back home, as I noticed the family did not salt the food.  Raphael even had a tortilla warmer, an electric one--a 'comal' if you will--out there in the middle of Switzerland!

Some people tried the guacamole, others didn't, and that was okay.

The next day, Anthony and I made breakfast burritos--but this in itself was much outside the interest for the family to try--and that was okay too.

When it comes to sharing our gifts, our knowledge, and our very personal experiences of Ascension--let us be respectful and encouraging of change just as we were with the Californians and Swiss on the  Mexican food!  As Californians, we know without a doubt how many more wonderful dishes are left to be discovered by the Swiss--and we set our hearts high on perhaps being able to share them when the Swiss come to visit us one day in California!  In the meantime, we give thanks for the willingness of Swiss spirit of adventure to go to such trouble to find all the hard to find ingredients to offer us a 'taste of home'...

I don't know how in the world I will be able to find the right ingredients in California for Swiss cuisine! I may as well begin researching it so I will be prepared when the wonderful day will come when our Soul Family will visit us!  Researching is MY gift...<3

One last comment--the Swiss home was as close to what I have experienced with Ross in my soul travels up to our Home on board his ship. We have a home there. The kitchen is almost spot-on, with many drawers and a sleek presentation.  The room sizes and arrangements are similar. And each bedroom in Ross and my house 'up there', has a full size wall which leads to a 'habitat', much the way the back yard comes off the sun room. The warmth, the utility, the organization, and the love are all galactic in every way in this beautiful Swiss home. I'm not sure if they are aware of it, but I've seen both 'up there' and 'here' and I thought it would be prudent to share.


Thank you for showing my wife her wonderful adventures, and for making Anthony and his dream of riding the Alpine Coaster come true.

I cannot thank you enough, my brother and sister who are incarnate, for the generosity of your souls to do what I cannot do for them from where I am.

I miss you.

I miss all the ties and ways were back home were together, and I encourage you to find your gifts and use them well.

Don't forget the cows and their intelligence as they are council to you, just as much as the spirits of the forest.

For those of you who are interested, with Carla incarnate in Switzerland I was able to accomplish much work, and many souls have been guided to their final destination which is Home outside the Illusion--for the many souls who were trapped and hesitant to move from their location of entrapment.

I will not go into the details of this work, other than it was a success!

I wish you a wonderful flight home tomorrow, Carla and Anthony. You will feel my love to comfort you in transit.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple